tagNonHumanA Full Moon Phase Ch. 09

A Full Moon Phase Ch. 09


Chapter 9

Confrontations in Wolf's Black Forest Hamlet

It hadn't been easy. In fact it was the hardest thing she'd ever done. Gretchen desperately needed to mate with Wolf. Her body and soul demanded it of her. But necessity delayed it. Again.

At least she could watch the mating of her two lovers. Sitting on the wooden chair beside the bed, her pants and panties surrounding one foot pooled on the floor, she stroked her pussy, rubbed her clit, a hand slipped through her opened shirt teasing her nipple. Wolf insisted she masturbate while they mated. He explained that her pheromones triggered fecundity in both his sperm and Nina's egg. And watching them go at each other ferociously made it easy to cum. In fact she came twice before Nina passed out in pure ecstasy when Wolf penetrated her neck with his fangs and tasted her sweet blood and sent his enzymes into her blood to mix with hers. Passing out caused Nina's own fangs to retract from Wolf's neck.

"How could you not cum?' asked Gretchen breathlessly, watching his gorgeous cock withdraw from Nina's pleasure soaked grotto, shiny with the beautiful woman's nectar.

Equally breathless, Wolf explained, "She's not ready yet. The gods cause the delay until she is ready, making my sperm all that more abundant."

Unable to resist, Gretchen rose and kissed Wolf's fangs, her hand grasping his sticky cock.

"Gretchen!" Wolf moaned.

"I can't help it," Gretchen told him. "I have to taste." She lowered her head until her mouth met his glans. Her tongue licked it tasting Nina and feeling the power of his desire.

"It's good," he moaned. "You don't have to watch me penetrate her womb."

"But I want to watch," she said before pressing her lips around the ridge of his cock. Peripherally she saw his fangs penetrate Nina's taut abdomen, the points finer than pins. Like when his fangs slid into Nina's neck, she saw a subtle throbbing at his upper lip and snout that showed the pumping in of enzymes. It didn't frighten her or disgust her. It fascinated her. And she knew from the pleasure both Wolf and Nina experienced when fangs penetrated necks that no pain came from these penetrations. In fact the opposite. And the holes healed miraculously in seconds.

Bloody fangs withdrew and contracted. "For you, you'll sleep for an hour or so," Wolf explained while moving up the bed until his cock rested at Nina's hot entrance. Nina awakened, smiling blissfully. Both Wolf and Gretchen returned the smile in kind. Nina reached down to guide Wolf back inside, but Gretchen playfully batted the long lean fingers away and did the guiding. Wolf continued explaining within a groan as his cock sank back inside: "She's were already so we fuck immediately."

"You mean make love," said Gretchen, returning to her seat and her pussy.

"He means make pups," Nina chuckled within her pleasured sigh. "Oh fuck!"

Long legs wrapped around her lover, they squeezed and released him as he began long strokes inside her. His mouth nibbled at her nipples. Her fingers held his powerful buttocks. A middle finger pushed inside his anus.

"Fuck," exclaimed Wolf, quickening his thrusts. He returned to her nipples, biting them.

"Gretchen! My clit!" screamed Nina. Gretchen didn't even feel the hard floor beneath her knees as she toppled beside the bed and slid her hand between her two lovers' torsos and strummed Nina's extra large bundle. Her other hand kept busy with her own clit. "Yes!" Nina shouted and repeated in the rhythm of the fuck. "Gods Yes," she added.

They howled as they went stiff, groins pressed together mightily, orgasms exactly coinciding. Gretchen hadn't reached her third but deeply empathized with the incredible thrill of their exaltations.

Seconds later, about to relax after the supreme orgasm, both Nina and Wolf stiffened again and began to transform. "They're here, Gretchen," growled Wolf before his anatomy made him unable to speak words.

Gretchen pulled on her pants and grabbed the pistol Wolf provided her. "Point and shoot," she whispered to herself, echoing Wolf's earlier instructions. She hoped she wouldn't need to.

"Gretchen!" she heard yelled from the entrance to the cabin.

"Karl, you fucking idiot," she thought and closed the door, the growls behind her making her shiver. Two sets of feral eyes stared at her, the wolves seeming ready to pounce on her and rip her to shreds. They didn't. They smelled a future mate.

"Gretchen, we need to talk," Karl shouted, entering into the cabin and descending the stairs accompanied by Esther and Maria.

Growls and howls and screams and shots and seconds later it was over. Gretchen waited a few more seconds to be sure before opening Wolf's bedroom door and letting her mates escape and frolic in the forest.

As she twisted the handle she heard a tremulous, "Wolf?" Attempting to take a peak through a barely opened door, her mates launched themselves against it, sending it wide.

In the large room, Maria stood petrified, her right wrist bleeding, her pistol at her feet. Two wolves kept eyes on her carefully as they feasted on the eviscerated corpses of Karl and Esther. One wolf had deep black fur while the other had pale yellow, both about the same size.

"Oh my god," muttered Karen. "Karl and Esther! What have we done?" She stood in the doorway of a bedroom beside Joseph who pulled her head against his chest to end her sight of the bloody mess.

"The Colonel wrought this," grumbled Gretchen staring both quizzically and jealously at Maria. Nina growled at the blonde beauty and readied to pounce on her. Wolf tackled his lover and growled threats, then came to Maria and licked her wrist.

"Wolf?" Maria whispered, trembling. The silver gray fur and his size compared to other wolves suggested he was this transformed creature.

