tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Fateful Encounter

A Fateful Encounter


This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

This work is intended for MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY. It contains detailed sex scenes with intriguing yet unconventional themes, intended to arouse the reader. This may be considered offensive by some readers. In addition, legal limits may apply to such materials in your country of residence.

If you're still reading this, be aware that the main theme is awakening perversion in a male-female relationship. All sexual activity in this work is consensual and all sexually active characters are at least 21 years of age. Also, no violence, horror, politics, religion or any other buzzkills.


We had both just finished the grindstone of the academic year, ready to enjoy a breezy couple of weeks. To celebrate our newfound freedom, we decided to spend a lazy morning in the park. Me riding the bike, Amber sideways on the luggage carrier, with her arms wrapped around my middle. The park was just a few minutes away from the university dorms. It was several square kilometers in area, and it was easy enough to get completely lost in the more seclusive areas, if you didn't mind where you were going. On a working day before noon, it was very quiet in the park, even with the weather as balmy as this.

Skipping the nearly-empty recreational areas, we carelessly continued into the more wooded outskirts of the park. We found a nice spot within a crescent thicket, well out of view from the bike path. I put down the blanket and took out my smoke wares to start rolling a joint, while Amber set up her portable CD player. She laid herself down on her back with her eyes closed to enjoy the sun and the tunes. Red Hot Chili Peppers, excellent choice! My mind immediately raced back to their concert last November, the night that we first met. Sweet memories...

My hands could perform their task almost by themselves. Before the first song was done, I lit up, inhaled deeply and passed the joint to Amber. She turned to the side to look at me while she smoked, propping her cheek. I mirrored her position, putting my knee against hers.

For a while we just lay like that, eyeing each other, enjoying the music, passing the joint between us. I drank in her beauty, taking my time to appreciate her glorious features. Her intense green eyes, set in her perfect smooth face, framed by shoulder-length auburn hair, glowing in the sunlight. Her delicate jawline, naturally inviting the eye to her sexy collarbones, a suitable vestige of her magnificent bosom, barely hidden beneath.

It was Amber's habit to not wear a bra whenever she could afford the liberty, and today she definitely could. The tight tank top she chose to match her short skirt plainly advertised her shapes. My wandering eyes feasted on her outline, and then the contours of her nipples. To show her my appreciation of the display, I leaned in to offer a kiss. Amber responded as if my advances were long overdue. She moved her upper leg over my knee, grabbed me by the shirt and pulled me in further. In order to keep my balance, I had no choice but to put my hand on her bottom. Our lips blended, and after a moment, her tongue came to electrify mine.

One of the great things about being with Amber was the matter-of-course of her constant libido. Just this morning, she had treated me to one of her established quickie routines. I had awoken to her ass grinding into me, and before I could even come to terms with the good fortune of my circumstance, she had already enveloped me. When aided by her own manual skills, she was the master of the simultaneous relieve, which was nicely confirmed within a couple of minutes.

Amber interrupted my daydream with a squeeze through my shorts, producing effect almost immediately. With every heartbeat, I grew in her hand, until I was straining my briefs. Feeling licensed by her boldness, my free hand inched up her top. I traced my fingers under the snug cotton, slowly moving up. I half-cupped her breast and then lingered there for a bit, massaging it slightly. Meanwhile, Amber quickly reached into my shorts, making some adjustments to relieve my strain. She then continued to lightly stroke my slack shorts, which were now tenting considerably.

To return the favor, I gradually advanced my thumb till it rested to the side of her nipple. Sure enough, she had a bit of tenting going on herself, albeit of considerably smaller proportions. I flicked her nipple a few times, appreciating her immediate reaction to each of them. Just as I was considering moving on to her other breast, Amber abruptly broke our embrace and forcibly pushed me backwards.

Startled, I rolled flat on my back, only to be followed immediately by Amber lunging on top of me with a fierce look in her eyes. She launched herself up by pressing two hands on my chest, while drawing up her knees to straddle me. Somehow during that deluge, she had managed to align our groins perfectly. Amber wasted no time in pressing her mound against me, arranging her pelvis to establish the exact fit of her cleft on my shaft. Only now, I became aware of the song that was playing, as the Peppers energetically chanted its title: "Get On Top!"

