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Angie's Nature Find


Angie was 26 and single. She was an attractive girl, 5'4, 110, 34c, short blonde hair. Out of college for almost two years, she had a great job and a nice apartment but no social life. She basically was shy around men and more focused on her career anyway. Her one leisure passion was hiking, and she preferred to do that alone.

On one particular afternoon, Angie was hiking through a local forest when she came upon a plant she had never seen before. It was about one foot tall, with several vines and very colorful. It was as lovely as it was unusual. Thinking this would look good in her living room, Angie removed her knife,dug a ball around the little plant's roots and put it in her back pack.

Once she got home she potted the plant and sat it on the floor right outside her bedroom. Over the next few weeks the plant grew rapidly. Within a month the plant had grown to six feet in height and developed as many as two dozen vines. Angie had to repot it twice until it was finally in the largest pot the home center had.

It was then that Angie began noticing something else odd. The plant would sometimes shiver when she walked toward it as though a fan was blowing on it...but there was no fan, no breeze at all. It also began emitting a musky odor when she approached. "This plant smells like someone who has been freshly fucked," she thought.

One night Angie got home from work late and went straight to the shower. As she was toweling off she heard the plant rustling again. She wrapped her towel around herself and walked into the living room. As she passed the plant she tripped over something. Looking down she saw it was one of the plant's vines. As she started to kick it away it wrapped around her ankle. Another vine wrapped around her other ankle. Then another vine moved under the towel and wrapped around her waist, pulling her closer to the plant. Angie tried pulling at that the vines only to have two more vines wrap themselves around her wrists and spread her arms apart.

At this point her towel had fallen to the ground and she stood totally naked and helpless in front of the plant. Another vine started moving over her body as though it was sniffing her. Anywhere on her body that was given to emitting a scent was being sniffed. Under her arms, under her breasts, her butt, and finally between her legs. The vine spent the longest time sniffing her vagina, which was emitting the strongest scent. Angie was shaking with fright. "This makes no sense!" she thought. "How can a plant be doing this?"

Angie felt two more vines wrap around her upper arms and just lifted her off her feet while the ones holding her ankles pulled her feet out from under her. She was then lowered to the floor onto her back. The plant pulled her closer until she was nearly stradling the huge vase the plant was in.

Two vines, each with a flat leaf about the size of a hand, extended out and started a licking motion on her body. The leaves were soft and very wet, like two large tongues. They "licked" her face and neck, breasts, under her arms, down to her tummy.

Angie felt as though she was being prepared for something and this caused a lustful horror to shoot though her.

The leaves went to work on her legs. They licked all the way down to her ankles then back up to her vagina. The vines spread her legs farther apart so the leaves could begin bathing her vagina. As the leaf licked her pussy, the wetness on it became thicker, oilier. The tongue like leaf was forcing itself between her folds, seemingly lubricating her for what surely was to follow.

Every nerve was being tested by this treatment. Her skin was glowing and she realized there was something in the plant-tongues saliva that was relaxing her and acting like an aphrodisiac.

Following the bathing, two thin vines with what looked like suction cups on their ends snaked out and attached themselves to her nipples. They began slowly, rhythmically sucking her nipples as though the plant was trying to milk her. Her nipples had always been very sensitive and the suction cups were driving her crazy!

Angie could no longer hold out and a fierce orgasm racked her body. She began to squirt her female juices and the leaves licked them up as fast as she could expel them.

Angie then felt another vine moving up the inside of her thigh. It was a thick vine, about the diameter of a baseball bat. It was deep purplish-red and seeping a sticky fluid out of its end as it moved up her thigh. Angie's thighs were glistening with this thick, sticky fluid.

Angie suddered as she realized that indeed the plant had been preparing her...for breeding!

The plant tightened its grip on her arms and legs and the thick, cock-like vine started pressing at her pussy until its head just entered her. The plant stopped, seemingly giving Angie a chance to adjust to its size.

Angie then felt the cock/vine begin pushing deeper into her. "Oh no," she gasped. "I can't take it, it's too big!". The cock/vine pushed deeper and deeper into her until it could go no further. It slowly withdrew about half way then pushed back in.

It continued this fucking motion, getting a little faster each time. Angie was filled with disgust, fear and lust. Again and again the cock/vine pumped into her and she couldn't help the involuntary movement of her hips to meet it thrust for thrust. She felt another orgasm building in her and before she knew it, she was cumming again, this time harder than before.

Finally the vine pushed deep into her and stopped, shooting stream after stream its hot, sticky fluid inside her.

The ejaculation continued for several minutes, filling her with so much fluid that when it finally pulled out, plant cum gushed out of her. Angie was swimming in a physical and emotional mist. Overcome, she passed out.

When Angie finally opened her eyes, she was no longer restrained. She began to wonder if maybe she had tripped, knocked herself and had dreamed the whole thing.

When she sat up though, she saw it was no dream. Her pussy was dripping the plant's sticky liquid, her thighs were covered in it and a large pool had formed under her butt.

While Angie sat there trying to make sense out of what had happened, she suddenly thought about what time of the month it was. "Impossible," she thought. "This plant couldn't sense my ovulation cycle." "Besides, a plant can't get a woman pregnant," she told herself. With that thought, Angie was consumed with a feeling of dread.

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