tagBDSMA Dream of Báthory Prison

A Dream of Báthory Prison


In my dream I was incarcerated in the Elizabeth Báthory prison for women. I have no idea why I was there. I can't remember what I was arrested for. I can't remember my trial. All I know is that I'm not to be released from prison anytime soon. And until I am I'm at the mercy of the warden and the prison guards.

I was in the prison shower, stark naked and showering with thirteen other naked girls. I was somewhat surprised to find that all of the other women in the shower were extremely attractive. They were slender and young and somewhat athletic looking, with abdominal muscles visible underneath the skin of their flat bellies and firm, well-toned, tiny butts atop their long, dancer-like legs.

I was getting highly aroused from watching these young, attractive women bare their naked flesh for the spray of water from the shower heads, and I desperately needed some sexual release, however there were several signs posted in the shower which read:



Despite the threat of immediate punishment if I got caught, I was so overwhelmed with sexual heat; I decided to take a risk. I wasn't sure how long it had been since I last had an orgasm, but I assumed it must have been a long time. Otherwise why was my sex drive so high? Why was my clit so hard and swollen? Why was my need for sexual release so extreme?

I held a bar of soap in my left hand and soaped up my breasts, surreptitiously rubbing my nipples and making them harder. I did this over and over again and then soaped up my lower abdomen and pelvis with my left hand and then slowly rinsed off the soap off with my right. While rinsing I would covertly rub my swollen clit with my thumb. It wasn't an ideal way to masturbate, but it had the advantage of looking more like I was showering and less like I was bringing myself to orgasm. I did this again and again and a sort of sexual wave of pleasure started to surge through my whole body.

I was getting closer and closer to orgasm and it was getting harder and harder to hide it. My legs felt unsteady and started to shake and my breath was coming in ragged pants. I kept my mouth closed and bit my tongue in an attempt to refrain from moaning. My pussy was so sensitive and my clit so swollen that I could easily reach orgasm in a matter of seconds, but if I wasn't quiet about it, somebody would hear my moans and I'd get in trouble. I needed to be both quick and quiet.

I was slowly getting closer and closer to orgasm and I closed my eyes shut tightly as I concentrated on my task. I tried to breathe normally and not pant, but the odd were against me from the very start and despite all of my careful planning I got caught anyway.

"YOU THERE, STOP!" shouted one of the prison guards.

I saw a female prison guard in her black uniform with the black leather jack-boots, the black visored cap and of course the belt with all of her tools (such as handcuffs, nightstick and pepper spray). I actually thought she looked much more like a Nazi Military Officer than a prison guard.

I tried backing away from her and almost made it out of the room; however another prison guard came up on me from behind and grabbed me while I was fixated on the guard in front of me.

"Don't struggle," the guard said as she snapped a metal cuff onto my left wrist, "you'll only end up getting yourself hurt!"

Soon both of my wrists were locked behind my back and thirteen prisoners stopped showering so that they could witness my predicament and smirk. They were all happy that it was me who was in trouble and not them. Perhaps some of them even had some sort of sadistic streak or grudge against me. At any rate, they all seemed to be enjoying my misfortune.

"You know the rules," the first guard barked at me, "No masturbating in the showers! You think the rules don't apply to you?"

I didn't have a ready answer for her, so instead I just weakly made some sounds that sounded sad and pathetic.

"This is a prison, you bad girl! You can't just do what you want around here! You do as you're told or you suffer the consequences! Now let's go see the warden and tell her what you've been up to!"

I was dragged naked through the prison hallway and passed several other prison employees, who seemed to be amused at my nudity. I felt even more naked than naked now that my hands were bound behind my back and I had no way of using my arms to cover myself.

When I was forced into the warden's office I was still dripping wet and even worse, the way that my hands were forced behind my back forced me to thrust my naked breasts forward as if I were trying to offer them up to the prison warden.

"Warden," one of the guards said as I was forced deeper and deeper into her office, "This prisoner was caught masturbating in the shower."

"Was she now?" said the warden, looking up from a stack of reports. "And did any of the other prisoners see her?"

