tagGroup SexA Flame in the Night Ch. 10

A Flame in the Night Ch. 10



We finally go to sleep, and now I (male) am dreaming. This is my dream story:

It's dreamland. And in this dream I'm feeling horny. I feeling dirty and kinky, and I'm looking for something a bit more deviating than usual. I need ass! I want a wickedly tight shit hole to match my equally filthy mood. The more I think about ravaging a poor little girl's tail with my big Hummer, the more desperate and horny I get. And desperate and horny is what I am, so I ponder over the dreamscape setting that will allow me to live out my lewd, lustful desires.

I guess, then, it's only natural for you to be here with me, given that you always give me so much pleasure. However, there's also someone else here, who's presently with us. It's a sweet, sexy younger woman named Amy. And Amy, by most standards, is a kinky little treat, a real fuck toy. She is lean, fit, and health--and a nasty girl for sure. I think of the sparse patch of pubic hair that leads a baiting trail to her coitus-banging kitty-quarters, and I'm reminded of how much she says she likes cum. Amy tells me how a spoonful of cum makes a great lube for her taut ass. I'm not about to disagree with her. That sounds mighty fine to me, and so much so I feel myself swelling. I'm getting hard in my sleep thinking of how much fun I could have with her.

Yes, it's so true, a tiny arse dripping with greasy cum lube will have easier access. And that means I can nail that poop chute even better with my ass hammering tool. Oh, that's a happy thought! I thinking of your butt filled with sloppy goo, and it makes me so hot. My dick wants to cream for real or, at least, wants to cream in this dream. So, I insist to you that I need your behind.

You politely warn me, today, your rear end is extremely tense. You don't want to be stretched too much when I slide my log into your receptacle. And I don't have a problem with you needing some extra time to make it easier on you. I also don't want you getting hurt, so I bend you over and begin rimming that fragile anal-pussy. I know you're anxious about your entrance there, so I ring your opening very thoroughly. This includes lots of tongue and lip sucking to loosen up your ass. Yes, lots of tongue probing in your hole should get you ready. Your bum will be begging for something firm to take away the tingle, and that's when Amy comes to the rescue!

Amy gladly kneels under you at just the right moment. She moves her puckering lips toward you as she inspects the terrain that she will nurture. She finds the banqueting area and starts feasting in your dish. I'm licking your rump gutter; she's tasting your pie. You feel--in both holes--our hungry mouths cleaning your interior. Then, being especially surprised at how well Amy hits your spot, you grunt out in hysteria, "Eat me!"

Your openings clash at how best to deal with the agitating double-teamed pampering. So excited you are, you reach out with the need to touch flesh. At first, you find Amy's firm, but tofu-soft tits. I take a look and see you fondling her rack and pinching her rigid little nips. You try stretching out to finger her pussy, but Amy thinks it better to re-align her body under you, for you to enjoy sixty-nine. You can't resist her benevolent pussy offering, so you kneel down on top of her and bury your lips in her water-logged snatch--eating her out as she eats in you--and all the while with me, the third wheel, kissing your ass.

Amy attaches to you like a leech, sucking and munching as though her whole existence depends on draining you. The nibbling sensation in your nookie is getting too intense; however, before you have a chance to come on her mouth--I cram my big fucking cock in your ass! It doesn't hurt, initially, as much as you expected: your rear hole is more relaxed now and wringing-wet from absorbing my kisses. Nevertheless, though your butt canal is slick, you still experience the intense pressure growing as your hole reluctantly expands, trying to accommodate me. In the moment, to you, my cock feels bigger than it ever has. And maybe it's all because I'm so freaking horny, but now with my enlarged size, you're struggling with my girth. Every swollen inch I slowly, gently push into you--hurts.

"Damn it!" you cry, hoping I stop. You internalize the pain and withhold inside the stinging remarks you want to unleash at me. It's a powerful bullet of sorts; it's a sexual invasion attacking your gate. You want to give up, but you fortify your will and take more, much more.

I plummet myself in your hole, forcing it deeper. Then I notice my family jewels bouncing on Amy's lovely, smooth forehead as she indulges in taking care of you. My sack brushing on her skin is inflaming me; every thrust feels better than the last, better and better. Moreover, nasty Amy is being turned-on with my tea-bags bumping into her noggin, and she knows I'm working hard to hit her as a target. I keep hammering my burning dog in your buns while intentionally trying to swing my wrecking balls into her cheeks. She senses my extra effort and craves every striking blow of my nuts. Amy begins to come--and you taste all of it--on your lips.

