tagBDSMA Fantasy Meets Reality

A Fantasy Meets Reality


I would like to take this opportunity to dedicate this story to MLJ, a charming and warm woman who was the inspiration for the words that follow. I had never written erotica and quite frankly, before meeting MLJ, I didn't think I could or would. Thanks to my 'muse' I think I have made a passable first effort.

I would also like to acknowledge the fine effort of my volunteer editor, Linda62953, for her time, keen eye for details and sense of proportion.


"What the hell am I doing here"...

That was what I was thinking as I knelt there, nude and blindfolded in her hotel room. We had never met before but had carried on an extensive exchange of fantasy online. The idea of submission was new for me, as I usually have a rather dominate type of personality in my professional and personal relationships; business owner, self confident, charming, in control and usually having my own way... Both myself, and my online Domme were in our 50's... both attached to others and both very clearly expressing our expectations of what we wanted and expected from each other.

I did know that I wanted this and I knew I couldn't get it at home. My wife of 20+ years is too submissive to pull off the role of Domme. To please me, she tried a few times actually but it just wasn't her thing. As much as she enjoys my domination of her on occasion she was never comfortable reversing the roles. Her heart was obviously not in it. So the Question: Was I really going to submit to the whims of a virtual stranger?

Answer: 'Apparently, Yes!!!'

I had arrived early, having been told to be there by 1:30, and went to the hotel bar for some fortification and hopefully a glimpse of my soon to be Mistress. Now, I didn't really know exactly what she looked like despite the photos she had posted to me. None of the pictures showed her face clearly enough for a positive identification. My expectations from her profile were, 5 ft. 2 in. tall, voluptuous, blue eyes and light brown hair. She also mentioned that she "embraced her grays" which can be sexy as hell, (a la Jamie Lee Curtis). I remembered she once mentioned she enjoys an occasional whiskey as do I. When the bartender went to get my Scotch, neat, I casually scanned the bar's lunch crowd. No obvious candidates jumped out at me. There was a woman in a back booth who could be my Domme, light brown hair pulled back in pony tail, classy, dressed in a business suit, but it was hard to tell in the dim light if there were any tell-tale grays and sitting down, her height was difficult to determine. After finishing my drink I followed my instructions and went up the elevator to her room at precisely 1:30.

I pushed on the door to the room and it opened. As she told me she would, she had applied tape over the latch so it would remain unlocked. On the bed I saw a note addressed: 'To Pet', a blackout mask, a pair of soft cuffs and a black riding crop... 'Oh crap', I thought. I hope that's for dramatic effect; she knows my limits exclude harsh punishment. I read the note which said: 1) 'take the tape off the door, I have a key'; 2) 'strip naked'; 3) 'put one cuff on each wrist but do not attach them together', ('I'll do that shortly') then 'text me' (there was a cell #) 'I'm ready to submit to you' and 4) 'Put on the blindfold, kneel down and wait......'

It wasn't long but it felt like an eternity. The silence was deafening. Again I thought 'what the hell am I doing here?' It wasn't as if I had always wanted or needed to be dominated by a strong woman. No, the desire for this was very recent and very surprising. One day a fantasy played itself out in a daydream, took root, grew and would not leave. So there I was, ready to make it happen. Waiting and wondering, naked, body hair trimmed and genitals shaved bare, as per instructions. With my world in darkness and my senses heightened I, for the first time, noticed the fragrance that the hotel used to freshen the air. I could feel my heart beating in my chest as the hum of the air conditioner droned in my ears... and then the click of the latch of the door snapped me to attention. I heard a groan from its hinges as it swung open. As it closed there was a solid thud of finality...

After a brief silence I heard, "Hello Pet, I see you're ready for me"... "I see you obeyed my instructions."

Her voice was firm, soft, teasing, and enchanting. "Put you hands behind your head"; and I complied. Taking my left hand she gently guided me to a standing position... I was trembling and I began to get hard. She stood behind me and stroked my face. Reaching around me, I felt her kisses on my neck and her fingers on my nipples, raking them gently with her nails.

She whispered in my ear, "I know what you want, I know your limits... do you trust me?"

"Yes" I replied... A solid slap on my naked ass was followed by a very firm "from now on you will address me as Mistress."

"Yes Mistress."

"And within your limits, I will do as I please with you."

"Yes Mistress."

