tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMy Mom's Drunk Friend

My Mom's Drunk Friend


Nineteen year old Cody Henry slumped back on the couch, his eye's glazing over with boredom as he watched a repeat of some dumb reality show that wasn't all that good the first time round. It was a Saturday afternoon and he was stuck at his parent's house with nothing to do.

All of Cody's friends were in San Fransisco, there to see the annual Science Fiction and Comic Book convention. Cody would have loved to be there with them, but unfortunately he couldn't afford the trip and had been too lazy to get a part time job so he could go.

Cody pushed a button on the remote control, changing channels to a sports show that was screening highlights of the weekend's college football games. Cody never had much interest in sports, he sighed and pressed the remote again. His friend's were probably getting their photo taken with Seven of Nine from Star Trek by now, Cody would have killed for a photo with the busty Jeri Ryan, she was so hot!

"Go and get changed Cody!" his Mom yelled out from the kitchen, "my friend's will probably be here soon."

Cody groaned. He'd completely forgotten about the party tonight. His parents were having some sort of get together that he was forced to endure for lack of a better place to go. He would end up spending the night pretending to be enjoying himself, and having to be polite to all his parents old, and no doubt drunk friends. There was a rerun of the Empire Strikes Back on TV that evening he'd miss too. Just great. The worst part was that all the older adults would be getting drunk, while he wouldn't be allowed even a drop of alcohol if his parents had anything to do with it. At least if they let him have a couple beers then the boring party would be bearable. Maybe he would be able to sneak a couple if they were busy entertaining, but he didn't like his chances much. For some reason his parents very strictly adhered to the rule that he wasn't allowed to drink till he was twenty one, even at home.

"Okay Mom!" he called back at last, switching off the TV. "I'm going." He pulled himself to his feet and headed towards his bedroom, dreading the evening that lay ahead.

Cody threw on a brown striped shirt and a pair of clean jeans and gave his hair a quick brush. By the time he was ready, guests were already starting to arrive. Cody slunk out into the kitchen and grabbed a coke, finding a seat in the corner of the room as his parents cheerful greeted all the new arrivals and made sure they all had drinks.

The party guests ranged in age from early thirties to somewhere in their sixties. For older folks, his parents seemed to hang with a pretty cool crowd and the music was soon pumping and the beer and wine bottles emptying rapidly. Despite the party atmosphere Cody wasn't having a good time, he so wished he could be with his friends in San Fransisco, instead of stuck here with a crowd of old people he'd either never met or barely knew. A few of his parent's friends came up to him and politely engaged in conversation, but Cody's mono-syllabic answers soon had them excusing themselves and returning to the other guests.

The two highlights so far for Cody had been the arrival of Anne, the Henry's next door neighbour, and Codys father's boss sneaking him a beer. Anne from next door was in her mid thirties, one of the younger party-goers. She had long blonde hair, a killer body and was a total babe for an older woman. Cody had always had a little bit of a thing for Anne so her arrival was somewhat of a highlight, he hadn't realised she would be coming. His Dad's boss, Jim, greeted Cody with a rough slap on the back, saying how much he'd grown up in the last few years since he'd seen him last. He then slapped a can of beer into Cody's hand and looked around with a conspiratorial wink in Cody's direction.

"Don't let your old man see that," Jim grinned and slapped Cody on the back once more before heading off to greet a group of people from his Dad's work.

Cody returned to his boredom and quickly worked his way through the can of beer. He had to hide it behind his back for a brief five minute period when his Mom came into the kitchen, so when she left he skulled back the last quarter and got up for a wander round, hoping to catch another glance of Anne.

By now the party goers were starting to get rather drunk and rowdy and the music had gone up a couple of notches. Cody chuckled as an old guy in his late forties stumbled past him, looking rather green and barely able to walk straight. These old people can't handle their liquor he thought to himself with a smile.

The young teenager made his way through the house and into the lounge which now seemed to be the centre of the party. The lights were turned off, so he could barely see inside. There was just enough light from outside and from the hallway for him to make out a mass of people dancing in the lounge like some sort of disco, the stereo going full blast with some dodgy '70s Hits' CD his mother loved. Cody stepped slowly into the lounge, his eyes adjusting to the dark as he looked around and watched the drunken revellers dancing to the disco beats. Most of them looked very intoxicated.

