tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Different Party Ch. 06

A Different Party Ch. 06


Everybody was shocked to hear the word BUKKAKE. Seema was supposed to be decent kind of a lady, but again - fantasies are fantasies. The theory of Yin and Yan was proving itself once more. Sunita all colored up hearing the request from Seema.

I would not say that nothing had happened yet in our party. The kisses and teasing had happened but no direct exposure of organs of either gender had yet taken place. Bukkake meant exposure of the male gender was to happen at least. God only knew how much of herself Sunita would be able to hide once the guys went on a rampage.

The million dollar question at the moment was - whether we as a group were open to this idea?

Time was essence, literally. If bukkake was to happen, things would have to start fast. It was, almost, about time for all of us to go back home.

Guys seemed to be ready, sort of. Guys would need a little coaxing but they would end up on the stage sooner or later. The ladies present were more colored up hearing the request. Seems it was a common fantasy with a few of them. 3-4 of them looked ignorant as well, did they know what the term bukkake meant?

The biggest question at the moment was - If bukkake happened, would it be right ethically? On hindsight, who cared?

Everybody was waiting for someone to take lead. Seema saw the hesitation but she was in mood to take a 'no' for an answer.

Seema: "So do all here know what a bukkake is?"

Sunita (spontaneously added): "As if"

A remark she would love and dread too, later.

Seema: "What do you mean by that remarks of yours?"

Sunita: "i mean...I mean. I did not mean it negatively for anyone. I meant everyone will surely know such a lovely term."

Seema was sharp, razor sharp.

Seema: "You use the word 'lovely' here. Do you love this idea so much?"

Sunita realized what she had done. She just stood there biting her lower lips. One could feel her eyes glowing with ferocity like never before. Her eyes were totally checking out all present in the group, especially the males and their members too. Lolz.

Seema: "We all await your answer and would also like to know if you have any limits when it comes to bukkake."

Sunita was quite visibly pressing her thighs together and it did fuel a thousand imaginations, both in the mind of Sunita and the guys present.

Sunita: "It has been only a fantasy till now. How would I know my limits?"

Seema: "Let me rephrase it for you , are there any particular likes / dislikes when it comes to imagining a bukkake in which you feature?"

Sunita looked quite dreamy as she tried to remember details relating to her fantasy of a bukkake scene.

Sunita: "I really cannot define my likes and dislikes right now. My mind is too disoriented to recollect my fantasies. Why don't you or the guys present here ask me the things they plan to do to me? I will answer them and we can get the likes and dislikes in a few minutes."

The idea of questioning and cross questioning Sunita ignited a renewed passion in the guys.

Seema: "Why is it that you like a bukkake so much?"

Sunita: "The very same reason you like it as well."

The dialogues being shared had a different crispness.

Seema: "No two individuals are same and so are fantasies. How can you tell why I like it? The idea can be common but the need for that can be quite different."

Sunita: "Since you had requested me to demonstrate it, why don't you tell us - why do you like it?"

It was Seema's turn to blush and squirm as she prepared to answer, forgot to almost mention - the guys and their members too were squirming a lot.

Seema: "The idea that I am the centre of attention and everyone desires me makes me feel quite in control and powerful as well."

Sunita: "What you said before was true. My liking is very different than yours. I love being a slut to the group of guys present. I love the idea of being used by all of them. It might possibly bring out the true slut in me." The guys were stung by the two different versions they just heard.

Ashok: "Quite a difference between what you both desire. One likes it like a queen and the other likes it rough like a slut."

The word 'rough' stressed nicely enough for all to remember. The effect forced Sunita to squirm once more, everybody could see her tighten her hips and thighs in a rhythmic motion.

Seema: "One thing is clear guys - she likes it rough. Are there any more questions?"

Anoop (confidently barged in): "Do you imagine the guys giving it to you or you help them give it to you?"

Sunita (breathing heavily): "Either ways the end result is the same."

Anoop: "The end result is the same but not the process. If the guys give it to you, they are the ones controlling you. In the second instance, you are more than active yourself as well."

Comments always had a corny effect on Sunita. She was beyond her own control now and so was her wetness.

Sunita: "I prefer the second one."

