tagSci-Fi & FantasyA Fall of Stardust

A Fall of Stardust


Author's note: The following story is fictional, and more than a bit ironic. (That means, do not take it too seriously.) No sexual acts involve humans under age 18. The action includes cheating, group and interracial and lesbian sex, lots of skin, and some BBC and BBW, oh yeah! Animals run loose but do not have sex here. Views expressed are not necessarily the author's. Constructive comments are welcome. This is an entry in the NUDE DAY STORY CONTEST 2014. If you like this, VOTE!

***** A FALL OF STARDUST *****

Every fucking thing is revealed

(Nude Day 2014 story contest)

The comet was unexpected.

It was not one of our Sun's usual distant children, swooping their long eccentric orbits at fairly regular intervals. No, a strange wandering planetoid from a galaxy far away brushed through the distant Oort cloud, that dim wasteland of debris stretching out to a light-year beyond our sun Sol.

In passing, the planetoid's mass collided with other erratic masses, disturbing a rough equilibrium. A cluster of rock and ice fragments merged with the crushed extra-galactic dark matter and was pushed from its place. That cluster fell towards Sol, and our planet Terra. Humans saw it, and named it Comet Kent-Yanokya, after its New Zealand and Japanese discoverers.


"Hey, Susan, are we set-up yet?"

"Just a minute, it's almost aligned... There, got it! Yeah, we're in business."

"Okay then. This session of Skywatchers Anonymous is now open. We have Comet K-Y in our sights. Anyone who wants can take a look. Just step up to the eyepiece. No shoving or grab-assing, folks."

The small crowd of students lined up for their turns at the big Dobsonian telescope. This late-night field trip to a dark valley seemed successful. Everyone made appropriate sounds when they saw the comet.

"Hey teach, how close is that sucker gonna come? Can it crash into us, or dust us, or anything?"

"Good questions, Jamie. Latest estimates have it passing a little closer to Earth than Luna's orbit, maybe as close as 225,000 miles or 360,000 kilometers. If it hit Earth, then yeah, it could do some real damage. But it won't. And Earth has passed through the tails of many, many comets already, with no noticeable bad results. Nothing to worry about. You want to worry? Worry about your next exam, okay?"

Kids tittered, and then went back to comet-gazing. Well, maybe some young couples wandered into the darkness, to study anatomy instead of astronomy. Just another educational experience.


News sources were starting to run headlines like COMET K-Y COMING SOON and LOOK TO THE SKIES. Doubters ran stories suggesting BIGGEST FLOP SINCE KAHOUTEK? and SEEN ONE COMET, SEEN THEM ALL. Astronomers and astrologers were excited for very different reasons and with very different audiences. They continued their bloodless feud. Astrologers made more money, of course.


"Good evening! Welcome back to KCUF-13 News at Six. Our lead story is still the Pope's disappearance. We'll have updates in just a few minutes. But now, with the latest on weather and meteors and stuff, here's our never-resting staff meteorologist, Ivana Bigvun. Ivana, how do the skies look tonight?"

"Thanks, Dick. As you can see from the graphic, we'll have clear skies throughout our broadcast area, perfect for viewing the Tres Anos meteor shower. Expect two hundred to three hundred flashes per hour from sunset to around midnight. And right after that, Comet Kent-Yanokya will appear over the northern horizon. It's showing quite a good tail now..."

"And so are you, Ivana!"

"Er, thanks again, Dick. Anyway, after midnight, look north, and you'll see K-Y in all its glory. Weather at night and during daytimes will be about the same as today, warm and clear, for the next week at least. Yes, it's a great K-Y season!"

"I've already stocked up on K-Y, Ivana. I'm ready for anything!"

"Er, yes. Well, it's good to be prepared, Dick. Say, you were in the Boy Scouts, weren't you? Made Eagle? Did you ever play with your scoutmaster?"

"Sure did, and boy, did K-Y ever come in handy then! Well, thanks for your report, Ivana. Next, we'll hear from our sports correspondent, Dirk Firkin, right after these messages..."


The distinguished man in a tweedy charcoal suit tried to look inconspicuous as he stepped through the cottage door. He passed signs reading MADAME BLOVIATSKY - PSYCHIC HEALER - FORTUNES - ASTROLOGY - TAROT - DIVINATION. He did not want his associates to know where he was.

"Welcome, Professor Chiron. You have a question in mind. Please ask me -- I have an answer."

Oh damn, she recognized him! He started to sweat and stutter.

