tagBDSMA First Time...For Everything

A First Time...For Everything


Jonathan and Rita had first crossed paths over the internet; a gaming site both favored providing the introduction. They shared a love of writing, of words and they exchanged tales, stories all which finally led to their meeting.

He traveled to her for the first time, a stranger in a strange land but the lady who greeted him upon his arrival made him feel as if he had finally come home. She was a kindred spirit, a kind soul, one filled with a passion for life and its mysteries. He was smitten and in only a matter of days knew he had found that which he had sought for a lifetime.

Their passion was shared, their love quickly blossoming and as the weeks progressed they explored each others bodies with a kind, almost gentle touch, both wishing only to please the other. Their own desires secondary to the needs of their new found partner.

It was only one day when Jonathan was straightening up the small flat they called home that he came across one of the stories, his tales which he had shared with Rita, a slight smile playing on the corner of his lips. As he looked down upon the words printed there, his eyes took in several chapters, each highlighted, each detailing a specific desire, clues leading him down a particular path.

His smile grew wider, his mind reflective, remembering subtle hints, small movements, body language expressed but he had been so enthralled in her presence that he had not given them proper respect. Now perhaps though was the time to remedy that.

It was Friday afternoon when Rita was summoned to the receptionist desk for a delivery. A bit puzzled she looked upon not one but two separate offerings. One a vase, filled with "favorites", the two types of flowers she and Jonathan had discussed one day, the smile radiating on her face, the explosion of colors and scents filling the room. She noticed quite a few of her fellow co-workers milling about, each of them trying to get a better look, trying to appear nonchalant in their actions though not succeeding. There had been talk of this mysterious "Jonathan" but no sightings as of yet.

It was only when she opened the card attached to the flowers that Rita felt her heart skip a beat. Her fingers trembled slightly as her eyes read, "I think it's time we took things to the next level my pet. I would suggest privacy when you open your other surprise." It was signed Love, Jonathan.

It was moments later to the chagrin of those trying to watch that she shut the door to her office, putting the flowers down on the desk and then turning her attention to the package before her. She had several questions posed to her as she had made her way down the hallway but their only answer was a smile, her mind, her attention elsewhere. Sitting down, she pulled a letter opener from the desk drawer and opened the box, the first thing catching her eye was several sheets of paper sitting atop quite a few separate parcels.

The top pages she recognized immediately, the story, the highlighted chapters, the hints she had left out in prominent view. The tale had been one of a young woman in search of submission and the story of the man she had found who introduced her down the path of her desire. She had drawn attention the words she had read over and over for days on end over so many lonely nights. She closed her eyes for a minutes, her body awash with the feelings his words had over her.

Finally, with a sigh, she turned the pages over until she came to one different from the others, this one written in a mannish scrawl and her eyes grew wide at the visage before her. "Hello my lovely, I have an assignment for you. In the boxes within are items I desire that you wear, you will change prior to leaving your work tonight and you will go directly to 1222 Harding Lane at precisely 8 p.m. tonight. There is a store there called "Guilty Pleasures", you will enter and you will go to the back of the store where against the wall you will find their fetish wear department. You will wait until the proper time and then you will meet a stranger, one who will change your life...forever. Do not fail me Rita." It was signed Lord Jonathan.

She stood there, her entire body shaking, a soft moan escaping her lips, remembering how she had at one time told him of a desire and he had granted her the wish along with a vessel to live out her fantasy. Her fingers shook as she picked up the first parcel, opening it and with eyes wide open began to lay out, the various items within.

It was precisely at eight that evening that she found herself in the rather high scale boutique. Her eyes grew wide as she gazed at the one piece leather cat suit on the mannequin before her. She reached out her hand to touch the material only to jump she heard a voice behind her speak, "You can tell a great deal about a person by what department they find themselves drawn to here."

She turned quickly to take in the sight of her lover, though in a different light from what she had seen in the past. The shirt was silk, victorian in time, the cuffs ruffled, a poet shirt she thought she had heard it called. The color a dark red, almost bloodlike, the pants black, the boots worn yet the same in color. He began o circle her as is surveying his prey, perhaps pondering his own purchase. Her breathing quickly became rapid, her pulse elevating, her head looking down, her eyes betraying her arousal.

His voice was soft, almost hypnotic in tone as he stopped behind her. His breath warm on her neck, sending a shiver down her spine. "Take yourself for example, dressed as you are in pure white. This is your first foray into this world though based on the way you were looking at garment the desire is strong in you, is it not?"

She could only stand there, not trusting her voice in reply as he went on to say, "For some they can go their entire life and not experience the feelings which even now are coursing through your body m'lady. I can show you, teach you how through your submission you can experience pleasure beyond your wildest dreams, your most decadent of fantasies."