"I think pretty much all the prisoners in the shower room at the time, Ma'am. That would be about a dozen inmates."

"And just what is your name, prisoner?"

"Diane, ma'am," I replied, feeling even more naked that her gaze had fallen on me. She was looking me over as if I was something good to eat. I've seen cats look at mice like that just before they pounce on them.

"Well, Diane," the warden began, with her voice full of disapproval, "I'm sure you saw the signs in the shower room. I'm certain that you know that fingering your little pussy is against the rules, and yet here we are. Apparently you think you're special and that the rules don't apply to you."

"I'm sorry, Warden," I said, attempting to sound as contrite as I could manage. "It's not as easy as you might think to-"

"SILENCE!" she screamed at me. "It's my job to keep order here and see that the rules are followed no matter HOW difficult it might be to adhere to those rules! And when a girl like you breaks the rules in front of witnesses, you set a bad example! You encourage the other prisoners and inspire them to think maybe they should be breaking the rules too!"

"I don't want to set a bad example, Warden. All I want-."

"One more word and I'll have the guards gag you," the warden said, interrupting me. "Now that the other prisoners have seen you breaking the rules, they've have to see you getting punished. I need to make an example out of you."

I wisely decided to keep my mouth shut at this point. The warden said that I'd be gagged if I spoke up again, and I really didn't want to be gagged.

"We'll punish you publicly out in the exercise yard. It'll take some time to organize it...at least twenty minutes. In the meantime I've got some ideas for what we can do to prepare you for punishment."

The warden got on the phone and talked to one of the prison employees. I was in a state of shock and self-pity, so I didn't quite hear everything that she said, but apparently she was planning for the entire prison population to gather in the exercise yard to witness my punishment.

When she got off the phone she turned to me and said, "as part of your punishment I think we're not going to return your prison uniform. I'll keep you naked until I'm certain you've learned your lesson. "

I gasped and almost protested this humiliating and degrading punishment, but at the last second I remembered what would happen to me if I spoke.

"And at any rate it'll be good publicity if the other prisoners can see the marks on your skin. And since clothing would cover up the marks from your whipping, you'll have to remain naked until the marks fade."

Whipping? Oh my God, she was going to whip me?

"Warden," one of the guards spoke up, "might I suggest shaving off her pubic hair? It will make her seem even more naked and tends to break the spirit of the girls whenever we do that to them."

"Excellent suggestion," the warden said with enthusiasm. Then she stalked over to me until we were standing almost nose to nose. I nervously avoided eye contact with her and then I felt her hand reach down between my legs. I didn't know what she was going to do, but she grabbed as much of my blonde pubic hair as she could between her fingers and pulled on it hard. I whimpered in pain and closed my eyes. When I opened them I saw that the warden had yanked out some of my pubic hairs by their roots.

"Take her back to the showers and shave her well. Make certain that she has absolutely nothing to conceal her pretty, pink pussy."

With my wrists still bound behind my back I was taken back to the showers and a third prison guard showed up with a razor and some scissors.

Two of the guards gripped my thighs roughly and forced my legs far apart. The third guard used the scissors to cut away the longest of my pubic hairs and then used the razor to shave away everything else.

After she was finished the guard pried my labia apart and felt me up from labia to asshole. Then she stuck a finger deep into my pussy and pulled it out. I was embarrassed to see how wet it was.

"I'm going to shave you like this every day," the guard said. "I'm not going to allow your pubic hair to EVER grow back!"

I whimpered at the dismalness of my plight. And looking down I was shocked to see how much more naked I looked. I couldn't remember the last time my pussy looked so naked and exposed. And to make matters worse, my pubic lips were still swollen and pink and puffy and wet. I wasn't just naked and exposed. I looked positively pornographic.

I whimpered at how helpless and humiliated I felt, but I got no sympathy from the prison guards.

And then one of the guard said, "Prisoner, now you need to thank Lauren for shaving you."

If I were smart I would have taken note of the fact that I was naked with my wrists bound helplessly behind my back and that my thighs were in the iron grip of two very strong women and that I was in a very vulnerable position and that I was in no condition for getting mouthy or arguing with anybody.

