tagNonHumanA Forever Love Ch. 04

A Forever Love Ch. 04


Kinlye was breathless as she hung on Christian's arm, strolling along the well paved walkways of the garden. He was being utterly charming, making her laugh as she listened to his stories of growing up with Rafe as a pesky younger brother.

"So were you born this way?"

"Which way?" he asked. "Completely charming and irresistible?"

Kinlye giggled as Christian had meant for her to do. Her hand rose to tug on his sleeve, halting their stroll through the beautiful garden. "You know what I mean, Christian. Were you born an immortal?"

Christian sighed and then led the way to a small marble bench tucked away under a large lilac bush. Bees buzzed, toiling amongst the blooms and Kinlye watched them as she waited for Christian to answer.

"No. Actually, Rafe and I were turned by the same vampire. She liked games, Drusilla did. She loved to pit one of us against the other. But she didn't know of Rafe's proclivity for men. When she found out, it ruined her fun and she decided to move on to someone more amusing to torture than we were."

"Drusilla," Kinlye said, letting the name fall from her mouth. "She was beautiful, charismatic and irresistible."

It wasn't a question, more a statement of fact but Christian nodded. "She was also evil and manipulative, Kinlye. If there had been any way for her to continue to play Rafe and I against each other, she would have done it. Nothing was more important to her than her games." He reached out, snaring a stray strand of her hair that the wind had been playing with. He tucked it behind her tiny ear and then let his fingers trace around her face, finally to slip softly over her lips. "You are beautiful, Kinlye, inside and out."

Kinlye smiled and it lit up her eyes. "You're a flatterer."

"Trust me, Kinlye, I'm not flattering you. It's almost impossible for me to not touch you. You call to something deep inside of me and I'm fighting against the urge to take advantage of you." He slid a bit closer, his knees sliding between hers. "I want to touch you, to kiss you. I want to make love to you until I'm the only man you'll ever see. That's not flattery, Kinlye. It's much deeper than that."

Her lips parted and she gasped, feeling his fingers twine into the side of her hair. His head dipped and he inhaled the scent of her, letting his eyes flutter close as his mouth slipped over hers. It was heaven, or at least as close to that glorious place as he thought he'd ever be allowed. Her lips were soft, her mouth his to explore. He kissed her over and over, finally forcing himself to pull back.

Kinlye inhaled as his lips left hers. Her eyes opened and she stared up at the man she was quickly finding impossible to live without. She lifted her hand, her palm sliding over his cheek. "I want you, too." She spoke in a whisper, her cheek growing rosy.

Christian growled and his head began to dip again only to stop and cock to one side, as if he were listening. He closed his eyes and sighed heavily. "Mrs. Toombs is summoning us."

Kinlye glanced up at him and then turned her head to the side, listening. "I don't hear anything."

A second later and Mrs. Toombs came around the corner of the walkway, smiling as she saw them. "We're ready for her, sir."

Christian smiled as Kinlye glanced at him in amazement. "Good ears," he said with a shrug. "But now, you must go with Mrs. Toombs."


"It's a surprise," Christian said, lifting her hand to his lips. "When you are finished, I will be back."

Kinlye looked as if she wanted to ask more questions but Mrs. Toombs took her hand and led her away. She glanced back just once and saw him heading away from the manor house toward a back gate.

* * * *

Matthew took a deep breath, his nose flaring as he scented the air. "Ah," he breathed. "The vampire is leaving her alone." He hurried forward, wanting to stop her before she entered the house. "Wait!"

Kinlye turned, startled. Mrs. Toombs glared at the raggedy looking man who had halted their progress into the house.

"Yes?" Kinlye said, her hand rose to rest against her breast. "You startled me."

"I am sorry, my lady. I meant no ill will. Nor do I mean any harm to you." He bowed at the waist, the movement strangely graceful for a man as large as he.

"Then what is it that you wish?" Kinlye asked as he rose.

He reached out and took her hand. "Come with me, my lady. I would see you safely away from these blood drinkers."

She smiled, gently pulling her hand out of his huge grasp. "I am safe here, sir." She took a step toward him despite Mrs. Toombs' words of warning. "What is your name?"

"I am Matthew."


"Yes." He reached for her hand again. "Truly, you aren't safe here, my lady. These...things...aren't what you think they are."

