tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersA Fishing Trip, But I'm The Bait Ch. 05

A Fishing Trip, But I'm The Bait Ch. 05


Chapter 05: Jane Comes at Last

Tempers were frayed after their last meeting but, with his sister's support, Jane demanded Paul mend his ways. When it comes to making up, there's nothing better than sex.


Laura had offered to drive me over to Paul's house and helped me prepare my make-up and outfit. I would be wearing a clingy black dress with a pretty lace thong underneath and sheer black hold-ups that would not spoil the lines of my dress. Laura had sensibly suggested I wear a big fluffy pullover to hide my lack of bust. All we could find for my feet were a pair of slightly baggy boots but we agreed they gave me a quirky young student look, that matched my style very nicely. We decided against getting too clever with my mop of blond hair but it shone vitality. Laura set to work on my nails, shaping them as best she could then finishing them with a pale translucent nail varnish as I didn't want anything too showy and from somewhere she found a pair of small clip-on ear-rings. It took nearly two hours of happy hard work and I began to understand why girls are so often late for dinner appointments.

Laura gave me a little clasp for my make up and put a change of clothes in a little hold-all, just in case.

"I think you're all ready for the ball," she smiled as we stood by the front door. "Now remember: don't take any crap from Paul, if he starts getting funny with you, just walk right out. I'll wait in the car for ten minutes and you can ring me any time."

"Thanks Laura - you've been such a star. I don't know how to thank you enough," I said.

"It's been a blast! Maybe I'll need to call in a favour some time! I am thrilled to have been here at such an important moment of your life. I wouldn't have missed it for the world."

We hugged for a few moments and for just a second I was jealous of Laura's breasts as they pressed into my flat chest: perhaps one day I'd have my own?

"Come on then, let's go! We're keeping this man waiting," said Laura, as she grabbed her keys and bundled me out of the door.

We didn't say much on the short journey to the edge of town to where Paul lived. Fields ran up to garden hedges and it turned out his house was a cottage, which must have been part of the old village. Laura parked on the road outside from where a path led through a pretty garden, full of colourful flowers, to his front door. We exchanged looks and before I could ask, Laura said, "You look beautiful Jane. If I didn't know, I wouldn't think you were anything other than a lovely looking girl. Now get out of this car and have some fun!"

I reached into the back of the car and grabbed my bag then opening the car door, I swung my legs out (girls swing their legs out).

I pressed the doorbell and glanced over my shoulder to the car. Laura was pointing at her watch and signalling '10' and I nodded back.

I was standing with my bag clasped in front of me when I heard the door-catch turn and Paul pulled the door open.

"Hello," he said after a pause, his eyes busily looking me up and down.

"Hi...are you going to ask me in?"

Paul's face was an absolute picture of surprise and since he showed no signs of moving I stepped up and gave him a quick kiss on the lips before walking inside.

"Jane! I'm speechless. I never imagined... my god, you're stunning... beautiful," Paul was shaking his head and obviously stuck for words as he followed me into the front room.

I was flattered by his compliments but I wasn't ready to throw myself at him just yet: I was still hurt from the way he'd acted before and couldn't accept being bullied again.

"Thank you, Paul - I had some help. Paul listen, before we go any further I need to set some ground rules here. I didn't like the way you treated me the last time: when you got angry, I was frightened. That's not the way I want our relationship to be." I said with my hands folded protectively in front of me.

"Absolutely, I agree. I'm ashamed of the way I reacted," he replied.

"But I don't just want you to say the words, Paul. I know how some relationships can be, with that kind of weird dominance thing but that's not me at all. If you want that, then fine, but not with me. Just because I'm all dolled up like this, I'm still the same person underneath, with all the working bits that I was born with, so you must understand that I have needs too," I said, quite surprised at how determined I was sounding. Paul was nodding and looking a little sheepish. I was pleased, because if he'd stuck his chin up and looked in the least aggressive I would have walked out. After a pause he replied.

"I don't know what I can say to convince you. You're right, of course and looking back I admit I did see you as an object first of all and not a person. I know you might not like to hear me say it, but I thought you were just going to be a quick shag. But something has happened between us that I hadn't expected and that got all mixed up with bad memories from the past. You were so sweet and kind and I felt ashamed of abusing you and taking you for granted. I don't want you to get hurt John. I don't want to see you get dragged into the bad side of that world. I suppose I was torn between pushing you away, but wanting you at the same time. Maybe because I've been single for so long, I'd forgotten how it was to care about someone."

