tagRomanceA Dream Vacation Ch. 02

A Dream Vacation Ch. 02


Chapter 02 -- The Next Day

"Wake up, sleepy head, time to get up!"

Startled, JP sat up and looked around the room. Vicki was gone; but sitting on the other bed in the room was Marketa in all her splendor. Her hair was pulled back and fashioned so that it hung over one shoulder and she wore eye liner and shadow for the first time since JP had met her drawing his attention to her sparkling brown eyes while her lips were an enticing red that begged to be kissed. Sitting on the edge of the bed across from him she was wearing the flannel shirt that he had given her the first night they'd shared the room, but this morning it was unbuttoned and spread wide open revealing that she was nude, except for a pair of high-heels.

JP couldn't help but stare as he realized that the object of his sexual fantasies for years was sitting across from him and yet as he looked closer he also saw this was also Vicki, the woman who had become his lover the night before. Sitting there, her legs were spread and drawn up so that the heels were just barely on the edge of the bed completely exposing her magnificent 32-D breasts and her deep-pink neither lips which filled the room with the aroma of sex causing his body to react.

A small smile formed on Marketa's face as she watched the mixed emotions swirl before JP's eyes. "I guess you like what you see, lover, and I'd be happy to stay in the room with you just like this all day today if you'd like, or you can help your 'perfect woman' get dressed so we can go out and have some more fun. What would you like to do?"

JP lay there trying to decide. On one hand he wanted nothing more than to drive his hardening cock into her pussy and feel its warmth as she wrapped her legs around him again, while at the same time realizing that there must have been a reason that she had woken him up with her proposal. Suddenly, he remembered his promise and with a twinkle in his eye he answered with his best Southern drawl, "Well ma'am, as much as I'd like to make love to you, I made a promise not to start anything, so I guess you'll have to decide what we should do."

Surprise showed on Marketa's face as she sat up on the side of the bed. "Ok, let me get this straight. I'm sitting here with my pussy spread wide open for you and that's not starting something?"

JP couldn't help but stare at her beautiful body as she sat there. "Yep. It still means that I'd have to make the decision. Last night was beautiful and I'd love to do it again but I made a promise to a lady and until I'm released from my promise it's not up to me."

"You know who I am and what I am, yet you still think I'm a lady?"

"I was taught along time ago that it doesn't matter what a woman does for a living, she is first and foremost a lady."

Jumping from her bed, Marketa landed on JP, laughing. "I don't believe it; I've finally found a genuine, red-blooded GENTLEMAN." Leaning down her breasts pressed into JP's chest as she gave him a long, passionate kiss that promised so much more before looking deep into his eyes. "God, if you had any idea how great it is to finally meet a man who is concerned about what I want and is willing to let me make some decisions; someone who isn't after me to sign a contract or to be able to say that they had fucked me."

"Is that why you said your name was Vicki ... to get away?"

Whispering, she replied. "Yes. I saw the interest in your eyes and just wanted someone to want me for me. Does that sound crazy?"

"Nope, not at all."

Still laying on top of the bedcovers Marketa stretched out on top of JP and a twinkle appeared in her eyes as she felt his cock pressing against the sheets between her legs. Slowly she spread her legs until she felt it nestling against her aroused womanhood and thought how easy is would be to crawl back under the covers and make love to JP again. Instead she lay her head down on his chest she whispered, "So what should we do about this situation."

JP smiled, "First of all I think we should decide what I should call you. I mean I know what you told me but I also know who you are, so who do you want others to think you are?"

Marketa laid there silently for a few moments before finally replied, "I think it depends on the time and situation. Right now I'd like to stay Vicki if you don't mind. It felt good to be an "ordinary" person for awhile, but if things get 'feisty' you can call me anything you want," she finished teasingly.

"Done," JP replied as he flipped her over so she was covered by the bedding and he was above her. Leaning down he kissed her, slowly and passionately.

Marketa again became Vicki as she wrapped her arms around his neck and returned the kiss, until he pulled away and stood up. "I need a shower and then we need to get some breakfast before we see some more of the country."

Vicki instantly grabbed a pillow and threw it at him. "TEASE!"

JP laughed as he replied, "Yep. Now get dressed."

