tagNonHumanA Dream Come True

A Dream Come True


With a start I sat up in bed, at my groin I felt the dampness that told me I had been having a wet dream, the same wet dream as I'd had for the past week. Glancing at the clock I saw it was just after four in the morning yet I was too awake to get back to sleep. Getting out of bed I went to the bathroom to clean myself up then returned to the bedroom to get dressed. Five minutes later I was sipping at a cup of coffee in my kitchen and looking back on my dream.

It was an unusual dream in that I could remember all of it, the dream always started with me getting up around two in the morning, then there's a knock at the door and I open the door to find a gorgeous woman standing there, she smiles at me and I invite her in. She comes in and walks straight up the stairs to my bedroom, by the time I get there she is naked and in my bed, she holds out her arms to me and I get into bed with her. Then we have the most fantastic sex imaginable, oral, anal, the lot and somehow I seem to be able to go on and on and on, cumming time and again. The ending was always the same, she would suck me off one last time, get off the bed, dress and leave the room and it was as I rose to follow her that I always woke up. It was the most exciting dream I'd ever had and it was driving me potty, not because of it's content but because I could remember it as though it really happened.

With a shudder I rose from the table and went to the back door, opening it I stepped out into the crisp morning air and looked out across the fields to the distant woods. Though isolated the cottage gave me the peace and quiet I had been seeking when I had my nervous breakdown, now it looked as though I was going nuts again, this time imagining things that weren't real. From the front of the cottage I heard the sound of an engine, walking around the path I made my way to the front, I found the battered van of the local farmer pulling up outside my gate.

"Morning." I called to Martins as he stepped out of the van.

"Aar." he greeted me, "Got your milk an' papers 'ere Mr. Carter."

With a smile I walked to the gate and took the two pints and milk and the Times that he was holding out to me, normally he would have bid me a good day and departed, this morning he seemed to have something on his mind.

"I 'ere tell that you be one o' them fizisist fellahs." Martins said at last.

"I am a physicist," I replied with a sigh, "I specialise in nuclear physics."

"Aar, well, I may 'ave summit of intrest to your." he said.

"What might that be?" I asked.

"Another o' they danged crop circles," he replied calmly, "over in my back field it is. That's the fifth one in this district in as many days. Danged odd. Thought you'm like to 'ave a look at it, ee bein' a scientist an' all."

"I'll pop over later this morning." I promised.

This satisfied him, as I had hoped it would, and he departed muttering about 'strange goings on'. To be honest examining a crop circle, the latest in a long line of unexplained phenomena, was not my idea of fun, but I had promised to do so. The last thing I wanted was to start work again, my breakdown had been caused by my work, coming to the cottage had been an ideal way of avoiding contact with my specialised field, after all what good is a nuclear physicist that is terrified of nuclear energy. Shrugging my shoulders angrily I took the milk and paper inside and made myself another cup of coffee, taking the hot cup into the living room I sat down to read the paper and was surprised to see the banner headline 'Mystery Object Sparks Defence Scare'. Sipping my coffee I read the article, it seemed that in the early hours of the morning an unidentified flying object had entered U.K air space, jets from a nearby air base had been scrambled to intercept the object, but it had evaded them by accelerating to speeds in excess of mach ten as they came into visual range. The story disturbed me for some reason, but for the life of me I couldn't think what it was that was getting to me, then it hit me, quickly I checked the article again and sure enough there was a quote from some U.F.O. society or other stating that there had been sightings of U.F.O'S in the same area every night for the past five days. Then I remembered Farmer Martins crop circles, one a night for the past five days and finally I thought of my dream.

"Pull yourself together Adam!" I said loudly to myself, "The supposed U.F.O.'S and the crop circles are mere coincidence and as for my dream...Hell it's just that, a dream!"

Only half believing my words I put the paper aside, went out into the hall, put on my coat and walked outside to my car. The drive to Martins Farm was not long, to my surprise Martins was waiting for me, obviously he had seen me driving up the lane to his house. Exchanging a brief greeting with the farmer I took a Geiger counter from my car and let him lead me to the sight of the latest circle. When we got to it I discovered nothing new, a circle of flattened crops in the middle of a field, a low level of radiation that was higher than the surrounding ground, but not by much and no sign of any path to or from the circle other than the one we had made.