As you continue eating her, the dew on her petals is overflowing into your mouth. The excitement of Amy's triumphant orgasm has jolted you. You begin moaning in rhythms. The deep pussy licking from Amy has done you in--you let go! And with you now coming, I encounter your butt hole clamping down on me, making your hole unbearably snug. The squeezing puts me on edge. Then, as I discover my nuts sliding over Amy's skull once again, I know I need to spew my load!

I withdraw my distressing pecker from your hindquarters and give it to you to suck. I'm hoping by being out of that trench, I can hold it on the happy edge for a few precious moments longer. But reluctantly, once I get into your soft mouth, I catch another adrenaline rush--and it's over--I come! I take in the sensory vibes of you gently blowing and softly sucking my dick. My come wells up, and I shoot an enormous load, overfilling your mouth with my sperm gift.

I, then, sense my cock agonizing even after I spray you. My cum had been discharged and forcefully ejected out my narrow straw hole so fiercely that it left me with a tantalizing residue. I have a nagging tingle in my crotch, and my cock is still throbbing because it's still rock hard in this dream. I review in my thoughts, how sweet your gaping ass felt, snugly gripping my bewildering dick. And sadly, the intoxicating memories of being inside that forbidden anal crack along with the cock warming experience of emptying in your mouth--keeps on replaying. I'm still unfulfilled, and I ache for more!

I see the cum casually drooling from your mouth. Oh, what a wonderful mess! My cock flinches upward as I look at your sexy eyes winking at me. Then soon after, I'm amazed to uncover my heart is sprinting. I've just spotted you reaching into Amy to start kissing her innocent lips. Damn, I need to fuck you! I put you on your back, hoist my still cum-oozing stick into your pussy. Then I start boning you!

But the fucking isn't enough. Because I've bamboozled myself into thinking your pussy would cure my itch. But as of right now, I need even more! As I'm fucking you, I must also keep my eyes locked on you and Amy. I don't want to miss seeing you playing with her. I look at you and I see her lips, which are now basting with my white pasty goo. Maddeningly I'm gratified by that, so I have to keep looking. You go about sharing my cum with Amy. You transfer my seed to her mouth, and I watch and fuck while you two French-kissing lovers play with my cum in your mouths. The visual stimulation is enough to keep me hard as I keep screwing and watching you smacking.

I'm thinking this can't get any better, but then I notice Amy spitting the cum from her mouth and catching it with her soft, petite hands. She reaches down with those dainty elfin hands, and we sense what she's trying to do--trying to edge her fingers in your pussy while I'm still fucking you. I can't describe the strange inkling and somewhat alarming feeling, I felt, when my dick first encounters her fingers reaching to break through. Your pussy is stretching beyond reason, and frankly, you don't know what to make of it either.

Unrealistic? Perhaps. But in this dream, it feels ever so real. You shout with confusing excitement and wonderment about how deep Amy's tiny hands might probe inside you. The abnormality of it boggles your mind. And moreover, Amy's exploration is causing me to panic, as well. I'm battling with the extreme pressures her fingertips are putting on my dick, as she continues to prod into you. She makes your pussy perilously tight, and I have to deal with those interrogating tentacles with every thrust that I make. Her small, thin fingers are traumatizing me and making my meat tender. Oh, yes, I need to burst! I can't handle any more of your pussy and her fingers rubbing on my shaft. I have to come once again more!

I pull out a little and my love-hydrant goes to work, shooting horse size portions of manly-milk. Buckets of cum completely drench you, saturating your twat in a stew of nature's protein. And when, finally, I'm fully drained, I gleefully look at the monstrous feat. I marvel in the result and admire how nice and slimy the wet pool of my spunk looks covering your peach. Amy notices it too and cleverly decides to "go green" and recycle that nice silky cum. She smears it into her hand and makes the perfect sexual lube. Then, unexpectedly, she petrifies your anatomy and baffles my wits when she ambushes you. With one hand, she makes a solid thrusting motion and embeds her baby-like fist deep into your unsuspecting vagina!

You have a gag reflex and holler in shock, "Ooh! My!" What just happened? You try analyzing it. Where did that pain and pleasure come from? Did she really get that hand inside me? You don't really know how to cope with what happened. Your pussy is so confused that immediately, though incompletely, you have an orgasmic-like coming experience. "Oh Shit!" you yell. You feel her small hand swimming inside your womb and it forces you to scream once again, "Fuck! Fuck! Fuck yeah!"

