tagInterracial LoveA Desire Finally Achieved Ch. 01

A Desire Finally Achieved Ch. 01


Author's note: Names where changed to prevent embarrassments to my friends. Any similarity to living person is purely co-incidental. A special thanks to jlo24601 for proofing and very helpful suggestions.


Sunday - February 12, 2006


Hi, my name is Heather. The root of this story is a ten year fantasy turning into a fabulous real life experience. This fantasy began in my junior year in high school at a sleepover. My friends and I watched a porn movie involving black guys and white girls. The fantasy became real when we took a fabulous two weeks vacation to Jamaica that changed the life style of four, single, mid-twenties females. Life will never be the same.

Sunday, February 12, 2006, 8:30 AM At the Minneapolis Airport

Dear diary:

I cannot believe that I am sitting here in the airport writing about having my fantasy becoming a reality; that is if my information is accurate on the resort to where I and my friends are headed.

Do you remember all the entries about my friends and about my fantasies? Well, some of my best friends and I are going to Jamaica today for two weeks with the high hope of having our fantasies actually happen.

It is bitter cold outside and I am wearing Levi's but underneath I have on white cotton shorts and under the shorts a white silk thong. I have on a white sweater to deal with the cold and under the sweater I am wearing a black Racer back tank. I will take the Levi's off to get more comfortable when we make a plane switch in Miami; God, the sun in Jamaica will feel so good. I will have to be careful to see that I do not burn this lily-white skin of mine. I don't want to look like a lobster my first day and suffer the rest of the vacation. I want to get a nice tan that makes everyone at home insanely jealous when I return.

I see Amy and Jennifer coming toward the gate; you know I have written many entries about them. Remember, Amy is my best friend and people think we are twins when we are together. (Jennifer will be referred to as Jenn in the rest of the story.)

With the winter clothing, 90% of our Scandinavian heritage of very white skin, blue eyes, blond hair is mostly covered. Most people would see that we are lean with our tight fitting Levi's. Amy and I wear our hair in a ponytail; Amy's ass and legs are mirror images of mine. Those are our features that guys notice first when we are at the beach wearing short shorts or bikini style swim wear. I bet their imagination kicks into high gear, thinking of doing us doggie-style while yanking on our ponytails and riding us to wherever guys go when their pricks get control of their brains.

I was chatting on the Internet with a Mistress Trudy, the owner of the resort, where we will be staying in Jamaica. The resort's advertisement is "Be Our Guest and Live Out Your Fantasy. She wrote, "From your descriptions, you will be swatting the guys off like mosquitoes. They will be swarming all over you so be sure to bring enough repellent." The brochure of the resort had pictures of black guys, awesome looking black guys that were approaching model quality. Unfortunately they were fully clothed in the brochure photos but I saw enough to induce leakage, if you know what I mean.

Jenn is a little shorter than Amy and me, at our 5 foot 8 inches, but she has a fantastic pair of tits (36d) that guys love to bury their faces in and/or fuck. She has brown hair, brown eyes, and a little darker skin tone. Her mother is of Asian ancestry and with an American father the combination makes her a knock-out.

I see Stacey now also coming behind them; I have not written much about Stacey in my diary. She is a recent coworker and I found that she has the same fantasy as the rest of us. We were talking one day at lunchtime and the conversation got around to our fantasies. When I discovered hers we invited her to make it a foursome and help share the cost of our vacation. She is of Italian ancestry with black hair, brown eyes, and she's built like a brick shithouse as guys refer to some of us from time to time. She weighs about 125 pounds and is 38/27/36. (In the rest of the story she will be referred to as Stace.)

Well Diary I will fill you in as things progress.

"Hi, Amy and Jenn. Look who is behind you two."

We all hug each other and giggle unabashedly, being charged up and eager to get started.

"Did any of you guys get any sleep? I hardly got any. I had faces of sexy black guys staring at me all night. We are not even there yet and I am tired."

"Me too," Amy replies. "Perhaps we can get some rest on the flights. I want to hit the ground running when we get to Jamaica. We don't want to waste a minute."

