tagGroup SexA First Time for Isabella

A First Time for Isabella


Wow! I couldn't believe it. My girlfriend, Isabella, an amazing girl, yet one whom if you were to see her on the streets, you might think she was one of those stiff ladies. Normally she's businesslike, commanding, straight and narrow. You know the type!

But, tonight... We were at dinner and we were discussing what to do. We had a late dinner, as she was busy in the office and couldn't get out late until her projects were caught up for the weekend. I myself had the evening free and was just ready to sit down and enjoy her company.

Now, Isabella is stunning, and even when she wasn't my girlfriend, I certainly thought so. Tall, thin, with shoulder length light brown hair and blue eyes that can either stop you right in your track or can give you a hard on that will hurt for a week. As we were laughing over some hot wings and some terrible sports announcing on the television over our booth, I asked her what her plans were for the night.

She smiled and said "Something I've thought about for the longest time", then crinkled her nose in a cute, yet mischievous manner.

I continued to inquire and she told me I would just have to wait and see.

It was terribly mysterious and almost worrisome as I sat in the booth, eating my dinner and thinking of the possibilities. I knew for certain what I wanted, which was to feel my hands along those shapely thighs, slowly curling my fingers under her mid length skirt, praying to find out she was wearing stockings and not panty hose. But wait; let me get back to reality here.

Isabella sat across from me, wearing a black skirt. Not too long. Not too short. That skirt was just right. Beneath it, she wore a pair of black hosiery that complimented her athletic legs. I couldn't tell if they were stockings, or leggings, or pantyhose, but hey, I am a man, and none of that really matters. I still can't tell the difference between yoga pants and leggings. I just know how they frame an ass!

Above the skirt she wore a red sweater with a black cami barely covering her cleavage. Oh that cleavage... Her breasts are perfect. I always thought a C cup was perfect, but, these.... Wow! They are the most perfectly shaped small D cup, tan like the rest of her body, and covered by the most wonderful thick nipples. If I were to describe them, I would have to say they are the perfect size of a gum drop.

We soon left the eating establishment and I opened her door. As she slipped into the car, I tried to sneak a peek as to what was under that skirt, but I was disappointed. Isabella knew exactly what I was doing as my eyes met hers and that wonderfully infectious smile came across her lips.

I climbed into the car, turned it on, moved my hand to her thigh and began backing out of the parking lot. Her own hand started moving up my thigh and her fingers lightly brushed against the tip of my cock. An immediate shock followed as my manhood jumped and began to fill with that familiar warmth.

Isabella started slowly stroking me thru my pants as she gave me turn by turn directions, leading us to an area just outside the city. I hoped against hope she had a nice park in mind, as I seriously needed some relief.

As we drove by one of the Gentleman's clubs my mind wandered a bit and suddenly she squeezed hard, nearly causing my knees to rock together for protection. She laughed and told me "Turn in there" indicating the club.

I was suddenly a bit nervous. My girlfriend, the love of my life, wanted to go into a strip club. Now, I'm a guy's guy. I know when a beautiful woman walks by. I look. But, when I'm with her, I wear the biggest blinders a guy could ever see. She's perfect. Me being careful, respectful, well, that keeps me with the perfect woman. So, now, as I thought of all those breasts, all that exposed skin, I knew I was going to have to concentrate hard on not looking!

We entered the establishment, greeted by some skinny little bouncer guy wearing a tuxedo shirt and hair that should have been cut about three years ago. I paid for us both, but he returned half when he looked up and saw Isabella. Hell, I would have too.

The place wasn't crowded, and as I slowly walked in, Isabella asked where the best place was to sit. I chose a table just off the main stage. Not too close. Not too far away. Just right.

It wasn't 30 seconds before we were approached by a beer maid, her body clad scantily, but, not exposing anything fun. I ordered a soda, knowing I had to keep my wits about me. Isabella ordered an Apple Ale, but, secretly, I was hoping she ordered something a bit harder, so she would forget any transgressions I may be guilty for in the future.

The first song started, and honestly I can't remember what it was, but I remember the dancer. She was of medium height, probably 5'9" with the 5" heels on. She had a slightly thin build, with her arms and legs a bit toned, as though she worked out a few nights a week off the stage. She had long, longer than shoulder length dark brown, almost black hair and blue eyes.

