tagIncest/TabooA Foreign Affair Ch. 03

A Foreign Affair Ch. 03


The next morning at breakfast I was unusually quiet as I waited for Rachael to join us. I would have sworn that she was asleep when I had visited her in her bedroom the night before but she had fooled me. I was praying that she wouldn't spill the beans in front of everyone but who knew what she was capable of. I thought of some of the things she had said and done with Dad right in front of Mom.

I guess that she took mercy on me that morning because nothing was said about the night before. Dad chatted on about his trip and Rachael managed to sound somewhat interested. At one point our eyes met and she just smiled and stuck out her tongue at me.

Turned out that Dad was going to be gone just overnight so that gave us only one day to put Mom's plan into effect. If all went according to plan that evening's meal was going to be very interesting. Very interesting. I couldn't wait.

After Dad left, Mom announced that she had to go out shopping. We all sort of went our separate ways that day but there was an undertone of sexuality in that house that was as thick as fog. I was tempted to go see Rachael again and see if she'd give me a taste of that sweet, sweet pussy when she was totally awake. Jason was staring at Marie and the bulge in his pants gave away what he was thinking. Marie was constantly chewing on her lip and looking at everyone. I could tell that she was hot as a pistol and ready to go off at the first opportunity. Who knew what Rachael was thinking? Somehow we managed to avoid each other for most of the afternoon.

About 4 o'clock Mom came home and said that dinner would be at 7 and everyone should be there. About an hour before dinner she pulled me aside and told me to make sure that everyone knew what we were supposed to do. Oh we knew all right and I was hot and ready to go.

Finally, after what seemed an eternity, dinnertime arrived. Rachael was casually dressed in shorts and a t-shirt and she was surprised when Marie, Mom and I arrived wearing skirts.

"Christ, since when did we start dressing for dinner around here?" she asked. Nevertheless I saw her eyes take in Marie's long legs as she sat down. Mom looked good too in a white mini with a matching top. I had a denim mini that I purposely let ride up my legs as I sat down. God, the three of us looked good enough to eat.

Jason was the last to arrive and he sat next to Rachael, directly across from Marie. He looked good in his tight jeans and shirt.

Mom had made a huge bowl of some type of pasta dish with chicken in it and a large bowl of tossed salad. I was starved but it wasn't food I was interested in.

"I hope everyone's good and hungry," Mom said.

"Oh oui," whispered Marie, "I am so hungry." Her tongue slowly licked her lips as she stared at Jason across the table from her. She slouched down in her chair and reached out with her foot and put it in Jason's lap. Her toes began slowly rubbing up and down on his crotch.

It took a moment for Rachael to notice what was happening but suddenly she gave a surprised look as she noticed Marie's foot in her brother's crotch, sliding up and down. Jason naturally just sat there with a grin on his face.

"Something wrong Rachael?" Mom asked. You look as if you've seen a ghost."

"Ah..no, I'm all right." She shot a look over to Marie, cleared her throat to get her attention and mouthed the words 'Stop that" Marie smiled back at her and continued rubbing Jason's cock with her foot.

Rachael tried to ignore what was happening but I caught her stealing glances at her brother's lap. Meanwhile Mom had passed the pasta around the table. I smiled and picked up a couple of strands of the pasta with my fingers and said, "Hey Jason, watch this."

Marie tilted her head back and formed an o with her lips and I slowly let those strands of pasta down into her mouth. When there was just two or three inches of pasta left she sucked in and slurped the rest quickly into her mouth.

Mom and I applauded. "Good job Marie!" Rachael's mouth fell open in disbelief.

"What is that all about? Mom?"

"Oh that's just a French custom that Marie taught us honey. It's really kind of neat. Want to try it?"

"I don't think so," she answered somewhat sarcastically.

"Your turn Mom" I laughed. I took several long strands over to my Mother and she quickly slurped them up and out of my fingers just as Marie had.

'Nice job Mom!"

"Your turn baby," Mom said. She picked up several strands and approaching me she said, "I've got an idea." She put the pasta into her own mouth with only about two inches of it protruding from her lips. Bending over me she slowly let the pasta slide out of her mouth and into mine. I sucked it up greedily.

"Ohh Mom, that was good."

"Ohh, that was gross," stammered Rachael. "I don't believe it."

"Oh don't be such a fucking prude Rachael."

Rachael turned red as a beet. I don't think she had ever heard her mother use the 'f' word before.