"And you will not speak another word unless I ask you a question... understood?"

"Yes Mistress."

Caressing my arms she drew my hands behind my back and attached the cuffs to each other. She rubbed her still clothed body against my bare back. What was she wearing? Not being able to see was the essence of frustration. Her hands slithered over my naked body, flirting, teasing and driving me mad. My erection was throbbing and there was nothing I could do about it. She backed away a little and even though we were not in contact, I could sense her proximity.

"On your knees my pet" she purred as she guided me back to the floor. The fragrance of her perfume was intoxicating. My body tingled at her touch and my cock strained with need.

"I wish you could see your Mistress, but all that in good time. For now use your imagination."

"I'm striping down to a black corset, garter and sheer black stockings... Oh, no panties..." she whispered in my ear.

"My pussy is bare and the cups of the corset leave my nipples exposed."

"My lips and nails are a deep red. You'd love the way I look..."

"If you're a good slut Mistress will let you see. You WILL be a good a slut for me won't you?"

"Oh, yes, Mistress."

My hair was being gently caressed by one hand while she used the other to slip a fingertip in my mouth "suck it like it was my nipple" she said in a husky voice.

"Oh yes! ...you do that so well"... and she sounded very pleased, "soon if you're good you may have the real thing".

Placing her hands on either side of my head she pulled me toward the fragrance of her mound, ordering me to: "Keep your tongue in your mouth, just breathe... and learn to love my scent." I complied, no tongue, but I couldn't resist the urge to nuzzle my nose in the now wet crack of her pussy. A firm but not too hard slap on the cheek was accompanied with the admonishment: "Bad Boy"... but I detected a smile in her voice from the lips I could only imagine; and I was pleased that she didn't pull away. Instead she held my head firmly and began to ever so slowly hump my face.

After awhile, I was told to rise and was guided to my feet and led across the room where I was made to sit in a hard desk chair. My ankles were bound to the chair's legs and my hands were unbound briefly before being fastened to its arms. For the first time I felt the riding crop softly upon the naked flesh of my shoulder. Slowly she traced a line lower, across my throat and down to my left nipple... lingering there briefly before the crop continued its descent down to the throbbing erection in my lap. One tap, two taps on my aching cock's head then one long slow caress down the shaft to my nut sack... And again, Tap, Tap, Caress... and again... and on... and on it went. My cock felt like an iron bar and my balls were as tight as a drum. Occasionally there would be a pause and the crop would circle my cock and balls before Mistress would continue... Tap, Tap Caress... alternating rhythms, Tap, Tap, Tap.... and ahhhh, that sweet caress.

Just when I was on the verge of exploding she stopped. Damn it!!! Fuck!!! That was so sweet... 'More' I wanted to whimper but I held my tongue.

I felt hands on my shoulders, a mouth heavy with lipstick kissed my face and with hot breath in my ear I heard:

"Tell me what it is you want my pet."

"Please let me cum."

"Did you take the Viagra as instructed?"

"Yes Mistress."

"So..., IF I allow you to cum now...you WILL get hard for me again?"

"Yes Mistress, I'm sure I would."

"Well, you have been very good so far and I do think a small reward is in order..."

But what she next said was: "Nooooooo... not just yet," and in her voice I could hear the fun she was having, toying with me, teasing and building my anticipation... She then broke all contact and I heard the sound of a drawer opening... "a little something for your training pet."

Still blindfolded I could only imagine what was in store for me. After a brief pause, I felt something soft tickling my left ear. Was that the riding crop again? No, it was something else. "Let's see how you handle this pet" and she surrounded my throbbing dick with what I knew could only be a cock ring.

"We can't have any accidents now pet."

"Not when my mouth will be oh... so... close;" with that I felt her hair on my thighs and her warm breath blew on my now turgid erection. Never had I been this hard! The agony was exquisite and just when I thought it couldn't feel better she kissed me on the shaft of my manhood and followed that with a long lick as if my cock was an ice cream cone she was protecting from melting. That ended all too soon of course and was followed with kisses on my neck and shoulder and fingernails raking down my chest. I felt her warm hand return to my erection...., (thank you I thought, maybe now she will allow me to spill my cum... foolish of me I know, but I couldn't resist humping into her hand as best I could in spite of my restraints);

...standing to my left, I felt her corset against the side of my head and I could make out the faint fragrance of her sex. A wet finger grazed my nostrils and I received a full measure of her exquisite scent. Sliding two fingers into my mouth she cooed; "Soon you will drink directly from the fountain...but first you must endure a bit more."