By now her body was trembling, her mind lost to his words and the feelings they were invoking. His voice now if at all possible turned even softer, tinged with a kindness, like that which she had loved hearing from the moment they had met just a scant few weeks before. Her heart was touched to hear, "I would show you all this my beauty but even more I would swear never to bring you harm, my desire is your pleasure, not your pain. I would rather suffer that than to know I had caused you to, this I swear. All I can ask is for you to trust me, please?"

A subtle movement, a quick nod as his heart soared and he quickly once again began to resume his part in the play. "What is your name my beauty?"

Her voice was filled with emotion though only a single word was whispered, "Rita".

His too was softly spoke but the implication quite clear. "A lovely name for such a lovely woman. Well Rita, you must make a decision at this time. You can either follow me out the door and have all your questions answered or you can watch me walk away, left to wonder for all time what might have been. The choice is yours." He began to walk away only to stop and turn to say, "Oh, and the proper response to the question I asked in the future is one of two my beauty. You should reply Rita M'lord or Rita...Master."

With that he strode confidently past her, listening closely, suppressing a smile as he heard her heels following closely behind him. Seconds later they were out into the evening air as he held the door of the waiting cab for her and they were off.

The ride was a short one, the destination a familiar one, the flat which the two of them occupied. They disembarked but as they came to the front door Rita heard him say, "Turn around my dear." She looked to see him reaching into his pocket as she hesitated for a brief moment. "Very well my pet but know this each time you question my authority or my decisions there are consequences to your actions. You will receive a punishment, perhaps the kiss of the lash against your bare skin or something even harsher. I will allow you this one transgression because your are new but this is your only one. Now, turn...around."

Her body know was engulfed in the fire of his words, spoken so softly yet said with such conviction. Her fantasy in full flight and she simply allowed herself to act out that which she had played out in her mind time and time again as she had read his tales. She turned and seconds later felt the silk scarf cover her eyes, tied gently behind her head and she was thus, blindfolded.

"Take my hand Rita" and she did, meekly, the steps familiar to her but never under such circumstances, wondering where they might lead. Into the flat, the door being locked and then she being lead down the hallway to the master bedroom, the door opening, closing and his voice saying, "Do not move" as she stood there, waiting, wondering.

He was back at her side moments later, his hand reaching up to remove the scarf from around her eyes and when she reopened them she did so to a sight of a bedroom transformed, the only illumination the dozens of candles alit, flickering shadows, silhouettes of her and her lover playing against the walls, the bed laid out in preparation for a night of decadence. It was the addition of a hook directly above her though hanging from the ceiling, a short chain, fur lined restraints hanging from the end which drew her gaze and caused the sensation in her stomach, a fluttering of butterflies turned loose.

Jonathan stepped behind her, the sound of the zipper to the white linen dress being brought down and seconds later the garment lay in a puddle at her feet and he took in the sight of the lovely creature, dressed as he so desired from the package which he had sent to her employ. The vision was indeed attired in white, the lace bra and panties, the garter belt and stockings, the heels which adorned her feet. The crowing touch a ribbon of white lace which encircled her neck, tied in a bow in the back as she had been instructed.

Her still clothed lover once again circled her, purveying the object of his desire, watching as once again her eyes were lowered, her hands clasped in front of her as he finally stopped directly in front of her, taking his hand and gently lifting her chin so that her eyes were forced to meet his. Her gaze was a bit clouded, he knowing she was captured by the spell of the evening, one he was eager to enforce and thus he spoke again saying, "It is only in submitting to the desires of another that one can truly experience the freedom of allowing your body to let go, to undergo pleasure in it's purest form my dear and you are about to partake of that more intoxicating than any drug or drink. Let us begin."

Stepping once again behind her his voice whispered in her ear saying, "Tell me Rita, are you familiar with the term sensory deprivation?" Before she could answer the blindfold was once again in place, a gasp escaping her lips as her vision was once again taken but he was not finished, the sound of the chain in the ceiling being lowered and she felt him take one wrist and capture it.

Both hands were now locked away, the sound of the silver bond being pulled along with it her arms as they were lifted to the ceiling, a fantasy long awaited but now coming to fruition and she felt her body respond, to her amazement, without even a touch. Finally her hands were pulled taut, her arms pulling at the bonds but they were unforgiving, she was a prisoner, a vision which brought fire to his eyes and desire...to both of them.

She felt him as he stood directly in front of her, his presence so close though she was unable to touch him. Another gasp, almost a scream as she felt hands now encased in worm leather gloves begin to slide over her skin, the feeling like none she had ever experienced before. "Sensory deprivation my pet is when you lose one or more of your senses, such as you've done here with your sight and ability to touch and the other senses such as what you're experiencing right now take over. They magnify themselves to try and compensate for the loss of the other, making each movement so much more intense, don't you agree?"

