tagLoving WivesA Farmer's Wife

A Farmer's Wife

byThe Bard©

In homage to another unknown author I am adding this small preamble for the premise of my last scene comes from a forgotten story I personally found erotic. Although I have used my own descriptive flow and imagination as to how the events might have unfolded much of the original still exists as I recall it from memory.


Was it some dark mysterious plan which formulated in the back of my mind or mere coincidence I ask myself? Surely it could not have been by chance, for the events which unfolded changed my life and showed my wife how much I loved her. I suppose I should though begin at the beginning for it is there that the events unfolded.

I work or perhaps more accurately run a farm which on the whole is long days and strenuous work. Don't kid yourself though that just because I'm a farmer I'm dull. No I'd say I have my share of wild days or nights and sometimes even both. Also being an owner operator I have the luxury of being able to delegate the work load so that should I need or want time off it can be had at a moments notice.

During our peak season though life always gets a bit more interesting for it is at these time I need the extra efforts supplied by seasonal employees. I advertise far and wide for a selection of pickers, sorters and heavy labors, and as is always the case I find myself immersed in the vast characters of life. There are many stories I might well share but it is my own I chose to because here I know all the facts and the truth.

Perhaps now I should also explain that although I am 46 my wife is a mere kitten at 33. She is shapely, intelligent and oh so sweet but what seems truly remarkable to me is her wild sexual side. Often I wonder what I did to ensnare such a prize for age aside there are days I don't think I could keep up. You see I knew my wife had but one lover before me, and being younger she might well harbor certain curiosities; curiosities about size, technique etc., but life taught me the extent.

I recall even now how it all began; how one day I decided to show her, but let's face it I couldn't just find a guy to screw her, too many things could just go wrong, bad or I might never know the results. No I decided that in order to explore this I'd have to be there and so I came up with a silly plan. I'd be the man to seduce her. Ok, ok I know that's ridiculous, but I'm a farmer not a rocket scientist so hear me out.

The day was set, my wife was out getting supplies; yeah even farmers have to eat; and I emptied most of her closets and arranged everything in the back of my cube van. I set up poles to hang the clothes on and arranged shoes along the floor. I even set up a small curtain for a change room, a bench to sit upon and a mirror where she could review her selections. My plan was simple she'd come home and I'd be the traveling salesman come to show her my wears, and if all went well seduce her in the process.

So my wife comes home and moments later I pull up in the cube van. I know she's surprised to see me especially since I don't look like a farmer. I showered, shaved, put on cologne, and dressed neat but rather casually.

"Morning ma'am" I said with a smile as I exited the van. She smiled that wonderful smile of hers but before she could ask me any questions I continued. "My name is Walter, Walter J. Armbrooster, and I happened to notice you as I was passing." Now since I didn't use my real name she instantly realized this was a game and proceeded to play along.

"Good morning Mr. Armbrooster what can I do for you?"

"Well as I was saying, I happened to notice you as I was driving past and frankly. . . I'm lost."

"Really?" came her response. "Where exactly are you trying to go?"

"Smith's Falls" I replied, "But I guess I got all turned about and now I've no idea where I am. I have a map here perhaps if you could show me where I am, I can get to where I'm going." I added a smile and made sure my eyes scanned slowly down her body so she'd realize as a traveler I was 'checking her out'.

"Sure, sure" she said flicking her hair with her hand "But it's not really necessary you see it is easy to get there from here."

I recall how surprised I was that she played along so easily and so well, and in fact I was thrilled that this now added a whole new level to our sexual encounters. Even if this didn't work out we'd be able to have tiny role playing sessions and thus the encounters could be endless and surprising.

When she came up beside me and pointed down the road, I smelt her perfume and could just imagine a salesman being intoxicated. "You see that barn way off in the distance? she said leaning into me to point around the fence post. God she felt good. "Well just past that is the main highway, turn right on it and keep going you can't miss it and you'll be there in about an hour."

"Thank you so much, I really appreciate it. . . In fact I'll tell you what. Have a consignment of women's apparel in the back and to thank you for your kindness why don't you choose something you like. No charge of course."

