tagNonConsent/ReluctanceA First For Everyone

A First For Everyone


The sound of the car outside would change my life. I heard the engine pull up to the curb and looked out the window of my friends house. He'd let me sleep over his house and I was on his couch in the living room of his parents house. We'd drank a bottle of tequila and smoked some weed before he'd passed out in his room, and I'd made myself a bed on his couch and settled myself to watch some television.

I heard the door close and saw his mother stumbling up the driveway. In the passenger seat of the car I could see her boyfriend asleep. The chair tilted back and his head hanging off the side of it. The front security lights had come on and in the brisk light I saw her drop her keys and stoop down to pick them up.

Her name was Loraine, but everyone called her Lorry. Maybe in her early forties late thirties, I wasn't sure. She had short hair, cut to her shoulders and it was auburn in color. I'd never thought her particularly attractive, but she loved to wear short skirts with stockings, and that always had caught my eyes. She was wearing a short skirt now, I saw and a loose blouse that caught her large breasts in them as she bent over to swoop her keys. She was obviously very drunk.

I heard her fidgeting with the lock, unable to open the door, so I got up to help. I opened the door.

"Hello." I said.

"Hello. Surprised to see you here."

"Yeah, Joe let me stay the night. Is it alright if I do?"

"Yes. Don't even have to ask."

"Where's Bob?" I asked, looking to the car.

"Oh, drunk. Asleep, he won't wake, so I left him." She giggled and stepped into the house, nearly falling, so I grabbed a hold of her. My hands instinctually going to her hips to steady her. My fingers catching just the back of her skirting material, where her flesh began to soften up to he roundness of her ass. She didn't seem to notice or mind and I kept my hands there for a few moments, the tequila I'd drunk giving me the courage to do something I wouldn't have sober.

I put one hand on the small of her back, as if to guide her in and shut the door behind her. She leaned into my chest as I did so. She was shorter than me, the top of her head coming up to my nose. I could smell alcohol and cigarettes on her and the faint linger of her perfume. She was short and a little plump, so that her shortness forced her butt out and thickened her legs quite nicely. I hadn't realized how far her bottom hung out until my hand was on the small of her back and the arch created there by her butt came out at almost a ninety degree angle. I could have rested a cup of water on that small shelf of backside.

My hand slipped down a little from where it was, on purpose of course, and I felt the great softness of her butt cheeks. Felt the silky material of her dress stretching out over the ass. Felt the hard line of panty underneath it, a thong maybe, from the way it disappeared my my finger tips so quickly.

Oh, my god, I just felt Lorry's butt. I thought. My friends mother's ass. She was twenty years older than me, and I'd just hardened my dick at her touch.

Her skirt was short, up to the middle of her thighs, and she wore purple leggings and high black boots.

"Here, sit down." Said directing her to the couch where I'd made my bed.

"But my room is over there."

"No, just sit here a minute." I took her by the waist and sat her down. She stumbled once more and I took her skirt came up a bit. I sat her down and she sighed comfortably as she did so.

I sat next to her and placed a hand on her thigh. Bolder by her drunkenness.

"Oh, no." She said, pushing my hand off. But I placed it right back and she didn't say anything else. So I explored her leg. Running my fingers up her thigh, then down to her knee. Feeling the warmth and the softness under the nylon. She turned her head so as to watch a movie that was playing, not saying anything to me.

I hoped my friend wouldn't wake, or Bob. My dick was so hard by then. I'd never felt a woman's leg before, never gone further than making out with a few girls. I knew it was wrong to be feeling her up, but it had been something I'd always wanted to do to a woman in a skirt. Especially an older woman who had no business with a young man like myself.

And her legs were so soft. I finally made my hand disappear under her skirt. Up to the warmth between her legs. She had them closed, so I had to kind of wedge my fingers up there. She grabbed my hand to pull it out, but I kept my arm strong.

"This is wrong. I know your mother. I can't do this. You can't do this." She said, her words slurring. But then her hand went to my crotch, her fingers to the bulge of my hardness. Poking at my dick, prodding it alive with her fingers and her long red fake nails.

"You want it?" I asked her.

She didn't answer, but I unzipped my pants anyway, unbuttoned them and pulled my boxers down so that my dick sprung up. I looked to the hallway to make sure my friend wasn't coming, then to the window to see if her boyfriend was till asleep.

"Oh." She managed to say as her fingers went to it. Wrapping around it as a boa constrictor would its prey. She seemed mesmerized by it. "It's so hard."