Her skin was just slightly tan, not natural, but not overdone as you see so many do these days. Her cheekbones were high and almost had an eastern European look. Her smile was white and perfectly straight, giving away she wasn't just some completely poor girl off the streets, but someone who had a background, someone who likely enjoyed the work she was doing.

She was dressed in a white baseball uniform. Except the jersey was about 3 sizes too small and the pants, well, they were some of the tightest shortest pinstriped shorts I've ever seen. Her name was Jazmine.

Jazmine danced for a solid two minutes, rubbing against the pole, teasing the buttons on that red and white jersey, and slamming her red stilettos on the stage. Guys came up, one at a time, and threw dollars on the stage and she smiled, hugged them and kissed each on the cheek.

As the song began to wane, Jazmine looked out on the crowd and found Isabella, whom I had not forgotten about, but was actively avoiding so any jealousy that might happen might skip over me! As their eyes met, both smiled at each other, and Jazmine began to unbutton that wonderful team wear. I saw her lick her lips as she grabbed the pole and turned looking right at my girlfriend's cleavage.

The song changed to some nearly hypnotic Moby song and she stared right at Isabella as her top fell off. Below that shirt was a pair of young round breasts. Barely a b cup, but obviously aroused as her nipples stood proudly off those small globes.

A few more guys moved to the stage, some with their dollars in their hands. Some laid their dollars out in front of them. One guy, obviously a douchebag, had his flat brim hat on backwards and leaned across the stage with his dollar in his mouth. I like to inwardly laugh at those guys, but hey, someone must think they are cool.

Jazmine removed her shorts, shaking her ass toward our table as they slid down, exposing the red lacy thong beneath. Isabella took a long pull from her drink and she took in the site. She caught me watching and smiled my way, letting me know she was having a good time.

Over the remainder of the song, Jazmine took all that money and spent attention on every male who had approached the stage. As soon as the last notes played, she grabbed her money, her clothes and padded quickly off the stage. I'm not certain, but I was pretty sure she stole a glance at our table again.

As the next dancer approached the stage and began cleaning the pole, we were approached by a rather hideous older woman dancer who should have been wearing a lot more clothing than she was. She asked if we wanted a private dance and I politely declined. As soon as she left the table, Isabella laughed and we began a conversation that was light and fun. I started feeling more comfortable and several minutes had passed when I felt someone walk up behind me.

Jazmine asked if she could sit with and I looked at Isabella who nodded emphatically while grabbing another beer from the bar maid. Jazmine and Isabella introduced themselves to each other and then Isabella introduced me. We sat and had a pleasant conversation about pretty much everything.

After another beer and a good half hour conversation, it looked like they were becoming lifelong friends. I also noticed that Jazmine's hand had crept across the table and was lightly stroking Isabella's. Isabella's eyes had turned from her normal bright blue to a teal color, something that only happens when we have sex.

The girls soon began giggling and whispering in each other's ears. I completely felt like a third wheel, but, I was also enjoying watching the interaction. I started to also detect some awesome sexual tension between the two as I watched them playfully flirt with each other. My penis also noticed as it was slowly hardening under the table.

Pretty soon, Jazmine took off her top and shorts. She was left only in the red bra and thong she was wearing earlier. She moved over and straddled Isabella, who had pushed her chair away from the table. Isabella turned and smiled to me "this is my first lap dance!"

I smiled and watched the two as they smiled at each other and Jazmine seductively moved across Isabella's body. As the music played in the background Jazmine started to become more sensual as she began deeply grinding her pelvis across Isabella's thighs. I watched Isabella's eyes start to close softly and her lips purse outward as she became more aroused by the dance.

Jazmine started to caress her own breasts, tweaking the nipples while smiling at Isabella. Isabella seemed lost in passion until Jazmine reached down and grabbed Isabella's right hand bringing it up to Jazmine's left breast. I could not believe my eyes when I saw it Isabella start to squeeze and fondle Jazmine's boob as soon as her hand touched that warm wonderful flesh.