"What do 'ee make on it then?" Martins looked at me hopefully.

"I'm afraid I have no answer to give." I replied, "It seems to be the same as all the other crop circles, but how it was made I don't know."

Martins sighed and reached into his pocket; pulling out a sketch map he waved it at me.

"Oive marked all the danged things on this 'ere paper," he said, "mayhap ye'll see a pattern."

I took the map and studied it, it was drawn by an inexpert hand and was not to scale, but it clearly showed the sights of the five crop circles that had mysteriously appeared every night for five days. He was obviously expecting me come up with a profound statement that would solve the puzzle in a single sweeping answer, in which case he was doomed to disappointment.

"May I keep this?" I asked.

"Aar." he replied briefly.

That ended the affair as far as he was concerned and he led me back to the farm, after a brief farewell I drove back to the cottage, the map forgotten in my pocket.

Later that night I found myself wondering about the crop circles again, remembering the sketch map I took it from my jacket and went into the den. From the shelf above my desk I pulled down an Ordinance Survey map of the area and carefully transferee the locations of the crop circles from the ragged bit of paper to the map. This task completed I sat back and looked at the result, a shiver ran down my spine as I made one more mark on the map, the location of my cottage, on the map the locations of the crop circles formed a neat semi-circle with a radius of half a mile from my cottage and a quarter mile apart. It was too much of a coincidence, yet I did not want to believe what I was seeing, the thought that something was landing on the points of a circle drawn around my home was unacceptable, there had to be another answer, even if I couldn't see one. Leaning forward I marked the date of each site and found that they had been formed in a clockwise direction, if what I was thinking was correct, and I prayed that I was wrong, the next circle would appear in the Martins Farm barley field. Feeling disturbed I went up to bed and tired to sleep.

With a start I sat bolt upright in bed, the dream, the same dream clear and sharp in my mind and a damp spot at my groin. Jumping out of bed I ran around the cottage like a mad man checking al the windows and doors, there was no sign that they had been tampered with, but I did find the front door unbolted although the lock was still set. Sweating a little I went to the bathroom, cleaned myself up then dressed and made my way downstairs to make myself a coffee. Taking the coffee I went outside to the lane and anxiously awaited the arrival of Martins, when I saw his van coming along the lane I dreaded hearing what he might say.

"There be another circle appeared." he said as he handed me the milk and paper.

"In your barley field?" I asked.

"Aar," he responded in surprise, "but how did you'm know?"

"I have a theory," I replied cautiously, "it is still unproven, but I should be able to check it tonight."

"Hmm, well" Martins said, "I wish 'ee luck."

As soon as Martins had gone I rushed inside and marked the site of the new Circle on my map, once more I felt an icy chill down my spine as the site matched the location I had thought it would. I spent the rest of the day preparing myself for the night to come, on my map I circled the site the I anticipated would be the next to receive a visitation then put it in my coat pocket. The day passed slowly, but at last, at a quarter to eleven, it was time for me to set out. It didn't take long to get to what should be the next site, a nearby stand of trees provided me with cover from which I could observe the field of waving corn that was, I believed, to be the site of an alien craft landing. Settling myself down I poured a coffee from my thermos and waited, an hour passed and I began to mentally chide myself for being a fool, for reading things into events that had no connection with myself. Then I hear a low hum, it was coming from the north and getting louder, and grabbing my binoculars with sweating hands I raised them to my eyes and searched the sky in the direction of the noise. At first I could see nothing, then a fast moving oval of light came into view, it grew larger as it came straight towards me and then stopped and hovered over the field. Agog I stared at the U.F.O. as it hovered then slowly settled to the ground, right at the spot I had predicted!

"Jesus H. bloody Christ." I muttered as the craft landed.

