A Drow's Dilemma Ep. 37: Negotiation


Selene responded with a noncommittal noise and flopped down upon the newly cleansed bed.

Rubbing his hands together, he exited the room. "Dust cleared away, Naliira." He said cheerfully. "I am sure we are all exhausted, so shall we retire for the night?"

"Goodnight, then, Caleldir. Sleep well." Ashyr responded. Lolth, she wanted to embrace him. Even just touching him would be wonderful. This was still better than not knowing where he was though - in that she could comfort herself. Ashyr bit her lip, rubbed the back of her neck, then walked over to the room she would share with Selene. Bard, however, could do as he pleased. The young wolf took the opportunity to near throw himself at Caleldir's legs to demand a goodnight pet before he followed Ashyr into her room. Ashyr smiled to herself. She didn't think she'd ever be envious of a wolf.

It did not escape Caleldir's notice that the energetic young wolf was doing exactly the sort of thing that its mistress wished that she could do. "Goodnight, Ashyr. Be ready for a long walk tomorrow. After I finish that hot plate/stove, of course." He reached down and gave the young wolf an affectionate rub behind the ears, then watched as the wolf retired with its mistress to the bedroom.

Everyone seemed content with leaving Althaia on the couch for the night.

Left alone in the main room (aside from Althaia, who didn't count), a slow, suggestive, and predictable smile blossomed across Naliira's lips. She approached Caleldir, took him by the hand, and began leading him back to their bedroom. "If you're going to leave so soon, we should take every opportunity we have. Maybe, by the time you get back, I'll have some good news for you." Her eyes sparkled with the delight of the idea.

Turning around, Caleldir saw the predictable lustful smile on the dryad's face. This time, he did not have to resist. He would simply have to endure. Which was a pretty funny way to describe having sex with a gorgeous woman. Wow, he really was becoming a loose man. That thought gave him pause. What was he coming to?Perhaps Naliira could read his confusion and self-loathing, perhaps she would not be able to, but either way Caleldir stifled his sudden angst and gave her a smile. "You are right. Best not to waste any time. Wouldn't it be nice to have a little daughter or son to dote on?" Caleldir did not know. Maybe. But he did not feel comfortable about Naliira's mental capacity to be a parent. Still, he had resolved to give Naliira a happy memory before he left. So he gave her a tender kiss on the cheek as they entered the master bedroom.

She pulled him all the way to the bed before she turned back to look at him. "What is wrong, husband?" Naliira asked upon seeing the odd look in his eyes. The dryad did look somewhat concerned for him. "Do you worry for your cousin? Or are you sad to have to leave me for a little while?" Whichever it was, it was pretty obvious which one Naliira settled upon in her mind. She was becoming confident that she was successful in her endeavors to get her 'husband' to fall in love with her again. "Do not be sad yet, for we have one more night to spend together. And then we will have tens of thousands of nights upon your return."

Seeing as Naliira decided to interpret his distress in the best possible way, for her, he decided not to disabuse her of that notion. "We do have one more night." He agreed.

Her arms reached up to hug Caleldir's neck. Then she stood on tiptoe so that she would be even with him as she pressed their lips together in a kiss that began affectionate and ended passionate. As time went by, she pressed her body more firmly against his. He returned her kiss, at first rather hesitantly, but as he allowed his body to move with the moment his kiss became more intense, until he pressed his body against hers just as firmly, and his hands held fast against her back.

Her eyes were partially lidded and her breath heavy with arousal and lack of air from their kiss by the time she pulled back away from him. She broke contact entirely to undo the clasp of her dress and sit naked upon the soft bed. Naliira did not sit for long, however. She moved until she was stretched out on the bed inclined on one elbow. "Come." She beckoned with one elegant hand held out to him. Her voice held a soft confidence, but her eyes pleaded with him. She dreaded being rejected again, and knew very well that it was an option.

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