A Day With My Son And Daughter


Mom! Yes Krissy! Go upstairs and get Daddy's video camera! I want you to take pictures of Daddy fucking me on the floor of the living room for the first time!

I jump up and my towel falls off of me. I run naked up the stairs to my bedroom and grab the camera. Within a few seconds I return to the living room. My daughter is lying on her back on the soft carpet and my husband is between her legs. He is stroking his cock back and forth to make it harder then pushes it up against my daughters pussy lips.

Krissy says "Daddy! Be gentle with me! This is the first time I have ever had a cock inside me!"

Krissy! Yes Mom! I can't get a good picture of your fathers cock going into your pussy! Get up on your feet and then lower yourself down onto him!

My husband heard what I just said and lays down flat on his back. Jesus Christ, I have never seen his big cock this hard before! It is not as long as my sons 10 inch one, but, it is much thicker around.

Krissy stands over her father and begins to lower herself down upon him. She gets down to her knees and reaches between her legs to guide her fathers hard cock into her. She feels pressure in the right place and lets go of him.

I am capturing on video the first time my husbands cock is penetrating my daughters pussy! It is fucking sensational! I hold the camera with one hand while rubbing my pussy with the other! This is the most erotic thing I have ever seen in my life!

I move over and sit on the floor just in front of them so I can get closeup pictures of my husbands cock sliding inside her pussy. Krissy looks directly into the camera and smiles for a moment, then, I pan down and zoom in between their legs.

Krissy lowers herself a little bit and says "Daddy! Your cock is so big! I do not know if I can get it inside me!"

Krissy! Yes Mom! Just take your time and let his cock slowly push itself inside you. Okay Mom! I look back through the lens of the camera and continue to capture my daughter having sex with her father for the first time.

Krissy relaxes and slowly drops down further and further on her fathers cock. After a few minutes she is sitting all the way down. Krissy! You did it! You have his cock all the way inside of you! I am so proud of you honey! I lean forward to give her a quick kiss, but, she grabs the back of my head and sticks her tongue in my mouth.

I sit back down and continue to film the entire event. Krissy smiles for the camera as she begins to bounce up and down on her fathers hard cock. After about 5 minutes the expression on her face turns to pure lust, and she is moaning loudly. She begins to hop frantically up and down and starts yelling "Daddy! Daddy! Shoot your sperm in my pussy! Please fill up my pussy with your sperm!"

My husband says "I am ready now Krissy! Stop for a second so you can feel me ejaculate inside you!" She immediately stops and my husband raises his hips off the floor a few inches. Krissy's eyes roll back into her head and she slumps forward onto her fathers chest. After a minute, she pushes herself back upright and says "Jesus Christ, that was the best orgasm I have ever had in my life."

Daddy! Yes Krissy! Can we do this all the time? Will you fuck me whenever I want? Please say yes Daddy! Please! Please!

My husband says "Well, if it is okay with your mother, then I do not see any reason we should not fuck anytime we want!" My daughter immediately looks over at me and says "Mom! Please say it is okay to fuck Daddy! I will do anything you want me to! Please! Please!

Krissy! This was just supposed to be a one time learning experience for you. How often would you want to fuck him? Krissy says "Just a few times a week Mom! That's all, just two or three times a week!" Okay, but there is one stipulation. I have to be in the room each time, and, when you finish fucking, you have to lick my pussy until I have an orgasm. Okay Mom! You have a deal!

My daughter raises up and my husbands cock pops out of her. My husband says "I hate to fuck and run, but it is getting late. There are about 10 guys waiting at the private jet to take us on our hunting trip. I have to leave right now!"

My husband runs upstairs, gets dressed and within a couple of minutes he is out the door and drives away. Meanwhile, Krissy and I are still naked and have been sitting on the living room couch passionately kissing and playing with each others hard nipples.

Krissy! Yes Mom! It is such a beautiful day, lets go outside and sit on the front porch. You mean right now while we are completely naked? Yes! We have that privacy fence going all the way down the property line! The only people that will be able to see us is the neighbors across the street and the cars driving by!

I grab my daughters hand and we go out the front door and sit on the steps. Gosh Mom! This feels great sitting nude on the front porch!

Most cars driving by probably do not see us, but every once in a while, one will slow down and stop for a few seconds. I do not give a shit! They can park their car in the middle of road all day long if they want to! I enjoy showing off my beautiful body to anyone who wants to look at me!