Isabella started moving in her chair, not to the song, but to the rhythm of Jazmine's sexuality. It wasn't long before the song was over and Jazmine reached down to kiss my girlfriend.

Now, I have seen several strippers kiss a man, or a woman, on the cheek, in that open mouth wet kiss that shows how much they appreciate that extra dollar, but this time, Jazmine took Isabella's jaw in her hand and they shared the most sensuous kiss I had seen outside of our own bedroom. I watched in awe as I saw their tongues masterfully dance against one another. I saw the looks on their faces, completely in tune with another as they both breathed in and out and the same quickened pace.

A few of the guys started hooting and hollering, bringing the girls back to reality, much to my chagrin. Isabella looked at me, almost nervously, looking as though she knew she was caught, but also looking for permission. My smile and nod must have been enough as she smiled back at me, those teal eyes nearly glowing in the dim room.

Isabella reached for her purse and handed Jazmine a few bills. Jazmine put her bra back on, got up and walked off toward the bar.

"I just kissed a girl" exclaimed my beautiful girlfriend. She added "and I liked it!"

She scooted her chair around the circular table and placed her hand on my upper thigh, her fingers resting against the swollen head of my cock, trapped beneath the confining layer of denim. "I see you liked it too" Isabella said with a smile.

I informed her that the kiss was one of the hottest things I had ever seen, but, that her hand was kneading Jazmine's breast at the same time just put it over the edge. She asked if she could have another dance and I smiled and said "Of Course!"

Before anymore could be said, we were interrupted by Jazmine, who had returned to our table, but this time carrying two neon wrist bands. I recognized them as VIP wristbands, and wondered just what was in store for our viewing pleasure.

Jazmine took the wristbands and placed the first on my wrist and the second on Isabella's. When she placed it on mine, she did so in a nice, smooth, and efficient manner. In placing Isabella's, she first stroked her arm, then brought her hand up, kissed it and teased her lips between my girlfriend's thumb and forefinger.

She then grabbed both our hands and led us to the back of the bar, to a dark area with an open double door and an even darker room beyond. She took us past couches where there were a few topless dancers giving dances to guys sitting in the deep seats. We stopped at the rear corner of the room and right above us there was a dim black light and a camera pod.

"The camera doesn't work over here and security never comes back this far, so, it's going to be a bit more private than that last show" she said with a wink. "Now Rules: You," pointing to me, "no touching unless I say you can. Don't go sitting on your hands though, l might need those later. And you, "looking directly into my girlfriend's eyes, "you can touch anything you want".

Usually when I've had a VIP dance, they wait for the song to end and another to play before they get started, but not this time.

Jazmine immediately began her seductive dance, moving across Isabella's body, flipping her body over to put my girlfriend's face between her legs. It was provocative, but I had seen all those moves before. Jazmine took off her top and started rubbing her breasts against Isabella's chest, and I watched in awe as her nipples became hard. Soon, those nipples were rubbing across my girlfriend's mouth. I could tell she wanted to reach for them, but was trying to remain conservative.

Jazmine moved over to me and began the same dance, but this time, she knelt between my legs and began gnawing and licking on my still covered cock, which had obviously become quite hard watching the exchange between the two ladies. She chewed on the head before running her tongue along my shaft.

In my excitement, I nearly forgot my girlfriend was there until I felt her hand grip onto mine. I looked over, and I saw her beautiful smile. I was glad she approved as I had at that moment begun to feel a bit of guilt about the wet spot of pre-cum that was mixing with Jazmine's saliva in my pants.

Jazmine reached down and adjusted my penis to a more north south position and climbed on top of me. She grabbed my free hand, placed it on her breast and started moving her pussy up and down my cock, driving me mad with lust. As she continued to rub against me, Isabella was squeezing my hand at nearly the same rate and way I was kneading this dancer's warm flesh.

Feeling my girlfriend holding one of my hands, while at the same time feeling Jazmine's hard nipple rubbing against the palm of my other hand, was completely unimaginable. Knowing Isabella was there, beside me, holding me, made me feel closer to her emotionally and made the entire situation more exciting.