Meanwhile, while her attention had been focused on Mom and me, Jason had managed to unzip himself and pull out his cock, which was now as hard as the proverbial rock. Both of Marie's feet now encircled it and slowly rubbed up and down it's length. When Rachael noticed that, her face registered total disbelief. Marie smiled at her across the table.

"I'm not very hungry right now. Think I'll go to my room."

'Rachael, you sit right there until dinner's over. I won't have you being rude to our guest."

'But I.."

"But nothing young lady. Besides, we've got some more French customs to show you. Now sit back down and don't you even think about leaving."

Rachael sat back down and she was still red as a sunburned lobster. After a glance from Mom, Jason reached out and took Rachael's hand and placed it on the tip of his cock. She jerked as if stung by a bee and pulled her hand away. I truly believe that she was in the first stages of shock at this point.

Mom and I each put several strands of pasta on Marie's face and bent forward and slurped them up.

"Ohh, you must feed me some more. I am unable to move at the moment Cheri." This was true what with her feet on my brother's cock. Mom filled her mouth and slowly let the long, creamy strands of pasta slide into Marie's waiting lips. Trust me, it was such a sensual delight watching this food 'exchange' that I knew that I was fast losing control of myself. Only my desire to follow Mom's directions kept me from jumping on someone.

"Oh Marie, you've got some sauce on your face," said Mom. She bent forward and slowly licked Marie's cheek and lips clean.

"Let me help Mom." I too licked Marie's beautiful face, my tongue lingering on her lips. Her tongue came out to greet mine and Mom dropped some more pasta on our tongues. We both tried to slurp it into our mouths, each of us getting some of it.

"Ready to try some Rachael?"

"Will someone please tell me what the hell is going on here?"

"Why Rachael honey," Mom said walking around the table to Rachael's chair, "There's been a few changes happening here while you were at college." She was behind Rachael now and she lightly encircled her with her arms, effectively preventing her from leaving.

"You remember how you liked to eat with Daddy at the breakfast table don't you?" Rachael blushed an even deeper shade of red. "Well since Daddy's not here I thought maybe you'd like a taste of something else. Stand up Jason."

Jason arose from his seat and turned to face Mom and Rachael. His cock stood at attention not six inches from Rachael's face. She tried to get up but Mom held her firmly in place.

"Oh honey, doesn't your brother have a beautiful cock? It's just like your Daddy's and I know how much you like his. Don't you just want to kiss it and lick it and take it in your mouth? Just like you do with Daddy's?"

"Mother! For Christ's sake stop! Let me go!"

Marie reached across the table and hung several strands of pasta from Jason's cock. A couple of them fell to the floor but most stayed on.

"Oh Rachael, you must suck the pasta from his cock. It is a custom back home. Do not be shy. This is, how do you say, all in the family."

Mom was nibbling on Rachael's neck now as she whispered, " Lick all that pasta up from your brother honey. I know you want to. You're such a greedy little cocksucker aren't you honey? Umm, his cock tastes sooo good. Better do it before Marie and your sister get it. You'll never get his cock away from those two."

Mom forced Rachael's head back and Jason stood over her, his cock directly above her face. The movement caused one of the strands to slide slowly off the end of his cock. It landed on her closed lips.

"Open up honey, time for some dinner." Mom tried to force Rachael's mouth open but Rachael would have none of it. Finally Mom looked up at Jason and said "Fuck her mouth Jason."

Jason lifter one leg over Rachael so that he was straddling her. He then lowered his cock to her lips. The tip of it brushed against Rachael's lips but she was stubborn and wouldn't open up. He thrust against her mouth, trying to get inside her.

Meanwhile I had crawled under the table and between her legs. I unbuttoned her shorts and tried to pull them off her but she was still being uncooperative. I slid my hand in the top and pushed it inside her panties. For someone supposedly uninterested in having sex with us, her pussy was awfully wet. I slipped a couple of fingers up inside of her and began finger fucking her.

The feeling of my fingers in her pussy caused her to squeal in surprise and when she did she opened her mouth just enough to let Jason slide his cock several inches into her mouth.

"That's my girl," said Mom. "Suck that cock, honey."

Marie had joined me under the table and the two of us managed to pull her shorts and panties off. Each of us began licking our way up her beautiful legs. When we reached the top of her thighs we found that the table prevented us from getting at her pussy as good as we would have liked to but we did the best we could. I managed to get my tongue on her clit when Marie pulled her legs apart and she sort of slouched down in her chair. Oh god did my sister's pussy taste good!

