tagLoving WivesA Foreign Visitor

A Foreign Visitor


Ember and I had been married for 5 years. We are both in our early thirties, and want to keep our sex life fresh and exciting. We had discussed and role-played MFM scenarios but it is always a fantasy for us - more for me than her, although she always enjoyed the simulated encounters with dildos.

One weekend while the kids were away at their grandparents, we received a knock at the door while watching a movie during a windy and rainy afternoon. I answered the door and found a young Latin man, about 25, wearing blue jeans and a t-shirt, wet from the rain. Over his shoulder I could see a large coach type motor-home in our driveway. "Hello" he said, with an unidentifiable European accent, "I was wondering if I could camp in your orchard for the night. It's a long drive to the next site."

He looked like an honest, clean cut person, so I said "Sure, let me show you a spot to park."

I put on a coat and walked out to rear of the orchard surrounded by trees. The young man backed his RV into the spot and opened the door. "Would you like to have a look inside?" He asked.

I climbed into the luxurious motor-home and found myself in a large carpeted sitting area, with a table and benches forming a booth, an easy chair and a well furnished kitchen. The room expanded as the young man pressed a button and push-outs whirred into place.

"My name is Robin" said the young man, putting out his hand.

"I am John" I responded.

"How much for the site for the night?" He asked.

I considered the expensive coach and said "What ever you think is right."

"Let me grab you a beer for starters" he offered, and opened the fridge, revealing a selection of foods and liquor.

I took a Miller and the followed Robin as he showed me the surprisingly large bathroom with shower and a bedroom with a king size bed.

"I rented this caravan for my summer trip across the country and this is definitely the best way to travel" said Robin. "I have everything one could want but a traveling companion. Would you like to see some pictures of my trip so far?"

"I should get back to my wife" I said, finishing my beer. "Maybe later."

"Oh, of course" he said. "Bring her over if you like - I would be happy to have some company for dinner in about an hour."

I returned to the house. When I entered the door, Ember asked "Who was that?"

"Just a guy who wanted to park his RV" I replied.

"Is he by himself?" Ember asked.

"He is, and he invited us for dinner. He has a very fancy motor-home."

"Sure" she responded, "then I don't have to cook. Let me go get ready."

She must have caught a glimpse of Robin at the door earlier, and liked what she saw, as she came down 20 minutes later dressed to impress in a black skirt with stockings underneath, a low cut black and white and blue top that showcased her fantastic breasts, pushed up and out by a lacy black and blue bra. As it was a weekend, she had painted her nails a sparkling red, with matching lipstick. Her eyes were accentuated by mascara and her hair was loose, held back only by a hairband. She also wore her diamond earrings and a diamond pendant sparkled from her cleavage. She's a short and curvy brunette and she knows how to highlight her assets.

"Wow", I said "who are you trying to impress?"

"You, of course" she replied with a grin.

We dashed through the rain to the back of the orchard and knocked at the door to the motor-home. Robin opened the coach door and we climbed up.

"This is my wife, Ember" I introduced, "Ember this is Robin."

As Ember took his hand and climbed in, I could see Robin was looking down into her creamy cleavage. He looked up and saw that I was watching him, and blushed and turned away. "Can I get you something to drink?" He asked to cover up his discomfort but unable to avert his eyes from Ember's shapely calves under the smooth nylon as she sat down on the bench at the table.

Ember was looking about at the interior and didn't notice the young man's attention. "I could go for a cocktail" she said, "maybe something fruity."

"Peach vodka and cranberry juice ok?" asked Robin as he poked through his fridge. "Supper will be ready soon, I have made canapes and supper is roast beef, mashed potatoes, and Yorkshire puddings."

"That sounds great!" replied Ember. Robin served her drink and brought out some canapes. We snacked on the pastries as Robin finished preparing supper. Ember was on her third drink by the time we started the steak, and had become very flushed.

We were seated tightly in the small booth, with Ember seated against the back and Robin and I seated on the outer ends. I was conscious of her knee and leg pressing against me. As I stroked her silky knee and she rubbed her foot against my shin I realized that she was probably also forced up against Robin on the other side. Neither of them seemed to mind. Ember chatted brightly with Robin, responding to his attention by subtly flirting with the handsome young stud, putting her hand on his arm as she smiled at me, and leaning over so he could see her cleavage.