"Matthew, I know what they are." She glanced up as Mrs. Toombs came rushing back outside, Raphael on her heels. By the time she glanced back at Matthew, he'd disappeared.

"Are you all right, Kinlye?" Rafe reached out and took her hand. His eyes met hers, the concern in his more than obvious. "He didn't hurt you?"

"No, I am fine, Rafe. Matthew didn't hurt me. He was concerned about my safety."

Rafe lifted his head, his nose flaring as he inhaled deeply. "Ahh. Kinlye, if you see Matthew again, please come and get one of us immediately."

"You cannot think that he would do me any harm?"

"You'd be surprised what some of them will do." He took her hand and placed it on his arm. "Come, I know Mrs. Toombs is eager to show you your surprise."

She followed along, glancing behind her as they went, searching for the strange man in the shadows in the garden. But she didn't see him and after Rafe had dropped her off with a very worried Mrs. Toombs, she had other things on her mind.

"Come, my lady." She opened the door of a very feminine looking room and urged Kinlye through it. "The master has set this up for you."

Kinlye was immediately surrounded by a group of women. Her measurements were taken, her hair color and skin color scrutinized, and the skirt/blouse combination she was currently wearing was tutted over. Then she was being undressed and soon found herself standing naked in the middle of the room.

"She does have a lovely bosom," one woman said, before she stepped behind Kinlye. "And a nice firm bottom, very nice. I believe the dress plates we've bought with us shall do quite well. Is the Master interested in ball gowns and night wear as well?"

"Master Christian said to fit her out from head to toe and not to forget a thing she might need."

"Oh, but..."

The woman cut off her words. "Master Christian is a very kind man. I know I have some things he will enjoy as well."

Soon Kinlye was being fitted, white leather kid shoes with a two inch heel on her feet and hems drawn up and pinned. She was placed in front of a mirror and for the first time, everyone was silent waiting for her opinion.

The gown was supposed to be a simple day dress but it was nicer than anything Kinlye had owned before. She almost didn't recognize the woman that looked back at her. "Oh, it's beautiful. But I can't let Christian do all of this. It's too much..."

Mrs. Toombs smiled. "You know, my dear. The master said you'd say something like that. He instructed me to tell you that he enjoys beautiful things and a beautiful woman is the most enjoyable of all. He is not doing this for you but for himself. He begs that you not interrupt his enjoyment."

"It's not fair," Kinlye said almost silently. "He uses logic when my logic should be enough."

"He's a very intelligent man, my dear. I've found that when it comes to something Master Christian wants, one should never argue with him."

The seamstress stepped forward. "If my lady would rise, we will get the hem finished on this one. Tamara has found the undergarments that go with it. We will be able to leave some of the outfits you approved here. The rest should be ready in a day or two, if that suits?"

"That suits marvelously, Miss Cranston. Master Christian will be very pleased. He has taken special interest in Miss Kinlye and I know he will be delighted with your work."

Kinlye had the gown whisked off of her head and then silken pantelets held out for her to slide her feet into. They were brought up to her waist and tied, leaving her legs bare to above mid thigh. A pale pink ribbon surrounded each leg hole and the waist, the silk soft and slippery against her skin. Next a chemise was pulled over her head and tied in the front at the low neck line. It also had pale pink ribbons that laced up the front and tied at the top. It was form fitting and pressed her breasts up until she thought them to burst free of the top.

Then she was given a cup of tea and she sat down on one of the sofas. She found herself suddenly exhausted. She'd never thought that being fitted and measured, poked and prodded would ever make her as tired as she felt now. The tea was a welcome reprieve but she declined the plate of cakes and tarts that had been brought up with the tea. Mrs. Toombs brought over a small lap rug and covered her with it, taking the tea cup out of her hands as her eyes closed and she fell asleep.

A cold hand stroked over her face and she tried to push it away, not wanting to wake yet. But the hand came back and she heard Christian's voice close to her ear. "Kinlye, love, it's time to wake up."

She groaned and opened her eyes, blinking the sleep out of them. "Christian? Where is Mrs. Toombs and all those women?" She glanced around the room as if she would see them hidden away somewhere.

"They've been gone for over an hour. You fell asleep over your tea." He smiled, the back of his hand pushing her hair out of her face. She sat up and his eyes grew wide as he saw what she was wearing. "I do owe Mrs. Toombs for recommending this seamstress." A low growl left him and he felt his cock harden in his pants becoming uncomfortable.