"Oh don't be silly it was nothing you were practically on the right road all by yourself"

"No, no I could have been driving around for hours and honestly you're so pretty I'd welcome any chance to be with you even for a few more minutes." I saw her blush at the compliment and knew she wanted to keep playing so I then added. "Besides you're a lady and you can't tell me you don't like shopping, so the least you could do is have a look."

Naturally she agreed and we retired to the back of the truck. She was shocked at the preparations I'd gone through and played along looking at this and that, and all the while I talked about the clothes, what would look good on her body and was sure to offer up other compliments. I urged her to try some of the things on, and amongst all this slipped in general questions about whether she was married? How would her husband like this or that? Where he was as perhaps he could help her decided etc.

I figured if a salesman wanted to seduce someone as pretty as my wife he'd want to know these things so he could gauge her loneliness, how much her husband paid attention to the little things and let's not forget how much time one might have with the young lady.

With the various pieces she tried on I made comments about the fit and look, 'adjusting' them where needed and naturally slipping in a few caresses. Eventually I got around to showing her shoes, which I helped her try on, and lingerie which she found interesting but 'wouldn't dare' try on.

My caresses were becoming longer and bolder resulting in her nipples hardening noticeably, and so now I introduced the perfumes and massage oils. I explained that the proper use was extremely important and that if she applied them correctly her husband would become a wild man unable to resist her natural charms. This naturally lead to the demonstration of proper use and soon applications on the forearms, became arms, shoulders and neck. I stopped as my fingers nudged the collar of her blouse off her shoulders so that only her breasts and friction held it in place.

Now I pulled her body back into my lap and told her to close her eyes. This way she'd better remember the techniques for later and then I started rubbing her thighs. I recall the shocked tension of that first contact and how she began to rise, but I told I was sorry, and that even though I was a trained professional I should never have been so bold without asking. I explained that here above the knees was most critical for the oil's application but that if she felt uncomfortable with the demonstration I could always wait for her husband.

"No, no" was her response, she was just a bit shocked that was all. She wanted to surprise her husband and she'd best learn the proper use first. I felt like the salesman just then yelling in my own mind SCORE!!!!, and when she sat back down I could already feel my cock beginning to swell.

With permission on my side and her closed eyes I again began on her thighs, rubbing tiny circles as my voice whispered how beautifully hot and silken her skin felt. I whispered how sexy she was and told her that with this application technique she'd be able to feel her husband's excitement grow, knowing full well she could feel my cock throbbing hard and pressing against that ass. My lips were so close to her ear as I continued rubbing and telling her that as the warmth spread through her she should relax into it. Enjoy the sensations for as she gave in her husband would become unglued.

Boy was that an understatement I was dying to start making love to her, but then that would have been reverting back to myself and I wanted her to experience someone else. Still though as my fingers moved and my whispers slipped into her mind her thighs began parting so my fingers could trace tiny intricate patterns higher and higher. My lips would now occasionally brush her skin, and I felt the shivers after each but more than this I felt her hips begin slowly rocking on my hard, hot, aching cock.

The time was right, and so my fingers reached up and stroked through her pussy; ohh no panties could you imagine trying to stay in character; it was already so wet but the gasp and moan that contact made sent my desire spinning out of control. Now I eagerly teased her wet pussy. Slipping the tip of a finger inside and then withdrawing it. Her thighs shook and she squirmed harder on my cock so my other hand reached around and started caressing her tits.

Now my pretty wife was truly lost, she moaned and squirmed against each pleasure and so forgoing the whispers I started kissing her neck and ear. The hand which squeezed and caressed the breasts then began opening each button but after two her blouse slipped away to her waist. My hand now had free roam of her naked breasts while my finger tip thrust in and out.

I knew she wanted more I could feel her thighs tensing as I thrust the tip in and then her hips would flex forward trying to get more. "Do you feel how excited he becomes as he applies the oils?" I asked and she moaned "Yes. Oh yes"

"Your body is excited too isn't it?" I probed further "Oh God yes" she moaned.

"What would you like him to do now?"