Playfully sulking Vicki answered. "No. I want you to pick out the clothes for your 'lady' today."

"Does this mean I'm released from my promise?"


JP walked into the bathroom and grabbed Vicki's clothes that were hanging there and walked back into the room. He then opened the drawers where she had put the rest of her clothing as it had dried and began to go through them. He soon found a pair of jeans and a tank top. Then he picked up a bra and set of panties and placed them on the bed as well. Looking at Vicki he noticed a sensuous expression on her face before asking, "Good enough?"

"I think they will be just fine" she replied seductively as she pushed the covers off her body to reveal it to JP again.

JP's cock hardened as he walked into the bathroom.

Vicki saw it and called out, "Don't waste that ... I have plans for it later."

JP quickly stripped and stepped into the shower. He could only imagine what she might have planned but each of them only made him harder until his hand seemed to move to his cock with a mind of its own. Slowly he began to stroke up and down the shaft, bringing him closer and closer to cumming until he felt a rush of cool air across his back carrying Vicki's perfume.

"Didn't I tell you not to do that?" Vicki asked with a laugh in her voice.

JP turned, his hand still wrapped around his hard cock. Dressed only in a half-bra and crotchless panties, along with a pair of high-heels she stood there with her hands on her hips.

Still stroking his cock, JP replied. "Sorry but seeing you laying like that this morning was just way too much for me to take. Sometimes a man's got to do what a man's go to do."

"And a woman needs to take care of her man, so get out here with that big, fat cock of yours and let me help you with it," she purred.

As JP stepped from the shower Vicki dropped to her knees and took his hard cock in her hand. Sliding it up and down just as JP had been doing, she soon had it ready to explode.

"Oh god, Vicki. I'm going to cum. I can feel it starting to rumble in my balls."

"Mmmmm, I like the sound of that and I know exactly what I want to do with your first load. Now, sit down on the toilet and let me take care of you, baby."

JP half-stumbled backwards and sat on the toilet as Vicki followed him on her hands and knees like a cat tracking its prey. When JP sat down she was instantly on him, grasping his hard cock as she opened her mouth and wrapped her glistening lips around the head. Swallowing it as she moved down inch after inch.

JP wrapped his hands in here hair and began to slowly pump into her mouth fucking it until she pulled away.

"You taste soooo good I just want to eat you up and swallow your cream but now I have a better idea. When I came in here it was to get some moisturizer cream to put on my tits but after seeing how hard you are I want you to fuck my tits and give me a load of your cum all over them so I can use that instead."

Vicki sat up straighter and quickly unsnapped her bra to release her tits as JP's cock nestled between them as if it had a mind of its own. Bending her head Vicki let a large load of spit drop onto JP's cock as she surrounded it with her tits and began to slide up and down. The head of JP's cock would appear for a second and then disappear between Vicki's luscious tits like a turtle popping its head out from its shell and then pulling back in.

Instinctively, JP pumped his cock up and down between her tits, matching her rhythm. "Pump my cock, darling. I love how it feels between your tits. Of fuck, I'm gonna cum soon. I'm gonna cum all over those beautiful tits of yours. Faster, baby, pump my cock faster with your tits. Wrap them around my cock good and tight. That's it, baby, just like that. Auggghhhhh ... Auggghhhhh ... Augghhhhhhh. Ohhhhhhh, yesssssss. Here is comes, honey. Here comes my cum," JP groaned as felt the boiling hot load surge from his balls and up his cock until it exploded from its tip. The first two spurts splattering under Vicki's chin while the rest sprayed her tits and chest.

Vicki immediately opened her mouth and engulfed his cock trying to milk out the last drops of his cum before settling back on her heels. JP's cum was running down her chest as she scooped it up and slowly spread it across her chest, massaging it onto her tits and nipples. "Mmmmm, this feels so nice. Nice hot cum all over me." Leaning her head back and looking up at the ceiling she gave JP a better view as she rubbed his jism into her skin. He watched as her nipples hardened and the areola began to crinkle around the edges. Faintly he could smell Vicki's womanly aroma filling the room.

The only thing that JP wanted at that moment was to wrap his arms around her and carry her to the bedroom so they could make love again.

