tagNonHumanA Forever Love Ch. 03

A Forever Love Ch. 03


The pleading in her voice had Christian turning, his hand leaving the bent and mangled metal that had once been the door knob. He stared down at Kinlye, his eyes meeting hers. "You don't know what you're asking." His voice was low and gruff, his hand going to cup her cheek.

"I do," Kinlye argued. "I want you to kiss me like you did last night. I need to know if what I was feeling was really there or if it was a product of my overly tired mind. Can't you understand that, Christian?"

He swallowed heavily before answering. "And if I can't stop?"

Kinlye gulped but the answer she gave came directly from her heart. "You wouldn't think of hurting me, Christian, I know that. You'll stop if I ask you to."

A self deprecating laugh fell from his lips. "After only one day of being together, you have much more faith in my self control than I do, Kinlye." He closed his eyes. "A kiss," he breathed. "One kiss."

"One kiss," she echoed. "Freely given and accepted.

A gasp left his lips at the sound of her voice, husky and sensual. He couldn't help but wonder if that was the way she'd sound after making love. It was an intriguing idea and he inhaled sharply. "One kiss," he whispered as his head dipped, his eyes staring down into hers. The warmth of her lips met his and he felt the roar of the evil inside of him. He pushed it down, unwilling to give up this moment. The kiss was a sweet brushing of their mouths, a single instant of contact that had his hands going to her tiny waist, drawing her closer, lifting her so that he could reach her easily.

His lips moved back over hers, clinging to hers, only to move away again. The third time they met, her tongue pushed against the slick sweetness of his lips, demanding entrance. He growled, drawing her even closer to him, opening his lips to allow her soft tongue to trace his teeth before pushing behind to duel with his own. Heat flashed through him, need erased every other thought in his head. He bent slightly, refusing to let go of her lips, lifting her into his arms.

For a moment he seemed indecisive but then he went to the door he'd gone through the night before, opening it easily while balancing her then kicking it closed behind him. The bed he lowered her down to was soft and lush at her back, giving against her weight. He followed her down, holding his weight on his elbows as he continued to kiss her, letting her feel his voracious appetite for her kisses.

"Gods, Kinlye," he growled. "Tell me to stop, please."

Her hands were tangled in the fabric of his white shirt, tugging at it, wanting him closer. Thoughts of stopping were the furthest thing on her mind. She wanted more. Licking her lips, she could taste him there and she moaned, gasping his name. "More, Christian. Please?"

He dipped his head slowly, hesitatingly. He was in a fierce battle with himself, a battle he was terrified he was going to lose. "I don't want to hurt you."

Kinlye dug her hands into his hair, tugging him down. "It would hurt w-worse if you stop."

He smiled ruefully and closed his eyes, letting her guide him. When he felt her lips press against his own, he rolled, taking her with him until she lay upon his chest. "Kiss me," he moaned. He pulled her shawl from around her shoulders groaning at the feel of her softness under the thin layer of her nightgown. "Kiss me so that I won't be the only one to go too far."

Kinlye stared down at him, feeling a flush rise to her cheeks. He was so hard under her, so muscular that she couldn't resist the urge to touch him. Her mouth was at his throat and she tasted his flesh, the salty tang very pleasing to her. Her hands moved through the cravat his manservant had tied earlier, disrupting the smooth material until she could pull it off of him. Her nose rubbed gently against the long line of his throat before her lips took over.

He was moaning beneath her, his hands running from the nape of her neck, through her hair down to her waist, enjoying the give of her slender body. She didn't even feel him pull the nightgown away from her body, sliding it down her back to her hips. Not until the coldness of his palm against her back did she realize she was half naked, her breasts pressing into him with only the thin fabric of his shirt for protection.

"Christian," she breathed.

He could hear the panic in her voice, the fear of the unknown that lay so temptingly near. He lifted her face, staring into the innocent depths of her green eyes. "I want you, Kinlye. I want you more than anything I've ever wanted before. Tell me to stop. Please, Kinlye. You've got to tell me." His mouth moved over her, tasting the softness of her neck, trailing down to her collarbone. He nibbled there, breathing in the intoxicating aroma of her blood. "Stop me," he begged again.