"Oh fuck me. Fuck me hard" came her answer.

"Do you want to feel his cock thrusting inside you?" I asked and on the word 'thrusting' I pushed my fingers in hard to the second knuckle.

Her body spasmed once and she moaned "Ohh yess. . . Yes. . . Yes please."

"You want that thick, hot, cock pushing deep inside you? Thrusting hard and deep?"

Again my fingers mirror my words but this time her arms rose grabbed my hair as she answered "Oh God yes. Do me now! Fuck me and let me feel all of it!"

Thrusting deep now my finger sank as far as it could but then I held it inside as I drew her to a standing position. "Turn around sit on my lap facing me" I ordered and she did just that. As she turned I released my throbbing cock and the moment she saw it her eagerness to feel it inside was evident.

Quickly she straddled my lap and grasped that blood filled shaft directing it at her pussy, and when I felt the head part those lips I held her hips. It wasn't enough though to prevent her from sinking the head inside but it was to stop her feeling the entire length. I wanted this to be special to make her come differently than I had as a husband and so I held her suspended on only the tip. Her hips flexed and the head slipped out and back in then she grabbed my face kissed me and released all her weight into my hands. Instantly her body took on too much weight for my hands and my cock slammed home.

"Ohhhh" we both moaned into the air, but then a slight movement caught my eye. I looked again and saw it was only the dog but I leaned in and told her "I just saw your husband outside the truck" Her body shook intensely and I felt her pussy actually sucking at my cock and I knew she'd cum. She was biting my collar and a bit of my neck to stave off screaming out but I used the power of my arms to thrust her hips back and forth. This not only triggered my own orgasm but caused her to scream out "OHHHH GODDD" at the top of her lungs. Now normally I loved hearing my wife scream out because of something I'd done, but when she quickly climbed off my lap and said "Mister; you do have something I'll take as a thank you gift!!" and then she swallowed my cock.

It dawned on me when at last our energies were spent that this had been the hottest sex session I could remember save our first meeting and wedding night. The only apparent difference was the fact I was playing someone not her husband, so I asked her plainly if it had been a fantasy of hers.

Imagine my surprise to learn my sweet innocent wife often had fantasies of making love with others. Not only was she curious about size and technique though oh no... She was curious about threesomes, swapping, group sex and even women. "The pleasure of the body" she said "Seems boundless, and deep down I've longed to experience them."

WOW!!! What is a guy to say to that? I suppose in many ways I surprised even myself that day though, for I admitted that often I had fantasies of her with other women both with me as a participant and just a voyeur. I said that although I didn't know if I could handle watching another man please her I did have fantasies of me and another taking her.

We talked more openly after that and actually continued the role playing. Sharing little fantasies of people we saw or scenarios which came to mind. Sometime we pretended to be watching others getting so caught up in their passion our own would take over and sometimes we played at being watched. Realizing there was an audience and not caring. We became bold in our sessions teasing each other in the car, at the movies, and even progressing to the point we played at a friend's house while having dinner.

The sex was amazing and then one day we went out dancing and my darling got a bit tanked. She kept bumping into another lady and at one point it looked like they were going to have an all out battle but before I could act the cashier from our local supermarket intervened. We knew her right away, and although she was only 21 she seemed to instinctively know what to do.

She dragged my wife off to another area of the floor and together they danced. When the song had ended the young cashier hugged my wife, and then together they came back for a drink. My wife introduced her savior, with a smile saying "Honey this is Clarissa did you see how she handled that bitch?" and then leaned over and gave her a tiny hug.

I knew then my wife had way too much to drink, for this was so out of character, not only would she never have said "bitch" in public but she'd never have hugged a practical stranger in a public situation. I tried to introduce the idea of leaving, but my wife pouted and Clarissa said "Oh don't be an ole stick in the mud let her have a bit of fun. Her hand dropped onto my wife's knee squeezed it and she said at least give her one more dance.