His hands roaming all over her body, touching, feeling, coming so close to those places which she most desired yet never quite...finishing caused her breathing to become ragged, soft whimpers escaping her lips as her need grew quickly, the flames of arousal being fanned into a roaring blaze only to be denied. She felt the cold steel, the touch against her skin and she issued a brief scream, a shriek as she heard him say, 'Don't move my pet, the blade is sharp and we would not wish for it to slip now, would we?"

Seconds later the bra and panties had joined the dress on the floor and he felt his own mind relinquish control to his body and its needs, his mouth capturing her breast, sucking at the nipple, her back arching in reply, the skin so soft yet quickly growing so hard, his mouth ravenous. His arms drew her in close to his body, she unable to see, to return the touch, only able to experience and he was right, the feelings were so much more intense as he continued to play her body like that of a virtuoso.

His hands slid down her body until they and his mouth found themselves on his knees, his mouth now reaching out to capture her, a tongue reaching out and with a sigh of his own tasting that which he so desired. Once again she could not stop the reaction of her body, his mouth finding her most secret of places, reaching in to find the center of her pleasure and capturing it as he had her, demanding, wanting, needing and as she felt the first wave of her orgasm begin to arrive she wondered if perhaps this might be what madness might feel like.

It hit her like a tidal wave, the crest of pure desire striking the shore only to be followed by another, each wave taking her higher and higher as he was incessant, not allowing her to take even a breath, her desire his only need, for now. Freed from the shackles of another, only responsible for her own pleasure his words once again rang true, her body a vessel of pure desire, the feeling an intoxicating one, one which she knew she must feed on and she surrendered to it as well.

He held on to her, his hands holding a body which flailed away, lost in it's own release and he reveled in the fact he had brought her such, knowing how much he truly wished for her to know his love. He could only imagine that which she was experiencing but as she finally began to calm he was not yet done, she needed, she deserved more and more was what she would have.

The chain was lowered, a hand on her shoulder gently pressing down until she found her knees. A hand in her hair, a quick pull, not painful but the intensity arousing as she heard as if from a distance saying, "Now my beautiful Rita, you will show me your thanks for that which I have given you." She felt his hardness against her lips, her mouth opening to give him that which he now required.

Rita had provided Jonathan with pleasure like he had never known before, her gift to him, her mouth and he felt the familiar stirrings in his stomach as she bathed his cock in the softness that was her mouth, her tongue encircling the head, drawing him in deeper and deeper. He had lost himself in her time and time again, her talent for giving such pure pleasure amazing, the look in her eyes as she had done so in the recent past telling him she knew of her talent and was happy in doing so. But tonight was different and he forced himself to focus, to not allow things to come to their natural conclusion as he had one more surprise in mind for the beauty on her knees before him.

He had never been able to resist her charms before so she was surprised when he freed himself, a long drop of saliva escaping her lips, splattering across her bare chest as she gasped, the bonds which held her being quickly freed, only to once again recapture her, this time with her hands behind her back. The chain was pulled upward forcing her to bend at the waist and with that once again she cried out, this time though as his cock with a single thrust buried himself in her, his hands on her hips from behind and began to take his pleasure.

It was pure, animalistic lust, two meeting as one, the sound of his body slapping against hers, each meeting the others thrust, each of their needs. He knew after the pleasures of her mouth that he would not be able to last for a long time but he truly desired for her to join him, his hands reaching underneath her to begin to fondle at her breasts once again, pulling at her sensitive nipples, demanding her pleasure and her cries answered in reply.

He felt it, his mind surrendering, his need overcoming his own careful planning and his body simply took control, furious in its pace and with that he felt her own shudder, the precursor to that which his now began. With a cry they both joined as one, their bodies exploding together, dancing in the candlelight, each giving of themselves until they were still.

Jonathan freed himself, his own legs a bit unsteady but as Rita hung there he could see her body nearing exhaustion and he quickly moved to free her. The bonds undone her body simply slipped into his arms and he picked her up, a soft smile playing at the corner of her lips as he carried her tenderly over to the bed, her body warm against the cool sheets, a sigh escaping as he laid her down.

Moving over, he lay down beside her, his hand reaching up to undo the blindfold, her eyes shining as they came into view, a combination of lust and love greeting him and his heart warmed to see such, his own smile kind in reply as she quickly moved into his arms and he held her closely. "Mine m'lady, now and forever...you are mine" and she lifted her head in reply, her eyes shy in response, her voice softly saying, "Yes m'lord...I am yours forever...Master."


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