As Robin cleared the table and brought out a chocolate cake for dessert, she nibbled on my ear and whispered "I think you are going to get lucky tonight."

Before he sat down again he turned on the TV across from the table. "Let me show you some pictures from my trip here in your country" he said, and a slideshow of beautiful landscapes began.

Ember pointed at one sunset and asked "that's so beautiful, where did you take that picture?" Robin leaned in to get a better look and responded, and I noticed he was now pressed up tight against Ember, his outstretched arm brushing the side of her breast. "I think that light was a result of gasses escaping from the garbage dump where I was camping" he joked, and Ember smacked his leg as she laughed. Both stopped laughing suddenly and pull apart awkwardly and I realized she had accidentally put her hand on his groin instead of his leg when she did so. I felt electricity in the air and stirring in my pants. Robin stood up and cleared the dessert dishes and we all noticed the large erection in his jeans. Ember giggled, and whispered to me "Looks like someone is excited."

"He's not the only one" I commented, under my breath, observing Ember's lustful eyes locked on the bulge in his jeans. She heard me and turned "You too?" She asked as she stroked my thigh. As her hand reached my hardening penis she giggled again and winked at me naughtily.

It was getting dark out now and she got up and picked up an igniter from the and lit some candles Robin had on the counter and table as he loaded the dishwasher. I watched her in the warm glow, her large breasts straining against her blouse and her bottom moving seductively under her black skirt. Robin turned around too and stared hungrily at my beautiful wife as he put on some music.

"I think you are a little buzzed, babe, good thing we are close to home."

She looked outside at the pouring rain and pouted "I don't want to go out in that."

Robin joked "You might have to spend the night here then", rather eagerly I thought.

Ember laughed again, dancing and twirling about to the music, then stumbled on the carpet. Her skirt rode up and showed an expanse of milky thigh above her stockings and her sexy black lacy panties. Robin and I stared at her pussy under the lace, obviously moistening from the early flirtation and the inadvertent, or not so inadvertent, touching.

Robin and I stepped forward to pick her up. We lifted her up and she draped forward against Robin, her breasts against his muscular chest and her head against his shoulder, her face hidden by her mussed hair. I was standing behind her, my hands on her soft waist as her bottom rubbed against my crotch. She put her arms around Robin's neck to stay upright and my hands slid upward and cupped her breasts from behind. Robin's hands grasped her buttocks and pulled her thighs into his groin.

She whispered softly "I am not sure about this" but as she felt our hardness pressing at her front and back Ember began to wiggle, against my aching erection behind her and rubbing herself up and down Robin's thigh in front. One of her hands caressed down Robin's chest and grabbed the bulge in the front of his pants. Both moaned, and he pushed against her until her fingers moved again, undoing his fly. He stepped back and slid his pants off, revealing a clear outline of his hard cock inside his boxers.

Ember looked at the outline hesitantly. "That's pretty big, but I think we can have some fun with that."

Ember lifted his shirt over his head, nuzzling his chest and running her fingers through his long dark hair. I undressed myself down to my black boxers and watched them caress and grope each other.

Ember dropped to her knees, still fully clothed, and removed his boxers. His erection sprung out, and she looked me in the eye as she grasped the thick caramel colored rod. "Would you like me to give him one of my famous blow jobs?" she asked mischievously. I had fantasized about this and we had done some role play but I hadn't expected this to happen so randomly. I took a deep breath and nodded silently and she began to lick his hard cock, starting at the glistening tip. He was longer and thicker than me - probably 8 inches long with bulging veins.

I couldn't believe my eyes, my cock throbbed, and my breath caught as I saw my wife's hand with its red nails close around the base of his dick, and her matching lips slid along his length as she took him into her mouth. His hands clutched her hair and his hips bucked against her face as she treated him to one of her excellent blow-jobs.

Reaching around from behind her, I removed her blouse and pulled it over her head as she took a breath. Then I stood watching, slipping off my boxers and stroking my rock hard penis as he moaned and began to twitch as her mouth and tongue continued to tease him. I slipped my hand and cock under her skirt and rubbed against the wet lace of her panties as she rocked between Robin and I. As he stiffened, Ember lifted her mouth off and his cock spurted creamy jets onto her cheeks and her large breasts. Her tongue flicked out and tasted a glob on her cheek and she smiled at me. "Is that what you like to fantasize about me doing?"

