tagSci-Fi & FantasyA Drow's Dilemma Ep. 46: Treasure

A Drow's Dilemma Ep. 46: Treasure


Author's Note:

A Drow's Dilemma began as a one-on-one roleplaying project and has been converted into a chapter-by-chapter format for weekly posting with the permission and assistance from my partner. It will contain a considerable amount of sexual themes such as femdom, lesbian, straight, 'reverse' rape, BDSM, group sex, romance, and other themes. The main goal of the story, however, is to tell an epic tale of adventures, gods and goddesses, fae, and nymphomaniacs. This episode and every episode to come will be available for free on Literotica for the foreseeable future. All characters that engage in sexual or suggestive situations are mentally and sexually mature: the human equivalent of 18 for their race.


Episode 46: Treasure

Althaia picked the last elemental key up from the mass of stones that had been its guardian. Ever since they entered the labyrinth, it had been almost non-stop fighting and puzzle-solving and trap-avoiding, all while they gathered the keys. It would have been impossibly difficult for a party like the one they met in town, but for Ashyr, Althaia, and Slasjowskew it was just difficult enough to be a challenge. "This should do the trick." She said satisfied. "I do have to say, if this place was not so stressful, it would be rather fun!"

Ashyr rubbed at the back of her neck. "Yeah, I suppose this isn't too bad." If only she knew that Caleldir and Selene were safe and whole. "Can't complain about my company." She grinned at the nymph and yuan-ti. It was not her full, mischievous grin, but it approached her normal look. "There's something about watching pretty people fight that gives me... ideas..." Both were included in her insinuation.

"Now lets get Selene out of there."

The yuan-ti, quite predictably, paid the drow little heed. He was too busy practically orgasming at the thought that he was moments away from finding treasure. "I can ssmell it!" He said with sexual bliss. "Sso much wealth, and so very closse! Oh, I have almosst realized my dream!" Licking his lips with his too-long tongue, he strode in the direction of the center of the maze.

Ashyr couldn't help but turn her full attention to Slas as he began to exult in the prospect of a life's dream so near fulfillment. He might as well be speaking of finally being able to participate in an orgy by the way his voice sounded. Other ideas flickered across Ashyr's mind when she saw that wonderfully long tongue of his run across his lips. There it was. His pleasure and release. Surely there was something she could do with that... Lolth, she'd been mostly joking when she said her line about ideas, but now she was unconsciously ramping herself up. It was better than thinking about the other thing, she supposed.

Also very predictably, Althaia gave Ashyr a naughty wink. "It would give me ideas too, but I am trying to reduce that sort of thing." She said, half-flirtatiously, half-seriously. "After dying, I decided that I want there to be more to my personality than just an overwrought libido, you know? I mean, you have all sorts of character beyond the bedroom, whereas I..." She pursed her lips. "Eh, I am just trying to be slightly more sane." Still, she was a nymph, and her amour had become very impractical indeed of late. "Did you know that you can just turn parts of your clothing invisible without sacrificing protection?" She observed to Ashyr.

Slasjowskew snorted. "You ssilly foolss. You have no idea how thosse thingss work, do you? The ringss ssimply provide a scertain level of protection when activated, all the resst is illussion. You could fight completely naked if you wanted to without making yoursself vulnerable, and you would feel naked to a touch but not to a blow. They are just forsce fieldss and protection magic combined with illussory clothing, albeit illussionss at deific level that mortalss like uss cannot possibly ssee through. They do not conjure anything at all. You have jusst been walking around naked ass long ass I have known you!"

"Yes, we are all naked under our clothes, handsome." The drow said with something very near a chuckle. One eyebrow rose as she looked the yuan-ti male up and down as if she could see through his outfit. Her clothing did not change from her usual attire: just a little too much cleavage to be practical, but the rest was completely ordinary and functional. "And I've known this for a while. Doesn't mean I should walk around with a couple squares of chainmail pasted to the important bits. Or less, for that matter. It would be terribly distracting for myself and my party." But that did give her some ideas about a good, quick distraction tactic against foes who may be attracted to her form. Or perhaps when she was sparring with Caleldir.

A stab of worry came unbidden to her heart. Caleldir. The amused light in Ashyr's eyes faded to seriousness.