Krissy! My shoulders are sore from Tommy grabbing me so tightly this morning! Will you please rub my back for me? Sure Mom! I get up, then sit down on the warm sidewalk in front of my daughter.

Krissy starts to gently rake her fingernails up and down my back, then, begins to massage my shoulders. After a few minutes, she leans forward and begins to play with my tits while she sucks on the side of my neck. She is making me horny as hell!

I notice a car has stopped in the road and I can see the driver watching us. He is getting a great show as my daughter continues to caress my breasts and gently pinch my hard nipples. He rolls down his window and I can see that he has a camera and is taking pictures of us. I wave at him and a few seconds later he drives off smiling.

Krissy! Let's go lay on the cement driveway in front of the garage! We might as well get some sun on us while we are outside! Okay Mom! I get up and she follows me down the sidewalk to the driveway. I sit down on the warm cement, then, lie down flat on my back. Krissy steps between my legs, then gets down on her knees and leans forward over the top of me. We begin to kiss passionately while she moves her tits back and forth against mine.

After a few minutes, she slowly begins to plant kisses all over me. She moves back a little and begins to suck on one of my breasts, then the other. Soon she is laying flat on her stomach with her face between my legs. Jesus Christ, my daughter is licking my pussy in broad daylight while cars are driving by. This is really making me horny!

Suddenly a car slows down, turns into our driveway, pulls in and stops a few feet away from us. I begin to panic slightly, but Krissy looks over her shoulder, then tells me it is her girlfriend Britney.

Krissy says "I called her on the phone yesterday, and she is coming over to spend the day by the swimming pool with us!"

My daughter puts her head back between my legs and continues to run her tongue up and down.

Britney gets out of her car and shuts the door. Jesus Christ she looks beautiful. She is wearing designer sunglasses and has on the smallest bikini I have ever seen. She walks over to me and reaches down to shake my hand. Hello Mrs Walker, looks like Krissy was telling the truth about you and her having wonderful sex together. Do you mind if I join you?

I do not mind a bit sweetheart! Go ahead and make yourself comfortable! I raise up a little and get on my elbows. Britney looks down at me as she reaches behind her and unties her bikini top. She pulls it over her head and throws it on the cement. She has the most fantastic pair of tits I have ever seen in my life! They are perfectly round and her hard nipples are about a half inch long.

Then, she pushes her bikini bottoms down to her ankles and kicks them away from her. Her smooth, clean shaven pussy is absolutely gorgeous! I used to think my daughter is the best looking teenage girl I have ever seen, but this one takes the prize! She is a perfect ten!

Britney puts her hands on her hips and says "Krissy! Why don't you take a break for a few minutes! I will take over for you while you rest your tongue!"

My daughter stands up and Britney immediately puts her arms around her and they begin to makeout. After a couple of minutes Britney leans back a little bit and says "Oh Krissy! Do you ever taste good! I can't wait to get between your Mothers legs!" She then sticks out her tongue and starts licking Krissy's face. Oh my God, I have never seen a tongue that long before! Britney is a freak of nature! Her tongue must be at least six inches long!

Britney takes off her sunglasses and hands them to my daughter. Then, she gets on her knees between my legs and leans over the top of me. She looks in my eyes and says "Mrs Walker! I am going to give you the best pussy licking you have ever received in your life!" She gives me a quick kiss then spends a couple of minutes sucking my tits. She is teasing the hell out of me!

Suddenly, she stands up, reaches down and grabs me by the wrist. She pulls me up to my feet, turns me around, and pushes me up against the hood of her car. I lean back on the warm car and rest on my elbows. Britney spreads my legs further apart, then, gets on her knees and buries her face into my pussy.

After a few moments she backs away a little bit and looks me directly in the eyes. Her tongue starts to move through her lips inch by inch. She sticks it out all the way, moves it up and touches her eyebrows! Jesus Christ, she must have the longest fucking tongue in the world!

Mrs Walker! Yes Britney! Move further back and lean against the windshield of the car! I moved back like she asked and opened my legs wide for her. She bends forward and kisses my pussy. I can feel her tongue start to enter me and I tremble with anticipation. All of a sudden she jams it in me all the way and my hips jerk up in the air. Oh my God! She lashes it around the inside of me, then, pulls it out and sucks my clit. She keeps doing this over and over again. After a couple of minutes her tongue is ratcheting back and forth at light speed.