Cody made his way through the small crowd of dancing middle aged drunks and sat down on the couch, enjoying the anonymity the dark room provided. He could just make out the dancers in front of him. Then he saw her.

Directly in front of him was Anne from next door. She was swaying to the beat of the music, and swaying a little from drunkenness as well by the looks. Her eyes were closed and her hands held above her head, apparently completely caught up in the beat. She was wearing a tight fitting v-necked t-shirt that was stretched taut across her heavy breasts, and a pair of snug blue jeans that clung to the womanly curves of her hips and ass. Although it was very dimly lit, Cody could make out Anne's big tits jiggling slightly as she danced, her buxom physique was definitely one of the things that attracted him to her.

Cody's groin tingled as he stared at his sexy neighbour dancing, for an older woman she was incredibly hot. Certainly more alluring than any girl his own age that he'd met.

Cody was about to get to his feet and approach her, when suddenly a pair of hands appeared on her hips and a head emerged from the darkness to rest on her shoulder. One of his Dad's workmates seemed to have pressed himself up against Anne from behind and was dancing with her. A big smile spread across the drunken blonde's face and her hips dived with the beat, pressing her ass back into her new companions crotch as he ground himself against her.

Anne's smile was blissfully unaware as the man's hands slipped up from her hips, sliding casually across her full breasts and giving them an eager squeeze. She turned around in the man's arms and started dancing face to face with him, her lush body pressed tight against his.

"Wow," breathed Cody softly. He rubbed his hard crotch through his jeans as he watched Anne dancing with the older man. Forget the Sci-Fi Convention! What Cody would have given to be that man dancing with Anne! Lucky bastard.

The man's hands once again moved over his drunk dance partners voluptuous body. Cody's eyes went wide as he watched the man's hands move to Anne's succulent ass and give it a squeeze through her tight fitting jeans. The two tipsy dancers were practically dry humping each other on the dance floor, joint at the hip as they moved with the beat of the music. The old man was kneading the firm cheeks of Anne's ass, thoroughly groping her for all he was worth.

"She's so hot!" whispered Cody, his cock was fully erect inside his pants now.

Suddenly the dancing pair broke apart. It appeared Cody was not the only one watching Anne get felt up on the dance floor. A woman, in her late fifties Cody would guess, yanked the man away from Anne and slapped him hard across the face, apparently the man was married.

Anne swayed unsteadily on her feet as she watched her dance partner get dragged away by his wife. The busty blonde gave a chuckle and then staggered off to the side of the lounge, straight towards Cody!

She moved past him and snatched up a glass from the coffee table and took a long sip from whatever it was, some kind of spirit Cody guessed from the looks of it. Anne then looked around the room, searching for something. Her gaze took in the entire dimly light lounge, till it finally rested on Cody, sitting on the couch right next to where she stood.

"You'll do!" she announced, her voice a little slurred from alcohol as she reached down towards Cody.

His hands were resting on his lap and he gasped in surprise as she grabbed at his hand, her hand bumping against his crotch a couple of time before she seized his wrist. If she noticed his erection however she didn't say anything.

"Dancesh wif me," Anne burbled, pulling Cody to his feet.

"Um, okay..." stammered the nervous teen as he was dragged out onto the dance floor.

Anne immediately pressed her lush body tightly against Cody, swaying to the beat of the 70's music that filled the lounge. He could smell the alcohol on her breath, she was even more drunk than he had thought and he felt a little guilty for the enjoyment he was getting from the sensations of her body writhing against him. But it was not his head he was thinking with, the throbbing hardness that was now pressed firmly against Anne's sleek thigh was guiding him.

Cody was breathing quite heavily, he could feel Anne's heavy breasts crushed tightly against his chest, and the way she was straddling his thigh and rubbing against him was driving him wild. Anne threw back her head and laughed, blissfully enjoying their dance and apparently unaware of her young partner's arousal. She threw her arms around his neck and pulled him tighter, rubbing her breasts against his chest as they danced.

