tagNonConsent/ReluctanceA Doctor's Visit

A Doctor's Visit


Mandy sat nervously in the exam room, waiting for the doctor to come in. Her mother had dragged the eighteen year old to the gynecologist for her first exam, despite her protests. Mandy and her boyfriend Joe had been dating for 6 months and her mother thought she was having sex with him so she insisted Mandy go to the gynecologist for an exam and some birth control. Mandy had told her mother again and again that she was virgin but her mother would not believe her.

Several minutes before a nurse had shown her into the exam room and coldly told her to change out of her clothes and put on a gown. The gown made Mandy feel naked because it was open in the back.

Suddenly the door opened and a thirtysomething doctor walked into the room, carrying a medical chart. "Hello...." he glanced at the chart. "Amanda. I'm Dr. Bloomfield."

"Hi doctor. Um.. you can call me Mandy. Everyone else does," Mandy responded.

"Well Amanda, it says here on your chart that this is your first gynecological exam and that you are here for some birth control," said Dr. Bloomfield while making some notes on the chart.

"Um... well yea it's my first time here and my mom wants me to go on birth control because she thinks I'm having sex with my boyfriend," Mandy confessed.

The doctor looked up from his chart, "Well are you?"

"Am I what?" asked Mandy, confused.

"Having sex?"

"No. Not at all. I'm a virgin," said Mandy.

"Well we will see about that," mumbled Dr. Bloomfield under his breath. "Lie back please," he said.

Mandy laid back on the exam table. She felt the doctor grab her legs roughly and place them into the stirrups at the end of the bed. She felt him lift her gown onto her stomach so that he could examine her. His fingers began to roughly poke and prod her pussy. "Hey that hurts," exclaimed Mandy. She tried to sit up to see what the doctor was doing but he roughly pushed her back down onto the exam table.

"Hush, girl," said Dr. Bloomfield. He ran his finger along her slit and rubbed her clit a little. This sent a shiver along Mandy's body. No one had ever touched her there before. Joe had fondled her breasts a little during some of their more intense make-out sessions but he had never been down her pants.

The doctor withdrew his fingers from her pussy and wrote some things down on the chart. "Please undo your gown," he said coldly.

Mandy reached back behind her neck and undid the tie holding her gown closed shut. Dr. Bloomfield grabbed her gown and slid it off of her young body. "Hey," Mandy exclaimed indignantly. She tried to cover up her breasts with her hands but the doctor pushed her hands away and began to touch her.

He squeezed and fondled her breasts with his hands. Mandy's nipples couldn't help but harden against his touch. He grabbed her left nipple with his fingers and pinched it and twisted it roughly, making it harder. He lowered his head down to her right nipple and suckled it gently. Mandy couldn't help but moan at his touch. She felt herself getting excited.

Dr. Bloomfield switched breasts, sucking and nipping at the nipple. He slid his hand down her abdomen and began to rub her clit. Mandy felt herself growing wetter and wetter by the second. The doctor roughly shoved a finger inside her and proceeded to finger her roughly while sucking on her tits. Mandy felt an orgasm building and she moaned loudly while she experienced her first orgasm.

Her breathing became normal again as she looked up at the doctor. She noticed a very prominent bulge in his pants. He reached down and undid his zipper. He pulled out his large penis. Mandy's eyes widen at the sight of it.

He stepped towards her legs. He placed her legs in the stirrups. Spreading her for him to take. "Now I have one last test to administer," he said. "Your mother asked that I ensure you are a virgin and this is the only way to test it. May I?"

Mandy nodded her head. She was so wet and horny that she needed to feel him deep inside her.

He roughly pushed himself deep inside Mandy. She cried out in pain as he breached her barrier.

His eyes widen at the feel of her tight young body wrapped around him. "Oh you are a virgin," he said, smiling down at her. Her eyes were squeezed shut as she tried to become accustomed to his size. "Well were."

He began to slowly thrust himself into her. His hands found her young tits and began to knead them roughly while he pushed himself inside her again and again. He grunted at the feel of her young body wrapped around him. Mandy started to squeak at each penetration. Her pussy became wetter and wetter as the vigorous fucking continued.

The examination table started to rock as he pounded himself inside her again and again. Mandy felt the wave of another orgasm rising inside her. The loudness of moans increased with each thrust as Dr. Bloomfield drove her to her second orgasm.

She screamed in ecstasy as he plunged in one last time. He held himself deep inside her. He threw his head back and moaned loudly as he emptied himself inside of her, filling her with his seed.

With a final spurt inside her, he pulled of Mandy and tucked himself inside his pants. "There now I can your mother a truthful assessment of your virginity," he said. He grabbed his clipboard and made some notes.

"Your mother will be waiting for you in the waiting room," he said. He put the clipboard down on the counter and left the room. All Mandy could do was wonder what the hell had happened. She slowly got off the examining table, wincing in pain. She found her clothes and got dressed.

She should have felt bad about the whole situation but she was glad she was no longer a virgin. She did not want to go through the awkwardness of her first time with Joe. She could feel more confidant about herself when they did sleep together. She smiled as she walked out of the examining room.

Meanwhile Dr. Bloomfield had entered the waiting room looking for Mandy's mother. "Hello, Mrs. Smith," he said with a smile.

"Dr. Bloomfield, " Mandy's mother said.

"You'll be happy to know that I was able to confirm Mandy's claim of virginity," he said.

"You're sure?" she asked.

"Oh absolutely," he gave her a smile. "I gave her a thorough examination."

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