Instead, Kinlye arched her back, reveling in the amazing sensations that his cool mouth invoked in her. Her breathing grew ragged, her body arching, trying to get closer to him. When his hand rose to slide from her waist and curve over her breast, Kinlye couldn't control her cry. It was part fear, part ecstasy and she dug her hands into his hair, pulling it loose from the ribbon that kept it clubbed at his neck. "Christian," she moaned, her voice hoarse.

He glanced up and into her face, her half closed, sleepy looking eyes shattering what little control he had left. "Kinlye," he cried, his voice full of sorrow and bliss. His eyes stayed on hers as he dipped his head, bringing one firm mound of flesh up to his eager lips. He suckled the berry sized nipple, flicking it with his tongue. He could hear Kinlye's cries and moans and that spurred him on. His head turned, finding the other pink treat and he mauled it with his fingers, twisting the hardening bud.

"You're beautiful, Kinlye, the most beautiful thing I've seen in my life."

Kinlye could barely think, with his hands doing so many incredible things to her body. She could only arch her back and cry out when he did something so amazing. There was a pool of heat between her thighs and she could feel his hands sliding under the rest of her night gown, pushing it further down. She felt the cool air on her thighs and then her gown was swept off to grace the thick carpeting of Christian's room.

He sat next to her, his eyes roaming over every inch of her slight body. He was enthralled with the satiny curls that guarded her sex. His hand slid from her neck, over her breasts, down her stomach to the small rise of her mound. He was so gentle, his fingers parting those curls and then the thick lips he found underneath, dipping his fingers into the steamy wetness he found there.

"Oh gods, you want me," he breathed. "You shouldn't want me, Kinlye. Don't you know that?" He began to turn away, reluctantly pulling his fingers away from her sex. "I'm not the right man for you."

"Christian, please. I need you." Her body was writhing on the bed, her hands touching her breasts before sliding down her body, the fingers of one hand going to her slit and pushing inside of her. "Please, Christian," she moaned.

He could see her in the mirror above his dresser, the lust he'd inspired in her was making her a wanton slave to the needs of her body. He knew the feeling. Blood pulsed thickly through him and his cock was like a steel bar in his pants. Just touching her had been a mistake but what they'd already done could mean a death sentence. Even knowing that, he couldn't leave her alone, not when she needed him so badly.

He moved to the end of her bed, climbing over the foot board and onto the mattress. He grabbed her ankle, reaching down beside the bed and pulling out a shackle which he placed around her ankle. He repeated the process with the other ankle and then he smiled, his hands running from her ankles to the inside of her thighs, now spread wide for him.

Her hand had moved from where it had been so busily rubbing her clit and she reached out toward him. "What are you doing?"

Christian smiled at the confusion in her voice. "I'm loving you, Kinlye." He moved closer to her fur covered mound, gently parting her curls until he could see the pink flesh underneath. He heard her gasp as his lips placed a single kiss upon the top of her mound before diving into her wetness with an almost feral voracity.

The feeling was amazing, the taste of her almost more than he could bear. The beast wanted him to devour and tear, to revel in her blood, but he forced that side of him down. This was for her, for her pleasure and that's what he intended to do, give her pleasure.

He carefully pushed one finger into her sheath, feeling the tightness of her woman's veil around his finger. It sent a spiraling jolt of lust through him. He wanted her so badly, he wanted to be the first to take that veil, to make her his. He longed to be her first, to be her only. But it wasn't for him and he would take care to keep that tiny piece of flesh intact.

But his thumb rubbed with delicious ferocity at the tiny pink nub of nerves that topped that gloriously wet slit. He listened to her cry out, to the way her breathing grew even more ragged, her hips moving under his hand.

"Christian," she sobbed. "What are you doing to me?"

He smiled and then bent his head, inhaling the sweetness of her pink pussy. His moan of pleasure sent a shock of bliss through her. "I want to please you, to show you the kind of pleasure that only I can give you."

"Yes," Kinlye breathed, arching her back into the strength of his hands. "Make me yours."