Ashok: "Do you prefer wearing clothes while you are in a bukkake setup or you have some other preferences?"

Ashok knew how she liked it exactly but just wanted her to tell herself. Sunita found herself chocking as she tried to tell how much she liked it. She took a sip of water to divert herself and cool down.

Sunita: "I love undoing as guys spray me wet with their semen."

A few guys were more than ready to cum hearing her words.

Ashok: "Please describe in detail."

Sunita (blushing harder than before): "I mean I am in my basics and as the guys spray me with their semen, I undress."

Ashok: "So you mean to say that you keep on undressing until your skin is covered with cum?"

Everybody was chocking for air as Sunita answered.

Sunita: "Yes. Exactly like that."

Ashok: "Guys, keep that in mind."

I was feeling like a devil myself, especially with the questions coming in my mind.

Me: "Do you swallow or prefer it on your body?"

Sunita was shaking with obvious need as the questions happened.

Sunita: "Both"

She kept it simple and short. Boys knew it well that she was desperate for action.

Me: "Nice. You are indeed an example when one defines the word - slut. Any specific preference when it comes to receiving it on your body?"

She found the question to be too much to answer. Her face was totally flushed, her body vibrating and even more desperate than before.

Sunita: "A slut does not have much choice, does she?"

I felt like spraying my cum hard in her hands at that very instant but I too was nervous.

Me (totally short of words): "Some prefer it on face, some prefer it on cleavage and other places too. What about you?"

Sunita (getting more confident and aggressive now): "You will come to know about it when you are about to cum on me".

I was the one blushing hardest at the moment. I could feel heat being emitted from every pore of my skin.

Me: "Do you rub the semen onto your skin or prefer someone else clean it for you?"

Everybody knew we were heading towards an orgy. The question and answers were guiding it smoothly towards the goal.

Sunita: "As I said before, you will come to know about it very soon. I would very much love to have a help, who asked me to demonstrate the word bukkake, alongside me as I enjoy myself. Her participation will help her understand the feelings and expressions in totality. If she does not want to participate, she can help me clean up and help you guys get hard (again and again). I think she knows what I mean."

The silence was stinging everyone in their crotches. It was simply too much to hold anymore.

I am sure every guy wanted to enjoy a full fledged session with this slut but issues like size comparisons etc. stopped them to go all out for her. At least, it was the case for me but not anymore.

Me: "Being the slut that you are, take my monster out and make me cum now."

Sunita was gasping for air, so were the rest of guys, as her hands trailed towards my crotch (remember I had unzipped my pants and her blouse was the only cover on my penis). I hoped and prayed that I did not cum on her blouse, it was simply getting to much to bear. She was nothing short of devil as she played with me. Her expressions totally conveyed the control she had on me. I did not turn my face to see anyone and their reactions. I just wanted her as she was.

She too was desperate, it seemed, to see what my monster looked like but she was in no hurry and that was killing me. She caught her blouse at the edges and started to move it slowly to the left and then to the right. The effect of the friction made me moan.

Sunita (giggling all the way): "Don't spoil my blouse. I hope you will understand what effect that satin lining has on me when it touches my skin inside."

The whole group felt as if it was dreaming - what was happening. I was gasping and chocking to hold myself from cumming.

Seema's comment was the last thing I wanted "Girls, lets auction this blouse so we can see some real stuff".

In one smooth action, I removed the blouse covering my penis and threw it towards Seema. I stood there shamelessly, exposing my drooling dick. A few girls got interested seeing my thing and moved in closer towards the stage. I took Sunita's hand and wrapped it up on my penis. My oozing precum smeared up much of her fingers and palm.

Sunita: "It is a monster indeed, so thick."

I was trying to breath deep and slow myself down. The more I tried, the more I failed. Her comment did not help me either. The whole fact that she loved my monster made it even harder for me to control. The ladies around and the sparkle in their eyes, seeing my monster, triggered another load of precum. Sunita was indeed a slut. She just smeared all the precum on her palm and started to rub my balls with her other hand. I parted my legs to give her proper access to the whole area and around.

Sunita: "Why are you so excited? Your balls are already so tight and ready to shoot. I have not done anything yet."