Vicki had other plans though. Quickly she moved away and went to the mirror to watch as she finished rubbing JP's cum across her chest. "This is getting me so turned on. Your cum is so nice and thick and warm; better than any body-cream I've ever used before. Just look at how hard my nipples are getting. To bad we already have plans otherwise I'd fuck the shit out of you right now. But you need to finish your shower and I need to finish getting dressed."

Standing up JP moved behind Vicki and lightly kissed her neck asking, "And who's the tease now?"

Seductively she replied, "Isn't pay-back a bitch?" as she exited.

JP quickly finished his shower and found Vicki waiting for him. She had changed part of the outfit that he had picked for her but he had to admit it was for the better. Instead of the tank-top she wore his flannel shirt which she had tied under her bust and the high-heels had been replaced with a pair of calf-high leather boots, while the jeans he had picked out for her were so tight they looked like they had been painted onto her legs. "You like?" she asked as she spun around to provide JP a view from all angles. "I hope you don't mind that I changed a few things?"

"Whoa, you look fantastic."

Spinning around again to give JP another look, Vicki laughed, "It's amazing how slightly shrunken clothes always seem to bring out a woman's best features for you guys."

"That's for sure; especially when the woman has a body like yours," he said as he finished getting dressed.

Hand-in-hand they left the room, climbed on JP's cycle and headed south. The area was mostly ranch country so they quickly found themselves riding along deserted roads with the wind and sun shining down on them while Vicki's hand continued to tease and explore JP's body until they noticed a shaded way-side ahead.

"JP can we pull over for awhile; I need a break."

"Sure, I could use one too."

After stopping Vicki disappeared behind some trees while JP began to unpack a blanket and lunch that they had brought along.

"Hey, JP, can you give me a hand over here?"

"What's wrong?"

"I'm stuck."

"What do you mean you're stuck?"

"I'm stuck, damn it, and I need your help!"


JP walked to the trees and was immediately delighted by the scene before him. Vicki stood there with the flannel shirt open and her hands pulling on a zipper that went from the front of her jeans, between her legs, to the back of the pants and allowed them to become two separate pieces. "And just how can I help, may I ask?"

"Well, first of all I need you to help me get this zipper open, it's jammed, and then I want you to stick that beautiful cock of yours deep inside of me just like last night. After that I want you to fuck me right here and you fill me with another load of your cream," she said before continuing. "I thought I could wait until later this evening but the vibration from the cycle got me so turned that my juices are starting to soak the front on my pants. See ... see how wet I am? I've always had a thing about being fucked outside so I can be as loud as I want and right now is the perfect time and this is the perfect place to do it. So why don't you just take your cock out and slip it inside of my wet pussy. Fuck me right here. Fill me with your cum, JP."

JP instantly grabbed the zipper and after tugging on it a few times managed to get it to open.

Pushing the jeans halves down to her knees, Vicki pulled on the strings holding her panties together before turning away from JP and leaning against a tree. "Now fuck me JP. Fill my pussy with more of your baby-making cream."

JP stepped behind her and dropped his pants and shorts to his ankles, his hard cock pointing straight in front of him like an arrow. Grabbing Vicki by the hips he slipped in inch-by-inch until he hit bottom. Here in the open he suddenly felt the lust of a man taking his mate for the shear pleasure of it. "I'm going to fuck you like you've never been fucked before!!" he growled.

That was exactly what Vicki had hoped for. "Alright, then fuck me!!" she hissed. "TAKE ME!! Fuck my pussy and fill it. Breed me like a wild animal. Fill me with your cum until it drips from my pussy."

With a roar of triumph, JP slammed himself into her, impaling her on his cock, driving it in until the head pressed against her cervix sending shivers of pleasure/pain through them> Vicki responded exactly as he'd hoped as she pushed back against him, matching each thrust with her own. "That's it, Vicki. Push back against me. Fuck yourself on my cock. Feel my balls slapping your clit? Feel it, baby?"

