tagNonHumanA Demon's Prize

A Demon's Prize


First off this is my first story at the time it was written as a goofy idea that turned out much better than I would have expected. With a great deal of help to Moonflower1980, who was kind enough to help me with editing this story into something that would be an enjoyable read.

I hope you enjoy the story and do leave a comment on the story and whether or not you liked it.

This will improve my skills in future stories.

Hello, my name is Morty, well actually it is a bit longer and harder to pronounce so I'll stick with Morty. I am a demon in every imaginable sense of the word, and I'd like to clear the air a bit here. Hell isn't such a bad place, trust me, I was born there hehe. My tale is of something surprising that happened to me in one of my short trips to your realm.

It was a clear moonlit night with such clear skies, you could easily count the stars. I had always liked the night sky, dark yet, like a warm blanket. I walked around among the human souls as one of them, my human form rather nicely chosen. Jet black hair that reached halfway down my back, broad shoulders and a large chest with muscle tone that most men could only dream of having. (One benefit of being a demon is I get to choose what I look like - in my case I chose only to go without my tail and the spikes, though I was rather reluctant to be without them.) But back to the story. I chose to be an even 6 ft tall and, for a little laugh, had endowed myself with more than average sized equipment.

As I walked down a particularly dark street I saw a woman running towards me and screaming so loudly I couldn't make out what she was screaming but, when I saw two large figures coming after her, I understood what she was running from. She ran up to me and begged me for help.

"Please, mister you've got to help me." she said

I looked down at her fragile form and just smiled as if trying to comfort her. She was about 5 ft 6 with bright eyes that glistened in the moonlight - I couldn't see what color they were due to the night, but I did get to see that she had a very lovely figure. A slim waist and nicely curved hips that were supported by strong thighs. All this was topped off by an angelic almost childishly cute face topped with a head of hair that came to just past her shoulders.

She threw her arms around me and I felt a strange yet not unpleasant sensation in what I could only describe as my heart; a feeling of pride and anger but also caring and courage. I waved my hand with spread fingers over her tear streaked face and uttered the word "sleep" at which she promptly fell asleep in my arms. I lay her down gently on the pavement and looked up at the approaching figures. They came to a halt less then 6 feet away from me, rather out of breath, as they came to claim their prey and prize.

"Who the fuck are you?" the taller one demanded.

" Well, my name would be Morty, but I do not see what that would have to do with the likes of you" I replied in a quiet but deep voice.

"The bitch is ours and she will come with us" said the shorter of the two men – the one who also seemed to have the bigger mouth. " No" was all I said, at which the two of then came at me with their knives drawn.

I chose to show them what I really was and showed them my true form, which stopped them in their tracks. Two horrified faces stared at me as I reached out and grabbed them both by their throats and held them up for a closer inspection.

" Hmmm, how nice this is, I haven't eaten in days and am feeling a bit hungry so if you do not wish to become my supper, I do believe it would be wise for you to leave this female to me." I said with a hungry grin on my demonic face.

"No way, the bitch is ours" was the reply at which I placed my thumb on their chins and proceeded to snap their fragile necks and let them fall to the ground. I turned around and knelt at the female's side. I was not sure what to do, but all I wanted to do at that moment was to take her somewhere safe. I picked her up after returning to my human form, but found that she was wide awake. 'I have to learn to control that sleep thing better' I thought to myself.

"Please don't hurt me" she cried.

"There is no need to worry" I said, "no harm will come to you on this night. Now tell me, where do you live?" I asked.

"Three blocks away in an apartment building." she spoke with a fearful shiver in her voice.

"Then I shall take you there, you need not worry... all will be explained in due course" I said - this seemed to comfort her slightly and she led the way to her building. When she opened the door to her apartment, to my shock, she invited me in.

"Okay, what just happened there and what are you?" she suddenly asked in a strong determined voice.

"Killed them, saved you, and I'm a demon" I responded.

"Don't lie to me, tell me the truth or I'll call the police." she retorted, a look of disbelief on her face.

" Hmmm," I muttered to myself, "it seems ignorance truly is bliss"

"What are you talking about?" she demanded to know.

