tagNonHumanA First for Vanessa the Vampire

A First for Vanessa the Vampire


Halloween night gave a false sense of security to the non-human population. The added magic of the full moon complicated this night dramatically. Human-like facades were shed and the "monsters" within invited to come out and play. Vanessa sat on her porch swing and handed out candy to the trick-or-treaters. As usual for this time of year, the weather was chilly; yet, there was no wind. With a chuckle, she realized it gave the impression of death. Cold with no perceived movement. She was dressed lavishly as a sultry Vampire with a black cape, red leather bodysuit, high heeled boots, and, of course, blood red lipstick. Her long, curly red hair blanketed the cape which provided a stunning image of contrast. No one suspected that she actually took makeup off to look as pale as snow.

Vanessa was a two hundred year old Vampire. She lived many different lifetimes; but, this one, was as a suburbanite. She was single and rebuffed all attempts of her co-workers and neighbors to help her find love. Long ago she gave up the desire for one constant companion. Hunger gnawed at her insides like a vicious animal. Her last meal was two months ago; so, she planned to hunt down her own treats, tonight.

One by one her neighbors came with children and each smile she flashed showed off her sharp, white fangs. She counted ten vampires, two werewolves, a princess, and a variety of other costumed children. It was near the time that the children went inside to gorge on candy; so, Vanessa itched to get to the city. She never hunted where she lived. That was only common sense. It was a very quiet suburban neighborhood where the residents watched everything from behind their curtains.

Vanessa was a registered nurse and worked the night shift in the emergency room to keep her neighbors' curiosity about her lack of day time activities at bay. Sunlight never killed a Vampire; but, it gave one harsh headache. Vanessa portrayed a highly moral woman at work and kept everyone at arm's length away. A smattering of light freckles accentuated her dark, emerald eyes. She had a soft figure on a very light frame and she carried herself as a very dainty, timid lady.

She exited her home dressed as if for a shift of work, checked in at a motel two cities over, and re-dressed for her Halloween exploits. At just past midnight the parties were firing up. She twitched to get her hands dirty.

As she passed an alley she heard two men in the process of a rape. Not what she wanted to start the night with, but it needed to be tended to. She turned down the alley.

The male restraining the female yelled, "You better get out of here or you will be next."

Vanessa held the mirth from her gaze at his comment and walked closer. She leaned down behind the male who penetrated the female.

Vanessa locked eyes with the girl and said, "Sleep."

The girl instantly feel to unconsciousness. Before the guy turned around to face her she ripped his heart out through his back and threw his body to one side. She caught the other rapist before he screamed. Vanessa snapped his neck in one quick motion. She placed a 911 call for someone to come for the girl.

Vanessa entered the first bar she came to. Flashing lights advertised that it, also, had strippers. When she entered she was approached immediately by a sexy blond female with sparkles everywhere.

The girl asked if she wanted a private dance.

Vanessa nodded, paid, and followed her to the back.

The room was red. Aren't they always? The blond introduced herself as Connie and led Vanessa to a couch. It was soft and velvety. She had a quick vision of many different people cumming on it. Connie seductively danced on the pole across from her. She ground her sex against the pole, shook her tits, and then crawled to Vanessa. She looked up into Vanessa's eyes and slowly slithered up her body.

Once Connie straddled her, she leaned in and whispered. "We aren't allowed to have sexual contact with the guys; but they don't mind if we do it with the girls that come in. Want me to lick your pussy?"

Vanessa smiled. "No, but I want to lick yours."

The girl blinked at her. "Really?"

Vanessa said, "Oh, yes, I would love to get between your legs."

The girl hopped off and she sat down on the couch. Connie spread her thighs, pulled her thong to the side, and rubbed her clit. Vanessa knew these rooms were videotaped; so, this female wasn't her main meal. Only an appetizer. Vanessa knelt between Connie's legs and ran her fingertips along her thighs. She could smell the girl allowed a customer to cum inside of her in the last half hour.

Vanessa looked up and whispered, "Quiet." She leaned down and sank her teeth into the girl's thigh. Just a sip. Just one glorious sip of hot, pumping blood. She sent waves of pleasure through her fangs; so, the girl came and wasn't aware of the pain. Vanessa suddenly stopped, pricked her one finger with her fang, and covered the wounds. She watched them heal up quickly. Connie lied on the couch and gave the impression of being completely spent sexually.

Vanessa stood up and said, "Thank you. You were a very good girl." She left this bar and knew she was headed to yet another. She craved the full meal that only death could offer.

This time it was an upscale establishment. Very stylish and modernly decorated. It appeared that they were in the throes of their Halloween party. Vanessa headed straight for the bar and ordered a glass of champagne. She sipped and casually surveyed the room. Multiple men were checking her out; but, that mattered very little to her. She desired to eat arrogance, tonight.

A male sat down beside her and said, "Little lady, I am going to have you for dessert." Her long, red nails curled around the glass as she continued to sip.

The male leaned in and said, "Did you hear what I just said?" Make a wish and it will be granted.

Vanessa finally glanced at him. "Go clear the men's bathroom out and I will let you have a try at that." She returned to her champagne. He got up in such a hurry that he stumbled and almost hit the floor. Arrogant people were predictable and her favorite flavor.