This was when I realized Amber was planning to fuck me right here in the park all along. Before I knew it, I started objecting. "Baby, I don't think..."

She hushed me by putting a finger on my lips, and leaned forward. "No one will be able to tell as long as we keep our clothes on," she whispered hoarsely. "C'mon, baby, don't spoil it... I need you right now."

And with that, she started circling her hips slightly to back up her words. I had to hand it to her, as long as we weren't moving, this whole scene might pass as relatively innocent. Just a girl sitting on top of her boyfriend was actually not such an uncommon sight in this part of the park. Moreover, the things she was doing down there did not leave me unaffected. I looked up to scan the surroundings and still found them as desolate as before. I decided to put my hands on her ass and gave them a good squeeze to let her know my surrender.

Amber sat up again, and her circling intensified. It didn't take long before she was actually grinding me with some vigor, and even though we were both still dressed, I could feel her divided labia cradling my shaft through the layers of fabric. The sight of her firm, bouncing B-cups with her now prominent nipples reminded me of my earlier intention. I shifted my hands upwards to cup both of them, alternating light squeezing with fleeting pinches of her rigid, inviting tips.

I knew that Amber's receptive nipples carried my every stimulation directly to the center of her sex. Like always, each of my flicks brought about a shuddering gasp from my lover, and after just a few of those she had her eyes shut and was breathing heavily. Her previous circular hip movements had now turned into a more incessant up and down, as she was bumping my cock to apply just the right jolts of pressure to her clit.

Just like I knew about her nipples, Amber knew about my predisposition towards open display of female arousal. When my teasing had brought her to a sufficient level, she dismounted. My gaze followed her hand as it reached for her skirt, then lifted it. If I hadn't already come earlier today, the unfolding spectacle might have been enough for me to let go right then and there.

The flimsy material of her white cotton panties was completely soaked by her juices, rendering them almost translucent. I stared at her bald pussy longingly, feasting my eyes on her sensuously swollen lips, and her rocketing clit. Some of her wetness was glistening on my shorts as well. For a moment, I was just transfixed by her glorious crotch, drinking in the scene, imprinting it for later reference.

Amber wouldn't keep it that, of course. With her other hand, she shoved the now-pointless covering to the side, and brazenly plunged two fingers into her wet pussy. They effortlessly sank about halfway in, and she quickly executed a few charges against her modesty to enter herself completely. Then, she slowly withdrew her hand and extended it to my face. Her fingers were completely coated. As she brought them closer towards my lips, I picked up on her musky aroma. Giddily, I proceeded to lap up her divine nectar.

While I was still going at it, Amber decided we had played around enough. With her other hand, she reached for my groin and with one swift motion, my cock sprang free from its confines. She wasted no time in pulling it towards her, and rose slightly to position her opening directly on my tip. Excruciatingly slow, she started lowering herself, savoring the sensations of my ridges sliding along her furrow. I was now so incredibly excited, that I already felt my orgasm lingering just below the surface. If she started bouncing now, I would surely climax almost immediately.

And that's when I heard them, still distant yet very clear: the approaching voices of playing children. I froze in alarm, and tried to get up and pull out before anyone would catch us in the act. Instead, Amber responded by leaning forward, pushing me down, and tilting her hips forward, thereby even tightening her hold on my cock. She put her finger against her lips, and then proceeded to turn up the volume of the music just a notch.

And it was good that she did, because just moments later I spotted two youngish boys coming our way. Amber just stayed where she was, but she was wiggling ever so slightly to the beat of the music, and meanwhile tightening and releasing her muscular pussy. I was now buried to the hilt and felt Amber's slick juicy lips pressing on the skin next to my shaft. Oh my god, I was really close now, and squeezed my eyes to let her know my condition.

