tagLoving WivesA Dutiful Husband

A Dutiful Husband


It was just about time for work to let out, when my phone rang. I picked it up, and it was my wife.

"Honey, could you stop by Marilyn and Ted's on your way home? I left my purse there this morning." Being a good husband, I assured her I'd run the errand.

Ted was a drinking buddy of mine in college, and we'd stayed in touch, since we only lived a few blocks from one another. My wife Sandy and his wife Marilyn hit it off almost at once when they first met. Sandy is a thin, willowy brunette, while Marilyn is a big-boned, big breasted Amazon of a woman. The contrast is remarkable, but I could tell Ted liked the looks of the pair. Personally, I didn't mind the view, myself. I generally like the slim-waisted, fashion model types, I mean, who doesn't, but seeing Marilyn, the thought of a woman with a little more substance looked pretty damn good.

Anyhow, the thought of stopping and getting to see Marilyn sounded like a pretty good idea. So, I finished out the rest of the work day with a semi-erection, thinking about the possibility of being alone in the house with her, since I knew Ted works later hours than I do.

I started out home, and finally pulled up in front of Ted and Marilyn's place. Ted's truck wasn't in the driveway, so I knew he wasn't home. Heart pounding, I got out of my car and headed toward the front door. As I stepped onto the porch, the door swung open, and there was Marilyn standing there in a short satin robe and high heels, and nothing else.

Stumbling a bit, I stammered, "Sandy sent me for her purse."

Marilyn smiled knowingly. "I know where it is. Come on in and get it."

I followed her in, noticing the way her ass moved when she walked in her heels, and tried to keep my cock from bursting through my pants. It nearly broke free when she said, "It's upstairs in the bedroom. Follow me."

Now, I was far enough gone, I didn't even think to wonder what my wife's purse was doing in Ted and Marilyn's bedroom. I trailed along behind like a lovesick puppy, watching her ass cheeks peek in and out of view as we went up the stairs. I was wishing Ted had a three-story house, when Marilyn stopped at one of the upstairs doors and said, "Right in here. I'll let you have it in here." She then grabbed me by the lapels and pushed me through the door and onto the bed.

Struggling was the last thing on my mind as Marilyn unbuttoned my shirt and unbuckled my belt. With a frenzy I hadn't known she was capable of, she freed my straining dick from my underpants and gulped it down her throat.

I'd only been able to fantasize what this woman was capable of before. I was afraid that any type of an occurrence like this would strain or break the relationship I had with my wife and best friend. At the moment, I was beyond caring. Marilyn sucked my cock way back into her throat, giving me one of the best blowjobs I'd ever experienced. Within minutes of her lips closing over my head, I was shooting my first cumload of the evening. The strength of my orgasm took me by surprise, but Marilyn simply smiled, stroking my shaft, "It's alright. Sandy already knows. We cooked this up a couple of weeks after we first met. Ted's over at your place pounding his cock into her this very minute."

This bit of information drove me over the edge. I knew I should be appalled and outraged, but what could I say? Here I was with Ted's wife, why shouldn't he be with mine?

Marilyn sat with my dick in her hand, slowly going up and down on it, waiting for my reaction. In response, I grabbed her by the hand and pulled her up so that she was straddling my face. Now was my chance to do what I'd wanted to do since I'd met this woman. Like a starving man, I craned my neck up and plunged my eager tongue into her juicy pussy. The squeal that issued from Marilyn's lips told me I was doing something she had been waiting for as well. I ate her like there was no tomorrow, and was rewarded with a thrashing cunt over my lips. Finally I was rewarded with a squirt of girl-juice which I lapped up as if it were the last thing I'd ever taste.

After Marilyn reluctantly rolled off my face, I removed the rest of my clothes and laid her back on the bed. I had to stand and simply look for a moment at the sight of her spread legs and the waiting, drooling pussy impatient for my cock.

When I finally slid my length into her, I truly thought I could then die happy. Her cunt was so hot and wet, I never wanted to pull out. I started thrusting when Marilyn moaned, "God damn it! Don't just sit there, fuck me!"

The feeling of her pussy around my dick had me ready to pop at any second, and it was a mighty struggle not to cum before we were both ready. I pistoned in and out of her like a madman, and was almost ready to blow my wad when Marilyn shouted, "Put it in my ass! In my ass! C'mon I need that big cock up my butt!"

Well, who was I to argue with that? I pulled out of her pussy and brought her legs up to her chest, then lined up my cock with her puckered hole. With all the juice dripping from her cunt, her asshole was slicked up and ready for me to stretch it wide, and I did just that, sliding my big dick in bit by bit, until my entire length was buried in her ass. I stopped there for a bit, just to let her get used to having her ass filled up, then I started to pump.

Marilyn's screams could probably be heard back at my place as I fucked her in the ass. My cock pushed in and out of her butt while she shrieked and writhed under me. You should have heard her when I leaned over and took one of her nipples between my teeth while my cock was in her asshole. I sucked and fucked her so good, she came three times while I was in her ass, and finally, I pulled out and came all over her pussy bush, drenching her cunt with my enormous load. While Marilyn rubbed her fingers through her bush, smearing my cum all over her belly, she suggested that maybe we should go over to my place and surprise our spouses!