"Yesss ... That's it! Take me! Screw me! FUCK ME HARD!" Vicki yelled. "I'm all yours - body & soul! My pussy, my womb, my tit, my mouth, they're yours to do whatever you want with, just don't stop fucking me. I want to be your lover, your partner, the mother of your children ... lots and lots of babies if you want. Breed me ... fuck me ... knock me up ... again ... and again. Keep me pregnant with our kids ... I'M YOUR LADY NOW ... Yessssssss. Fuck me harder. Ohhhhh, I can feel you so deep in me. Aaaahhhh, it feels SOOO FUCKING GOOD!!"

"TRY THIS THEN," he yelled as he leaned forward grabbing both of her dangling tits and pulled them as he drove his cock deeper into her.


JP realized that at some point Vicki had reverted into Marketa, the porn star and that her words were fueling his passion. He rotated his hips, continuing to pound her pussy with his cock as she screamed with delight. "You LOVE it ... don't you??" he panted, reveling in the submission of his lover.

"YESSS!! OHHH, GOD, YESSSSS. I DO, I LOVE IT!!" she howled. "GIVE ME YOUR GORGEOUS COCK ... FUCK ME!! UH!! UHHH!!" JP was pounding his cock into his fantasy lover without mercy now, the wet noise of their fucking adding to his passion.

Marketa looked down between her thighs and saw a thick froth of their juices forming on her stretched pussy lips. Quickly, she scooped some onto her fingers and sucked it off with relish.

"Ohhhhh, Fuck. I'm going to cum soon. I'm gonna shot my load in you and breed you just like one of those cows in the field," JP hissed as he looked down at his cock pistoning in and out of Marketa's pussy.


"Hell yeah!! I'm gonna breed you just like a bitch in heat. I'm gonna fill you with a load of my cum and make you my baby-mommy. Do you like that? Do you like the idea of being a baby-mommy?"


"Almost there ... baby!! Beg for my cum. Beg for me to cum in you!"


Hearing Marketa plead and scream as her orgasm broke triggered JP's own orgasm causing strand after strand of thick, potent cum to spray from his cock deep into her waiting pussy as he yelled, "HERE ... IT ... CUMMMS ... ARRRRGGHHHHH ...UGGGGGHHHHH!!"

Trembling and exhausted the two fell forward grabbing the tree as their orgasms overwhelmed them. JP continued to spew his seed deep into Vicki/Marketa while she gasped for breath each time she felt the hot liquid splattering against her pussy walls, coating them. Unable to stand any longer they collapsed to the ground clutching each other as everything around them seemed to fade away.

When JP finally became of the world he found himself lying on the warm sandy ground; his pants still around his ankles, and Vicki once again nestled against him with her head on his chest. "Hey, gorgeous. I think we better get up."

"Mmmmmmmmmm. Do we have too?"

"Well, I'm not sure about you but I have certain areas that usually don't get this much sun and I'd hate to get sunburned," he teased.

"Party pooper," Vicki said as she slowly unfolded herself and sat up. "Can you give me a hand with something?"

"Isn't that how this got started?" JP said in a lightly joking voice.

Blushing Vicki looked at him. "I'm not sure what to say right now. I mean ... well ... we both know what I do for a living, but I've NEVER gotten that carried away and I've never felt anything as intense as what just happened. I'm not sure if it was because it was with you or if it was because I was living out a fantasy of mine ... I'm just not sure. And the things I said ... WOW ... I can't ever remember saying anything like that even in a porn scene ... I just don't know what happened to me."

"Listen Vicki, I got just as carried away as you and I said some pretty crazy stuff as well, but if it makes any difference I also felt something that I haven't felt in years; I felt alive. I didn't care about anything but the two of us. And even crazier is the fact that I liked some of the things you said. Not necessarily about you being a slut and stuff, as far as I'm concerned you will always a lady first," he said with a sincere look on his face before teasing, "Unless we're making love or going absolutely crazy fucking each other again like what we were just doing. What I liked was when you said you were mine and mine alone. At that moment I was the proudest man in the world," then he suddenly paused before continuing, "I also know we talked and teased about the idea of having children together last night but the more I thought about it the more I liked the idea of having kids with you ... lots and lots of kids."

The worry on Vicki's face melted away as JP talked and the sparkle returned to her eyes when he talked of them having children together. "In that case, I definitely need your help right now."

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