Kinlye glanced down and her hand went to her lips, her cheeks growing rosy as she blushed. "Christian, you should turn your back."

"Now why should I do that?" He began pulling the blanket out of her hands and his eyes grew even wider when he got his first glimpse of her pantelets and how little they actually covered. "Oh she is definitely getting a bonus." His breathing was growing ragged and his eyes seem to swirl with blue fire. "You are the most delectable creature I have ever met, Kinlye."

Her hands fell to cover the tops of her breasts, her eyes looking anywhere but at him. "A...a gentleman would turn his back," she said breathlessly. Her heart was racing and she could feel her nipples growing hard under the silk. Her thighs felt hot and they wanted to open, to show him everything. But she fought the inclination.

"I'm not a gentleman." Christian took her hands capturing both wrists in one of his. His other hand slid to her waist, sliding over the silk until he cupped one heavy mound. She shivered under his hand but she didn't fight him, instead moaning when he took her hard nipple between his thumb and finger. "Oh God, Kinlye. I can smell your arousal." His eyes closed and he inhaled sharply. "Heaven," he moaned.


He opened his eyes and waited.

"Kiss me?"

He closed his eyes, squeezing them shut as he fought the demon inside of him, the demon that wanted to not only kiss her but take her and at the pinnacle of her orgasm, drink her blood. He wouldn't do that to her. That was why he'd gone out this afternoon. He'd found a donor, well, an unknowing donor. He'd drunk his fill, leaving the woman with coin and the memory of a pleasurable time had by all.

But now the dark demon who owned his soul was demanding another type of donor. It wanted Kinlye. It wanted to bathe in her blood, to drink of her sweetness until she was dead. Christian wasn't about to let that happen. He opened his eyes, staring down into her pleading face. "I want more than a kiss. I want you."

"You want me?"

"Yes," he said as he leaned closer, breathing in the perfumed air, perfumed by her musk. "I want all of you." His hands framed her face. "I want you to be mine, Kinlye. I want others to know of my scent on your body. I want you, forever."

She seemed to be thinking about his words. "Will it hurt?"

Christian rose to his feet, walking over to the fire before picking up a log and putting it in. "You should be horrified of the idea, Kinlye. I've told you what I am and that I drink human blood to stay alive. Without that blood, my body would wither and age until I was nothing more than skin and bone. It's a terrible way to die. You cannot possibly want to be what I am."

"But I do, Christian. I want to be with you. I've never known a need as great as this." She rose from the sofa, ignoring her state of undress and going to him. She pulled on his arm, ignoring how stiff he felt under her hands. When he'd turned to face her, he gasped.

"My God, Kinlye. You don't know what you're playing with." He held her forearms, keeping her from touching him. But he couldn't control his eyes; they roamed over her body, admiring her long legs and her tiny waist. His hands itched to touch her breasts again, to feel the softness of them under the silk of her chemise. "You've got to quit tempting me."

Kinlye smiled as he groaned. "Maybe I want to tempt you, Christian." She lifted one hand, grabbing hold of one side of the bow that held her chemise closed. Pulling on it loosened the ties and the silk that followed every curve of her body. The inner curve of her breasts came into his view and he moaned again, his hands falling from her arms to fist at his sides.

"Kinlye..." he growled. "I...I can't."

She took that step that was the only thing left empty between them, moaning when his chest touched her breasts. "I want you to, Christian. I want to be yours."

Her warmth pressed against the icy hardness of his chest and her softness seemed impossible to ignore. He lost control for just an instant, his hands coming up to her back, his head dipping to kiss her, pressing his tongue between the vulnerability of hers and into her mouth. Her taste was like honey, urging him to take more liberties. "Kinlye, Gods, I want you."

Her arms wrapped around his neck, her body shivering as his hands cupped over her breasts, plucking at her hardened nipples. "Yes," she moaned, her head falling back as his lips moved down her neck. She could feel his incisors growing against her skin and it sent another shiver through her. "Make me yours."

Christian stared down at her, lost in the jade green of her eyes. "Your beauty draws me, your innocence tempts me, your pleas urge me to do things that I should do. I want you more than any woman I've ever met and that makes me too dangerous to you."

His words were softly said in his melodic voice and she felt her heart leap when he spoke of his wanting her. "You won't hurt me."