Well, I was more than eager to see Ted plow my wife, so I quickly agreed. I put my suit back on, and Marilyn disappeared for a moment. When she returned, she was wearing a short jacket, her heels, and nothing else. When she said, "So, are you ready?" my cock throbbed again.

We climbed into my car, and started off to my house. Marilyn spread her legs and started to finger her pussy while I drove, and I nearly ran into a couple of parked cars from the distraction. Finally, we pulled up into my driveway and stopped. Marilyn got out and ran to the door, her butt showing prominently from under the jacket she wore.

I wondered what the neighbors thought, with this woman practically naked standing at my front door, but then I thought, to hell with them they're just jealous. I got to the door to find Marilyn peeking through the window next to it. "They're really going at it in there. They didn't even wait to get to the bedroom. They're doing it right there on the living room carpet."

I smiled, opening the door. The sight which met my eyes had my cock harder than I ever believed it could get. There draped over the sofa was my wife, Sandy, her butt in the air, with a lustful look on her face I'd never seen before. Ted stopped in mid-stroke to turn to see who had arrived, as if he didn't know. Turning back to what he'd been doing, Marilyn threw off her jacket and sat on the floor and positioned herself so that she could lick Sandy's cunt and Ted's prick as he slammed in and out.

Well, I wasn't about to sit this one out, so I quickly removed my clothes and walked over to my wife. My cock was just at the right level for her to take it into her mouth as she was fucked from behind. She slurped and sucked on my tool as best she could while Ted pumped in and out of her wet pussy. Finally, I couldn't take any more, and started to cum, but just as the first big spurt squirted from my dick, Sandy jerked back, my cock popping from her mouth, and she took my entire load on her gorgeous, lust-contorted face.

Stepping back, I called to Marilyn, who came out from her hiding place and rounded the corner of the couch to see my jizz dripping off Sandy's cheeks and chin. She knelt down to my wife and gave her a big, sensuous kiss, smearing cum all over her lips, then flicked out her tongue and licked the sticky stuff off Sandy's face.

When all my load was gone from my wife's skin, Marilyn kissed her again, then turned to me. As Marilyn's tongue snaked into my mouth, I could taste my semen in her mouth. It was a rather strange flavor, but considering the circumstances, almost nothing could surprise me or turn me off. I returned her kiss with a fervor I didn't know I possessed, then turned Marilyn around and urged her into my wife's face. Sandy simply opened her eyes for a moment, then bent her head down a little and started in on Marilyn's cunt.

Unfortunately, I'd already cum three times in the couple of hours since I'd been off work, so I had to sit back awhile and simply spectate while I revived. Watching Sandy get fucked so well, while eating pussy at the same time was nearly too much for me. I don't know of any man who doesn't get hard thinking about two good-looking, energetic women going at it. My cock slowly revived as I watched Marilyn get eaten by my wife, something I never thought I'd see, while Ted's thick meat stretched Sandy's cunt wide. She grunted with each of his thrusts, and eventually had to stop eating Marilyn out while she had an enormous orgasm, screaming at the top of her lungs and thrashing around wildly.

Ted still hadn't come, and I admired his ability to keep it up after all this time, especially not knowing how long they'd been at it before Marilyn and I showed up! Marilyn took her fingers out of her crotch long enough to say, "Jim took me in the ass. It felt so great with his big dick in my tight little butthole. Maybe Sandy'd like a little action like that, huh? How 'bout it, baby, y'want Ted's big old cunt-stretcher up your butt? You like that?"

I revived completely when I heard my wife grunt to the affirmative. I'd hinted around that maybe I'd like to try anal with her, but the one time we tried, she couldn't relax enough, and I never did get in. I was afraid something like that might happen here.

Ted pulled out, and for the first time, I saw his full length. It must have been nine and a half inches, which made me feel a little inferior, since I'm only a little over average, but I hadn't had any complaints from anybody, even the few women I screwed in college, so I didn't worry about it for too long.

Anyway, Ted lined his shlong with my wife's puckered asshole, and I expected her to tense up, halting his progress, but he slowly slipped right in, eventually working a good portion of that monster into her virgin butt. She grimaced for a moment while she accustomed herself to the feeling of being filled so completely by his dick. After only a short while, Sandy relaxed again, whereupon Ted started to slide in and out of her butt, and eventually, she was writhing around the same as when he'd been plowing her pussy.

Marilyn got up next to Sandy and thrust her butt out at me. "In my ass again, Jim. Just like my husband's doing to your wife."

I reached around to Sandy's sopping pussy and slicked up my fingers, rubbing her juices onto my dick and Marilyn's asshole. After only a few moments, I was again inside Marilyn's ass, and watching her and Sandy exchanging kisses while their nether holes were filled to the brim got me ready for yet a fourth time.

This was the first and, so far, the last time that I've come four times within the same twenty-four hours, but it happened, and Ted and I reached climax at just about the same time. Shortly after I started to spurt, Ted pulled out and sprayed Sandy's butt and back with a real gusher of cum, even getting some in her hair.

After we'd all calmed down a little and cleaned up, we sat around talking about what had just happened. Ted said that Marilyn had called him, telling him he needed to stop at my place and pick up his wife's purse. Now where did I hear that before?

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