"Oh, calm down, professor. I know all, and see all, but tell nothing, except to those who need to know. And I see you're anxious about your privacy and reputation. Don't worry. We can talk in complete confidence. Nobody will ever know."

"Er, umm, yes, well I..."

"You want to know about the comet, don't you? Not about where it's going -- you know that already. You've calculated that to the tiniest fraction of a mili-arc-second, haven't you? No, you want to know what it MEANS, what are the probable implications for the world's people, don't you?"

He nodded. He continued to sweat.

"Well, go on, then. Frame your question. I must have a specific question before I can give an answer. Ask me. And don't think about money - there's no charge for this session. Now, your question?"

He hemmed and hawed. He gathered his courage.

"Madame, from your readings of astrological patterns, can you tell me if Comet Kent-Yanokya has special significance? Can humanity expect changes, great or small, due to the comet's passing?"

The woman's broad Slavic face smiled. She nodded; the heavy beads dangling from her neck rattled.

"Ah, even with your telescopes and spectroscopes and supercomputers, you can't learn everything with your science? You have maybe detected something strange about this comet? Yes, yes, I know, there is more to the universe than is contained in your natural philosophy. So, let us look to the spirit of the sky."

She swept her thin paisley shawl over her shoulder and reached for her working tools - a Panasonic ToughBook laptop, capable of surviving volcanic eruptions and comet strikes, and a strange carved icon of an eerie, distasteful entity. The professor was uneasy when he saw the icon. It reminded him of... odd legends. The name Cthulhu brushed his consciousness. He suppressed the thought and focused on the astrologer.

The woman murmured as she keyed in numbers and queries. "Hmmm, Saturn is trine, Venus is in opposition, the comet's path moves up Uranus, mmmm..." Diagrams and inscriptions in many colors scrolled down the screen. She fingered the icon and muttered a rough curse as she read the results.

She looked up at the astronomer. Her expression was grave.

"Professor, this is strange. I have never seen a chart quite like this."

He peered over her shoulder at the diagrams, his eyes glinting.

"No, don't bother trying to read this, it needs my interpretation. What I see here is..."

She took a deep breath, then exhaled.

"Expect great changes, yes, very startling changes. We are at a major cusp. It's as if humanity was to sit on a razor's edge in time -- but we've already fallen from that edge and slid down one side. A great transformation is upon us. I can't see the details. I just know that nothing will be the same from here onward.

"People will look and feel and act differently. Much will be unveiled and nakedly revealed. How people will handle those revelations, well, that's uncharted territory. I mean it's literally off the chart -- beyond the range of what can be calculated and interpreted, by me, by anyone. But this will affect all human life and love and lust and looking, I can see that much.

"There will be violence but maybe not war, not organized war anyway. I don't see movements of vast armies and navies and air forces. In fact, I see... shrinking forces, soldiers throwing down their weapons and ammunition and deserting, leaving their ranks. But I can't tell if they're going home, or to where...

"This is all very confusing and disturbing. You were wise to come to me, professor. I see strong warnings but I don't know how to heed them. You must prepare for this great, raw, unknown change. Make peace in your personal life, your professional life, your spiritual life -- yes, I know you have a spiritual side. Cultivate it. You will need it.

"And that's all I can tell you." The woman settled back in her overstuffed chair. "You should go now."

"Look, I know you said no charge, but I feel I must pay you." He wrote a check, handed it to her. "Assuming this check and money will be any good after the... transformation, that is."

The astrologer just nodded. The astronomer left quietly. He had much to think on. He wondered what his wife would say.


Dell thought it was a very good joke. He posted the new advertising banner on the wall in the "marital aids" section of his adult goodies store: FORGET THE K-Y COMET -- REMEMBER THE K-Y JELLY! He tried to think of sleazy puns on HER TAIL OR A COMET TAIL? and ASTROGLIDE NOT ASTROBLEMES! and other catchy phrases. He wondered if he could find any official NASA Astronaut dildos. Yeah, those should be hot sellers! Dell chuckled in anticipation.

Dell would not have chuckled if he were at home just then, and had seen his lovely willowy redheaded wife Glyneth with her three close friends.

These particular friends -- Dakota, Antonio, and Marcus -- were rather large black men with rather large black cocks. All three rather large black cocks were currently embedded deep inside her anatomy.