Althaia shrugged. Her only reaction was for her armour to subtly change to something a bit more useless. "Eh, okay. Well, we are at the center of the labyrinth now, let us open this door up..."

Beyond the door in the midst of the labyrinth was a large-ish room with four spiral stairways going down. That was all.

Ashyr, deciding to get things moving, picked the staircase closest to her. "Can you go silently, Althaia? Ghost bitch might be around." Ashyr wondered briefly if the ghost lady would be able to sense them no matter how quiet they were being.

Althaia shrugged. "I can be quiet when I need to." She stated confidently. "But most of the time, the head-on approach is the least hassle. Now that I know the ghost's tricks, I think I can face her and win!" Despite her declaration. the nymph did not advance. She merely folded her arms and waited.

"Maybe you should go first, handsome." Ashyr suggested. "You have the best chance of escaping notice and, well, escaping."

The Yuan-ti gave Ashyr a glance. His serpentine eyes were not noticeably more readable than normal, but perhaps he was at least a little appreciative of her attention. "I do have the besst chance of doing that." He acknowledged. "I am the besst there iss when it comes to moving unsseen." True to his words, he vanished.


The room that Selene found herself in, now that she could concentrate on it, was a large, vault-like affair. The ceilings soared some fifty feet above her, held up by four large pillars, each with a spiral staircase encircling it. It was octagonal in shape, and probably well over one hundred feet across. Lit dimly by ghostly blue flames lighting up chandeliers all across the ceiling, the place almost resembled a dragon's lair with treasure and weapons scattered all across it. Indeed, the only door in the walls (besides the staircases leading to hatches in the ceiling) was a massive affair: easily big enough to admit a good sized dragon.

To Selene's magic detection, the place was downright blinding with the number and potency of magical auras throughout it. The most powerful of them all, though, came from the side of the octagon farthest from the great doors. She was naturally drawn to that bright magical aura. The drow had to tool up anyway, as no good could come of her ambling around the labyrinth stark naked. Additionally, she wanted at all the good loot before Slasjowskew got a chance to pick through everything. No doubt he would hide away anything that held the most value. So she picked her way through the treasure. A great many extremely fancy weapons, armors, and magical objects of all descriptions were kept in elegant displays here, but something within Selene, some small prodding of intuition, pointed her away from them and towards something else. A simple staff. Plain. Unadorned. Simply leaning up against the wall. Unlike the objects around it, the staff actually did not even have an aura, and did not seem even to be magical. It and a few other exceedingly plain items lay there, two simple blades, one white, one black, and a battered old wooden shield. They seemed utterly out of place among the grandeur, but somehow, they seemed... more. The thing that was bright with magical power was nearby, but Selene found herself ignoring that.

-Selene.- A toneless, genderless voice echoed through her head. Selene had been partially reaching out towards the incredibly plain object, but started back in concern. Unfamiliar voices were not often benevolent, in the drow's experience. It knew her name, had been waiting for her. She furrowed her well-groomed brow. -I have been waiting for a magister like you. Imperfect you are, but great you will be.- The staff began to shake, and then stood upright. The pregnant drow still wanted to touch it, to reach out and take possession of it. Somehow, it was as if it belonged to her already, and was as much a part of her as her magic was. Her elegant hand lifted again, and took hold of the erect wooden weapon.

Immediately she felt his life force. His consciousness. He disapproved of her in some small way, but not nearly enough to reject her grip. All she felt was fascination. How could something so mundane be filled with so much... potential?

-Give me form-

She heard the echoed request in her head. It was a strange thing to ask of her, but somehow she understood what he wanted. Selene did not use any weapon beyond her magic; she found it difficult to perform the gestures necessary without free use of her hands. Her lower lip caught in her teeth, and she concentrated. The weapon melted like molten metal to reform into an intricately woven circlet. Then she nestled the dark ornament in her hair, and it settled there like it had always belonged. Instantly, her thoughts seemed to clear. It was such a simple thing, but it made her feel confident.

Meanwhile, Slas appeared again mere moments after he made his scouting trip down the spiral staircases. "I found your coussin." He said. "Sshe iss naked and wandering around a beautiful, beautiful room, but sseemss to be fine. I go now to ssteal treassuress. I will refrain from taking any artifactss without conssulting with you, but the resst of it I am jusst going to sstart sshovelling into my bagss of holding. We cannot all have nifty A.I. portalss." And sso, he vanished again.

