A Fantasy Fulfilled

byRico Suave©

He collapsed on top of her, his still rock hard cock resting deep inside of her and she delighted in the feel of his naked body pressed up against hers. Absolutely amazing, she thought to herself at that moment. Un-freaking-believable. Her thoughts wandered to her husband at that moment, and how he'd always said that she'd really enjoy doing something like this if she ever allowed herself to. She knew it was going to be an "I told you so" moment later on and there was nothing she could do about because she had absolutely fucking LOVED it!

Tim tried to get her to stay the night, and though she did sleep lightly in his arms for about a half an hour afterwards, she insisted finally that he had to take her home. As he dropped her off at a quarter to five in the morning he asked her, "So you think your husband's really going get off on that? I mean, we could always do it again if he really liked it!"

"I don't know," she said with a sexy smirk, "do you think you'd let him watch next time?"

"Oh shit, if he wants to watch that'd be fine with me!" he replied with a hearty laugh. "Hell, maybe we can even tag-team you!" Once again he didn't expect her comeback, but nevertheless he delighted in it.

"Well why don't you give me your phone number." was all she said.






To Be Continued?

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by Anonymous

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by widowedidiot10/17/17

Shy wife?

I loved your story, it brought back a lot of memories. I had always encouraged my late wife to try someone else since she was a virgin when we got married, she would always tell me that she couldn't domore...

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