Remembering her previous and more unfortunate dance partner, Cody decided to try his luck and cop a feel of the gorgeous blonde in his arms. He slipped one hand down from her hip, resting it on the small of her back so that the tips of his fingers were just touching the swell of her tight posterior. She didn't react to the movement of his hand so he moved it lower, slowly sliding his hand down on her ass and cupping her firm right buttock in his palm.

God she felt good! Cody's hand slid over Anne's delightful butt, stroking over both of her buttocks, then giving her ass a squeeze as his other hand moved down to join the first. Holding the older woman by the ass he was able to press his rock hard crotch against her, thrusting slightly with her hips so that he was practically humping her on the dance floor. Anne either didn't realise what he was doing or didn't care as she did nothing to stop him, she merely continued dancing.

Cody moaned into Anne's ear as he kneaded the firm flesh of her ass through her tight fitting jeans. Anne appeared to be getting turned on herself as she started to grind her crotch back against his. Cody was glad that the darkness of the lounge was hiding their lustful dirty dancing from the rest of the crowd.

Emboldened by Anne's reaction to his groping, Cody let one hand slide up from her ass, rubbing up the side of her body to her armpit. His hand then moved over the side of her full breast, feeling the swell of soft flesh the jutted out from where her tit was squashed up against his chest.

Still grinding in time with the music, Cody turned her slightly and managed to slip his hand between their bodies and onto her big boob. He gave another moan as the large orb filled his palm, the round melon felt incredible in his hand, even through the protection of her t-shirt. As he humped against her and rubbed her big tit he could feel the lace of her bra. He gave her breast a squeeze, feeling her hard nipple against the centre of his palm.

He was so turned on he was surprised he hadn't already creamed in his underwear by now. Here he was, at one of his parents' drunken parties, dancing with Anne, the gorgeous, busty blonde from next door, feeling her up on the dance floor, her big tit in one hand, her beautiful ass in the other. It was way too good to be true.

Suddenly, Anne pulled herself back away from him. The movement took him by surprise and his right hand remained fixed on her tit, but she didn't seem to notice or complain.

"I'm tired," she announced. "Let's sit down," he speech was still a little slurred.

"Ah," Cody stammered as he snapped out of his daze and snatched his hand back, away from her tit. "Okay."

He led Anne back across the dance floor and sat back down on the couch where she had found him a few minutes earlier. The drunk blonde collapsed onto the couch right beside him, breathing heavily from the efforts of her dancing.

Cody glanced around the room, but no one appeared to take any notice of them, the party was still going strong and the drinks flowing. He turned towards Anne, trying to think of something to say, to make some small talk, but when he turned he saw that she had passed out, either fast sleep or unconscious from over consumption.

"No more dancing then I guess," he murmured quietly in disappointment. He was about to ease himself up off the couch and go try and find an untended beer, when Anne slumped over sideways, her head landing right on his lap as she fell into an even deeper sleep.

"Oh," he replied with the shrug, not really sure what to do with himself as this beautiful woman slept on him, with her head resting right on his erection. He considered trying to slip out from under her, but didn't want to risk waking her, and besides, it felt kinda good to have her so close.

Cody sat awkwardly on the couch for a few minutes, trying to decide what to do. Then finally he reached down and grabbed a blanket, laying it over the slumbering woman and sat further back in his seat, getting comfortable. He gently reached down and softly stroked Anne's long blonde hair, causing her to murmur contentedly in her sleep. He was distinctly aware of her soft cheek resting against the hard swelling that filled the crotch of his jeans.

It wasn't long before Cody gave in to temptation again.

Still stroking her hair with one hand, he let his other hand slip under the blanket and onto Anne's shoulder. Looking around the dark room and confirming that no one was watching, he dropped his hand down to Anne's breast, once again filling his palm with the round orb.

"Oh yeah," he moaned as he gave his neighbours big tit a squeeze though her t-shirt. Anne didn't even stir. His hard cock pressing insistently against her cheek, Cody let his hand slide down to Anne's other breast, giving it a similar treatment, squeezing it eagerly above her top.

Her tits felt great in his hand and he moved back to her other breast, kneading the wonderful orb through her clothing. Cody hunched his hips upwards and pressed down slightly on Anne's head so that her cheek pressed more firmly into his crotch.

