tagNonHumanA Full Moon Phase Ch. 08

A Full Moon Phase Ch. 08


"Another orgy," Trixie thought as the three weres kissed her and each other while removing each other's clothing. It didn't bother her a bit. In fact she felt even more excited at the taste and feel and the visual splendor of her new lovers. Splendid bodies. Splendid cocks. Splendid odors.

The expert tongue of Kat pressed inside her pussy as she spread open on Kat's bed, her butt raised, her mouth, opened and moaning, hovering over Jag's long thin cock, her tongue lapping at the glans. Kat's tongue seemed to pinch her clit and it made her tremble and lunge her mouth over Jag's cock.

Completing the orgy, Leo tea bagged Jag, leaning over Trixie's broad backside and teasing her anus with his tongue. Only Kat had no one to tease her genitals, using her fingers instead. But Leo squeezed her nipples and milked her breasts. Their tongues played tag occasionally. The room filled with pheromones and the noise of pleasure further increased her libido as it did everyone else's.

Slowly, with the women fully juicy and the men fully hard, they reconfigured. Powerful bodies shifted on the bed that barely contained them with the grace of some sort of erotic modern dance. Eventually Trixie remaining kneeling with her face close to the bed found the exquisite Kat's mouth below hers, her torso angling under her, nipples on each left breast pressing together. Kat's hand pulled on Trixie's right nipple, extending it and releasing it. Trixie reciprocated, twisting Kat's thick right nipple while her tongue played with Kat's tongue in the space within their mouths.

"Oh fuck!" Trixie moaned as her pussy filled with Jag's cock, one continuous thrust that opened up new territory.

"Gods," moaned Kat, getting filled by Leo. Trixie's wide eyes observed Kat's eyes shut and the beauty's mouth glistening with Trixie's pussy juices and saliva curving into a wide grin of unadulterated pleasure.

The bed began to rock like two currents of waves colliding at the corner of a peninsula as Leo and Jag began fucking at different paces. Leo fucked Kat fast immediately while Jag began much slower. Both thrust in hard everytime.

"Tell me when you're close," whispered Kat within a groan when her eyes opened.

"Soon," moaned Trixie, feeling Jag begin to strum her clit. The women's mouths locked together again. Kat worked rougher on Trixie's nipple. Jag's lengthy strokes sped up. Everything worked to build Trixie's pleasure. An ecstatic tension sitting just below her solar plexus awaited an explosive release. Jag shifted inside her and shifted again and seemed to find the perfect friction, rubbing the top wall and Trixie's g-spot.

"Oh fuck, Kat. I'm...I'm...Oh god!" screamed Trixie as a pulse of pure bliss swept through her body with an intensity she had never reached before. And then Kat pierced the base of her neck with fangs and the rush of bliss tripled. Her body shook and seemed to be on fire, flames bursting from her heart at each throb, burning exquisitely throughout her body, meeting flames emerging from the friction Jag continued giving within her cunt and across her clit. It was too much. She thought she'd pass out from the little death, but it just continued for nearly a minute. It was utterly magnificent, the most intensely ecstatic moment of her life. And then nothing. Trixie finally passed out.

Awakening she asked, "How long was I out? Oh fuck!"

She found herself on her back, Jag pressing his still hard cock into the furnace of her cunt. Kat leaned over her, her fangs dripping with blood.

"An hour, my love," Kat moaned smiling above her, her body bouncing from Leo fucking her from behind, her face taut despite the smile, her breathing heavy. Her orgasm seemed seconds away. Leaning over more, she offered Trixie her neck. "Bite me now."

Nothing would please her more than to bite Kat's neck and Trixie knew exactly where. But she had to ask, "Did you prepare my womb?"

"Yes," rushed out of Kat. And then she howled when Trixie's new fangs punctured her neck. The blood filling Trixie's mouth tasted like ambrosia and thrilled her. The pumping throbs of her fangs felt like what a cock must feel like ejaculating. And it became a climax. Again her body shook. She felt the heat of Jag's cum shooting deep inside and seeming to spread from her womb throughout her body. Not the peak she had achieved an hour before, it felt like she was floating in bliss on a cloud with starlight tickling her skin and the moon kissing her mouth.

On the other hand, Kat seemed to be as ecstatic as Trixie during the earlier cum. Despite the wriggles and trembles, Trixie's fangs held on, only releasing when Kat collapsed, inert.

Seconds later, Trixie felt pain everywhere as if her body was being pulled violently in all directions. And in fact it was. She saw it in Kat awakening and Jag exiting her pussy and Leo still within Kat. They became cats. She became a cat. Long, lean, incredibly strong, incredibly agile. For the first time in her life she felt like a creature of nature. Any pain would be worth it.