Damn this was so hot, if not for the cock ring I'd have been sitting in a puddle of my own man goop, long ago. With her hand still at my nostrils, allowing me to enjoy the aroma of her essence, she returned her mouth to my throbbing boner and began to suck in earnest. Long and slow she began, stopping briefly now and again to slap and I mean SLAP my dick. (Funny you wouldn't think that would be pleasurable but, I have to tell you, I really enjoyed it, in an agonizingly, frustrating, sort of way.) The hand at my nose would disappear momentarily only to return with fresh wetness and renewed scent. All the while she was cooing, and whispering... "I love your cock... so hard... so strong..." It must have been beyond blue and approaching deep purple, it was numb and I loved every second of it...

And then she did it... Grabbing my cock firmly in one hand she released the cock ring.

"Show me" she whispered," "Show me how much you appreciate what I've done for you," two jacks on my aching cock and I exploded, and she kept jacking and I kept cuuuuming, and panting and moaning. My orgasm lasted long after my ejaculation ended. The spasm at the base of my dick continued as my pride and joy deflated to semi-erection. Spent and empty I felt if not for the bonds I would float away....

After a brief rest, I felt her hand behind my head and the hard nub of a nipple poking my lips, "suck my sweet pet"... and I did, with delight... which contributed to an almost dreamlike state.

Having recovered somewhat from the intensity of my orgasm I felt hands on my face and gentle kisses on my lips replaced her nipple. My nose enjoyed the combined fragrances of perfume, her natural musk and the odor of my own cum.

I sensed her move behind me and felt hands on my shoulders. In my right ear I heard her hiss, "Look straight ahead and close your eyes"... and so the moment I had been waiting for was about to arrive. The blindfold was lifted and I felt her breasts on the back of my head. It took all of my willpower to resist the temptation to sneak a peek. My nerves were frayed and my nipples actually ached, yet I obeyed her instructions. Fingertips brushed my cheek and then trailed down to my left nipple where it paused, circled and then pinched, causing me to jump a bit and moan...

Leaving my nipple she withdrew and I was left to sit with eyes closed, heart pounding, waiting for permission to open my eyes and gaze upon the woman who had captivated me by words alone and kept me enthralled for these many months.

A hand finally touched my left cheek, followed by a gentle "It's time, my pet"... "Open your eyes"...

As I opened them, I was immediately struck with the confidence she radiated. More than mere beauty, she was stunning, especially the eyes, piercing blue eyes that commanded attention, and full red lips, smiling and so inviting. She looked much younger than the 50 years she had told me she was. A vixen dressed in black and red. Light brown hair streaked with grey. The spike heels she wore made it hard to tell her height. Not petite but not heavy she had luscious full breasts and generous hips. She appeared classy and with an air that left no doubt as to who was in control. Dressed in a corset, garter belt, sheer black stockings and spiked heels my Mistress looked every bit the Domme she professed to be. The sight of her breasts, exposed by the cut of the corset, had my half hard schlong beginning to stir again. She wore no panties and her marvelous pussy was exposed. The labial lips, full and plump, were shaved bare but she left a rich mound of brown bush neatly shaped above the cleft of her slit and I couldn't wait to inhale the bouquet of her flower and slurp the nectar from her honey pot.

Mistress was clearly aroused, and she wanted me to know it, her breathing was deep and her breasts rose and fell with each breath; her pussy lips so prominent and wet, made it obvious that she had enjoyed herself, although clearly not as much as I had. The sparkle in her eye shouted the obvious pride she had in her appearance, in her demeanor and in the submissive position she had seduced me into.

She approached and as she fondled my balls cooed... "Pet you have pleased me greatly, and there is so much more to come".....

Without being allowed to speak an idiot's grin on my face was all the communication I was able to contribute.

After a brief rest my arms were temporarily released from the arms of the chair and then bound behind my back. My legs were untied and I was guided to my feet and then to my knees. Mistress sat on the edge of the bed, spread her legs and beckoned me to her. Walking on my knees, transfixed on the waiting prize between her creamy thighs, I was stopped short with a palm to the forehead. "Remember pet, you only have one chance to make a good first impression" she chuckled.