"How do you know? How can you be so sure? It takes so little for my kind to kill your kind. We were born for it, bred as killing machines with you and the rest of you humans as our logical prey. I am at the top of the predator list, Kinlye." His hands rose to her throat. "It would take very little for me to kill you right now.

Kinlye smiled up at him, completely unafraid at his thinly veiled threats. "Now if you'd had any thoughts of killing me, you wouldn't have bought the extensive wardrobe for me, Christian. You could no more hurt me than you would your brother." With his hands still at her throat, she quickly finished unlacing her chemise, allowing the two sides to fall open and her breasts to show through the opening.

Christian grabbed her arms as she reached for the pink ribbon that held her pantalets up. "Did you want to do it yourself?" she asked, turning her hand over in his and bringing it up to her breasts. Just the sensation of him, the touch of his fingers on her rounded flesh had her knees weak and her heart racing. Christian could hear it. It was as much a sign of her need at the provocative scent of her arousal. He tried to be strong and back away but she followed him and then his knees were at the edge of the sofa and she pushed him down, straddling his lap. When his hands went to his lap, his last moue of indifference, his last lie to keep himself sane, she cupped her breasts herself, squeezing and playing the way he wanted to do.

"My nipples are so hard, Christian." She twisted them, moaning and letting her head fall back even as her loins pressed intimately against his lap. "They almost hurt." She moved closer, holding his head still and rubbing her very hard nipple against his closed mouth. "Please Christian. I'll beg if you want."

She got off his lap, never seeing his hand reaching out to stop her. Instead, she kneeled in front of him, using his knees to rest her hands and then her head as she begged.

The words made little sense to Christian. He only saw the woman he wanted on her knees before him. It was more than he could take. He reached out with rough hands, dragging her back to his lap, his mouth cutting off anything she was trying to say to him. She was heaven to him. Her kisses, the feel of her pale but perfect arms wrapped around his neck, the taste of her kisses, the scent of her arousal, it all drew him in, refusing to let him loose. He needed her more than she could ever even think of needing him. She was his taste of heaven, his little slice of that place that was now denied to him. But he could feel it, here with her.

Her tongue was a brilliant flame, teasing him, making him follow into her mouth. Her scent was nirvana to his sensitive nose. His breathing was ragged, though he actually didn't need to breathe. "Kinlye..." he moaned. "We shouldn't."

"We should," she said decisively. "I want to belong to you and no one else." She straddled his lap. "You think I'm beautiful?"

"You're perfect, Kinlye. But that doesn't mean that I..."

"I think you're perfect as well, Christian. You want me?"

Christian's hands went to her hips and he pulled her against the bulge in his pants. "If I wanted you anymore..." He couldn't finish the sentence, moaning as the heat of her tried to warm the cold of his body. She stayed over his bulge, rubbing it with her, moving over him with the grace of a cat. "Where did you learn this?"

My stepmother runs a laundry. I sometimes have to go into The Lady Luck to pick up their dirty sheets. They aren't too shy about what they do and where."

He was having troubles focusing when Kinlye kept rubbing her hot little body against his crotch. "Your stepmother should be taken out and shot." His eyes squeezed closed and he moaned when he felt her little fingers moving over the buttons of his pants. "Kinlye, no, you shouldn't."

"Christian," she said, kissing him softly after every word. "Yes, I should." When his pants were loosened, she reached inside, finding his cock and running her hand over it. "Hmm," she hummed. "So this is what one of these feels like."

His moan was heartfelt and his head fell back against the back of the couch. He'd given up. He was hers, heart body, and soul if that was possible. His hands went to her breasts as she continued to move over him and he squeezed the soft flesh, before drawing her up until he could reach the taut peaks. His mouth was like nothing she'd ever felt before. It was wet around her nipple, suckling her in and then torturing it with the tip of his tongue.

"Yes, Christian. Please, God, yes." Her back arched, her hands falling to his legs to hold her up. "More, love, don't stop, not yet."

He had no intentions now, she'd gotten past every defense he'd tried so desperately hard to erect. But she'd had no trouble breaking them down. Now he was hers and he reveled in the fact, his hands moving over her slender body, following her soft curves before sliding inside one loose leg opening and pressing against her soft cunt. He stroked over her wet flesh, slowly letting his fingers sink deeper into her until his index finger was trapped by the lush muscles of her pussy.

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