tagNonHumanA Dying Breed

A Dying Breed


I shouldn't be out here. Not in the middle of the night. Ok, come on, Liss, you know you're out here camping with the fucking honeymooners. Sounds great, right? No, it's not. It sucks. The only reason I came is because it was one of those things that the whole family and friends could do for the wedding. That's the way my sister is. She wanted to get everyone together for a camping trip and she did. I, on the other hand, do. not care for this shit too much. I wanted to be home, safe, under the covers. But here I am.

I was forced to do it.

And now here I am, in the middle of no where, with a family that annoys me. It feels like American pie, the wedding one. Where everyone wants to kill the other.

I sat here, in my tent, freezing my ass off and needing to pee. I have to go out there to go, don't I?

I sighed. Tony slept next to me, snoring.

"Tony? Wake up! I have to pee!"

He groaned and turned over. I already knew that he would, but it was worth a try.

I crawled out of the small tent and faced the cold. It bit into my skin, and it made me tear up.

Grabbing my jacket and a roll of toilet paper, I went to find a bush. It was fucking stupid that I had to find a bush to piss. And to have to walk to God knows where to find one. After checking for spiders and other live creatures, I popped a squat. After the warmth left my body, I started to find my way back. Of course I got lost. I went too far from camp that I would get lost. I tried not to panic, but in the end I ran around in circles until I started yelling for anyone in my family to hear me.

Then something knocked me down onto the ground. Tears came to my eyes and my knees burned.

"What the hell?"

I turned my body around, and my eyes widened.

"What the fuck are you...?"

The thing in front of me is huge, it's eyes were a bright green and man, did it have teeth.

It grunted. No, he grunted. Looking down, I could see his giant cock, a milky substance dripping down from the tip.

Oh, God, what does he want?

This was the wrong time to go pee!

I started to get up, to run, but the thing bent towards me and stopped me. Before I could even scream, he shoved his thick cock into my mouth. After I bit into it, I realized that he liked it. He grunted, and continued to shove himself into my now well lubricated mouth. I was crying, unable to believe that this thing was going to fuck me. Please, please, come in my mouth. Don't do what I think you're going to do.

Finally, I got my wish, and my mouth was filled with come. He arched as he came, grunting. I spit the foul tasting liquid out of my mouth. It was a chunky substance,and I was glad it was over and that was the worst I would have to deal with.

He left me, and I breathed a sigh of relief. But he came back, with another one of those things!!

"No...no, leave me alone!" I cried.

One of them made a noise, a sounded like a chuckle.

"God, help me! Please, i know I haven't been the best..."

One of the things was female. Her pussy had some sort of juice coming from it, and she leaned between my legs. Even if this was happening without my consent, a lapping tongue between my thighs could bring me over to the other side. She started to swipe at my lips, making my legs quiver.

How long had it been since I'd been fucked?

I groaned, suddenly enjoying it. I felt dirty, loving the thing's suctioning lips on my hard clit.

"Oh, fuck, oh, my God, I never knew...!"

I blasted the creature with my come, and she moaned. I was suddenly flipped over on all fours and felt the male come behind me. By now, I was so hot that I needed his cock, never mind what he was.

Instead of screaming, I was moaning and grunting for it. He decided to shove himself inside of me, ripping me apart. How did his cock get bigger!?

More moisture filled my thighs, and it was more painful than anything. He was too big for me.

"Please, stop. It hurts! Stop, please!"

It didn't hear me or care. He continued to fuck me. The female stood in front of me, waitng.

His grunts got louder and faster. He was going to come, and inside of me, no less.

In an instant, he splurged inside my pussy, a long, loud howl filled the air.

The two of them stood over me, staring. I sobbed into the dirt, waiting for them to leave.

I fell asleep from exhaustion.

It must have been hours later when I woke up. My head hurt like hell. The events that happened seemed like it never did. But my whole body was sore, and blood stained my thighs.

I whimpered, and stood up, my muscles screaming at me.

That's when I noticed something moving inside of me.

What the fuck is that?

I was still completly naked, and the sun had not come up yet. I decided to ignore it at the time being and get the hell out of here.

Somehow I found my way back easy. I choose to ignore that fact as well.

Using the water from the camp, I cleaned myself off, especially between my legs. It was disgusting.

I went back to my tent, Tony still asleep. That asshole. If he had come with me...

I felt another twinge inside my stomach.

Jesus, what is that?

More twinges and knots in me, and then inwas wracked with pain.

I doubled over, crying out.

"Tony! Wake up, something's wrong!"

He stirred, then sat up.

"What? What is it?"

I shook my head.

Then, he grinned. A horrible, nasty grin.

I gaped at him.

"What the fuck, Tony? Do something!!!"

He pushed me on my back, and kneeded my stomach.

That made it worse.

My sister was suddenly in my tent, holding me down, keeping my mouth shut with her hand.

"It worked! Finally, after all this time!" She spoke to him.

" Now is the time to rebuild! Everything can be as it was! Your mother and other sister can revive as well!" He replied.

I was being ripped in two. Blood was everywhere, all over the tent and Tony. I heard grunts, not unlike the monsters from last night.

Oh, no. Tony and Jill were the monsters, and the thing that Tony now held, that ripped me open from the inside out, was one of them.

"He is so beautiful! Everything that I have ever imagined!"My sister said to him.

He nodded. The thing in his arms slept, and Tony looked down at it with loving eyes.

Then he turned to me.

"She has the womb for them. Heal her. And get your mom and sister. We have a lot of breeding to do."

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