Concealed by the blanket he had draped across her, Cody's hand slipped down inside the v-neck top of Anne's t-shirt. He breathed rapidly as his hand stroked across the bare upper swell of her breasts and then moved right down inside her t-shirt, cupping one of her tits with just her bra between him and her flesh. He could feel her hard nipple, jutting against the material of her bra and into his palm as he squeezed her big breast. Cody pinched her nipple through her bra and she moaned softly in her sleep.

God he was turned on! The hand that wasn't stuffed down inside Anne's t-shirt rubbed at his crotch, he was hard as a rock.

Cody licked his lips and glanced around the room again, giving her tit another squeeze through her bra as he looked about. When he was sure that no one was paying any attention to him on the couch he pulled the blanket up higher so that it was now over Anne's head and covering his lap from view.

Cody slid his hand out Anne's shirt for a moment and gave her soft cheek a stroke, then he carefully reached down and unzipped his pants, sighing with relief as he reached into his pants and pulled out his hard cock. It felt so good to be finally released from the constraints of his tight jeans.

His loins tingled as the underside of his cock brushed against Anne's soft blonde hair. Although he knew it was wrong he couldn't resist the temptation to go further.

Cody slumped down a bit in his seat, carefully pulling Anne's head further up his lap so that her soft cheek pressed against his now exposed cock.

"Oh wow!" he gasped softly as he felt her skin against his penis. If she woke up now, or if someone saw them he was screwed, but it felt so damn good!

Cody pressed down gently on the top of Anne's head and jiggled his hips slightly so that his cock rubbed against the side of her face. Then he had a better idea.

He hunched further down in his seat, until Anne's head was resting on his lower belly and his cock popped out from beneath her face, fully erect and trembling slightly. He reached under her head and grabbed his dick around the base. Biting his lower lip and mentally praying she was too far gone to wake up, he guided the tip of his cock to Anne's lips. Cody moaned as he rubbed the head of his cock over her soft lips.

He prodded the tip of himself against her lips a few times and then turned her head slightly in his lap. At the same time he pushed upwards with his hips and guided his cock right into Anne's mouth. Cody moaned softly as her lips parted around the end of his cock and he slipped into the warm wetness of her mouth. Holy shit! This hot blonde actually had his cock in her mouth!

The angle was awkward, but Cody pushed up with his hips and cock the end of his cock right inside her mouth, the feel of her tongue on him was amazing. He pushed down on her head slightly and the head of his cock jabbed against the inside of her cheek. She felt so warm and wet, it was amazing!

One hand now resting on the top of Anne's head, holding her face down on him, his other hand moved back inside her t-shirt and grabbed an eager handful of her tits, squeezing at them through her bra. This was way better than any trip to San Fransisco, that's for sure!

Kneading Anne's big tits through her bra and pushing her head down into his lap, Cody began to hump up against her face. His hard cock slid between her full lips and rubbed over her tongue, pushing against the side of her cheek and the roof of her mouth.

He pulled out of her mouth and briefly rubbed the head of his cock across her lips, chin and nose, slapping his cock against her face a couple of times like a porn star. Cody moaned, giving her bra-clad tit a particularly tight squeeze and then he stuffed his cock back into her gorgeous mouth and resumed his thrusting.

He could feel his balls churning as he fucked her face, despite the tricky angle of her mouth if he continued he knew that he would soon blow his load. He stopped thrusting for a moment, wondering if he should continue and give his lovely blonde neighbour a mouthful of his cum. Would it wake her up? Or drown her?

The decision was taken out of his hands however as sudden the music was abruptly stopped. Cody froze briefly in shock. He could hear his mothers voice, the party was coming to an end. He quickly pulled his throbbing erection out of Anne's mouth and his hand out of her t-shirt. He pushed her up off his lap, getting her into a sitting position beside him on the couch just as the lights came on. Not having enough time to do up his pants, he managed to snatch the blanket back over his lap, covering his exposed cock just in time.

"Oh, there you are Cody!" said his Mom as she spotted him on the couch. He was carefully stuffing his rock hard erection back into his pants under the blanket as she approached, God his balls were aching for release!

As his Mom, who was a little tipsy from too much wine herself, got closer she saw the slumped over form of Anne and smiled.

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