"And do you remember now?" I asked quietly.

"You've awoken those feelings in me," Paul replied.

"I can't imagine how terrible that experience must have been for you but those memories must haunt you, but as you put in your letter, you can't let something in the past ruin what you have today. Perhaps by sharing something now, that's full of good things, it might help you forget the past? Do you want to give it a go?"

"Yes. I'd like that very much," he replied nodding.

"Well then... and remember: the first sign of bullying and you won't see my heels for dust so...let's see how it goes... Is that wine over there?" I said pointing to the table. "I could do with a glass of something right now."

Paul handed me a glass and filled it before picking up another from the table.

"Cheers Jane," he said and we clinked glasses. "Ah! Seven years bad sex!"

"Pardon?" I replied.

"Seven years bad sex. You have to look into the other persons' eyes when you toast or its seven years bad sex. I think it's a German custom. Shall we try again?" His joke lightened the mood perfectly and we held each other's gaze dramatically as our glasses touched. Setting my glass back down I said, "Now for God's sake - kiss me!"

Paul put his glass down and turned to face me. We moved slowly together and as I wrapped my arms round his neck, he ran his fingers through my hair and held me very gently. Our kiss was slow and knowing: not passionate but full of warmth. A car horn sounded twice.

"That's never been ten minutes,' I said as I broke the kiss. "That's my sister Laura outside. She gave me a lift over but is waiting for me, just in case."

"Quite right too. Very sensible. Ask her to come in if she wants," said Paul letting me slip from his arms.

"I think she has plans for tonight, but I'll ask. I'd like her to meet you." I dashed out the house and up to the car where Laura had rolled down her window.

"Are you OK? Sorry, I was getting worried so I pipped the horn much too early."

"I think its OK Laurie. I'm not picking up any bad vibes so I think I'll stay for a bit. Will you be at home? Oh, Paul asked if you wanted to come in." I spoke all in a rush.

"What, and play gooseberry? Not on your life! I can meet him another time but I think the two of you need some time together. Good luck hone' and call me if you need to: I'll keep an ear open all night."

"Bye Sis'. See you... sometime," I waved as Laura pulled off. I felt a bit lonely seeing her go as we'd had such an intense couple of days together. Paul was standing by the front door holding both glasses of wine as I turned.

"It's a lovely garden, Paul. You must put a lot of time into this," I said looking around. Paul handed me my glass, "Ah well, the secret of a good garden is to plant things that take care of themselves. Most of these keep coming back year after year but they're past their best now. It always looks fabulous in the spring. Let's go in and sort out some food. Can you fix the salad for me?"

Paul and I had a lovely evening: we talked a lot about our families, about friends and places we knew. We sat on his settee with our legs pressed against each other and were looking through a picture album when the clock on his mantelpiece struck eleven.

"Gosh, is that the time?" I yawned and leaned into Paul's shoulder feeling very content.

"Past your bedtime, girl?" he smiled, putting his arm round me and pulling me a little closer.

"Hmm." I replied.

"Do you want to stay over? I mean - I didn't want to presume anything."

I was feeling so sleepy I just nodded in reply and cuddled in a bit closer.

"Am I losing you? At this rate I'll have to carry you upstairs," he laughed quietly.

"I'd like to see you try," I said laughing and straightened up.

"OK, " he said and before I could say another word he whisked me up in his arms as I squealed with laughter. I hadn't felt so little since I was a child and Paul carried me round the room, getting me to switch off the lights before turning to the stairs. We were both laughing as he booted open the door to the bedroom and he spilled me onto the mattress. We laughed again as he climbed over me on all fours then our laughter gently lapsed into smiles and smiles into kisses.

"Oh Paul," I said. "Are you going to have your wicked way with me?"

"No." he replied kissing my neck.

"Are going to sleep in the next room?"

"Certainly not."

"Then what?" I laughed, enjoying the game.

Paul replied with a kiss between each word. "Well, Miss, Gosling, I, am, going, to, make love to you slowly, passionately, until you beg me to carry on."