The humming noise faded and the silence of the night returned, the glow around the craft went out as though a switch had been thrown and the sudden darkness made me shiver. A few moments passed before I heard a very low sound, in the side of the craft a door or hatch slid open and a figure appeared, it was lit from behind so that I could clearly see that the form was female, the same female from my dreams! There was no mistaking the way she held herself, the sheen of her hair, the flowing robes she wore, it was the woman from my dreams and unless I was dreaming now she was real. I saw her touch something at her waist then float away across the field, her craft lay empty and silent in the centre of the field, with a mouth dry from fear I stepped into the open and crossed the hundred feet that separated me from the alien ship. The open doorway was just within my reach and with a grunt I pulled myself up into it, inside I discovered a second doorway, this was obviously an air lock. Beyond the second door was a short corridor leading to another door which opened with a swoosh of displaced air as I approached, behind the door was a large room, around the walls were machines and panels, some familiar some not. In front of a large panel of buttons and lights there was a padded chair, beside it there was another, this had to be the point from which the craft was controlled, the two chairs indicated that the crew would normally be two beings, yet I had only seen the one. The though of that one sent me flying towards the door as I realised that she had been heading for my cottage, finding me absent she would head straight back to the craft. As I stepped into the open air lock the alien woman landed in the outer doorway, her eyes widening in surprise as she saw me, her hand touched something at her waist and the faint buzz that accompanied her faded. Heart pounding I looked at the alien woman and took a step back even though I had nowhere to go except back into the craft. Taking another step backwards I stared at the woman, her violet eyes looked back at me calmly, a little smile on her lips, her alabaster skin seeming to glow from within, her cobalt blue hair hanging around her shoulders and framing her face. When she moved to raise her hand towards me my heart skipped a beat, my fear was totally irrational for she was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen, yet deep inside me primeval instincts were urging me to flee, as a scientist I was ashamed of myself, as a human being I wanted nothing more than to flee. I looked at the offered hand as though it was a venomous snake, and then I looked into her eyes and saw puzzlement there, puzzlement and what looked like disappointment.

"Who are you?" I asked in a voice that quavered, "Where are you from?"

She smiled at me, her whole face lighting up as she did so, from somewhere near here I could hear a faint sound, like music, but not music, her smile widened and she spoke. Her voice was like a musical symphony, each word a clear chord of notes that meant nothing to me, then from her waist a melodious voice spoke in English.

"Do not be afraid," it said, "I mean you no harm. I am Ashari of the planet Teckton, does that answer your questions?"

"Yes." I stammered, "Why are you here? What do you want from me?"

A faint tone sounded near her, she smiled and nodded her head, and I realised that the sound was my words being translated to her language. Again she spoke in the musical voice of hers.

"I am here" the device at her waist translated, "to seek a bond mate. You are the chosen one."

"Chosen one? Bond mate?" I parroted, "What do you mean?"

"Among my people" came the translation of her reply, "it is traditional that we seek a mate that is the compliment of ourselves. If none can be found within our own worlds then we search among the out-worlds. You are my compliment, with you I can be whole, with me you can be whole, separate but one. Have you not felt this in our bondings."

"You mean my dreams?" I asked.

"No dreams," she smiled, "each night I have been drawn to you, each night we have bonded to the satisfaction and unity of us both. How can you call our sharing dreams? Each night you welcomed me, took me to your bed, made me whole."

My mind buzzed with her words, could it be that she had visited me in reality? Was it possible that my mind turned her visits into a dream because it knew that the reality was too frightening for me? I looked into her eyes and saw that her words were the truth, my fear faded as it dawned on me that Ashari could never harm me and my rational mind began to think for the first time in days.

"Ashari," I said slowly, "your visits were like dreams to me because I could not accept the reality. My race has deep rooted fears of the unknown, you are an alien to me, an object of fear, please forgive me."

Ashari laughed, the sound like a peal of bells.

"I had forgotten," she replied at last, "the racial instincts of young races. I am a fool, but the need to bond with you overwhelmed my senses and I acted without thought."

Her face became sad as she spoke.

"It seems," she continued, "I must remain unfulfilled. To take you from your world would cause you harm and that I can not do."

"Take me from my world?" I asked.