Glyneth groaned -- Marcus' massive member split her pale gluteal cheeks and worked in and out of her rosy rectum as her hips rhythmically rolled and rocked. She moaned -- Dakota's colossal cock slid deep into her velvety vagina. Oh fuck! Her cute cunt was stretched to the limit! She grunted -- Antonio's long lithe lingam filled her lips and mouth and throat, brushing her epiglottis.

Oh, she just fucking LOVED triple penetrations!

Glyneth worked hard on Antonio's hairy hardness. They were both rewarded when he spewed his foaming spunk deep into her kissing trap. She swallowed bravely and hungrily, and continued gumming his softening rod until he stepped away. He was done for now.

Dakota no longer lay in Antonio's shadow. His hands stroked Glyneth's hourglass torso and bounced her cantaloupe breasts. He could not help himself -- he raised his mouth to her boobs, and bit! He nibbled and chewed and sucked and toothed until her beautiful bikini-stuffers were covered with abrasions and contusions and bite wounds.

Oh, that hurt! It hurt so damn good! Glyneth groaned in agony and ecstasy.

Dakota's and Marcus' enormous cocks dueled within her, separated by only a thin film of flesh. She felt them tearing her apart. She loved it! They felt her, and each other. Their cocks rubbed together in an obscene mutual masturbation.

Their excitement geysered and spewed. Dakota grunted and came fiercely, flooding her thirsty vagina, and triggering Marcus' orgasm, filling her bowels with hot kinetic semen. Glyneth was almost beyond sensation.

Marcus lost control when he climaxed. His hands and nails dug into Glyneth's hips, leaving deep bruises and bloody grooves in her flesh. The pain drove her even higher into a stratosphere of stimulation.

The floods of sperm subsided. So did the twin twilight penises sheathed within her body. The black still-big cocks slipped sloppily from her fresh-fucked freckled nethers. Glyneth fell over, unconscious but smiling.

And ravaged.

Glyneth woke from her delirium. She thanked her guests and showed them out.

She showered. She inspected her damaged body in her dressing closet's full-length mirror. Hmmm, this was not good, not good at all. She could not let her husband Dell see her like this!

What to do? What to do? As usual, when she found herself in a predicament, she called her friend Lyn.

"Marked you up bad, did they? Well, come on over, girlfriend, I'll see what magic I can do on you this time."

Glyneth dressed gingerly. Her loose black pantsuit could not conceal her willowy form. Her corona of red hair stood like a flame topping a Satanic-mass candle. Even bruised and scarred, she looked damn hot, especially with her post-orgasmic glow.

Glyneth drove her zebra-striped Mini-Cooper from her downtown condo to Lyn's exurban cottage. She punched the duplicate garage-door opener and slid stealthily into Lyn's realm. Neighbors did not need to know of her visits.

Lyn was large and luscious and wore a loose silk sari. She met Glyneth at the door leading into the utility room. Their embrace and kiss were warm and sensual, as always. Lyn was careful not to squeeze her friend's bruised body too exuberantly.

Lyn led Glyneth to her bedroom. She fetched medical and makeup supplies from her bathroom pantry and arrayed them atop her walnut dresser.

"All right, girl, off with the clothes. Let's see what we're up against."

Glyneth disrobed in an almost-strip-tease. Lyn whistled, both at her beauty, and at the signs of physical trauma on display.

"Christ on a crutch! They really did you this time, girl! Let's see, does this hurt?"

Lyn lightly squeezed Glyneth's bicep. Glyneth winced.

"I guess so. How about here?"

A squeeze of a battered outer thigh -- same reaction.

"And here?"

Lyn leaned over and suckled Glyneth's left breast, then the right. Glyneth shivered but smiled.

"Oh, nice gentle kisses help; but yes, I'm sore as hell."

"How about down below? Let's see the damage."

Glyneth lay back and spread her legs.

Lyn shucked her sari. She wore nothing but skin underneath -- lots of skin. She was large but not flabby, tall but not towering, curvy but not fat, simply a big woman with big appetites and talents.

Lyn's tongue and lips were quite talented. She began an oral inspection of Glyneth's battered body. Up one leg and down the other; up to Glyneth's navel and torso and neck. Roll her over, and down her back and buttocks, and her legs again. Roll her over again, and worship her breasts, and then down to her center.

Glyneth almost forgot her aches as Lyn's mouth pushed her toward ecstasy.

Lyn closely monitored Glyneth's rising excitement. She waited for the exact perfect moment. Just as Glyneth crested, Lyn attacked! Bites to the clit, and squeezing of bruises, and digging fingernails into cuts -- the sudden wash of pain combined to drive Glyneth, screaming, into unconsciousness, a little death of masochistic mirth.