"Not like Bob, right?" I asked her, my hands in a heaven of warmth and pantyhose, up this woman's skirt.

"No. Shhh." She said and moved her hand from it. I took her hand by the wrist and put it back and this time she began to jack it off.

"Like that." I told her, surprised by my own bold words.

I wanted to feel her breasts, so I removed my hand from her skirt and squeezed the globes under her shirt. They were bigger than any girls I'd touched, these were women's breasts not girls, I reminded myself. Then I let my hand go up her shirt and pulled her bra down, her nipples coming to. I pulled her shirt up and saw them. Two pink things, hardened and pointing downwards. My mouth went to them. Feeling the hardness with my tongue. My hands went down between her legs and she opened them for me.

I rubbed the how softness between, felt how her skin seemed to move loose with my finger tips. It became wet down there, soaking wet.

"Put my dick in your mouth." I whispered to her. She didn't move, but with a gentle push I had the woman leaned over, her head in my laps. Naturally her lips found my penis. It was soft as I'd imagined it would be, never haven had a woman do it before. Her lips pecked at it, then her tongue came into the picture. Soft sloppy, then hard and pointy, depending on what she wanted it to do. It tingled. It felt wonderful. Her hot breath warmed me down there and I saw her head make little movements, her neck tilt, her hair adjust itself. I could hear the soft trickling sounds of her spit and air. She hadn't yet put it in her mouth and I was waiting anxiously for her to do it.

How would that feel?

Then after much licking and kissing and slurping over the shaft she did it. She opened her mouth and I could feel the tip between her two lips, feel her lips pressing down and sliding over my dick. Her tongue quivering under my shaft as it entered her, and I was in.

Ah, how many times had I seen those lips working. Speaking to me, laughing, over the years I'd known her. And never once had I imagined they would be wrapped around my cock. Never once. And this night they were. I enjoyed them, the fullness of them, the wet glory of her mouth. The soft moans she gave if she went too deep, as if she licked it as if it were the best tasting candy she'd ever experienced. I wondered if she did this for her boyfriend Bob. Smiling to myself as I thought this, he'd never know what his live in girlfriend had done to her son's friend.

The movie on the television played on, and Lorry sucked on. Her head up and down with the time of her own music. A young hard cock in her old mouth. What a slut, I thought. Sucking a young mans cock in her own living room. My first blow job by an older woman. What luck!

"Yes, lick it now." I ordered to her. She'd begun to take it deep and hold it in her mouth, not moving up or down, just holding it there and sucking and massaging with her tongue. Making me almost cum, so I wanted her to lick it. To give me more time. But she didn't listen, so I pulled her head off it, slowly and it came out of her mouth with a pop. Her tongue trailing out after it, a string of spit down her chin. She licked her lips and wiped her chin with her forearm.

"Mmm, Yummy." She said.

"You suck good dick."

She nodded her head, "Only for good dick. And you, young man, have a wonderful cock. It's so hard. I'd forgotten how hard they can get."

I wanted to fuck her now. Now before I came and anyone woke up and took me from this dream of an encounter. I pushed her back so that she lay on the couch and reached up under skirt, pulling down her pantyhose. Her blindingly white legs came into view from the purple stockings. A red shiny thong covering her wet pussy.

"Maybe not this. I can't cheat." She said, pushing at my chest. But I ignored her like usual. Nothing was going to stop me now. I was going to lose my virginity this night with this woman.

I was on top of her and my dick found the wetness, the heat of her sloppy slippery furnace. There was no pressure as it slipped right in. It wasn't as tight as I imagined it would have been. Maybe because she was in her forties or because she'd had kids. But it slid in and made her dig her nails into me. Her legs were up and wide open, her breasts hanging out and jiggling with each thrust into her. I was fucking her good. Nice strong thrusts upwards and when I pulled back my dick would slide right out, then plunge back into her. Into the fire.

She moaned into the pillows and licked my neck.

"That's it." She whispered in me. "Nobody has fucked me like this in years. Your dick is so hard....oh wee...hard...ow...mmm."

But as good as it felt it wasn't enough for me. I wanted to fuck her in the ass. Punish her a little for being such a slut, for her pussy not being as tight as it should have been. What could she say? She would already be in trouble.

I pulled out of her and dropped to the carpeted floor, pulling her with me. Pushing her over the couch so that her knees were on the floor with me and I was behind her.