"Bond mates never part once the bonding is complete." she sighed, "That is why there are two seats in this craft, you were to join me, we would have soared among the stars together as one. It is not to be though, our bonding can not be completed without harm to you, I must become one of the alone ones."

I was shocked at the sacrifice she was willing to make for me and it suddenly dawned on me that my life was not exactly a happy one; I had always felt that a part of me was missing. Perhaps there was something in what she had said about her race's bonding practices; certainly I had felt whole, more of a man during her 'dream' visits. What was holding me back was the racial fears buried deep inside me, yet even they could be faced and overcome in time. As the minutes passed the thought of sharing my life with Asheri became more and more appealing, the opportunity to see other worlds, to learn new sciences excited me and my fears faded like mist on a sunny day.

"Asheri," I said at last, "what is needed to complete the bonding?"

"To join our minds as one," she answered in surprise, "but are you sure you wish this?"

"I am." I said firmly, "Was the sex act a lead up to the joining of minds?"

"No," Asheri blushed, "for pleasure."

"Then shall we join our minds and share our pleasure for the next forty or fifty years." I laughed.

She looked puzzled at my words.

"Jake," she said slowly, "bonding is for life not forty or fifty years."

"I understand that." I replied wondering what she meant and how she knew my name, "That is the normal life span of my race."

"I am being silly again." she laughed, "Jake in bonding with me you will become a part of the Tekton people, our longevity treatments will extend your life to forty or fifty earth centuries."

It hadn't occurred to me that such things were possible; obviously I would have to open my mind and prepare to accept the impossible as normality.

"How old are you Asheri?" I asked without thinking.

"I am 35 of your Earth years." she smiled.

She was the same age as me; to spend centuries with this beautiful and fascinating alien woman suddenly seemed even more attractive to me.

"Shall we join minds?" I asked with a smile.

Asheri's face lit up with happiness, stepping towards me she put one of her hands to my forehead, at first I thought it was some form of gesture of affection, but then I began to feel or hear or sense her in my mind. It is impossible to explain what I felt as her mind merged with mine, her thoughts joining with mine until they were one, yet I was still myself, an individual yet at the same time a duality. Memories blossomed in my mind, memories of other worlds, other stars, other beings, I learnt much in that exchange, more than Ashari learnt from me, the most important yet most minor was her language. How long we spent in that merging I don't know, but when it ended I felt complete for the first time in my life, Ashari was looking at me with tears in her eyes, her hand moved to the translator at her belt and switched it off.

"What's wrong my love?" I sang in her language.

"Your loneliness, how could you bear such...?" she replied in perfect English.

"I am no longer alone," I smiled, "I feel you in me. Ashari, the dawn is coming, it is not safe for you to stay here and I must arrange for my 'death' on this world so my leaving will go unnoticed."

"I can not bear to part from you," she smiled, "but you are right. I will return to orbit."

"Meet me here tonight, I will be ready." I smiled.

Kissing her I left the craft and made my way back to my car, behind me I heard the hum of her gravity drive as her craft soared into the sky. I had thought that I would feel sad at our parting, but in my mind I could still feel her, a wave of joy came from her as our link remained firm even as the distance between us became wider. Quickly I made my back to the cottage and into my small lab, everything I needed was here and in the space of a few hours I had built an explosive device powerful enough to blow the cottage into tiny pieces, the assumption would be that I had died in the blast, I hoped. There was little that I wanted to take with me, what there was I packed into a couple of suitcases which I hid in the trees near the spot Ashari would pick me up. As dusk drew in I left the cottage for the last time, everything was locked from the inside and by using some twine and ingenuity I managed to lock and bolt the front door as though from the inside. No-one saw me walk away into the dwindling light, or cross the fields to the trees where my cases lay so it was a shock to discover Martins waiting for me in the trees.

"Ye'll be leavin' then." he stated.

"I..." I began to reply.

"I saw your and the woman last night in that yoofo thingy." he smiled, "I didn't understand what I saw, but a blind man would've known that your an' she were in luv. Don't take no scientist ter put two an' two together, she can't stay here so your will have to leave. Don't your be a'worryin I'll not say owt."

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