I responded "It is so incredibly hot to watch you do that - I am so hard and horny right now I need to fuck you."

Ember winked at me, and got up, still wearing her skirt and bra at this point, and replied "I am horny right now too - what are you two going to do about it?"

Robin indicted down the hall - "The bedroom is this way."

Ember looked at me again, a deep meaningful and lustful look, and I nodded at her again. "I want to watch you take his big cock in your tight wet pussy. I want you to enjoy yourself tonight and we are going to both make sure that happens."

She took me by the hand and we followed Robin to the bedroom. Ember turned and kissed me and my tongue tasted his saltiness in her mouth. She nibbled on my ear and cupped my balls - my excited response confirmed I was ready to go on. Robin had been stroking her buttocks and unzipped her skirt, it fell to the floor, revealing her perfectly round ass and the lacy black panties underneath. He caressed her backside and ran his hands down her legs, kissing her legs and stroking her inner thighs. I removed her bra, freeing her large breasts and pert nipples against my chest. Robin's cum continued to slide slowly down her cleavage beside her diamond pendant. She looked coyly at me and rubbed it into her breasts, licked her fingers off, and then kissed me again, her tongue urgent, her other hand stroking my hardness. She nibbled on my ear knowing at this point I would agree to anything. "I am going to fuck him tonight honey. Do you think you would like to see me ride his big cock?" I kissed her again, hard, in response.

She got onto her knees again as Robin stood up. With a penis in each hand, she rubbed, licked, and sucked each one of us in turn until Robin's hardened again.

Cupping his balls, she told him "Your cock is so huge and thick - I am going to enjoy this. I have never fucked such a fat dick! But first, you are going to have to get me ready for it."

Then she climbed on the king size bed, and laid on her back. Robin stroked her smooth legs up towards her crotch and slid her now soaked lacy panties off, and began to lick her pussy. I moved to her head and she took my cock greedily in her mouth as Robin's tongue flicked her clitoris and his fingers teased her sopping cunt. She moaned around my cock with the pleasure of Robin's attention and I soon came hard in her mouth. Her tongue and lips collected and swallowed my cum. I could hardly handle the sensation and view of what was happening.

"Yes, yes, yes!" Ember whimpered as Robin forced her legs apart to have better access to her excited pussy. She squeezed my hand and clutched at the sheets as he ground his face into her snatch. "Suck on my titties!" she ordered and I grasped her beautiful large breasts, laving her hard nipples with my tongue as she grasped and stroked my penis as it hardened again. She quivered and arched her back as she began to orgasm from the combined stimulation. I kissed her and told her " I love you, babe" as she moaned and even screamed a little, clamping her stocking clad thighs around Robin's head as she climaxed.

"I think I am ready now" she whispered to Robin and rolled over onto all fours, her perfect ass pointing at him. "I want your large cock inside me, I want you to fuck me now!"

Robin began to tease her, sliding the head of his large dick along her wet slit, making her moan each time he pressed her clitoris or the entrance of her pussy. She grabbed me and pulled me near her - I slid underneath her swinging breasts until her swollen labia was above my mouth. I touched her clitoris with my tongue and she gasped and took my penis fully into her mouth. Her breasts shook and stroked my balls and her tongue excited me further. I licked at her moist mound as I saw Robin's large cock pressed against her entrance, right in front of my eyes. She begged him: "I want your cock in my pussy - just fuck me already!", and leaned against his thick shaft. He grabbed her hips, and I watched as her labia spread around the head and girth as his rod slowly slid into her until his balls slapped her ass.

She moaned softly "Oh yes, that's what I wanted" as he filled her and then she began rocking back and forth, a little more each time, her juices gleaming along his length. "Oh baby, that feels so good, fuck me harder, harder." Then he began fuck her hard, fully in and out, as I flicked her clitoris with my tongue. Her mouth embraced my penis like a pacifier as she squeaked from pleasure on each of Robin's thrusts. She began to convulse and I could see her pussy gripping and contracting around him until they both gasped and he groaned as he twitched and finished.