The loitering fingers roaming within your inner vessel seems too unusual, so unfamiliar. You have nothing to base for comparison. You succumb to the bizarrely strange, tickling phenomenon. You come repeatedly, again and again. In rippling waves it happens, with each tidal swell, seemingly, perpetuating more--even better--waves of paradise.

Then, when the tsunami in your dwelling calms, you think of poor Amy. She worked so hard to please you. You want to reward her, the best way you can. She needs a good muff diving.

I watch, you demonstrate your generosity. In the eyes of men, you are a thing of beauty; as if a ballerina dances to please her audience, you grace the stage to entertain Amy and me. With such charm and pose, you pirouette tactfully to Amy's nest and cheerfully bow your head straight into her sparsely-haired stuff. Kindly, you go down on her nearly bald cunt and exam her as you grind her down. Fuck-happy Amy is such a rarity for a woman well past her teen years. So much so that, as you eat around her baby-peach, you are practically making names for the scarcity of her pubs. "Oh there's Ms. Ohio, there's Ms. Delaware, and Ms. Georgia is over here... Oh, look at little Ms. Rhode Island. Ah, she's right near the tip of her slit!" And with all your goodwill bent on pleasing her, you stay on her genitalia, giving her a lifetime worth of things to remember. You suck her tender, supple lips extensively! And like a goddess-of-love, you dole out felicity to repay her for all her delightful earlier deeds.

I, on the other hand, am still aspiring to recover from spending myself all over you. Nevertheless, I'm watching you and--wow, what a thrill! But my sex worm is bankrupt; it's not very useful in its limpy condition. Still, despite my sexual handicap, I'm still a horny dog--dying to hump.

Therefore, in this dire situation, I'm compelled to be a bystander and passively look at the good things you're doing to Amy. But for some reason, I am envious: you're making her moan over, and over. I can't put a number on the count, but those sugary, ear-candy sounds are churning in my head. I see her frequently cringing with unending gyrations. And while you dine in her teeny, pink pussy, her legs are struggling to understand their purpose, because they're running senselessly in midair. Then, like a pervert, I hunger for lust and secretly applaud as I see you degrading her. And although I'm craving for depravity, seeing you assaulting her in this way is getting too much for me to handle. But, when I can't hardly standby and witness you molesting her any further, you throw me under the bus and find a more creative way of defiling her.

You put Ms. "amicable" Amy on her knees so that her moon shines in my eyes. And resourcefully, you then reach down into your crotch, and with your hands you scrap off a large heaping portion of that old, neglected cum, still cleaving to your skin. I do back-flips in my head as I watch you greasing poor Amy's rear chamber. That backdoor hole gets stuffed with the hand-me-down cum when you finger-fuck her passage. Afterwards, when you're through lubing her hole, your tormenting skills break me! You make Amy a prisoner of my own carnivorous desires. And I grimace and rupture with an animalistic rage as I catch sight of you digging into her ass with your fingers. With both hands, you pull her apart and make a large, gaping hole in her butt that's wide enough as if for all the world to see. I burrow my sight into the dark, deep mystery, and I get swallowed by the mighty gorge that's been formed. I become a madman, a filthy rapist, ready to violate her helpless, tiny sanctuary!

Yet, I look down at my feverish cock, and it's still a worthless piece of shit. It's so useless and so insufficiently weak. But that soft feeble thing ain't gonna stop me. My mind has a raging boner. So being flaccid isn't enough to keep me from grounding my short, shriveled stem into Amy's garbage sewer. I stand over her rear and center my aim, hoping to strike gold and puncture her delicate insides; however, when I try to enter her gutter, my spongy meat bulges and fails to hit my target.

I quickly reset and go at it again. I level my hips to align with her soft cushioned cheeks, then, determined, I thrust my pelvis into her, laboring to get my wimpy dick into her cum-lubed ass. It wiggles like sperm swimming for eggs, but then I get excited when the mushroom tip of my pecker breaches her crack. Jackpot! Bull's-eye! I did it. I'm in her gully, I'm inside the poor man's castle!