I plant my feet on the hood of the car and raise my hips up. Britney grabs my ass cheeks with both hands and forces her face even harder into my pussy. An orgasm builds up quickly inside me and explodes! A shower of erotic pleasure races through every inch of my body! My eyes roll back in my head, and I faint!

I must have been out cold for a couple of minutes, because, when I opened my eyes, Krissy and Britney are standing in front of me, looking at me. Krissy says "Gosh Mom! You scared Britney! I had to tell her right away that you faint sometimes after you have a great orgasm!"

Britney! Yes Mrs Walker! That was the best and quickest orgasm I have ever had in my life! Thank you so much! I promise to repay you the favor later this afternoon!

Well, lets go skinny dipping in the swimming pool for a while, then I will make us lunch. I have some fresh ground beef and will make us deluxe hamburgers!

I slide off the hood of the car and start walking down the driveway to the street. Krissy yells at me "Mom! Where are you going?" Honey! I have to see if we got any mail today! But Mom! You don't have any clothes on! Yes Krissy! I know!

I stroll down the driveway and into the street to check the mailbox. No mail today! Then, I look down the road and see the Post Office truck about a block away. I decide to wait until it gets here. After a couple of minutes it pulls up and stops next to me. It is Julie! She opens the door and gets out. Gosh she looks cute in her Postal uniform! She bends over and reaches into the truck for my mail, then, turns around, and steps towards me.

We embrace and she grabs my ass cheeks with both hands as we kiss for a few moments. Julie! It does not look like you are wearing a bra! Don't they have dress code rules at the Post Office? She says "Well, maybe I am wearing one, and maybe I am not! Why don't you open the front of my blouse and see?"

I reach over, unbutton her blouse and pull it open. Jesus Christ she has a perfect pair of tits! I take a few seconds to run my hands over them, then, pull her blouse back together and button her back up. She says "I have to go! I am running late, but, I will make sure we can spend an hour together next Wednesday at the regular time!" She quickly reaches between my legs and I feel a finger slide inside my pussy. She moves it in and out of me for a few seconds, then raises her hand up to her face and sucks on it. She then gives me a quick kiss, gets back in the truck and drives off down the road.

A few minutes later I am busy in the kitchen preparing a potato salad and cutting up tomatoes, lettuce and onions for the hamburgers. My son walks in and stands next to me while he fondles my bare ass cheeks. Suddenly, the doorbell rings and I tell him to go see who it is.

It takes me a few minutes to get everything ready, then, I take a pitcher of lemonade and vodka out to the patio for the girls. I run back inside and get a few glasses and some ice. Finally, I get to relax and sit down. I yell at them to come over and have a drink with me.

We have quiet conversation and are enjoying sitting around naked in the brilliant sunshine. After a few minutes, I swear I hear moaning sounds coming from Tommy's open window above us. It keeps getting louder and louder. The three of us giggle then become quiet so we can hear it better. After about 10 minutes the moaning stops. Krissy says "I bet that was Tommy and his girlfriend!" She is really pretty and has a great body!

We continue conversing together, then, the sliding door from the kitchen opens. I am shocked! My mother steps out to the patio and my son is behind her! They are completely naked! My mother walks over to me, bends over and kisses me on the mouth.

She looks over at Britney and says "Honey! Who is this gorgeous piece of ass sitting here?" Mom! Watch your language! This happens to be Krissy's friend Britney. My mother reaches for her hand and kisses the back of it. She says "I am very pleased to me you Britney! You have a great set of tits!" Mom! Jesus Christ! Behave yourself!

Tommy jumps in the pool and my mother gets a glass and fills it with ice and lemonade. Then, she sits down in a chair next to me. I look over at her and marvel at her beautiful body. It makes sense that she was an underwear model for over twenty years.

I hope that I will look that good when I am 54 years old! We wear the same dress size, and she often shows up to borrow something for a special occasion. In my opinion, I actually think she is too thin. Women her age usually put on weight and get fat. My mother is just the opposite, she looks like she did 20 years ago.

My mother says "Well! I can't stay long! I am going to a corporate party at the Hilton tonight!"