Instead I surrendered to my emotions of annoyance and self-pity and I replied, "Why the hell should I thank her? I hate having a bald pussy! I feel more naked now than ever! This sucks!"

Then the prison guard (I guess her name was Lauren) dropped the razor and stood up and grabbed each of my nipples. With my wrists bound behind me in handcuffs I was utterly helpless to do anything to stop her. "AAIIGGHH!!" I screamed as the prison guard pulled and yanked and twisted my sensitive nipples. The pain was sharp and immediate and only got worse the more she pulled and twisted on the tiny sensitive nubs of flesh.

"PLEASE, STOP!" I screamed.

"Not until you say it," the prison guard insisted, yanking so hard on my nipples that I was almost certain that she was going to rip them clean off. "You know what I want to hear! Now say it!"

"THANK YOU, LAUREN," I screamed. There were real tears rolling down my face now. The pain was so intense I was struggling against the handcuffs despite the fact that there was no way mere flesh and bone could ever break free from stainless steel.

"Thank me for what?" Lauren asked as she continued to pinch my nipples and yank them in different directions. It was hard to hear Lauren over the sounds of my own sobbing and screams of pain.

"THANK YOU FOR SHAVING MY PUSSY," I screamed, hardly believing that I could still engage in coherent, verbal communication while I was in this much pain.

"So, you like exposing your naked, hairless pussy to total strangers?" Lauren asked. "Does it turn you on that every woman in this prison will be getting a good look at your naughty, swollen, wet pubic lips?"


Lauren let go of my nipples and when I was brave enough to open my eyes and look down I saw that my poor, abused nipples were red and swollen and about twice their normal size. Lauren had really down a number on them.

"You see how much easier things are when you cooperate?" Lauren asked over the sounds of my sobbing and whimpering.

"Yes, ma'am," I said.

"Now, Prisoner I think we should subject you to a body cavity search before your punishment. Do you think this is a good idea?"

I wasn't sure what she wanted me to do or say, but I was still in pain from the nipple torture, so I definitely wanted to stay on Lauren's good side.

"Yes?" I replied, hoping that was the right answer.

"If it's such a good idea, then you can ask me nicely," Lauren said. "Ask me nicely to stick my finger deep into your delicate little holes and probe around roughly and deeply and look for any sort of hidden contraband."

This was humiliating, but she was fully clothed, she had a nightstick and pepper spray and had two other prison guards backing her up and a radio to call for assistance just in case she wanted to make the odds even more unfair. Meanwhile I was naked, exposed, helpless, my wrists bound behind my back and I was already in pain from what she had done to my nipples.

"Lauren, please would you thrust your strong, capable fingers deep into my naughty pussy and asshole and feel around for any contraband I might have hidden up there?"

Lauren smiled a grim smile and asked, "And how long do you think I should poke around in there?"

"I trust your judgment," I said, throwing away any sense of self-respect or pride. "Please poke around in my pink, delicate little holes for as long as you think is best."

Lauren then licked her lips and said, "You heard the prisoner. She wants me to perform a body cavity search on her."

Then the three prisoner guards worked quickly and efficiently to get me into position. The handcuffs were unlocked, but my spirit was so broken at this point I wouldn't even try to use my hands for anything without their permission. The guards then instructed me to place my hands up against the hard cinderblock wall and spread my legs far apart and raise my butt up in the air.

"Don't move," Lauren ordered and then she took her time snapping on a latex glove and getting a tube of something.

A blob of something cold and wet and greasy was smeared into the crevice between my butt cheeks and then Lauren forced her finger past my sphincter muscle and deep into my anus.

"ARGH," I loudly exclaimed, but the prison guards had no sympathy for me.

Lauren proceeded to twist her finger around inside of my anus and thrust in deep and then she twisted the finger around some more. The finger up my anus felt foreign and wrong. My legs were trembling as she played around roughly with my asshole, but I didn't dare utter a word of protest.

"I don't think there's anything in here," said Lauren, "but just to make sure, I'd better use two fingers."