Me: "You too will experience an orgasm like never before when I rip that tight cunt of yours."

Sunita loved cheap comments and I loved passing them at the right moment. I could sense she wanted me to fondle her crotch as well. I wish I could, was simply too lost in my own build up. I took both her hands in mine and placed them on both sides of my penis.

No comments came as a shock anymore, a lady said "Sit down and let us enjoy the view as well."

Sunita was visibly shaking and so was I. I could see from the corner of my eyes that Seema was making way towards the stage. She came up and sat near my thigh. Seema placed one hand on my ball as Sunita used both her palms on my penis. She placed the other one on Sunita's crotch. Sunita was the one gasping now. She felt such sensations down below that she forgot to fondle me anymore, eyes closed she awaited more of it to follow. It indeed was the ultimate thing coming true.

The whole situation along with their expressions made it impossible for me to control anymore. I just wanted to cum a few seconds before Sunita came, the idea was that she gets lost in those salacious thoughts as she explodes. And so it was indeed.

Seema rubbed my thighs, balls and the base of the shaft and at the same time she was rubbing Sunita's crotch quite professionally as well.

Me: "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh. I can't control anymore, bitches."

I shot like never before. My spunk had such force that it landed on the end of the stage which was some good 4-5 feet away. Sunita's came back to realize that I had cum so hard and it excited her even more. Her hands gripped my monster hard and started to stroke me even harder.

Sunita: "Seema, rub me harder darling".

I had to take support of Sunita's shoulder to maintain a steady posture, my legs were shaking. The intensity of cum was such. Seema and both her hands were working quite expertly on Sunita's crotch. Sunita was the one catching my ankles for support, she was about to experience an orgasm herself. Her grip on my ankles was actually hurting and that made it even clearer - how strong her orgasm would be. She was on her fours as Seema worked a few more times and it happened. Sunita gurgled and came, her grip relaxed and she just could not remember anything anymore. She let herself loose and was lying down on the floor, spent and in ecstasy.

The comment brought me back to the real world "My chance".

It was Anoop who stood next in line.

Me (with an ear to ear smile): "All yours".

I did not make any attempt to hide my spent monster anymore, another thing happening for the first time. The bigger change was that I went and sat near another lady friend in the group. Sunita's comment (so thick) had instilled a newer confidence in me and I felt like boasting myself now. My and that lady friend exchanged glances, nothing more besides smiles of the wicked kinds.

Seema helped Anoop free his penis and display it for the group. The ladies were getting more interested as male sex organs were being displayed. The ladies were almost sitting next to the stage. Either they were too interested to see what was being displayed or they were leaving their partners so they could enjoy the bukkake - what the real story was, no one knew yet.

I knew it was about time I made my way towards them and give both the ladies on stage a real treat. I felt odd to discuss the thing with them but again a little coaxing was required to get them on my side.

Sunita: "We only have less than 20 more minutes at hand now before this party ends. So feel free to use me as your personal cum slut."

The comment helped me coax them further. A few were what you call "watchers" but the rest wanted to participate. Being a guy, I knew what size comparison felt like. so I decided to take it the other way. I convinced them that our party was not yet over. We would meet some time sooner and what transpired today between us will make it even hornier and open when we meet the next time. I had to discuss the issue that their wife would enjoy themselves (sometimes sooner) with another guy maybe who is better hung then them. So why could they not enjoy themselves with a new beauty themselves. It made sense to them and that opened a floodgate (literally) for Sunita and Seema to handle.

4-5 guys had joined up Anoop as he was still being felt and explored.

Sunita: "Now this is going to be some fun."

Sunita had not even completed her dialogue and she received a big shot of semen on her face and bra. It made her squeal in pleasure. The guys who had shot completed their cumming and made way for others to come up on stage. The guys, however, on their way down made sure to get a feel what their partners felt and the other ladies too. The ladies were trying to act decent but everybody could make out that they wanted a piece of action too.

It was soon a mayhem on stage and below too. Half the ladies were feeling themselves as they watched what was on display for them, making a note of who wants which guy as well. Everybody knew that they will meet sometimes soon.

It was an absolute delight for one and all present.

To be continued.... (If enough people want it and convey so as well.)

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