He pulled his now limp penis out of her and collapsed next to us on the bed. She stretched with pleasure and rolled off of me between the two of us.

"That was amazing" she panted "I have never felt like this before. I love having two cocks at once. But honey, you aren't finished? I think it is your turn to fuck me while Robin recovers."

It was true, at this point I had an absolutely raging hard-on from what I had seen and felt my beautiful wife doing. Ember straddled me in one of my favorite positions, taking my throbbing cock in her slippery snatch, and bobbing up and down, her breasts driving me mad. I grabbed one in my hand and brought it to my mouth as my other hand grabbed her curvaceous ass.

I watched her bright red lips move as she said inaudible but undoubtedly hot and naughty things, her red nails bright against the white skin of Robin's cock, her diamond pendant bouncing against her soft breasts, and her hazel eyes sparkle with excitement.

She ground her pelvis against me and Robin joined in to please her, stroking her other nipple and sliding his finger in her mouth, and grabbing her ass. She rode me wantonly, and stroked his still large and semi-turgid dick, while completely surrendering to the pleasure of two men's attention on her body.

Robin regained his excitement with the vigor of youth and stood next to her on the bed. I exploded inside her already gooey pussy as I watched my wife take his large cock in her mouth once again while she fucked me. She licked his balls and rubbed his thick shaft until I grew limp again, and then rolled onto her back next to me. She spread her legs widely and pulled Robin toward her. Then she grabbed my hand and placed it on his hard cock, startling me.

"Put him in me, baby" she demanded. "Guide his big cock into my pussy so he can make me come again."

I hesitantly grabbed the large, warm and throbbing shaft and directed it towards my wife's eager cunt. "That's right baby" Ember directed "help me get fucked the way you can't. I know you always wanted see me fucked by a bigger cock. Robin has a real cock for me and he's going to fuck me again while you watch."

Robin moved with my hand and when I placed his large tip in her sopping slit he pushed in all the way as she gasped and pulled the bed cover into her mouth. She bit down hard as he ravaged her sexy body, playing with her breasts, grabbing her hips and ass, and just fucking her. She bucked and screamed in ecstasy, holding my hand tightly as he put her legs on his shoulders.

I knelt next to her and she played with my penis and kissed me, moaning, while he continued to pleasure her several times until he came as well and we all collapsed on the bed again, Ember in the middle, and slept.

I woke up I don't know how much later - it was dark outside but candles still flickered as the rain pelted and the wind gently rocked the RV. Ember lay next to me, spreadeagled under the sheet covering her waist. It was Robin moving next to her - I lay still to see what would happen. He leaned over and took one of her nipples in his mouth, gently suckling as his hand circled the other white breast. Ember moaned and shifted but he continued, now using his other hand to caress her pussy through the sheet. I saw her mouth open as she woke. She smiled at him and then turned to look at me - I pretended to be asleep.

"He's still asleep" she whispered to Robin. Then she pulled back the sheet and carefully straddled his large erection in the reverse cowgirl, slowly lowered herself on his hard shaft, and began to ride him slowly, leaning back with her hands on his chest. He grunted and grabbed her waist as her delicious cunt massaged his boner, and she threw her head back, her eyes closed and biting her lip with pleasure as his cock massaged her insides. She opened her eyes suddenly as she felt my hands tweak her clitoris and nipple as she rocked.

"Hey sexy," I said, getting up and standing in front of her, "Enjoying yourself?"

Ember looked up at me as she rode Robin's shaft and looked up and kissed me. "I love cock, and I need some more. I want cock in each end again!" She devoured my dick into her warm mouth, and her tongue worked magic on my tip as she bounced up and down Robin rigid cock. I stroked her globular breasts and soon he climaxed with her, both of them grinding together in passion.

I lifted her off and she turned around onto her hands and knees. I drove my shaft between her lubricated cheeks, feeling her sloppy walls close around and squeeze my dick as warm juices leaked out. She pushed back into me seeking satisfaction as she cleaned off Robin's tool with her mouth. I grabbed her hips and hammered my throbbing penis into her welcoming sheath, enjoying the sight of her sexy ass bouncing in response and her head bobbing in Robin's crotch. She was a gorgeous sight with her swaying boobs and little whimpers of passion and I came quickly.

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