"As I said before," I explained patiently, "I killed the two men who were chasing you, thus saving you, and the fearsome form you saw was me, for I am a demon"

She looked at me as if she was seeing water burning like oil. She sat down and stared at the wall not speaking but rather letting the meaning of what I had said sink in. At this point I got a good view of her and was quite pleased with what I saw. A young female, perhaps in her mid twenties, strawberry blond hair, full sensual lips painted a deep red and crystal blue eyes.

She wore a top that revealed quite a generous amount of cleavage which I would have guessed to be around a full C cup. Her skirt was short enough that I could see all the way up to her panties. I smiled to myself thinking 'I have always liked black lace.'

Right at that moment something struck me, a smell, I knew this smell it was the most famous smell known in hell - the smell of arousal. I sniffed the air and realized it was coming from her 'Is she actually turned on?' I asked myself. 'These humans are even stranger then I believed them to be'. My answer came quickly as I was suddenly wrenched from my thoughts by a sudden increase in the smell. I looked at her and saw her standing there as naked as the day she was born. Facing me in all her glory, I was struck by her sexuality from her small areoles with small nipples to her puffy labia.

"Well this is a nice turn of events" I smiled "And why do you disrobe yourself and reveal yourself to me?" I asked.

"Well," she replied, "you saved my life. Don't you want your reward?" This made me laugh out loud.

"Are you sure of this even after I have told you what I truly am? Are you not scared to be facing a hell born creature?"

"No," she retorted "besides, demons aren't real and you look good"

I laughed even louder and my thoughts turned to showing this fragile creature my true self and reveal to her what she was facing. I changed form and the moment she saw my true form, a look of complete shock washed over her face.

"Well, is this not what you wanted?" I demanded. "Does this frighten you?" I asked. But as she walked towards me I saw a look of amazement and curiosity on her face but no fear.

"Oh my god you really are a demon! I thought the stories were fake but you...I...I never thought to actually see one, I believed that if someone saw a demon they would die on the spot and burn forever in hell" she said, never taking her eyes off me.

I sat down hard on the bed unable to stand because of my laughter, now coming louder and harder.

"My dear, hehe, I am sorry to disappoint you but the books and the movies are fairly inaccurate to say the least, yes there is a heaven and there is a hell ... but not all demons are made for destruction and slaughter"

I began to explain to her that as in heaven, hell has what are known as watchers and scouts. These do not usually interfere with human life, but watch closely and the scouts usually sampled bits of life to report their findings to their respective masters.

She stepped closer with a wicked smile on her face and kept on coming closer until she stood pressing her body against mine reaching down to grab my cock and gently starting to rub it to life making it harder with every stroke of her hand

"I'll give you a sample" she said in a soft husky voice that told me all I needed to hear.

I reached around and grabbed her ass and gently kneaded the tender flesh causing her to moan softly and increase her efforts on my member. I leaned in closer to her and kissed her, I was struck by the immense passion of it, it felt so good that I wanted more. I kissed her even deeper, our tongues dancing in the wet darkness of our mouths. By now I was fully erect and was using my tail to rub and caress her pussy, rubbing the tip over her clit bringing even louder moans from deep within her. The kiss broke and left me starving for more. She looked down and the squealed lightly in what I assumed to be delight as she saw the size of my cock. Her grin grew bigger and she pushed me back causing me to fall onto the bed. Because I had my hands on her soft and delicate behind she fell with me. She looked at me with such a wicked glimmer in her eyes that it caused my cock to throb in anticipation.

"No sense in foreplay" she said, "I'm dripping wet and I want this in me ... right now!"

With that she straddled my waist, leaned forwards and reached underneath her to grab my happily throbbing member and gently eased herself down on it. She kept moaning as inch by inch disappeared into her warm wet tunnel, the sensation was so overwhelming that it caused me to grunt - it was the most animalistic sound I had ever heard come from my lips.

"Oh my god ... it's huge it's filling me up so good... can you feel how deep it is?" she moaned.

Once buried completely inside of her I held her hips and started thrusting up into her, slowly at first as she kept grinding her hips and rotating herself on my cock trying to get it to touch every last surface of her vaginal walls.

"Faster... please I want it so badly" she panted.

I watched her breasts bounce up and down as I thrust my cock up into her pussy and I was tempted to reach out and grab them. I reached out with my hands and grabbed her large tits, not just fondling them, but squeezing the flesh as hard as I dared without hurting her. It made her moan and gasp and I felt her entire body shiver on top of mine. She started bouncing up and down harder and faster, grinding on my dick – she could work those hips far better than I ever could.