Meanwhile Mom was encouraging Rachael to suck her brother's hard cock even deeper. She pushed Rachael lower in the chair so that Jason could get more cock in her mouth. This in turn pushed her legs closer to Marie and I and gave us better access to her pussy.

The taste of Jason's wonderful cock and our tongues on her wet pussy had apparently changed Rachael's mind. All pretense of resistance now faded away as the sexual pleasure mounted for her. Her hand now stroked Jason's cock as he rode it in and out of her mouth. Mom was delighted!

"Oh yes, that's it baby! Suck your brother. Oh doesn't he have a wonderful cock? Ohh, you look so good with his big cock in your mouth. Suck it!"

Rachael pulled Jason's cock from her mouth and said to Mom "If I'm going to suck Jason's cock then you are too. Come on Mommy, let me see you put your son's cock in your mouth."

Mom was only too happy to oblige. Her head darted forward and she quickly gobbled Jason's cock right into her mouth. Her mouth worked back and forth as she sucked him in.

"Ohh Mommy! Now I know where I inherited my love of cock from!" Rachael reached out and stroked Jason's balls as she watched her mother suck on her brothers throbbing dick. "Suck him Mommy! Show me what a real cocksucker can do!"

Marie and I climbed out from under the table to watch Mom suck Jason. Rachael smiled and pulled Marie to her and buried her tongue in her mouth. Now I was seeing the real Rachael, the girl who had openly sucked Daddy off right in front of Mom. She was a hot and horny young woman whose passion, once aroused, knew no boundaries. I was so glad she was my sister! I wanted to be just like her.

"Lisa," Rachael commanded, "Go lick Mommy's pussy while she sucks Jason. While you're there lick her ass like you did mine last night. Do it little sister!"

I saw Mom's eyes flash with anger just for a second as she realized that Rachael and I had been together last night against her wishes. It didn't last long, however, as the rest of her plan was going so well. Rachael was on fire just as Mom had hoped and besides, how could she be mad with her son's huge cock in her mouth?

I knelt down behind her and lifted the hem of her little miniskirt. She wore no panties and she was bent forward to get at Jason who was now sitting on the dining room table, his jeans hanging around his ankles. In that position her pussy and ass were exposed to me in a perfect position.

I began by lightly running my tongue up and down the back of her firm thighs. She moaned her approval and spread her legs farther apart. Her beautiful pussy lips parted as she did so and I dove right in. All of my pent up desire from the whole day seemed to explode out of me with the first taste of Mom's pussy. I licked and slurped on it greedily, seeking out her juices, which were flowing freely from her by this time. She tasted wonderful!

I looked up and saw that Marie's clothes had already been shed and that Rachael was noisily feasting on her breasts and nipples. Marie's head was thrown back with desire and she was moaning with passion.

I pulled Mom's cheeks apart and gently licked her ass. She flinched at the feeling and I giggled hoping that she hadn't bitten Jason's cock. My tongue explored eagerly, loving the earthy taste of her there. I licked the whole length of her, tasting both ass and pussy, trying to push my tongue deep inside of her. I would have gladly stayed there for hours but suddenly Mom pulled away and told us all that it was time that we moved upstairs for our fun and games. We all headed for the stairs.

"Did Mommy's ass taste good little sis?" Rachael asked on the way up.

"See for yourself Rachael," I said and kissed her deeply, our tongues meeting for the first time.

"Umm," she said, "guess I'll have to get some of that for myself." We giggled and ran up the stairs to join the others.

By the time we got upstairs that damn Marie had already mounted Jason and was riding slowly and sensually up and down on his hard cock. That beautiful French cunt of hers seemed to grab his cock with each stroke and hold it tightly up inside her. Her head was thrown back and her perfect breasts jutted out towards us invitingly. I have to admit that as much as I wished it were me that Jason was fucking, the sight of Marie's beautiful body getting pounded by my brother's hard dick was an awesome sight.

She was so beautiful with her head thrown back moaning, "Fuck me, fuck me," over and over again that you couldn't help but be turned on by the sight. Her long black hair flowed loosely around her shoulders and her nipples were so aroused that they must have been two inches long. We could see the muscles in her long firm thighs work as she pushed herself up and down on that cock.