The boys ran by without even looking at us, they were too preoccupied with their game to notice anything out of the ordinary with a fully clothed girl sitting on top of a fully clothed guy. But the kids were trailed by their parents, strolling along at a more leisurely pace. And that's when Amber added an ever-so-small up and down movement to her pussy dance. I thought we would surely be caught now. The tell-tale movements, the sopping noises, the smell of sex heavy on the air...

From their approach I reckoned that the pair would pass behind Amber's back quite closely, and I tried desperately to act normal while she continued to casually bob to the beat of the music. She even added a bit of side-to-side sway to demonstrate that she was only just dancing. To delay my imminent release, I conjured up my go-to non-sexual images: a dead bird, a rustling tree, a crying baby, doggy-doo on the sidewalk... but to no avail. I stood no chance against Amber's persistent pulsing, and when I realized the inevitable, I just gave up all decorum and added a little thrust to counter each of her bobs.

I lasted just four beats before shooting my load. Oh, oh, oh, shit! That felt so good... I tried to be as covert about it as possible, but could not prevent some involuntary hip movements and heavy breathing. When my peak subsided, I saw Amber looking at me with a lewd grin, still wiggling her ass and clenching her pussy to milk the last drops from me. The couple had apparently just passed us by while all this was going on, they were about to round the corner and disappear out of sight.

I turned my gaze back to Amber when she moved to lift her skirt again. Her other hand went straight to her clit, ardently sticking up from her lubricious labia. I pulsed my cock in appreciation of the gorgeous view. Her panties were dangling loosely to the side, our mixed juices oozing from between us.

"God, I need to come," Amber breathed. She threw back her head and set her hand to work its consummate routine; index and ring finger gently squeezing and pressing her lips from either side, while the middle finger was doing rhythmic patterns directly on her sweet spot. I added to the fun by grabbing her ass and picking up the thrusting again. In no time she was moaning and whispering encouragements.

Amber was not covert about it at all. Her enflamed pussy in full view, bobbing up and down, panting and moaning to our rhythm. Faster, louder, harder, deeper, faster, hard, hard, deep! At last, her rhythm broke and she let out a long, deep, restrained moan.

Like always, I marveled at how strong she was in that area, her butt became rock-hard and her contracting pussy gripped me like a vice. When her spasms gradually subsided, Amber slumped on my chest, and our mouths locked once more.

I froze in shock when I heard a man cough distinctly, quite close by. We both jerked towards the direction of the noise, and I was stupefied to see the couple from earlier standing there, looking on, not even five meters away from us.

"Hey!" exclaimed Amber.

I was just completely speechless and couldn't do anything but stare. The man had his zipper open and a hand on his semi-hard cock. The woman stood bent over, with her arms folded across her knees, her back towards the man. Her skirt was pulled up, and the man's other hand was nestled firmly between her thighs. For a moment, everyone was silent. How long had they been standing there?

The man coughed again and looked slightly bashful. His cheeks were flushed, and he eyed his partner again before speaking.

"Thank you for the... inspiration," he stammered finally. "Do -- do you mind? ...Us?"

Amber spoke immediately and confidently. "Not at all," she replied, "but are you not concerned about the kids?"

I was still too baffled to even grasp what was going on, yet here was my girlfriend, handling a public sex situation as if she was doing her daily grocery shopping. I just laid there wide-eyed. Flabbergasted did not even begin to describe my current state.

"Well, those were not our kids," the man replied. "We actually saw them running off, and haven't heard anything since," he continued. "And this is also not my wife", he added with a grin. His confidence seemed to be growing now that we hadn't turned them away on first sight. "And judging from those clouds coming our way, we are not likely to see many others. But if we do..."

At that very moment, both of them moved in a flash. The woman stood, her skirt fell, the man's cock retreated back in his pants and within a second they looked like a perfectly normal middle-aged couple taking a stroll through the park. Amber actually looked impressed, I think she was getting some new ideas of her own.

"Okay, let's see what you got!"

Wow, I had to remind myself again that this was actually my girlfriend. I briefly considered raising my growing concerns, but thought better of it. Amber seemed genuinely excited about what was about to happen.