Damn her butt was big. So big.

I gave it a few grabs, enjoying the way it moved and felt. I put my dick on it, let it slide between her cheeks like a hot dog in a bun and squeezed each great cheek closed on it so that my dick disappeared in the fatty cheeks. I stuck a finger in her silky pussy and then circled the tiny ass hole that she had hidden between those pillows of ass. It was so hard and warm, flexing under my touch. I let the finger tip push in just a bit and man, did she wiggle. The strength of her butt was amazing. A tightness I'd never dreamed of waited for me in that butt. Even the heat was intense.

I pushed my finger in more and she leaned away from me, but the couch wouldn't let her get any further. Until the entire finger was being crushed by the weight if her body, her everything trying to push me out of her secret spot. Of the tightest hole on her.

"No. In my pussy, put it in my pussy." She said to me.

I took my finger out and let it slide in her pussy, and he pushed back on it. I put three fingers in her pussy and she moaned and wiggled her butt back and forth as if trying to work it all the way in her.

Sorry, bitch. I thought to myself. But I'm getting your ass.

I lined up my throbbing dick with her ass hole and gave a small push, it popped in. The head bursting through the forbidden entrance. She screamed. Too loud. Much too loud for what we were supposed to be doing in secret.

"Shh." I said.

"Take it out. Take it out. Take it out." She said, chanting it to me.

But no I wouldn't.

I pushed in and felt it go in in little jumps, each one making her moan into the cushion. When it was finally in my dick hurt and I leaned to her and kissed her neck. Her eyes were wet as if she were crying. "It hurts." She said to me.

"I'm sorry."

"No, it really does. Take it out. I want to go to bed now."

Man, she squeezed my dick. Her ass crushing it from every angle. I began to move it in and out. Fucking that sweet little hole of hers. Fucking that round bulbous butt that she kept hidden under skirts and panty hose since I'd known her. My friend's mother's butt was mine. I grabbed her hips and just enjoyed it. Doing what I'd always dreamed of doing to a woman, living out my fantasy with Lorry bent over before me. Her skirt hiked up, panty hose hanging off of one foot. Her red thong tossed on the couch beside me. She moaned and cried into the couch, her body frozen in place as my dick terrorized her ass.

"Does Bob do this to you?" I asked.

"Nobody does."

That's what I wanted to hear. Nobody but me did this to her. Her cheeks shook and jiggled to my movements. I began to tire, my dick was throbbing from the pain of being squeezed out by that tiny ring of an ass. Oh but how it squeezed me. Milking my shaft for every long thrust out and invading that special private space with every thrust in. I felt as if I I pulled her with me when I would come out, her butt following my movements, trying to ease he friction, so I held her in place by the hips and worked her so that only my dick was doing the moving. Her ass needed to just wait and squeeze, wait and squeeze, wait and squeeze. I felt sweat on her ass cheeks, on my forehead. My knees were beginning to ache, my hips from the thrusting. Then I came. A long squirt inside of her. Then another. Inseminating this older woman with my seed right up the butt, up the wrong hole. What would my friend ever say if he found out? What would her boy friend Bob say or do? I shuddered to think it.

When I pulled out, the dick plopped from her swollen red hole. Cum glistening from the shine of the television. I pulled her skirt down.

"Thank you." I said. "Are you ready for bed?"

"Yes." She said, lazily and slurred. "I think I want a cigarette, first."

"Come on then, get up and I'll have one with you."

I practically carried her to the couch to sit and pulled on the purple stockings for her. My dick hanging wet and bruised as I did it. I covered up the fat lipped loose pussy and that bud of an asshole with the nylon. Then pulled down her skirt, tucked in her breasts into her bra. When she was all ready we went out into the back yard to have a smoke.

The both of us not speaking, just inhaling the smoke. I looked up to the night sky and saw the brilliant shine of a hundred thousand stars. She looked beautiful under that star light.

"I'm sorry for doing that." I said.

"Yeah, me too." She said, not looking to me. But I leaned over and kissed her. Her lips found mine and we kissed. Our cigarettes burning in our hands as our tongues worked themselves over, mine forgiving, hers hating.

I head the front door slam open and we stopped kissing and she scooted away from me.

"Lor." Bob called from the living room. "Lor?"

"I have to go." She said, and she did.

When she did her butt jiggled as she got up and my dick stirred once more, battered and bruised. Lusting again for that older slut of mine.

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