Even mom seemed somewhat awestruck. I guess I mentioned earlier that Marie had a sort of sexual aura. Well, it was never more evident than at that time. Her whole being just radiated sex and everyone in her orbit seemed to be drawn in. That seems so inadequate but that's the best I can do in explaining it. I guess you just had to have been there.

Rachael and I climbed on the bed and crawled over to where Marie and Jason were. I was on one side and Rachael was on the other as we bent forward to taste Marie's beautiful nipples. I slipped that beautiful, cherry red nipple into my mouth and looked over to see that Rachael had done the same to her other breast. We happily licked, sucked and nursed on her. Oh, she tasted so yummy! Her hands pushed our mouths tighter to her.

"Oh oui mon amis! Oh suck me! Suck my nipples! Suck me while your brother fucks me so good! Ohh, soo good!"

"That's right Jason! Fuck her good!" Mom stood finger fucking herself at the foot of the bed watching us. "Fuck that French cunt good. Make her cum"

"Mom, come on up here and play with us. I want to taste you so bad."

"In a bit, Rachael. I've got something I've got to do first honey. You girls have fun, I'll be back shortly." She walked out of the bedroom.

For the briefest of seconds Marie and I made eye contact and smiled. We knew what she had to do and we knew what we were going to do to help her. Rachael had no idea!

"Oh little sis, I didn't know you were such a hot little slut. Wait till your Daddy finds out."

"Oh Rachael, do you think he'll be mad?" I giggled.

"Yeah he'll be mad. Mad to get his cock in your pussy. He just loves fucking his little girl. Guess it'll have to be his little girls now." She laughed.

"Ohh, I can't wait Rachael. Is he good in bed?"

'Fuck yes he's good. I can't get enough of his cock." She was rubbing her own breasts now as she thought about Daddy. "I wish he was here now. We could suck him off."

"Ohh Rachael, every time I think about it my pussy gets so wet."

"Let me see you little tramp." She reached out and slid two fingers up inside of my pussy. Smiling at me she worked them all the way up inside of me until her fingers were buried in me up to her knuckles. She worked them around in there until I thought I'd die with pleasure. Then she slowly slid them out of me, maintaining pressure on my clit the entire time. With an audible slurping sound she popped them out of my pussy.

She held her fingers out in front of her and laughed, "My god, you weren't kidding." She brought them to her face and slowly slid them into her mouth, Greedily she sucked and licked all of my juices from her fingers.

"Umm! Christ that was good. Why don't you lie down and let me eat you out little sis?"

Well she didn't have to twist my arm. Quickly I flopped unto my back and spread my legs open. Without another word Rachael pulled my hips forward, pushed my legs farther apart and buried her face between my legs.

I remembered Mom saying something about Rachael already being an accomplished cocksucker and I could understand that, what with all the lessons Dad must have given her. Well I'm here to tell you that she was even better at eating pussy. I don't know where she had learned to do it but she was even better than Marie, and that's saying something.

Her tongue and lips teased me and taunted me and brought me to a level of passion that I had not even known existed. When she took my clit between her full, beautiful lips I nearly died. She licked it and sucked gently on it, all the while finger fucking me with those talented fingers of hers.

Marie noticed Rachael's ass staring up at her and without ever losing Jason's cock from her tight grip, managed to lean down into a doggy style position and bury her face in Rachael's crotch.

"Ohhhh!" Rachael moaned as Marie's talented tongue found first her pussy and then her asshole. "Suck it honey! Fuck me with your tongue!"

Marie was more than happy to oblige. Pulling Rachael's cheeks apart she wildly licked and sucked Rachael's two gaping holes with abandon. I could see that Jason's cock, fucking her from behind now, was driving her wild with desire. She buried her tongue in Rachael even deeper.

"Oh shit that feels good! Oh Rachael! Oh yes, right there! Ohhh Ohhh! Yes! Do it!"

I knew I was close now. I had been hot all fucking day and Rachael and her talented tongue were just what I needed, that and the sight of Jason fucking Marie. Pounding her now. Reaming her. Thrashing about in that beautiful French pussy. It was more than I could stand.

I wrapped my thighs around Rachael's head and grabbed her hair and pulled her face even tighter to my pussy. I was pumping my hips now, fucking her face as hard as I could. I felt my climax building and then all at once it erupted, sending waves of intense pleasure coursing through my body. God, it was as if a volcano had exploded in my cunt and the lava was the pleasure shooting in every direction. I held on to Rachael's head for dear life as I rode out explosion after explosion of intense orgasmic pleasure.

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