She entered the men's restroom quietly. He waited for her near the door. Without preamble he grabbed her roughly and shoved her into a wall. Vanessa didn't resist. She was curious what his plans were. He ground his erection against her just as someone walked in to use the restroom. Vanessa almost laughed.

He looked pissed and turned a shade of purple. He grasped her and said, "Let's go to the back alley and get this started."

She allowed him to crudely drag her outside. Vanessa's fangs tingled. She knew this was her main course. Once in the alley she was again shoved against a wall and he pulled his zipper down.

"Suck my cock and then I am going to fuck you so hard you bleed."

He put his hand in her hair and forced her to her knees. She licked the tip of his cock and his grip loosened on her hair. Vanessa slowly worked his pants down to his ankles while his cock pumped in and out of her mouth.

She pulled back for one second and he growled, "Bitch..." It was his last word.

She drove her teeth into his thigh. The blood gushed down her throat and she felt the sinfully sweet heat fill her body. He wasn't allowed an orgasm with her bite as she had the female. He felt the pain of his ripped flesh and the life drained completely from him. She tasted the fear right before his heart stopped. Vanessa let him fall to the ground, cleaned up her face, and left the alley as if nothing happened.

Her appetite sated she was able to stroll the streets and Vanessa absorbed the sounds and smells. The restaurants were closed; however, the bars served fried food. She smelled that and alcohol on the people walking around her. An unusual scent caught her attention. It registered as animal, but not quite. A masculine smell that enticed her to follow it. At the edge of the city the scent grew stronger.

She trailed it into the wooded area. Vanessa felt the newly attained blood swell her pussy lips as the aroma invaded her pores. She stopped short and looked through the branches at a human in the agony of shifting into some type of creature. She was mesmerized by the sight. As a human he was, at least, six foot five and he was getting bigger.

He fell to the ground and thick, black claws forced themselves through his fingers. His muscles and bones rearranged into an enormous mass of masculine power. Vanessa realized she stopped breathing and gulped for air. A thick coat of white with black striped fur covered the man. Vanessa felt the change in him almost as if she was the one shifting. She sensed th e strength in his muscles. She felt his hunger. Hunger for meat and hunger to mate. And his scent. Oh my God, his scent. Goosebumps traveled all over her body and she moaned softly.

He snapped his head towards her and she recognized he shifted into a combination of man and white Bengal tiger. His eyes bore into her and flames crawled from between her legs to her breasts.

"What do you want?" he asked.

No reply came at first. Who knew that shifters could talk in the other form? He rumbled a roar at her and that furthered her inability to speak. She wanted to fuck this shifter.

Vanessa reminded herself of who she was. Mentally slapping the dumbstruck out of her brain and said. "Go eat. I will run with you, tonight."

He kept quiet and turned to run deeper into the woods. She was quite capable of keeping up with him. It felt wonderful to be able to run at full speed. He took down a deer and began his feast of fresh meat.

She watched him tear into the bloody mess and her mouth watered. For the first time in decades she was so excited that she slightly shook with anticipation. He stood up from his meal and faced her.

Without pause she walked to him, got on her knees and placed her lips around the head of his cock. A low rumble in his chest gave his consent to her manipulations. Vanessa receded her fangs and sucked his cock all the way into her throat. Only half would fit. Up and down she moved. She teased the tip and ran her tongue along the base.

She fucked him with her mouth and massaged his balls. Her body went crazy with heat. The taste of his cock and scent of tiger almost threw her over the edge without one touch from him. His hips bucked and she wanted this massive cock inside of her. Vanessa waited long enough. She needed it pounding her pussy.

Vanessa stood up, took the cape off, unzipped the body suit, and fell to her knees. This time, though, she faced away from him and present her pussy. She was on her hand and knees and her thighs were spread wide. Ready to be mated.

He fell upon her. She felt the head of that huge cock and whimpered slightly. He raked his claws down her back and ground just the head into her wetness. She felt his teeth grab on to the back of her neck at the same time he shoved the entire length of his cock into her. She screamed. It felt like he tore her insides out; and, that it what set her off.

She squeezed his thick cock with the most intense orgasm she ever had. He liked the noises she made. The squeals; so, he rammed her harder and forced her into another orgasm. Each thrust caused earthquakes in her entire body. She had explosions of pleasure that matched, no outdid the satiation of her blood thirst. Vanessa knew he wanted to cum inside of her and she wanted it too. She wanted all that thick liquid to be packed up inside of her. Vanessa pushed back hard against him and found the growling she heard was her own, not his. With one last thrust he held himself against her body and emptied his big balls into her belly. She wanted it all and squeezed her pussy muscles until she milked him dry.

He backed off of her to let her get up. When he saw her pussy full of his cum, his cock throbbed; so, he positioned behind her and used his over-sized tongue to lick her clean. Another orgasm took her all the way down to the ground. He didn't stop until his seed was cleaned from her pussy. She slowly rose. No one ever made her sore like this before. She dressed quickly, but quietly and turned to leave.

He stopped her and said, "Come see me next full moon."

She didn't look back; but, Vanessa knew she would be there.

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