Before I had a chance to answer though her arm slipped under my wife's and she continued "Come on I love this song." Again they were off into the crowd dancing away. I saw how with the crush of bodies they would occasionally bump together and how hands would push off hips to break free again. There was talking too but with the music and distance I couldn't hear what was being said I only know my wife's head would tilt back she'd smile and then lower her own lips to Clarissa's ear to respond. It must have been a great conversation though for I watched as it happened again and again and both ladies were sporting wide happy smiles.

When that song ended they slipped away to the bathroom, and after an indomitably long time they finally returned. I saw them exit even though the lights had been dimmed for a slow song but then they rejoined the crush and danced together close. Ohh how my fantasies took hold just then; imagining hands caressing asses and breasts in the dim lights. I imagined them kissing and grinding hips, while whispering sweet nasty thoughts into each others ears. Frankly I got so hot and excited from these two just dancing, that I cursed the end of the song.

Finally though Clarissa brought my wife back to me, and her eyes were a soft dreary glaze. I knew now was the time to take her away. I could see how she was falling asleep and so I bid our young guest a good evening. She smiled a contagious smile and said "You're right its time we went to bed". For a moment I had thought she was flirting? Her eyes sparkled so, but then she asked if I had a cell phone so she might call herself a cab.

She rescued my wife and kept her both happy and out of danger; a drive was the least I could offer wasn't it? Well I did and Clarissa agreed so together the three of us piled into my pick-up. There we were driving along, my wife and the young lady giggling about this or that when suddenly my wife turned and kissed her; square on the lips. Honestly I'm not sure who was the most surprised; Clarissa, my wife or I. Well in any event she didn't object and so my wife kissed her again and this time she kept kissing her.

I felt my cock jerk and begin to grow even though I started to think this was just some desperate rekindling of my earlier fantasy, but with each passing streetlamp I began to realize it was actually happening. There she was my sweet innocent wife actually kissing another woman. I had often fantasized about it but this was so much better. I saw my wife's hand slip across, but in the flash of the next streetlamp I realized it was actually under Clarissa's top.

My cock had swollen across my hips causing me great pain and I desperately tried to keep driving, shift it and watch all at the same time. There was a constant mewling of passionate sounds, moans, groans and what not, and frankly I was going crazy. I wanted to stop; to watch them; to help, but no this was my wife's foray and drunk or not I was determined to let her have the experience as she wanted it. More than that though I feared should I stop, so too would the seduction.

When at last we arrived at Clarissa's home and I had to stop, that was exactly what had happened. They broke apart as though nothing had occurred. My wife thanked her for rescuing her and bid her a good evening, to which Clarissa replied in kind although a bit breathless.

What happened? I just couldn't understand it. One minute they were like animals in heat and now it was as cordial as a meeting with the local pastor. We both watched as Clarissa went to her door and as she inserted the key, but then suddenly my wife turned and said "I need to pee can you wait a moment?"

"Sure no problem" I replied and then my wife was off down the same walk.

I waited and waited and waited, then went to ask what happened. The door was still ajar when I got there so I let myself in and wandered about looking for my wayward wife. As I came upon the young lady's bedroom I froze in my tracks. There was my wife sucking those pert young tits. The cashier's back was arched off the bed and she was moaning. Her blouse and bra were discarded, and her hands were gripping the metal cross supports of her headboard.

From one breast to another my wife's lips shifted each time bringing new moans and squirms. Her own thigh had pushed between those of Clarissa's and the already short skirt was beginning to bunch. I watch in utter fascination as my wife slowly worked her thigh ever higher while her hands and lips consumed this innocence's breasts. She had worked up quite the rhythm kissing squeezing scraping with her teeth causing the thighs to squirm and part and then her own leg would take up the slack.

I watched as soon Clarissa's hips began to rise and fall, knowing that was a sign my wife's leg had made contact and now that hungry pussy was dragging up and down for added stimulation. The young lady's moans and breathing told me she had surrendered and it seemed my wife knew this as well for now she shifted to draw away the last resistant folds of the skirt up over the ass and hips. As she did so I thought my heart would stop for not only did I see the thong, black, sweet, and silk, jammed tightly between the swollen wet folds of her pussy, but I also saw Clarissa's hands moving up under my wife's skirt.

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