His lips slid over one taut tip before stopping to play with the other. "Are you sure that is what you want?"

After hesitating for just an instant, a telling instant in Christian's mind, Kinlye continued. "Yes. I want to belong to you."

Christian smiled. He circled his thumb over her clit, smiling even wider as her cries grew more uncontrolled. Then he bent his head, his mouth sinking into her pink flesh, his tongue swiping through the delectable taste of her secretions. He traced the thin inner lips before curling his tongue and pushing it against that thin veil of her flesh. It would take so little to pierce that veil, to take her innocence and make her his truly, in every aspect of the word.

But he wouldn't do it. He couldn't. He forced his tongue away, using it against her tiny clit. He flicked it, suckling it into his mouth. He could feel her hands in his hair, fisting and releasing as she reached for the pleasure he held just beyond her reach.

"Christian," she cried. "Make me yours. I want to be yours. Please!"

He could feel the surge of pleasure that her words sent through his body and feel the precum that now leaked from his cock, staining his pants. It would be so easy to pull off those pants, rip them off if need be, and thrust into her spread form. It was all he could think of, all the beast inside of him could think of as well. But the beast wanted more. It wanted to take her to climax and then bite deeply into her neck, drink of her blood. It sent him pictures of him, his body thrusting desperately into her pretty cunt, his mouth tearing at the flesh of her neck. Worse yet, it showed her hands grasping on to him, pulling on him to force him to thrust harder.

He pulled away from her, tearing himself off of her body and had his back against the wall, his hand coming up to his mouth, hiding his teeth. The canines had elongated at the whim of the beast and he fought to force them back into his gums. "No," he growled. "I won't do that. I won't."

He closed his eyes, blocking out the sight of Kinlye, of the beauty of her that was unforgettable. He could smell her, on his hands, his lips, bathed in her.

"Christian?" Her voice was worried and he closed his eyes tighter. "Are you...Is something wrong?"

"Wrong?" he couldn't help the chuckle that was ripped from him. "No, everything is too right." He forced his eyes opened and took the few steps that would put him next to the bed again. "Your scent, the sight of you, even the whimpering little cries you make, Kinlye. They all draw me to you. You are unlike any woman I've met before and you tempt me to do things, things that would make you run from me in horror."

Kinlye reached out, taking his hand in hers. She pressed a kiss to his palm. "I don't think there is anything you could do that would make me run in horror, Christian."

He chuckled again. Then he sank down next to her on the bed, his hand going to her cheek, his forehead resting against hers. "Have you noticed the differences in us?"

Kinlye smiled. She trailed her hand down his chest and pressed a kiss against his throat. "Well, you're definitely a man..."

"That's not what I mean, Kinlye." He took her hand, tugging at his shirt tails before sliding it underneath and against the smooth hardness of his chest.

"You're like marble," she breathed, glancing up and into his face. "You're cold. I...I don't understand, Christian."

His fingers traced over her face, his eyes memorizing ever tiny detail. When he told her the truth, explained what he was, what his family was, she would run from him and he probably would never see her again. That thought stabbed into his chest like a knife and he couldn't help but wonder how she'd gotten to be so important to him so quickly.

"We...we like to call ourselves immortals, Kinlye, though there have been many other names used. "Blood-drinkers, night crawlers, vampires, they all amount to the same." He stroked her hair away from her face, his hand gentle as he waited for the revulsion that he knew would come.

But she didn't look repulsed. Instead, her hand went to his face and she turned it to face her. "You are a vampire?"

Her words were slowly and softly spoken but he heard them and nodded. "Yes. I must consume blood to live. I don't kill though. I just take enough to control the beast and ease the thirst."

He kept his eyes downcast and was surprised when she sat up even further, her lips touching his. His hands went to her shoulders and for just an instant; he reveled in the sweetness of that kiss. Then he pulled away. "Don't you understand what I'm saying, Kinlye? I'm evil."