The nymph frowned. "The ghost must have took her ring." A naughty look appeared on her face. "I suppose though, if Selene is wandering around naked, I will just have to verify that for myself." And so, she went down the stairs.

A genuine smile spread across Ashyr's face. She quickly followed the nymph down the spiral staircase.

Selene whipped around when she heard the sound of hurried footsteps down the spiral stairs that held the chamber up. But in the next moment she saw very familiar armor, followed by very familiar faces.

When Ashyr saw her standing there, looking up at them with a slightly annoyed, expectant face, the older drow hurried that much faster down the stairs.

The group passed Slasjowskew on their run across the room. Predictably, he was shoving gold and jewels into a bag. He looked as pleased as Althaia in an orgy. Too busy literally getting off on all the wealth, he paid little heed to the drow and the nymph as they ran by on their way to rendezvous with Selene on the distant side of the room.

Selene did look well, though there were a fine lines of red across her body from where she had been cut by something. "Thank the goddess you're well. Here." Ashyr gave her one of her own healing potions.

Selene chugged the offered vial, and the wounds slashed across her skin went away without a trace. Then she let out a strangled noise when her mouth was briefly assaulted by her older cousin's. "Took you long enough." Selene accused when her lips were free. "Had to rescue my own damned self." Ashyr was grinning at her, and Selene couldn't help but return her smile. The younger drow wasn't actually angry, of course. "Have any clothes for me to wear, nymph?"

Althaia watched quietly as the two cousin's shared a kiss. She smiled slightly, a tug of something like envy pulling at the corners of her eyes. But that confusion passed when Selene addressed her. The nymph's smile turned dazzling, and she took a step forward, taking herself close enough to Selene that the drow would be able to feel her breath. "But Selene of Duskhaven, you look so much better as you are!" She briefly, but lovingly, cupped the drow's ass before stepping away and pulling out a familiar dress from her bag. "I have your old clothes still." She said, business like. "Use it as a stop-gap until we find your ring again."

The younger drow made a soft, aggressive sound in the back of her throat when Althaia stood in front of her and groped her ass. It wasn't exactly a displeased noise. The sound was more... hungry. She still took the clothing offered to her. Selene pulled on her robe-like clothing she had brought with her from the Underdark. It was very much like the style she melded the rings into, though slightly more utilitarian. A sigh passed across slightly parted lips as she ran her hands along the edge of the fabric. She looked at Althaia askance, but then her gaze lingered across the definitely impractical way she was wearing her armor. Her tongue darted out to wet her lips. Why was she still thinking about sex? "I don't know how long we have here. I only temporarily broke that cunt's mind." Her hands went to her stomach automatically.

Ashyr was suddenly distracted from the exchange between her lovers by voices in her head. -She will do, sister.- came a light, serious male voice in her head.

-Oh! I am quite excited, brother!- A dark, playful female voice replied.

Like Selene, Ashyr found her eyes drawn towards the two swords. Images appeared in front of them. In front of the white blade, a young man, white of skin, with featureless eyes in the exact same shade, and short-cropped hair without any more color than most the rest of him. He was dressed in light blue breeches bound with a silver belt on his lower half, while on his upper he wore only the loosest of open vests, blue with silver trimmings. On his feet were blue slippers edged with silver, on his wrists bangles of silver. His well-muscled chest had a perfectly round, perfectly black spot on his pectorals, an orb about the size of his head. -I am Yang.- He said stoically. He bowed slightly. -I will be your right hand.- The blade vanished, and Ashyr felt a cold, living power brewing in the place he had named: her right.