"God it's going to be great getting away from this cold and going where we can be naked if we want. Anyone, check any luggage? Good! We can get right to the guys that will be holding signs with our names as soon as we clear customs and immigration."

"I am going to shed these Levi's in Miami. I have shorts on underneath."

"I do to," Stace replies."

Jenn says, "Hey guys they are calling our flight."

Above entered: Sunday, February 12, 2006, 9:10 AM On the flight to Miami

Amy and I are seated together and Jenn and Stace are together.

This gives Jenn a chance to get to know Stace. I selected Stace as a roommate at the resort because we work together and she is my invite, so Amy and Jenn will bunk together in the other bedroom.

We get seated and comfortable.

"God Heather, just think this would not be happening today if you had not acknowledge that "Hi" from Mistress Trudy."

"Yeah, I very seldom do that. You never know who is on the other end."

"Did you bring the brochure Heather? I want to look at it again."

"Yes I have it here somewhere. Let me dig it out and maybe we will study it together."

"God, the scenery and sea in these pictures look awesome and so do the resort employees shown here."

"Yeah, I hope it is really like that."

"Heather, can I ask you something personal?"

"Personal, WOW, Sure Amy. You're my best friend."

"Are you going to allow a guy to do you bareback if he balks about using protection?"

"I don't know yet Amy. I would like to feel at least once a huge black cock shooting into me. I know it's dangerous and I should be protected in all cases but I have not made up my mind. When I was on the net with Mistress Trudy, I asked her about sexually transmitted diseases. She replied that in the 15 years that the resort has been open, no visitor had ever contracted any. She also mentioned that all employees are screened weekly, so it seems ok and I really have mixed feelings now."

"I am glad you told me what Mistress Trudy told you. We are so much alike. I want to feel the guy shooting his hot love juice into me too and I want to find out if it's different than a white guy doing it."

"Jeez Amy, we'd better change the subject. This is turning me on. I don't want to have to go change a panty liner in Miami."

My butt is dragging from not sleeping much. I close my eyes and the next thing that I hear is, "Fasten seat belts please. Touch down, 15 minutes in Miami."

"Wow Amy, warm weather and a hop across some water, and we will soon be happy or sick from doing this."

"If this resort has been around for 15 years they must be good. Jenn did some checking on the Internet and she thinks they are first class."

Disembarking at the Miami airport I just drop my Levi's at the gate, placing my coat, gloves, hat, and pants in my carry-on. I am feeling rested now and very excited. I see Jenn and Amy coming back dressed in similar fashion to Stace and me, short sleeves and shorts. They are calling the flight to Jamaica.

Above Entered: Sunday, February 12, 2006, 12:15 PM At the Miami Airport

This time Jenn and I are sitting together, giving Amy and Stace a chance to get to know each other.

"I think we are going to have fun having Stace along," Jenn ventures. "She is so much like us. She told me that she is getting more adventuresome as she gets older; it seems her childhood was similar to ours. It sounds as if her parents were terribly concerned that a guy was going to get her cherry before she was married. It never crossed their minds to wonder what happens when you use a Tampon."

"I think we can all relate to that among us four. I like her a lot; I have never opened up at work to anyone like I have to her."

"Heather, I think we are going to have a blast on this vacation if every thing we read and what Mistress Trudy wrote while chatting is true."

"Touch down, 25 minutes. Fasten belts, please."

My heart leaps. The moment of truth is getting real close. God, the water is so blue; the sky is cloudless.

Above entered: Sunday, February 12, 2006, 1:25 PM On the flight to Jamaica right before touchdown

Mistress Trudy had informed me via the Internet that guys holding up cards with our names on them would meet us and they would be our personal attendants. "Does any one see anything?"

"Look over there; there are four guys!" Amy yells.

We approach them and the signs come up with our names, JENN, HEATHER, AMY, STACE.

My God, all of our jaws drop when we see four of the most gorgeous hunks of black guys holding the cards, impeccably dressed in white short sleeve shirts with black ties and white shorts. We giggle and approach them with mouths agape.

"Hello, ladies and welcome to Jamaica. It appears your flight was pleasant because you are all smiling. My name is Joe, and this is Bob, Jack, and David."