However, Amy's gate feels like a pinhole, so I'm burdened still to wrestle with my hungry worm to get it in deeper. I lather my cock with more of that used cum, and inch by inch, I finally stuff that rascal all the way in her greasy pit. Fuck, she's tight! I'm glad, for now, my cock is only pint size. Her powerful muscles behave as vice grips, chocking the circulation of my manhood. Carelessly, I lunge into her--hard as I can. And when I'm doing that I find myself savoring her soft, round buns as they press against my belly and thighs. Your soft flesh makes my cock balloon like a puffer fish, and the constricting pressure in her anal lining has now made me the victim. I scream in my head, wishing I could yank my shit out. "What a mistake!" I babble, nearly regretting I ever got into Amy's mess. But the sexual forces that be, won't let me out. I'm obliged to endure and do the only thing I can, and that's to ride her fucking butt!

I'm desperate to come, badly. I'm grabbing Amy's rear and doing some reckless offshore drilling. Wildly I bore into her bottom well, trying to appease my itch. I want to enjoy my cream exploding again, but my balls won't cooperate: they're so exhausted from coming earlier. So, I know this is going to take hard work, but I'm now up for the challenge.

Outwardly, Amy's showing signs that she's objecting to having her ass penetrated. She's screaming foul words and obscenities every time I slam into her seat-pillows. I know her waste-way is getting sore, and while I could feel sorry for her, I don't. In fact, the more I hear her outbursts, the more addicted I am to making her squeal louder. It's truly hard to be sympathetic at pounding her rectum--Amy isn't hiding very well that she doesn't likes me bruising her hole. Despite all her verbal complaints, she's really not contesting enough to safeguard that poo-poo crack. Literally, she's lifting her "virgin" tight ass, as well as she can, to make my access into her easier. And making it worse, she's rocking into me, in sync, as I make bulldozer like thrusts. Mechanically, I keep colliding into her container with deep, hard repeated swings. My manhood is aching to spew and father her hole; but I can't just yet--you want to abuse her valuables too!

You've watched all the fun I'm having, having my way with Amy. You decide to have your way with her too. With one good hole that's not being exploited, you know exactly where to start. You lie down beside her and facing upward, you begin examining her sex starving cunt. Using two fingers you slide into her warm slash and start finger searching for groves and ridges to excite. Amy fidgets from your advancing touches, and you know that you're going to have a good time getting her off. You add another finger, making it three. She's wet and hot, and because there's so little friction in her defenseless snatch to present any deterrent, your fingers slip in easily. Then, you curl your fingers like a hook and start jigging in her clam.

To your surprise, the aggressive fingering makes Amy's vaginal secretion splash, and her water falls into your face. No, Amy hasn't come yet; she's merely overflowing. And in your mind, you admire her overly abundant supply of love lube, thinking it must make for great pussy banging. Then as a consequence of over thinking about her gifted sexual ability, you have the urge to take care of your own needs. With your free other hand, you wipe Amy's wetness off your face and start admiring your own bundle of nerves. Yes, you begin to fondle your clit.

Amy is like catnip: the more we play with her the more crazy we become. And same as a love drug, she is inciting us to lose our senses. I feel crazy! My dick inside her is working hard as if it were a drain snake: it bores in deeper, and deeper, to get at her scrimpy pipes and dilate her crudely repressive passage. You also feel crazy! Her drooling box is now loose as a used condom. All of that jamming and cramming in her butt has relaxed and stimulated her fraternal twin sister. Yeah, her other, more acceptably attractive hole, is withering and turning raw from your fingers hooking her opening. Meanwhile, you rub harder and harder on your pink pearl and discover yourself becoming wet and raw just like Amy. It excites you more, and suddenly, you have kinky urges you've never felt before! Your equilibrium is out of whack. You're hot and nasty, and more importantly, you have no more mercy for Amy. You take one last look at Amy's soggy bush. You tighten your fingers to a point--and drive your fist into her fuckhole!

"No! Way!" Amy shrills in a nervous, high pitched voice as she seeks to squirm away from your ascending arm. But she's caught in the middle; her ass falls backward and bumps deeper into my big stick already stuck in her rear. In any case, the yelling and struggling is all too late--you've already buried your knuckle inside her!

Amy's eyes water, but she has amazing fortitude; she's an amazing tough cookie and gives it her all to hid the discomfort and painful soreness we're inflicting on her. Frankly, under kinder circumstances, Amy loves being the naughty, bad girl and subconsciously that makes misusing her sex holes even more appealing.

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