I sped up my thrusts more and more and the faster I went the louder her moans and screams became. She kept begging me for more and I gave her all I could until suddenly her body went rigid and she stopped breathing. For a second I was worried until she finally let out the loudest scream I have ever heard. Her whole body shivered and her pussy contracted on my cock, each contraction more violent than the one before. This she kept on doing until she finally collapsed on top of me with me still buried deep inside of her.

I didn't know what to do next, I had never been in a situation like this. But before I could react I heard something that sounded like a purr coming from her. I looked at her face and saw she was sound asleep with a slight smile and a look of complete satisfaction on her face. I eased myself gently out of her and left her to sleep on the bed.

I sat on the couch and thought about what had just happened. I checked on her to see how deep her sleep was and found it to be deep enough for me to report to my master. Still in my demonic form I closed my eyes and through something I can only describe as a form of meditation I reached my master.

"Sir, I have tasted the pleasures of flesh, but I am confused as how to proceed" I reported.

"Have you now," responded my master's deep yet amused voice. "Then perhaps you are willing to share your little pleasure with us?"

"Sir, my question is if I may taste more to enrich my study"

"Ha-ha, it seems to me then you like it a bit too much, but your request is granted"

"Thank you sir, but my other question, I am not sure what to do the female has suddenly fallen asleep and will not be easily awoken"

"Ha-ha, well done my apprentice, be not worried she has not been harmed, this is only her body's way of recovery. Let her be as she will awaken soon enough"

"Thank you master"

With that I returned to the bedroom where my prize lay. I sat next to her as she slowly woke up. She looked at me and smiled thanking me for a wonderful time. "Want more?" was all I said.

She crawled her way towards me and when she reached me she grabbed my newly erect cock, slowly stroking it bringing me more pleasure with each stroke of her hand. Then suddenly she stopped, I looked up at her and she just stared at me with the biggest grin I have ever seen.

"Does that tail of yours do more then just swing?" she asked me in a curious tone.

"You will find out soon enough my dear" I spoke as she straddled my lap once more, pushing herself down onto my member moaning louder as it went deeper inside her.

Then to her surprise I slid the end of my tail in her mouth and let her suck on it as if it were a second cock. As she began to ride my cock her muffled moans became increasingly louder, I reached up and rolled both her nipples between my fingers and thumbs. Suddenly I pulled my tail out of her mouth, held her hips still and pulled her body against my chest. She looked at me with a questioning look on her face. I smiled at her and gently eased the tip of my tail into her ass slowly pushing it in and out until about 6 inches were inside her. Finding her voice once more she screamed out in pure pleasure.

"Oooooooh my gooooood, fuck this feels amazing...oh my god" she screamed.

As she continued to ride my cock I slid my tail in and out of her tight ass with equal speed and force.

"Oh my god...fuck me...harder...faster" she gasped between moans.

And who was I to deny this gorgeous creature her pleasure? With that I lifted her off me and laid her down on her stomach, she soon got the idea and set herself on her hands and knees. I entered her again with both cock and tail bringing more moans from her. I stopped when my dick was inside her to the hilt and my tail was snuggly inside her now loosened ass. She looked back at me and asked "Will you fuck me good now?"

"I will fuck you till the sun appears once more, in any way you desire me to" I replied at which she purred and looked back and started rocking her hips back and forth.

I took this as my cue and began to fuck her without any mercy, making her scream out loud in pleasure. I slid my cock out until only the head remained inside her and then plunged it back in all the way making her moan and scream with every thrust.

Right at that moment I felt something, a strange sensation building up in my stomach and balls. It got stronger and stronger and everything around me became a blur and I got a sudden overwhelming feeling that made me scream out in pure ecstasy. She too began to scream as another earth shattering orgasm hit her. Both of us screamed as our orgasms wracked our bodies until exhausted I collapsed besides her trying my best to catch my breath once more.

"You humans are amazing and yet strange at the same time" I said with a well fucked smile on my face. She crawled over me until her breasts were squashed against my chest and then she bent her head down and whispered

"Who said I was human?"

To be continued

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More please!!!! Wonderful story!

Loved this story and what an awesome ending! Rarely do I disagree with other readers, but I actually like the use of more 'proper' - 'formal' English on the part of the demon. Gives him an air of realmore...

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