They each are reaching for a suitcase, taking our luggage, Joe, the spokesman makes a walkie-talkie call and asks us to follow him outside to a mini bus that has five rows of seats with an aisle along one side so people can move about.

The escorts say it will be a two-hour trip to the resort on the north side of the island and that our rooms have a view of the sea. They also say that they will visit with each of us for 30 minutes on the bus and change places so that we can get to know each of them and them us.

As they are placing the luggage in and underneath compartment I overhear Jack saying to David, "Damn those are some hot foxy chicks. I hope I get to show one of them what I got and flood her pussy with my stuff."

I have to suppress a giggle.

In the resort brochure it mentioned that all single men on the premises are either employees or a guest of a guest. Other men might be married or attached and they would be with their spouses or girl friends. It mentioned that there are at least fifteen security people, both black and white, on duty each shift. It advertised that after fifteen years in operation they never have been needed as security but worked mostly as guides or escorts or with other tasks as needed.

The driver of the bus is white; his name is Harry from Australia with that lovely accent. He keeps looking at all of us in his mirrors as we drive along the coast to the resort. God he looks hot. The closer we get to the resort the more I am looking into his eyes via the mirrors.

During the trip the escorts fill us in on many of the details of the resort and offer to be of any assistance when either on duty or off. Each of the guys repeats this information and uses basically the same words. In my mind I'm wondering if these guys are hinting at helping us with our fantasies with their gracious offers of assistance. I think back to the comment that we overheard outside the bus when the luggage was being loaded.

Joe offers us soft drinks from a cooler in the front of the bus. I'm having a Dr. Pepper right now.

As we are stepping off the bus Harry also offers his help and assistance anytime we need it. We smile and thank all five of the men who have been part of our bus transfer.

A tall and handsome black guy named Sam greets us at the lobby door of the resort main building. Jeez he is hot looking too; I'll have to find out more about him later.

Sam says, "Ladies over there you see four golf carts; they each have a driver who will take you to your living quarters. In the meantime please come into our reception lobby and do the final registration and receive your info packages while they transfer your luggage from the bus to the carts. As we turn to go into the lobby the same words came out of Sam's mouth about assisting us whenever we ask for his help.

I punch Amy on the arm and say, "He can do me any time he wants." We giggle. Stace hears that and says, "Me too". Stace fits right in like she has known all of us for years. I am glad she came with us.

We register for a two-story bungalow with two bedrooms, a living room, a bar area, a small dance floor, and a stocked mini bar. Each bedroom has two king size beds and an accordion type partition if someone feels a need to use it. It would not keep sounds out but offers some privacy. Since I have invited Stace we plan to share one bedroom, and Amy and Jenn the other.

Coming out of the lobby there are the carts with four new guys, two white and two black, and our luggage already onboard. God they look good enough to eat in those uniforms. Off we go to the bungalow, unload the luggage, and hear the same comments about assistance from the drivers. Oh, by the way, in the brochure it suggested minimal tipping for little things. However it encouraged a large tip before departure, which all employees get to share in.

We unpack and take in the ocean view from our balcony and smell the tropical air. God it feels awesome. We left -15 degrees Fahrenheit twelve hours earlier.

Above entered: Sunday, February 12, 2006, 6 PM In our bungalow at the resort

We hear a knock at the door and a voice, "Welcome ladies, I am Mistress Trudy." I did not ask about the title Mistress Trudy but would attempt to find out why she had that name later in our stay. She says, "Ladies, we have some business to take care of, to get you off and running quickly. Here all the employees will recognize you and call you by your first name. They have a picture of you that they can refer to for the first few days. After that it becomes natural. Here is a book that contains information on all of our employees. It lists a name with a face picture followed by a second full-length picture. There is a third one, full length pictured naked, and in the case of the males, a fourth one naked with an erection. At the bottom of the naked photos are the stats on the guys when soft and hard. Of course for the females their dimensions are there also, if you are inclined that way." We all blush.