As I felt Jazmine's breath quicken and her thigh muscles contract, I looked up and saw her face and neck flush, a sure surprise for me! She slowed, came to a stop, smiled, then leaned in and gave me a kiss on the cheek. She moved off me and removed her thong as she gracefully slid over to Isabella. She leaned in and kissed her on the mouth. Their mouths opened and I saw passion as Jazmine covered Isabella's body with her own naked skin. The music began playing another song, one with a nice firm beat.

Jazmine did the same dance as before, but sans any clothes. I could see her pussy open and wet as she bent over and brought it close to my girlfriend's face. I saw Isabella look at it, her eyes wondrous and curious as she brought it within inches of her mouth.

Jazmine went to her knees and turned around. She carefully slid Isabella's shirt up her body, exposing her beautiful skin. Kissing and kissing, lightly puckering her lips, she moved continually upward, until she'd exposed my girlfriend's bra. Sensually she pulled the cups up, releasing the large, round, soft breasts. Isabella's nipples were sticking up far, obviously aroused, pink and very swollen.

Isabella's back arched in ecstasy when Jazmine's tongue touched the tip of that pink bud. A deep lustful moan escaped her throat when Jazmine's mouth enveloped Isabella's nipple; her mouth pressing deep into her breast.

As my girlfriend writhed under the expert mouth of our dancer, I saw her hips siding forward, pressing against Jazmine's pelvis. It didn't go unnoticed by our companion either. She kept her mouth in place as her hands moved across my girlfriend's body. She snaked her way down and before long, her hands were moving up, beneath Isabella's skirt. She broke contact with her breast long enough to get a permissive nod and pushed her skirt up around her waist.

Even in the dark I could see the clear wet spot in the crotch of her red lace panties, a pair that I favor on her. I watched as Jazmine slowly rubbed along the fabric edges, causing my girlfriend to start grinding and trying to push her way onto Jazmine's fingers.

Our dancer kissed Isabella's nipple and smiled at her, then moved lower, and lower, leaving a trail of kisses down her belly, across her skirt and onto her swollen pubic mound. Isabella's legs closed slightly, and her hips rose. Jazmine took the clue and pulled down Isabella's soaked underwear. I saw her pussy engorged, wanton; when she opened her legs back up, and I looked at her face. I saw uncertainty, lust, pleasure and determination all at once.

Jazmine leaned forward, touching Isabella's lips at the same time as her tongue darted across Isabella's clitoral hood. My girlfriend's hand nearly broke mine as she squeezed. Her hips moved up, driving her sex into Jazmine's mouth. Jazmine went lower and began licking, sucking and kissing while one hand crept up and lightly rubbed back and forth on Isabella's extremely swollen clit.

Isabella made mewing noises, grunts, and the most feminine of moans as she worked her hips up and down, coating the dancer in her juices. I saw Jazmine enter a finger into my girlfriend and that was it, Isabella started thrashing, bucking her hips and digging her nails into the back of my hand. Her breathing was no more as she rode the orgasm again and again.

It seemed like hours as I watched her body relax, while our companion slowly stroked my girlfriend's lower lips, which were glistening with her cum. Jazmine smiled at me, took my hand from Isabella's and placed it on my girlfriend's pussy. I slowly rubbed it while Isabella came down off her orgasm and Jazmine collected her discarded clothes.

Isabella smiled at me and I kissed her, still lightly massaging her pussy as Jazmine dressed. I helped Isabella pull down her skirt as she put her breasts, bra, and shirt back into place. The smile on her face was amazing, and of course, as everyone looks after good sex, she was glowing. I asked how she was doing and she just smiled and said "Thank you".

Jazmine stepped around the corner, and came back a moment later with a napkin. I reached down and grabbed Isabella's panties and placed them in my pocket, to which we all giggled a bit. Jazmine handed me the paper, which had her number on it. "My real name is Jennifer. Call me if you guys ever want to hang out or anything, I really had fun!"

I reached back to grab my wallet and "Jennifer" shook her head. "That was on the house, besides, it was just as good for me as it was for you two."

She stepped forward, kissed me on the cheek, then pulled Isabella into me and kissed her on the mouth. I could feel both their breath against my lips and I had a strong feeling this might happen again...

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