A Desire Finally Achieved Ch. 01


"Oooooo, mmmmm, mmmmmmm!"

"Pleeeeeeeeease Sam, Give me your love juice. I want to feel it gushing deep into me!"

We hear Sam,



"Oh, AMY!"


And along with Amy,

"OOOOOO, oooooooo, OOHHHH!"

"Yes, yes, yes, drown my pussy with that black seed of yours!"

"OOOOOHHHHHH shit, nothing like this has ever felt so goooood!"


"My Gawd Sam, where have you been all of my life?"

"I can't stop cuuumiiiinnnnngggggggg!"

My cumming on Harry's tongue is still happening.

"Ohhhhhhhh God! Harry, Ohhhhhhhh God!" I am moaning into the pillow.

My God, I have had four cums now that I can recall and not even had that cock in me yet.

Harry lifts himself up with cum juice all over his face and I motion for him to give me a kiss. What possesses me to want to kiss a guy with my cum juices over his mouth? I would have revolted at home doing this, my own cum!

"Heather, you have delicious and tasty cum juices. I could drink them all night, if you would let me."

After a few kisses he is burying his face at my ear and whispers into my ear, "We are tested weekly for SIDS and HIV, Heather. If we test positive, we cannot work. What do you prefer, bareback or raincoat?"

I turn my head to his ear and say, "Please do me bareback. I want to feel that massive cock delivering your sperm into me and having it gush and splatter all over my insides. We kiss for a minute or two and then he lifts himself and continues looking at me, as if staring me in the eyes. He continues lifting up to re-open my legs by placing his arms behind my knees and lifts them as he spreads my legs apart to reveal my steaming pink pleasure cave for him to fuck and shoot his hot manly cum into.

It is occurring to me that this is the moment I am about to get the feeling of a huge cock in me. He continues looking deep into my eyes, reaches for another pillow, and places it under my hips by pulling up on my legs to lift my butt off the bed. I feel the tip of his cock sliding up and down my hot, wet, cum coated slit, ever so gently. He continues the stare as if hypnotizing me as he places my legs up on his chest and over his shoulders and leans into me with my knees alongside my breasts. I continue to stare back at him as I feel the head inch in at my pussy entrance as he continues to stare back at me. God, I want him in me all the way. I want that monster filling my cavity up. He is leaning down to kiss me and I just pull him tight as we kiss, kiss, and kiss. The tongue dueling is getting to both of us.

We break the kiss; he lifts himself up slightly to take weight off of me, looking me in the eyes again, and asks, "Are you happy?"

"I'm waiting for you to fill me up to make me happy. I have never experienced a monster cock like yours before."

"Really! Heather look down, - it's all in you."

My eyes bug for a look, "You're just hiding it from me."

"Really," he is beginning a slow withdraw.

"OH, God it is in me!"

I grab the pillow, cover my mouth and,





All I can feel is my clit being mashed as his cock slides in/out of me as he sets about fucking me. "Oh fuck! Oh Fuck! It's fucking me." My orgasm overtakes me. I am thrashing around and the more I thrash the more intense the cums are getting. I see bolts of lightning, shooting stars and colorful galaxies. His hot sperm is shooting into me from that cock that has my pussy over stuffed, as it expands and contracts on each volley as it shoots his nut juice deep into me; splattering wherever hit hits.

"OH my God, OH my God, OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH!" I mumble into the pillow and gasp for air as wave after wave of pleasure surges through my body. My arms drop from the pillow as the orgasm subsides.

He lowers my legs after taking about five minutes to regain some oxygen and come down from the orgasm which we both just had, pulls the pillow out from under my hips, and lies on top of me; breathing like he just won the 10k marathon. The last I hear from him is, "God, your pussy is awesome. It felt like it wanted to eat me. I have never had a pussy clamp down on me like that. Do guys a favor and don't have kids."

We both continue the panting and his cock twitches now and then making me feel so wonderful. Never at home has a guy done this for me. Is it wonderful because of its size, or being Harry and a new piece of meat in me, or just the moment?

To be continued...

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