The woman now turned her back toward us and stood with her legs slightly apart. Then she started folding over completely, her hands reaching for the ground. By doing this, her short skirt actually slid up enough to give us a full view on her pantyless pussy. She was glancing at us upside-down through her legs.

When the man started to reach for his partner again, Amber stopped him.

"No, closer."

So commanding, yet so natural. The couple hardly hesitated to comply. Slowly, they came towards us, all the while looking directly at Amber, as if awaiting her indication when to stop. Amber said nothing. She just sat there, still straddling me, but facing them. Composed, in control. Deep down I knew that this was the real Amber. Dark, mysterious, powerful. I had seen glimpses of this temperament before, but never so prominently. It almost seemed as if she was in trance, and her alter ego had taken over completely.

The pair faltered when they had about halfway approached us, signaling the boundary of their own personal space. Amber didn't let them.

"No, closer."

She added a beckoning finger for good measure. Even slower, they continued their approach, while Amber kept on beckoning. At about a meter distance, Amber was satisfied.

"Ok, carry on."

Again, the woman turned and bent over. We could clearly see all the glorious technicolor detail now. Her clean-shaven lips were flushed and puffy, and glistening with wetness. They were slightly parted, and we could even see a little droplet forming near her clit. If Amber would lean over and reach out, she could probably touch it. The woman seemed to be quivering, despite the agreeable temperature.

From the left, the man's hand came to spread the lips even further, allowing us to peek directly into her hole. In the meanwhile, he had also taken out his cock again, which was now proudly standing up. In fact, the whole scene was so naturally lustful, that my own stupor broke and I also felt my blood returning again. I was accepting that I was actually living this, and part of it. Feeling my cock stir made Amber turn to me for the first time since the couple's announcement. I grinned sheepishly, she just winked at me and turned to our uninvited guests again.

The man was still just playing with his partner's labia, sliding his fingers across in the direction of her clit -- yet avoiding it, teasing her.

It seemed natural that the initiative was with Amber now. Her order to insert his thumb was almost immediately followed by the corresponding action. With a half-turn of the wrist, the first digit went in smoothly and then he looked at my girl again.

"All the way down," she said, and so it happened. The woman gasped as the thumb disappeared completely, and the man's palm was now firmly pressing on the pubic area.

"Pump it," Amber commanded.

A part of me still believed I was dreaming. My girlfriend was ordering about complete strangers on how to have sex, in public, while we looked on with our privates still interlocked. But since this was a dream, I could also do what I want. Without consequence. As Amber continued to order different amount of fingers, different paces and different angles, I formulated my plan. And mustered up the courage. Just as the pussy play seemed to be building towards a climax, I butted in.

Since I hadn't spoken in a while and my throat was dry from smoking and exertion, my voice sounded croaky and almost otherworldly. But my single word was clear enough for all of them to be heard. The three of them stopped dead in their tracks and turned to me. The angry flash from Amber was impossible to miss. Had I actually ordered them to stop? For a second I worried that I had broken the spell, that the game would now be over.

But the other me, the dream, continued. I locked eyes with Amber and arose from my horizontal position, slightly pushing her back with my chest. She readjusted her legs around my middle, so that she was still comfortably sitting on my lap. I pulled up my own legs to press her butt into me. I was glad to see in her eyes that I could actually bewilder her as well as she could me. Then I faced our companions, who were eyeing both of us quizzically.

"Take out your hand."

As the man did my bidding, I immediately sensed that it was well, the command had passed to me. The woman still stood bent over, panting heavily. A string of juice was dangling from her pussy. I considered my next words carefully.

"Let my girl taste it."

In the corner of my eye, I noticed Amber's indignant reaction. Very satisfying, indeed. The man simply extended his hand toward her expectantly. Now, completely taken by the dream, I was feeling very bold.

I could almost see Amber's inner dilemma: if she left the game now, I basically would have won. Long slow seconds passed before her pride won over her restraint. At last, Amber slowly turned back to the man, and stuck out her tongue. Exactly like I planned it. Two can play this game, baby.

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