tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersA Debt Left Unpaid Ch. 01

A Debt Left Unpaid Ch. 01


My hands were sweaty, my legs were shaking, and my mind was racing. How could Sarah have traded me to settle a debt, and moreover, what would be expected of me to make the trade equitable? There had been little time to pack, but it seemed Sarah had filled a suitcase for me and loaded it into the back of Saul's black sedan. And yet still my legs were shaking. What would they do to me if they found out about my secret? I shuddered to guess.

"Settle down sweetheart, we'll be up to Vito's in no time, and he aint gonna want no fidgety bitch...he's gonna want what Sarah promised him." He smiled and placed one of his smooth tanned hands on my knee and I jumped, banging my head on the felt roof lining.

Saul smiled and returned his hand to the tiny knob of the gear shifter. "You sure are a skittish one aren't you?"

Saul pulled up the long winding driveway to Vito's house as the sun was setting over the Pacific ocean, casting its beautiful oranges and reds across the countryside, turning the hills into fire. Saul pulled the sedan up to a mansion of which the likes I had only seen on TV. Giant spires and pillars of marble seemed to hold the roof atop this many storied house. An old man in a black suit was waiting outside my door when Saul stopped underneath a carport awning that led to the great entryway. The old man opened my door and offered a wrinkled hand. I accepted it and pulled myself out of the sedan.

"My I take your bags for you...Miss....."

"Jefferson...it's Miss Stephanie Jefferson."

The old man smiled, "well then Miss Jefferson...may I take your bags for you then?"

I smiled, I simply couldn't help it, the man was so friendly and charming. "But of course."

The old man blushed and took my suitcase out of the trunk.

Saul grabbed my hand, and jerked me toward the great door, "Come on sweetheart, there'll be time for pleasantries later." My heels clicked on the cobble stone driveway, my black skirt swishing as I tried to keep up.

The interior of the massive home was awe inspiring, but I scarcely had time to take any of it in as Saul pulled me across the marble foyer and yanked me up the giant winding staircase toward the mansion's top floor. He pulled me down a hallway and shoved me into an open room. The room was small in comparison to the rest of the mansion, in all consisting of little more than a bed and a small desk overlooking a window.

"Thomas will bring your bags up soon, and I'll be back to get you around 6:30. I expect you to be looking your best by then, you will be meeting Vito for dinner downstairs in the great room. You've got two hours." He slammed the door and left me alone in the tiny room.

Thomas, the kind old man in the black suit, dropped off my luggage shortly there after and I was left alone, sitting on the bed, my bags still packed. What did these people have in store for me? How was this any sort of repayment for a debt?

I opened my suitcase and saw a folded sheet of paper sitting on top of my neatly folded possessions.

'I'm so sorry hun...really I am. You have to believe me! This is not something I wanted to happen, it just did. Well anyway, I have packed your estrogen pills, be sure to take 2 a day with food as the doctor suggested. I miss you already hun. I'll have the money soon...I promise. Kisses....Sarah.'

I was so pissed at just seeing her name that I wanted to wad the note up and toss it out the tiny window, but just seeing her handwriting seemed to calm me. It seemed she still had some sort of hold on me. I refolded the note and returned it to my suitcase.

I was applying lipstick in the tiny bathroom mirror when my door opened unexpectedly. I looked around the corner and saw it was Saul. His baldhead was beaded with sweat and he had a sort of insane look in his eye.

He whispered something under his breath and closed my door behind him. The lipstick tube tumbled from my fingers and clanged in the sink. In the mirror I saw Saul's eyes shift and locate me. He moved swiftly across the room and was instantly in the tiny bathroom alongside me.

"Sit down." He whispered.


"I said sit down bitch...right there on the toilet." He glanced over his shoulder and then back at me, his eyes lost in my new cleavage.

I sat on the toilet and he stood in front of me. "And just what do you want?" I asked.

He fumbled at his zipper and reached inside to fish his cock through the pants hole.

"Now wait just a goddamn minute." I objected.

He reached inside his coat and pulled out a small handgun, raising it to his lips, urging me to be quiet. "Look hun, you are going to suck on this until it goes pop...and you aren't going to say two words to Vito about it. He wants you to himself...but I'll be goddamned if I can pass up those lips."

I looked down and saw that his dick was in his hand, growing in anticipation. He reached the gun out to me and traced its barrel along my cheek, running it over my lips, all the while, his other hand was bringing his cock to life, and for one moment I thought that he might just masturbate in front of me and the worst I would be off was wiping cum off my new tits, but as it grew to its height, he grabbed the back of my head, and pulled my mouth toward his shaft. With his gun on my cheek, I took him in my mouth and sucked. He bucked his hips against my face as I sucked. My red painted lips curved around his cock, he fucked my face, that gun barrel all the while pressing into the hollow of my cheek. My tongue danced, as my throat consumed him. He began to moan and I feared that the ecstasy he found might loosen his trigger finger and blow my teeth out the side of my head, so I reached into his pants and found his balls. I cupped the heavy sack and used my first two fingers to tease them as I sucked. I could feel my own tiny cock growing hard in the crevasse that I'd tucked it, but I ignored it, instead focusing all my energy on him. As his bucking against me grew more feverish, I grabbed the loose skin of his scrotum in my hand and pulled. He moaned and I felt the salty, sticky rush ooze down my throat. He thrust three more times as he let go, and I licked him clean.

He unceremoniously pulled his cock out of my mouth, stuffed it back into his pants, and said, "Any word of this to Vito...and I'll fucking drive a slug right threw your brain." He tucked the gun back into his shoulder holster and left me sitting on the toilet with his cum on my lips.

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