"Isn't that supposed to be until I beg you to stop?" I laughed.

"I am mere mortal flesh but a sex goddess like you can keep going all night. We men are simple creatures: we like to come first then fall asleep without guilt!"

"How dare you!" I laughed again. I wriggled out from underneath him and straddled Paul's hips. I could feel his cock already hard inside his jeans and I began to rock my hips on him a little. My stretchy dress had ridden up my thighs and with just a little thong between him and me I felt deliciously sexy. "We'll see about that! I'll have to use my goddess powers on you."

I leaned over him as he lay back on the bed and planted long, slow, wet kisses on his lips; our tongues exploring and dancing circles. He rested his hands on my hips and gently stroked my back with his fingers. I sat up and rested my hand on his huge chest, feeling the animal strength that lay inside him, like sitting astride a horse. I gaze down at him, beaming with happiness.

Perhaps mistaking my pause as a question Paul spoke.

"I think we need to get this problem of mine out in the open," he said unbuttoning his shirt.

"No, Paul - you don't have to," I replied placing my hands over his.

"We can't very well make love half dressed, can we?" He methodically unbuttoned his shirt and then pulled it off and as I sat back onto his thighs. His chest had a carpet of dark hair between his nipples, or at least where his nipples should have been. In their place we patches of white scar and under his hair I could see raised lines. I hadn't really prepared myself for this, being so wrapped up in my own concerns and Paul must have seen the look in my face.

"Horrible, isn't it?" he said peering down.

"Oh Paul. I don't know what to say. Does it hurt still, I mean from the scars?"

"No, not now. But I see the way people's eyes look at me if I am caught with my shirt off: they don't look at my face or my eyes because they're looking to my chest instead. It's kind of weird, so I try and avoid it." I nodded and tentatively reached out my hand then hesitated.

"No, go on, Jane. They're old wounds now, so just look past them," Paul said. He took my hands and placed them over his chest murmuring "It's OK" as I ran my hands over him.

I leaned forward again and let my lips brush his furry skin then pressed my cheek onto his chest; hearing the beat of his heart and feeling it rise and fall with his breath. He felt so big to me, like a big peaceful animal, full of latent strength. It was so comforting and enthralling. I kissed his warm flesh again and sucked in the scent of his body.

"Can you feel that?" I spoke softly and Paul nodded.

"And this?" I said, continuing to place little kisses on him. I placed a garland of soft kisses round his neck then down his chest to his belly. He moved to put his hands on my hair but I stopped him and deliberately placed them back on his head to make him passive to my attention. I returned to kiss lower until I reached the buckle on his belt. I held his gaze as I unbuckled him and plucked open the buttons of his jeans whilst he kicked off his shoes onto the floor behind me. I stood back and, gripping at his ankles I tugged his jeans off. His huge cock was lolling heavily half out of his underpants. The light from the bedside lamp shone from his skin, picking out his contours. I reached over and as I tugged at his underpants he lifted his hips and I slid them off to reveal my big man, naked for the first time in my eyes. I was all goose bumps and could feel my erect nipples rubbing at the fabric of my dress. Paul rolled himself on his side and propped his head on his hand.

"Is there anything you need to do, sweetheart?" he said. I realised I hadn't freshened up and replied, "Oh sure. Would you give me a couple of minutes? I need to visit your bathroom."

He indicated across the hall and though it was awkward to break the mood, I was glad to have a few moments to myself. I quickly undressed in the bathroom and my little cock sprang up, eager for attention. I took some tissues and, standing in front of the vanity mirror, began to rub my cock. I looked at the blond girl in the mirror with her girl-cock a blur in a busy hand and thought about Paul's beautiful prick and how I would soon have it inside me. I came onto the tissue and I threw it into the bin: Paul didn't feel comfortable with my maleness and losing my erection for a while left me free to concentrate on my pussy.

Paul had left a douche for me and it only took a couple of minutes to make sure I was clean for him. I dried my bottom and took a tube of lubricant from my bag and pressed the nozzle into my pussy: a gentle squeeze released just enough of the cool gel inside. I had brought the silk teddy Paul had given me and after tucking away my now-soft cock, I pulled on the soft flowing fabric: the brush of the silk on my hairless skin made me shiver. I checked my make-up and reapplied a little perfume. When I returned to the bedroom I found Paul just where I left him.