Lyn waited for Glyneth to awaken. Eyes slowly opened; a tired satisfied smile washed over her face.

"Oh lover, that was great! Give me a minute to recover, and then it's your turn!"

"No no no, you're in no shape for that now. Lie still; I need to fix you up."

Lyn medicated Glyneth's wounds and salved her bruises. Glyneth squeaked.

"Okay, stand up now. I know this'll hurt, but I've got to make you presentable.

Lyn applied a bit more medications and salves and then started with the makeup. Thin but opaque foundation and concealer layers; various powders and potions; skill honed from vast experience. Lyn had hidden and repaired Glyneth's damage before.

Lyn cocked her head and critically appraised her efforts on Glyneth's nude form. She nodded.

"There, that should do for the time being. Those bruises and wounds will take a couple days at least to heal, so you should be careful about touching Dell, and letting him see and touch you. He's sure to notice if he feels your cuts and scratches, or sees you react if he presses a bruise. I applied some long-lasting topical painkillers. They're not quite legal," Lyn chuckled, "but they should help you make it through the week."

"Oh Lyn, thanks so much! Let's see how good a job you did, okay?"

Glyneth reached for her large lover. Their naked bodies, one natural and strong, one repaired and tender, intertwined in a sensuous pattern of determination and desire. Glyneth took the top position in their 69, of course. Lyn's bounteous bosom and callipygian curves served as excellent pneumatic shock absorbers.

Orgasms are wonderful at distracting us from pain.


Time rolled by. The calendar turned its pages from spring into summer, from June to July. The noisy American Independence Day celebrations exploded and sloshed-over and were tidied-up. Maize sprang skyward in cornfields, as did daily temperatures and swimming-pool and beach attendance. Fewer clothes were worn.

And the comet grew larger in the night sky.


* July 11: Dell posted his last K-Y banner and stood back to await horny hordes of cash-loaded customers. The comet was SUCH a perfect sales opportunity! And the excitement should peak in just two or three days. Dell smiled in greedy anticipation.

* July 12: Glyneth had another fun-filled and bloody session with Dakota, Antonio, and Marcus, and their rather large black cocks. And then another makeup and makeout session with Lyn. Glyneth was harder to repair this time.

* July 13: Comet Kent-Yanokya made its closest approach to Earth. Our planet whizzed through the comet's thin tail. A hazy fall of stardust settled over Terra's fertile surface. Stardust -- containing dark matter.

* July 14: Bastille Day in France. Republic Day in Iraq. National Nude Day in America. And the day after the comet: Stardust Day, all over the world.


Comet K-Y aroused great interest with astronomers and cosmologists (and some cosmetologists). Scientists focused all available instruments on the ephemeral body and its gauzy tail, probing for secrets of its history. Such visitors from afar promised to reveal much about the evolution of our early solar system.

The comet also caught the attention of pundits, prognosticators, propagandizers, preachers of doom, and their gullible audiences, including cosmetologists. The usual end-of-the-world fears were trumpeted. Astronomers scoffed; comet dust was nothing new.

Comet dust had indeed fallen before, with no known ill effects. Ordinary comet dust.

But Comet K-Y was not ordinary. The comet was more than just a clot of debris left over from the condensation of the proto-solar disk into our planetary system. The comet was a mutant, a hybrid -- a mix of normal matter, and unknown dark matter.

What is dark matter? How does it interact with normal matter? Human scientists had only hypothesized its existence. The boffins had never actually seen any, touched any, nor analyzed any. Nobody knew what it could do.

They would soon find out.


Comet Kent-Yanokya sped past Earth on a hyperbolic trajectory early on July 13. The close brush with our planet's gravity would slingshot Comet C-Y toward the galactic south, flinging it far from the solar system. The comet would never return.

The first spattering of cometary stardust fell over and into the northeastern Atlantic Ocean. The last particles washed over the southwestern Pacific Ocean. Prevailing winds would slowly circulate stardust around the globe. But North America received the bulk of the many tonnes of extra-galactic dark-matter mix. The dust powdered a swathe from Labrador to Baja California.

Many tonnes of dust -- that indeed sounds like a lot. But this stardust was very thin, very finely spread in its wispy fall. This was nothing like the murderous din of debris when the planetoid Theia struck our moon Luna several billions of years ago. This was much more subtle. Only researchers collecting air samples really noticed it. At first.

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