In front of the black sword, his sister stood. Her skin, eyes, and very long hair - bound into a pony-tail that went from sticking out from the top of her head to past her waist - were all the same shade of perfect black. Her lovely form was barely dressed at all, for she wore even less than her twin. On her bottom half she had merely a red belt edged with gold, and one very long piece of silk in the same shade bound with the belt in such a manner as to keep her from being completely revealed. On her top, she wore a vest similar to her brothers, but smaller and much tighter. It still revealed in full the white circle in the middle of her ample chest that complimented her brother's black one. Of course, she wore slippers and bracelets as well, but in her colors instead of his. Swirling hypnotically, she put her finger over her mouth and gave Ashyr a wink. -I am Yin!- She said, bubbling with joy. -I will be your left!- With that, she and the blade vanished, and Ashyr felt a power in her left hand directly opposed to the one her right: a hot, almost undead force. Her eyes darted to her companions to see if they had seen the people as well. Apparently, they did not. Their names struck a familiar chord in her head. Yang and Yin. Yin and Yang. Caleldir had likened himself and Ashyr to those strange terms a little under a month ago. Remembering the man and woman, Ashyr could see why. Black on white and white on black. A balance. A wistful smile played at the edges of the older drow's mouth.

Althaia gave the drow a concerned glance. "Are you okay, Ashyr? You seemed to have spaced out for a moment. Oh! What a nice shield!" She went to pick up the battered wooden buckler. The it was Althaia's turn to look dazed for a moment.

"I'm fine. What happened to you?" Ashyr asked Selene finally, blinking out of her daze. She flexed both her hands where she could feel power gathering. If she only concentrated, she felt that she could conjure something in her palms. Now was not the time.

A slightly sick look crossed Selene's features. Ashyr automatically held out a piece of hard bread from her pack and handed it to the pregnant drow. "I will tell you when were are out of here." Selene informed her as she nibbled on her food. The pregnant drow wanted to be well away and in a safe place before discussing anything about what she went through. It was not as traumatic as it could have been, but her emotions still felt quite... frayed.

"Yeah, okay. I don't know if now is a good time to pull out R.I.S.A. She already didn't have that much room, and I really don't think we should risk getting caught by 'Caleldra' on her own turf. I think all we have is your ring, Althaia. Choose wisely. Perhaps we can come back here when everything else is finished. Althaia?" She looked around the room. It was a shame they couldn't just siphon everything out of here in an instant.

Althaia snapped out of her daze "Heh. Cool. My shield is a living creature! The soul of the legendary paladin Aexeidzjana inhabits it!" The nymph did a charming little dance of excitement. "She is one of my role-models, you know." She added.

Selene watched the nymph dance with her excitement. That was certainly a performance worth watching. The look the pregnant drow gave Althaia was dangerously close to a leer. Unfortunately, that moment was really not the time to try to put the nymph's gyrations to better use. Selene keenly felt the need to get the hell out of that place before her would-be baby snatcher came back. So she focused on gathering any strongly magical item she could find and tried to ignore the stubborn ache in her loins.

Once the nymph's excitement was contained, she nodded in response to Ashyr. "I will do that, then. I will leave the treasure to the yuan-ti, and for now just try to grab the most potent magic items here. Way more useful and valuable than mere gold. Oh! This looks promising..." she grabbed a box of ornately carved toys, some of buildings, others of animals or mechanical creatures, and a few of people. "I think that this is the most powerful thing remaining, somehow." She said idly. "Well, that and this green cape. Don't you think that it matches Cieraela's eyes just perfectly? I think I will give it to her as a gift." Althaia had something of a thing for the human girl. "Oh! And this knife will suit her nicely too. Heh. I think I will go shopping for her..." And so, Althaia went to work.

"I'm going to go hurry our friend along." The ranger told Selene and Althaia "You hear any of that?" Ashyr asked the rapturous Yuan-ti when she drew near him. "We probably don't have a lot of time. Do want some help getting this into your bags?" She noted with amusement just how excited he was. "Ever mated on a pile of wealth, handsome?" Ashyr asked with a teasing lilt to her voice. "With just the right positioning of fancy rugs and pillows..." it might even be luxurious and comfortable. Didn't sound bad at all, actually. Ashyr had a enough of a touch of drow greed in her to be excited by all that wealth. Maybe not as excited as Slas... but she could get herself there if she tried.

Slasjowskew stopped his collecting of wealth for a moment to give Ashyr a careful look. His eyes flitted to her dark breasts, and then down to her hips. "I had thought that..." He gave her a broad smile. "That iss the only place that I ever feel in the mood to do sso!" He exulted. "There iss nothing in all the world that getss my libido fired up quite like richess!" He licked his lip, and lunged forward to give Ashyr a deep kiss, his extremely agile tongue dancing through her mouth. He pulled away from her with lust in his golden eyes.

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