"Love pale beauty," Trixie heard inside her skull. Not really words. More intentions. She looked at Kat, the incredibly beautiful and quite large nodding head. She glanced down to see her fur had taken on her true blonde color.

"Love black beauty," she responded, receiving a rough but wonderful tongue lick across her mouth and nose.

"Follow," she heard or sensed inside her head, seeing Leo open the window using his paw on the lever and dashing though it, Leo soon following. Her love hopped through and without pause, so did Trixie.

Deep in the forest, they passed fellow werecats playing or copulating, ignoring them. Trixie received intentions from Kat, sometimes like listening in on one side of a phone conversation with Leo the correspondent. Essentially two intentions came from it: "Feed," and "Human." The juxtaposition tantalized Trixie and deeper inside her like a barely heard noise that unconsciously troubles the mind, it bothered her.

Suddenly the others stopped and crouched low. "Smell," Kat commanded her.

"Pig?" Trixie responded.

"Follow. Watch," Kat communicated as an affirmative. Crouching and crawling, Trixie kept close enough to her lover to actually feel the lithe muscles beneath Kat's hide.

Moments later Leo and Jag sprung onto the boar squealing with surprise and fear until its throat had been severed.

"Eat," Kat commanded and Trixie joined her feasting on the eviscerated boar, feeling the raw meat and the blood warm her innards and fulfill her need. Unlike almost all of the carcasses, the four cats left no meat on the bone. And they made quick work of it.

Kat licked the gore from Trixie's jaw and it felt like a kiss. It ended and Kat sensuously rubbed along Trixie's side before moving with Leo and Jag in a very specific direction and at a run. "Human. Keep up," Kat projected.

Soon she heard a howl or a high pitched roar, almost a screech. Two other roars followed, similar but distinctive. When she arrived at a small lake trailing behind Kat she found Jag and Leo crouching and sniffing. She did the same. The wind carried a complexity of smells, one of them faintly human. She saw three black panthers circling a small lake cabin. One of them, the biggest, suddenly stopped and tossed itself against the front door with a thud and then scratched at it before retreating and crashing again into it.

She followed her mates as they took off around the lake growling. Reaching the cabin just as the door gave in, she watched terrified as Kat launched herself at the intruding panther who collapsed under Kat's weight. Trixie entered through the broken door and saw Michael crouched fetal in the corner. Both tempted with the succulent meat and sated from the recent repast, she pressed herself against the human, guarding him with her body, and watched the battle ensue in the narrow confines.

Jaws bit and claws lashed out from both panthers. The intruder seemed mostly defensive, fighting to prevent being pinned and eviscerated. Escaping a moment, the enemy lashed out with its jaw aiming at Kat's throat. The speed of it threatened her mate and instantaneously and without thought Trixie entered the fray, her big new powerful body a battering ram to offset the enemy's intention. Her chest met the enemy's head and she felt a fang penetrate painfully. Before the strange panther's jaw could rise high enough to kill her with a bite of the throat, she distracted it enough by reaching down with her claw and ripping between the panther's forelegs. The creature's howling ended suddenly when Kat's jaw ripped through its throat. Somehow Trixie knew to dig her fangs into the back of the panther's neck at the brain stem and penetrated a gland, popping it like a small balloon. The creature collapsed and breathed no more.

A badly scratched up panther, smaller in stature, howled pitifully at the door and lunged at Trixie. Kat altered the momentum of the jump, sending the panther against the wall and ripping out its throat and its gland. Both dead panthers transformed, revealing Pan and his mate Ossie.

Leo and Jag entered the cabin, filling the small space with panther. Both had been scratched, but neither as much as the dead female that had essentially committed suicide at the sight of her dead mate.

"Other?" asked Kat of Leo. Trixie didn't hear the response but understood it. "Let him go," Kat communicated. Then they roared in the high pitched squeal of their kind, a mourning howl, and Trixie joined them, feeling the loss of kin.

Trixie pressed the side of her big head against the trembling human, then lay down and rested her head in the human's lap.

"Trixie?" Michael tremulously asked, reaching out and petting her cautiously before scratching at the back of her ears like he would a house cat. Trixie purred.

She and Kat essentially stood guard around the cabin, playing at the edge of the lake in mock battle while Michael sat and watched at the entrance. Morning threatening, Trixie followed her lover heading home.

That morning as humans, Trixie and her friends drove to the cabin. Collecting the corpses, they bagged them and tossed them into the back of the van. Michael had been absent, but his tracks through the snow led them to him. They brought him back to the house, provided him with borrowed clothes and a hiking pack.