Kinlye laughed. "You are about as evil as I am, Christian. An evil being would have taken me and never told me the truth. An evil being wouldn't have this look on his face. You're in pain, Christian. I can see it." She ran her fingers across his eyebrows, smoothing out the furled ripples. "You are a good man, Christian Davalos, no matter what you say or how you try to portray yourself." She kissed his cheek and then his lips, smiling when he finally kissed her back.

"I could kill you right now, Kinlye. It would be so easy. I want to kill you." He lifted his hands, putting one on either side of her head. "Just the right amount of pressure and that would be it. You'd be dead."

"Then do it. Kill me. You say it's so easy, go ahead." She smiled, rubbing her head against his hands. "You can't do it. It doesn't matter what kind of monster lives inside of you, Christian, you can't hurt me. You are too good a person. You won't hurt me no matter what the monster inside wants."

"You are putting an awful lot of faith in me, Kinlye," he said with a sigh. "I don't think I'm worthy of your faith."

Kinlye smiled. "Then it's a good thing it's my faith and I can give it to whomever I want." She reached out and took his hand, letting it rest against her breast. "Now where were we?"

Christian allowed himself the pleasure of holding her for a moment, enjoying the softness, the sweetness of her breast in his palm. He bent his head and kissed the hard peak, hearing her quick inhale of pleasure and then he rose. "We were going to get dressed so that we might go down and have breakfast with Rafe and Nikky."

"We were?"

Christian laughed at the disappointment that he could hear in her voice. "Yes, we were." He quickly untied her ankles and then held out his hand to help her rise. "We have a busy day today, Kinlye."

She rose and walked right up to him. "One last kiss?"

"Oh, you are a tempting baggage. No," he said decidedly. "One kiss would never be enough and you know it. Now go, get dressed. I'll wait for you in the hallway." He smacked his palm on the luscious flesh of her bottom, then smiled at the daggers she shot at him with her eyes just before the connecting door between their rooms closed.

* * * *

Matthew lifted his head, his nose scenting the air. "Yes, she's here," he whispered, a thrill of pleasure shivering through him. She was so close, it was hard not to rush the house and go inside, stealing her away to be his very own. But he forced himself to be calm. He had to do reconnaissance. He couldn't just rush in without some kind of plan.

He sniffed the air again and felt anger raise the hair at the back of his neck. Vampires, more than one. They surrounded her, keeping her away from him. Damn bloodsuckers, always around when they weren't wanted. He sighed, settling deeper into the woods that ringed the property.

He felt his eyes closing as the sun rose higher in the sky. It was irritating against his bloodshot orbs and he cursed quietly, searching for shade amongst the dappled rays. Then he smelled her, a sweetness that had no description, one that had his head rising and his eyes opening despite the hangover he now nursed. His eyes searched the long back veranda until he finally spotted her. She was like a flame, her hair a fiery halo around her pale face.

She was petite, even more so than he'd first thought. She moved with a grace that was beautiful to watch. He didn't realize that she wasn't alone until he heard her laugh and watched as she tipped her head up to answer the man that was with her.

It was one of them, the blood drinkers, the leeches. He held her hand, bringing it to his lips as he answered her. Whatever he'd said had made her blush and Matthew felt the rage that was lit so deep inside of him, a rage that he had to control or it would become his doom. That killing rage that made him wish for the change, for the ability to tear the bloodsucker limb from limb, to protect this tiny piece of feminine fragility before him. A low, rusty sounding growl grew in his chest as he watched the vampire place her hand upon his arm, escorting her for a stroll down the wide marble steps and into the garden.

Matthew rose, walking carelessly toward the back gate of the gardens. He growled when he found them locked and then just reached up, throwing himself over the top of the gate. The gardens were beautiful, but he wasn't there to admire the color and shape of the blossoms. He was there to find...Kinlye, to find her and then take her away from this nest to someplace that would be safe for her. Safe from them. A snarl left his lips and he smiled at the thought of killing their kind. It would be a pleasure. He rubbed his hands together in anticipation and then slid effortlessly deeper into the garden.

* * * *

Thanks so much for reading me. I hope you are enjoying my little vampire tale. I'd love to know what you think. So please remember to vote and leave a comment if you like. You, my readers, are my best source of critiquing. Take care!

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