"I'm sorry - I hope I wasn't too long?" I smiled at him.

"Not at all. Oh - the silks! Give me a twirl."

I stood on tiptoes and made a slow pirouette, making sure I pushed out my cute bottom.

"Come and lie down here," said Paul patting the covers next to him.

"I love silk, Paul - it makes my skin feel so sexy. Of course, you're not the first person to see me wearing this," I said as I crawled over to him.

"Explain," said Paul over-dramatically. I began to laugh and couldn't speak at first whilst Paul looked at me quizzically.

"It...it... it was my sister Laura who saw me first," I spoke through my giggles and I blushed at the memory. "Oh dear, I shall never forget the look on her face!"

"Oh no. I hope it didn't cause a family crisis!" said Paul with a chuckle.

"No. Well - a little at first, but Laura and I have had a real heart to heart since then and she's been fantastic - really supportive of me. If anything we have grown closer together because of the whole thing," I said. I thought back again to those moments when Laura had discovered me in bed and brought my hand to my face in embarrassment before laughing again.

Paul was smiling and with his finger began to trace the profile of my face as I lay on my back next to him.

"It's good to see you so happy," he spoke softly. As his finger reached my lips I instinctively pursed to kiss it and as he lingered, I opened my lips to gently bite on its tip and hold it captive in my teeth. I began to roll my tongue over his skin and closed my lips into an O and he began to slowly finger-fuck my mouth. After a few strokes he let his wet finger continue down over my chin, then my neck, then he opened his hand to cover my breast. I groaned softly as his finger-tips sought out a nipple, already hard against the silk fabric that separated us.

"How are your nipples coming along?" he spoke softly still and I caught my breath as he pinched it.

"Perhaps you'd better check?" I said, drawing closer to him. Paul brushed the straps off my shoulders then pulled the fabric down to reveal my breasts. I raised myself a little so that he could roll it down to my waist. My pink nipples had grown a little from the treatment I had given them and they were certainly more sensitive. He leaned over and took one in his lips, trapping it with his teeth whilst he rasped his tongue over the delicate surface. I shuddered as the sensation flashed like lightning into my tummy and I wondered where the feelings ended up. I began to tingle all over as bursts of pleasure shot from his teasing tongue through my body and little gasps of surprise slipped from my mouth.

He moved to the other nipple and I gasped again. It felt as though his every touch was charged with electricity, making me jump and writhe under him. His hand reached down to my thighs and I realised they were crossed together but I gladly parted them for him. His big hand slipping between my legs made me feel so small. He ran his hand down the back of my thigh and slid it under my bottom. His thumb brushed back and forth over my inner thigh.

"I love this spot: where you bottom turns into leg. It's such a perfect shape, like a sculpture. I think I ought to kiss you there."

He pulled the silk teddy off my waist as I lifted my hips for him. I automatically covered my girl-cock with my hand even though it lay limp against my skin.

"Turn over, girl," he whispered to me. I rolled over and Paul ran his hands gently over my body, from my neck all the way down to my toes, making me shiver. "You're not cold are you?"

"No," I replied with my face now turned sideways on the pillows.

He began to kiss the soles of my feet and then slowly kissed his way up my legs to the back of my knees, where he licked the skin and then blew gently on it: that made me squeal in surprise! Then moving to straddle my legs he bent to roll his nose and tongue up my thighs to that place where my legs end and my bottom starts. He was right: it always did feel nice and his tongue swirled across the skin as his nose rested between my cheeks. He placed his heavy hands, one on each thigh, and had me open them, to let him kneel between my legs. He took the plump of my bottom in his warm hands and ran his thumb over my pussy so that I jumped. Then he parted my cheeks and I knew he was feasting his eyes on my pussy. I no longer felt a bashful modesty from his gaze: our bodies were for each other's pleasure and I gave myself to him now without hesitation. I felt the tickle of his hair on my skin, then the warmth of his breath as he pressed his face into my flesh. A wet tongue brushed over my puckered ring and I groaned. As it began to dance in circles there were more flashes of lightning that burst into my tummy like fireworks into a night sky. I groan louder and found I was gyrating my hips in tune with his dance. He plunged his tongue into me, changing my torment from falling snow to hot lava pouring into me.

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