She then looks over at Britney and says "How about you and I go for a swim together before I leave?" Britney immediately jumps out of her chair and they walk hand in hand to the pool.

Krissy! Yes Mom! Does Britney have a boyfriend? No Mom! She told me she can't stand them. They always want her to suck their cocks and try to get her bra and panties off. She told me she likes to get fucked once in a while, but she prefers relationships with women.

After a few minutes, my son gets out of the pool and walks over towards me. He grabs a towel and wipes it all over his body. This is the first time I have seen him without his cock hard in the past few days. Tommy! Yes Mom! I will bet you one hundred dollars that you can't get another erection today! You have already fucked me twice and you just got done fucking my mother a few minutes ago.

Well, I will take you up on that offer Mom! Just grab a hold of it for a minute!

I reach over and grasp his limp cock. It is soft and I think I have won the bet. Then, I can feel it start to grow! Jesus Christ it is getting bigger and bigger! Within a minute his cock is so big my fingers will not go around it!

He steps forward, grasps the back of my head with both hands and shoves his cock into my open mouth. My son looks down at me and says "Mom! You look so sexy with my cock sticking in your mouth!" He then rocks my head back and forth for a few minutes then suddenly stops. I feel his cock pulse, then, he ejaculates a load of sperm inside me. He waits for a second then pulls his cock out. I swallow over and over again, but some of his sperm runs down over my chin and drips on my naked tits.

As I wipe my face with a towel, I say "Tommy! Yes Mom! I owe you one hundred dollars!"

Meanwhile, Britney has my Mother pinned up against the edge of the pool and is french kissing her. I yell over at them "Hurry up with what you are doing! The burgers are almost ready!" They stop kissing and my Mother grabs the rails of the ladder and pulls herself out of the water. She then turns around, puts her hands back on the rails and spreads her legs apart. She says "Britney! You have to kiss my pussy first before you can get out of the pool!"

Britney then pulls herself up a little bit and buries her face into my Mothers smooth shaven pussy. Britney's six inch tongues shoots into my Mother, and I hear her gasp. She lets go of the rails, takes a couple of steps back and lies flat on her back. Britney gets on her knees between her legs and continues to give her a tongue lashing.

My Mother starts moaning loudly and her head is moving rapidly back and forth. After a couple of minutes she raises her hips off the patio tiles for a second, then she is silent. Britney stops licking her, gets to her feet, comes over and sits in a chair next to Krissy.

Moments later, my Mother starts moving a little and slowly sits up. She stands up and walks over to me. She says "Jesus Christ Honey! You should have warned me about that girls long tongue! I have not had an orgasm that intense in years!" I look over at Britney and she has a big smile on her face.

Krissy and I got up and went into the kitchen to get all the food and paper plates. We made a few trips back and forth, then, finally, all of us sat around eating, drinking and looking at each others naked bodies.

After a few minutes my son got up, kissed me on the lips and told me he is going golfing with a couple of his friends. Okay Tommy! However, please don't stay out too late! Remember, you are sleeping with me tonight! Okay Mom! The three of us girls watch him walk naked to the sliding door and step into the kitchen.

My Mother then gets up and stands behind my chair and puts her hands on my shoulders. She says "I hate to leave all this pussy! But, I have just a few minutes to get home and make myself ready for tonight!" She leans forward and begins to suck on my neck while she runs her hands down the front of me and begins to play with my tits.

She is making me horny as hell so I push her hands away from me after a couple of minutes and tell her thanks for stopping over. She goes into the house and a few minutes later, I hear her car start up and she drives off.

The three of us girls spend the rest of the afternoon in the pool swimming around, and having a great time. I am feeling a little tired, so I tell Krissy and Britney that I am going upstairs to take a nap for a couple of hours.

Mom! Yes honey! Britney and I were just thinking the same thing! Can we go with you? Well, alright, but, no fooling around! The two girls followed me up to my bedroom and we climbed in the bed and fell asleep immediately.

A couple of hours later I wake up and look over at Krissy and Britney. They look so peaceful sleeping with their arms wrapped around one another.

I get out of bed, walk to the bathroom to brush my hair, then go downstairs and turn on the television. There is nothing I want to watch, so, I walk over to our movie collection and get a lesbian video that I have not seen in over a year. I put it in the player and start it up. Oh yes! I remember this one! It is really good! The girls in it are beautiful!

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