"Please leave these two copies in the bungalow. If you have any question or need anything and I do mean anything, please do not be shy to ask. We are here to help you relax and to make your stay a memorable one so you will come back often and pass a good word amongst your friends about us. Please remember we all are consenting adults here. There is no person here under 22 years of age, either as a guest or employee; the oldest guest is 75 and the oldest employee is 70."

Mistress Trudy continue her orientation speech. "Almost all desires can be fulfilled here; if you desire a particular person you may ask them to join you when they are off duty. On the other hand the staff members may ask you if you desire company when they are off duty. They will ask it in a form of a hint. The hint will take the form of asking if they may be of assistance; perhaps you have heard this already. There is no extra charge for any of these services."

"If you desire the company of someone while they are on duty then you must pay for their wages for the time spent with you. It also happens from time to time, that an employee will take an interest in you. If for some reason you do not notice or are not particularly interested they may ask me to approach you for a date. If this happens that means they have given me $500.00 to give to you, hoping you might consider spending some time with them. The $500.00 will only be given to you if your answer is yes. Many ladies have had their trip paid for this way or part of it, depending on how many invitations of this type they accepted. Oh, by the way, the young ladies working here may approach you in the same manner. Please do not give me your answer now; relax and consider the possibilities. If after one week you decide not to have the ladies approach you then tell me and you will become off limits to them. That is also true in case you do not desire guys hitting upon you or even certain guys. Do you have any questions?"

Jenn speaks up. "So these guys asking if they can be of any help are hinting for sex?"

"Well yes and no," Mistress Trudy replies. "They are here to make your stay as pleasant as you desire it to be, even if it's only carrying your towel or driving you to the ocean or any number of things. If you leave happy, you will come back and maybe leave a nice tip that they all share in. Moreover, let's face it, we hire guys that have hormones flowing. They get good wages but getting sex from the ladies is a fringe benefit. So please take their offers for help in the broadest sense. The hormones even flow in the older guys which I am sure may be a surprise to you."

I notice Stace opening her eyes when she mentioned the age factor. "Are there any more questions? If not go have some dinner and then call me if there are. In addition make yourselves as comfortable as you desire. Oh by the way, remember you will see nudity down on the beach, which is the place to flaunt it, besides in your living quarters. Here in the swimming pool please use something even if it is just strings."

"Heather, it is so nice to put a face to a name; I surely enjoyed our visits on the net. Moreover, the descriptions that you gave of yourself and your friends seem to be right on. Many of the ladies visiting here come to have their fantasies made real. The guys know that and they will offer you many opportunities to take them up on their offers of assistance. You are as sweet in person as on the net. I did have a good feeling about you there and it is even better now, seeing you and visiting with you and your friends. The only way I can tell you and Amy apart is by the mouth difference. Her mouth is structured slightly differently but you two can pass for twins. Well I have to run. I have a business to look after."


"Well, I am definitely here to have a good time. I think I will change into something like I saw many of the other girls wearing as we came over from the reception area, that shows a little more of my assets," Amy is saying.

We giggle.

"I will too, Amy," I reply.

We go to our respective rooms and put on shorter shorts but not so short as to show too much cheek, at least this first time out of the bungalow. I put on black colored short shorts that fit nicely and Amy selects red. She has a black tank top on and I have a Racer Back tank. Looking in the mirror I am thinking, "Getting the message guys?"

"Hey, is anyone hungry?" I ask. Amy responds, "I am." I then ask, "Does anyone else want us to bring anything back?"

"Yes, bring a couple of ham sandwiches, egg salad sandwiches and chips," I hear from upstairs.

Dinner time, Sunday:

As Amy and I are walking down the path on the trail to the buffet, a golf cart is coming and stops by our side. The driver, God what a specimen of a black guy, says, "Hello Amy and Heather. Sure is a lovely evening. May I take you somewhere or are you just out for a stroll? Sure would love to help you all out."

Amy and I grin at each other and say, "Sure, please take us to the buffet. We are starving."

"Sure ladies," is his response and off we go for a two or three minute ride at five MPH.

Jerry, the driver of the golf cart says, "Have a good meal, enjoy. If I can help you in anyway please ask, ok, Heather and Amy?" Two hunks meet the cart, and these hunks are white. They introduce themselves as Brian and Jeff.

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