I whimpered as Lauren forced two fingers into my anus and painfully stretched my tight pink hole even wider. All three prison guards laughed at my discomfort and I wondered just how long this would continue.

Eventually Lauren got tired of playing with my asshole and another guard snapped on a latex glove and prepared to insert her fingers in my pussy.

"Now don't move," ordered the other prison guard. "If you break position, I've got a punishment in mind that's much worse than pinching your nipples."

The words "cruel and unusual punishment" drifted into the forefront of my brain and I wondered just who I could complain to the protest the violation of my eighth amendment rights. Probably I'd have to wait for my lawyer to come and visit me in prison, but for some reason I couldn't remember who my lawyer was or how often it was that he (or she) ever came to visit.

Did they EVER come to visit? I wasn't sure.

The woman who was inspecting my pussy had long, think, strong fingers. She used both hands to stretch my labia painfully wide and then pinched my delicate pink pubic lips. "What have you got hidden in there?" the woman asked and then she put her fingers up inside me, way up. She was practically up into my womb! I didn't know anybody had fingers that long! And despite the fact that she was being rough and abusive with those forceful fingers, I was still getting turned on. My legs trembled and my breath came in short, ragged pants and I came close to coming while she forced her brutish fingers into me again and again, allegedly looking for contraband.

I was covered in sweat; and a mess of unsatisfied sexual frustration when she finished; and wishing that she had gone on for just twenty seconds more. And then she pulled off her latex glove and said, "She's clean. Should we take her to her punishment now?"

Then to add insult to injury, Lauren replied, "Not yet. She still has to thank us for the body cavity search."

I bit back on a sarcastic reply and instead said, "Thank you all for taking time out of your busy schedules and searching my pink holes with your strong, talented fingers."

"Not bad, Girl," replied Lauren. "You sounded almost sincere. By the time we let you out of this prison, we should have you perfectly trained."

I didn't know exactly what that meant, but it sounded intimidating. And just how much longer was I going to be in this prison anyway?

And then in short order two women in sharp looking uniforms grabbed my arms and led me naked and barefoot and sexually frustrated down the hallway to the exercise yard. Two other women in similar uniforms followed.

And when I got to the exercise yard there were approximately a dozen other prison guards waiting for me. They were all wearing sharp looking black uniforms as well. The fact that they were so well dressed only served to emphasize how naked and vulnerable and exposed I was.

The warden was there and she was also very well dressed and dignified looking.

Fifty-six prisoners were also out in the yard, apparently eager to witness my punishment. They were all wearing prison uniforms. All of these uniforms were an unattractive dull-blue color and quite a few of these uniforms did not fit. Some were too big and others were much too small and they all had the words PROPERTY OF ELIZABETH BATHORY PRISON printed in large black letters on the back, but I was stark naked and all of my most intimate body parts were being exposed for the whole world to see, so I was jealous of even the most poorly dressed of prisoners.

I was led by the guards over to a stage that was approximately twelve feet long by twelve feet wide and approximately ten inches tall.

After stepping up onto the stage I noticed two vertical poles secured firmly into the stage approximately three feet apart.

"Tie her up, spread eagle," the warden said. "I don't want her squirming, so tie her tight."

The guards pulled out some ropes and then I noticed the iron rings that were set into the vertical poles. With great speed and efficiency the prison guards tied my wrists and ankles to those iron rings so that I was standing my with my wrists above my head and my wrists and ankles far apart, forcing my body into a sort of an X pose, which left me very exposed, with my pussy and my breasts very much on view for everybody to ogle.

"This prisoner violated the rules," the warden announced very loudly to the assembled crown of female prisoners.

All of you incarcerated her at in the Elizabeth Báthory prison for women, are here to atone for your sins and pay your debt to society! You are NOT here to have a good time! So certain enjoyable activities, such as MASTURBATION are forbidden to all of you!"

I blushed at this point. I was amazed that I was still capable of blushing after being displayed naked in front of fifty or sixty fully clothed women, but somehow being publicly accused of masturbating still had the capacity to embarrass me.

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