"Start from the bottom, go long and slow and follow my lead."

Arching her pussy she drew my head into the moist warmth of her womanhood. Without hesitation my rigid tongue began its work. Up and down, slowly but firmly I licked. Reaching her engorged clitoris I paused briefly, to encircle it with my tongue before gently sucking... And then back down her love canal I descended, probing deeper, spreading her lips with my hot tongue... Hands began to caress my hair, I detected a gentle rocking of her hips... her breathing became labored and a low soft moan thrilled my ears... "Oh......." "Mmmmmmm...." "Ohhh......"

I was getting hard again and my arousal pushed me to increase the pressure and the pace. Mistress responded, the rocking of her hips became more urgent, the hands in my hair grabbed a fistful and the moaning grew louder... and then... "Oh you fucking slut..." "Yes, yes, oh yes, Eat MY Pussy," "suck my clit slut,"... "Yes make me come all over your fucking face"...

Forcing my face deeper into her snatch she ground her clit on my nose and humped me like her life depended on it. Her pussy was soaking my face. Her climax wasn't far behind and when it arrived, she came hard, spasm after spasm, clutching my head and panting.... I lapped up every drop of her luscious love juice and continued to gently lick and suck, as Mistress rode her orgasm down to earth on my tongue...

Looking up into her crystal blue eyes I softly kissed her stocking clad thighs, while she recovered from her orgasm. I could have stayed there forever but Mistress had other plans.

"You have a wonderful tongue, my pet".... "But... you missed a spot" she said with a wicked grin.

Rising to her feet she rubbed her soaking mound in my face. Then turning around she presented me with her lovely round rump. It was a real woman's ass to be sure, full and firm.

"Kiss It... Kiss my ass," she chuckled.

Kissing that beautiful butt would be no problem, but did she want more than kisses on her cheeks? Tentatively I planted a soft kiss on her right cheek, then the left, back and forth pausing briefly over the split of her ass to sniff and yes a quick kiss at the top of her crack. It smelled clean, freshly washed for sure as I detected a faint whiff of a flowery soap. 'Does Mistress want me to lick her puckered hole?' I thought as I knelt there. Is that what she wants? .......... I didn't need to wait long for the answer.

"Enough fooling around slut..." "Lick it..." "Rim my hole" she commanded, as if she could read my thoughts. Like a skydiver about to make his first jump I dove and hoped for the best. Leading with my tongue I pierced the fleshy crack of her butt and scored a bull's-eye on the red puckered hole of her arse. Working up as much saliva as my mouth would produce I bathed her hole with my hot tongue... round and round her anus... up and down her crack... "Oh yes, very good my slut..." she purred, "Very Fucking Good."

The ass licking didn't last long and it appeared to be more of a test of my willingness to obey, although there was no doubt about the pleasure Mistress received from my slick tongue in her crack. And I must say that it wasn't nearly as good as eating pussy, however not as bad as I thought it might be. Mistress clearly enjoyed it and in the end that pleased me.

Having done my best at pleasuring her ass Mistress had me kneel on the bed facing the headboard. Hands still bound behind me. Guiding my head and shoulders to a pile of pillows she began stroking and caressing my butt cheeks and thighs. In a firm, husky voice she asked "DO YOU REMEMBER THE SAFE WORD?"

Well here we go... "Yes Mistress," I managed to whisper.

"Use it if you need to!"

With that she went back to the dresser drawer and removed a flogger... long sinister tendrils of black leather which at first she lightly dangled over my shoulders, then down my back to linger and caress my tight muscular butt and thighs...

"Look at that lovely white ass"... and then it came, a SLAP across my right butt cheek, hard, from her open palm. That was followed by a soft loving caress of her hand and then another hard slap of the hand followed by the delicate caress of the flogger.

Hard then soft, alternating rhythms, alternating butt cheeks, right then left, my ass was stunned and then pampered. Now the flogger's intensity was increased. Then soft wet lips soothed my burning butt cheeks. My cock was in turmoil. Jolts of pleasure were followed by exquisite shocks of pain. Pain may be the wrong word; an ache, more of a sweet twinge that made my asshole pucker... on and on it went...

The intensity increased to a point where I was grunting and contemplated using the safe word. Then as if she could read my mind the flogging eased and was replaced with soothing, almost comforting strokes.

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