Leo and Jag drove him to a border station staffed by fellow weres allowing Michael through unquestioned. The two male were lovers kissed Michael lovingly and sent him with a considerable amount of cash provided by Kat to his fate in the west. No one spoke except an exchange of "I love yous" between Leo and Jag and Michael.

Kat and Trixie let them have their intimate goodbyes having business in the tiny hamlet where the sausage factory stood. But first they had one stop.


Yawning, puzzled, Heinrich felt Bobbie in his arms and felt the incredible power and sensitivity in is body. His mate lifted from his embrace and sat up.

"Pan?" she shouted.

He heard the sound of footsteps and the door opening. Bobbie jumped out of bed and would have rushed through the bedroom door except Kat stood there, tapping Pan's silver handled cane.

"What did you do?" Bobbie shouted.

"What I had to," muttered Kat. "Why did he own this?"

"Where is he?" asked Bobbie.

"Dead," said Kat without emotion.

"You killed my brother? You killed our kin?" Her attack ended as soon as it started, the ears of the silver cathead pressing into her neck. "Ossie?" she asked.

"Dead. Suicide essentially. Get dressed," Kat commanded. Her alpha nature weakened resistance. "You too, Heinrich. You can wear Pan's clothes."

Heinrich stared at the beautiful woman. He didn't know her, but her weird golden eyes he recognized. "Are you kin to Katarina?" he asked.

"I am Katarina. Call me Kat."

"But...you're old and fat!"

"Thanks a lot," Kat grinned with a taint of sadness. Though she wasn't fond of Pan, he was kin. "I had to pretend to age," she explained.

"You're...a werewolf?"

"Werecat actually. Like you. In fact your alpha. Get dressed. We have a meeting with your father."

"He...tried to kill me...and my mate."

"I figured. So when did you two decide to mate?"

"Two weeks ago. I never thought..." He couldn't help watching his gorgeous mate dressing.

"Me either," Kat chuckled. "I thought you'd be like your old man through and through."

Heinrich nodded. "Maybe being enough like him I prepared for last night."

"What do you mean?" asked Bobbie.

"I spiked your drinks with the antidote the last couple weeks against that smoke he planned to use to put weres to sleep. I figured you wouldn't mind."

"In other words you figured he'd kill me," said Bobbie.

"Killing you would have hurt me deeply. Killing me wouldn't have hurt at all anymore."

"Get dressed," Kat ordered

Bent over to shield his naked penis from her eyes, he slid by Kat and saw Trixie behind her checking out his naked body. "Not bad," she smiled at him. She'd gotten used to gorgeous naked men, so it didn't embarrass her as much as it embarrassed him. His hand hid his genitals as he searched for and found Pan's room.

Slipping on panties and tight black leather pants, restraining her body from attacking, seething with anger, Bobbie asked again, "You killed my brother. Why?"

"How did he know where to look for Michael?" Kat asked instead of answering.

The b-cup black bra attached in front, Bobbie pulled the blood red cashmere sweater over her head and onto her torso, the v-neck showing firm cleavage. Fingers combed through her black hair to settle it down from the chaos of sleep and the strands rising from static electricity. "I heard them talk at the meeting."

"The humans?"

"Yes. And Jag."

"He was mated with Michael, at least in their hearts. They felt the bond."

Bobbie nodded. "I didn't know. Wish I had. But you would have let him go."

"No one would have believed him. He'd have been too scared anyway."

"Humans are weak," said Bobbie.

"And yet here you are with Heinrich."

"He...surprised me. He's the strongest human I ever met, I mean emotionally."

"I'm glad, Bobbie," smiled Kat. "You've been alone too long."

"He can take it," Bobbie shook her head, awed by her mate. "He can take my shit."

"I'm glad."

"What's this about?" asked Bobbie at last emotionally calmed.

"Your father-in-law."

"He tried killing us. Heinrich's own father..."

"He's a madman, Bobbie. He's the last and worst of the madmen who threatened our extinction."

"What do you need me for? To kill him? I'll do it gladly."

"No. We're going to prove he's mad and put him away for the rest of his sick little life. You and Heinrich are going to help us remove the last pretense of sanity he has."

"I'd rather rip his throat out."

"It's better this way," Kat smiled predatorily.

Bobbie liked the smile. It turned her on. Suddenly she attacked Kat but with lust, embracing her and kissing her.

"Hey!" shouted Trixie jealously.

When the kiss ended, Kat smiled and winked at her mate, caressing Bobbie's firm butt.

Bobbie explained the kiss. "Sorry, Beatrix, but she's so hot when she gets all alpha."

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