"You love him, don't you?" asked Gretchen. Maria sadly and shakily nodded, her hand stroking Wolf's fur.

"Fucking hell," said Gretchen. "I guess he loves you, too. But your father planned to kill us."

"He...What are you talking about? The Colonel? He's not..."

"Whatever. You were going to kill us, weren't you?"

"I...I couldn't kill Wolf. The Colonel would get what he wanted and..."

"Me though. He'd kill me."

"He promised he wouldn't. Just...I don't know...information. About your parents. He wanted to threaten Wolf so you would confess."

"Except he knew about the weres and he told you."

"I thought him mad."

"You're right about that."

"But...they exist!"

"Obviously, but he's still a complete madman."

"Yes. I wouldn't have let him destroy Wolf. I would have killed him first."

"And me? Your rival?"

Wolf growled. Maria plopped into a seat at the table, her hand covering her face as she sobbed not even noticing her wrist had stopped bleeding and had already scabbed over. "I'm sorry."

"He would have killed us both, Maria. Both of us. Your true love and me. He wanted his essence and extracting it would have killed Wolf. And me? Same thing. He needed the gland that makes them transform, and mine would have been exactly the one which would have cured him of his pain. It's all he cared about, the selfish bastard. That and getting revenge on the creature that caused the pain, Wolf. There's no way in hell he'd have let either of us live. And you know that."

"I...planned to kill the madman and have these two poor souls take the blame," Maria sobbed.

"You're just as bad as him," Gretchen mumbled. "Like father like daughter."

"He's not my father!"

A howling wolf sounded so sorrowful it tore at everyone's heart. "I'll show you," said Gretchen. "Come. Let's see what happened."

The wolves followed the humans up the stairs and outside. Surrounding the entrance two women in lab coats had been eviscerated, vials near them still uncorked and four wolves with bloody jowls stood over them looking at the wolf howling balefully over a naked man with a bullet pierced chest. Other wolves standing over carcasses of dead Stasi agents stared at the wolf bitch as well. Their eyes followed the humans threateningly, but the wolf mates guarded them. The man killed by a silver bullet, Gretchen realized, was the earlier challenger for alpha status, Jack. His mournful mate glanced threateningly at Gretchen, but Wolf stood between them.

Beside the door of the tour bus a golden furred wolf stood over the Colonel lying on his back, a paw keeping him down. Both of the Colonel's wrists bled; the crop and a pistol resting in the snow nearby telling why.

Joseph hurried to the Colonel, pulling out a syringe and injecting its contents into the Colonel's neck.

"Motherfuckers," yelled the Colonel before the effects of the contents softened his aggression.

"What did he give him?' asked Maria.

"Phenobarbital," Gretchen explained. "We'll see if he's up for confessing."

Joseph draped the old skinny man over his shoulder and walked towards the sausage factory. The other humans followed guarded by their mates until they passed through the factory and down the stairs and into the glass and metal safe room which Karen quickly shut behind her, waving and kissing at the black wolf who bowed. The wolves darted away.

Carefully lowering the Colonel onto a chair, Joseph quickly gathered up a video camera and began taping.

"Colonel Ralph Foxx of the Stasi, am I correct. That's your name?" asked Gretchen.

"Of course," said the Colonel blurrily but with arrogance.

"And who am I?"

"You're the bitch, Gretchen Mueller."

"Bitch, hunh. Speaking of bitches, I heard you have a thing for wolves."

"Werewolves," the Colonel mumbled.

"What's that Colonel? Did you say werewolves?"

"Of course. You're one."

"Do I look like a werewolf?"

"Of course not."

"And my friends? Are they werewolves?"

"Wolf," spouted the Colonel.

"Wolf? We look like wolves or are you barking?"

"Wolfgang. He's a werewolf and your mate."

"So now you accuse me of bestiality?"

"Not if you're...the same kind."

"I do have a boyfriend named Wolfgang. Isn't he under your command?"

"He was. He's gone rogue."

"Why's that?"

"I don't know. It's a full moon."

"What's that got to do with anything?"

"He's a werewolf."

"And I am too. I heard you've been pursuing my parents. Since I'm a werewolf I presume my parents are too?"

"Wolf makes you a werewolf, not them. They're just trouble."

"So if you say they're werewolves, the government will imprison them?"

"What? No. Of course not."

"Okay. This wolf named Wolf, is he the only one?"

"What do you mean? There are many werewolves. Too many. They have to be destroyed. We tried, the SS back in those days of courage and conviction."

"So you're a Nazi?"

"No one's a Nazi anymore."

"Are you sure?"

The evil grin pleased Gretchen. Yes, the creep was still a Nazi.

"What I meant was," Gretchen continued, "are there any more werewolves under your command?"

"I...I don't think so, though they look like regular humans."

"Do you suspect anyone?"

The Colonel looked worried. "Anyone could be."

"About my boyfriend Wolf the wolf, you're certain he's a wolf?"


"How can you be certain? You said they look just like you and me. In fact you said I'm one too."

The Colonel rubbed his scar. "He did this to me?"

"You mean the scar?"

The Colonel nodded. "He nearly killed me."

"I saw how you walk. You have many scars. When did he attack you?"

"1941, near here actually."

"Was he human looking or was he..."

"Transformed. A wolf. My comrades shot at him but killed a bitch instead. She turned back to a human and looked to be a lady in her forties."

"Legend says werewolves are impervious to bullets."

"We used silver bullets."

"Isn't it hard to make silver bullets?"

"Himmler insisted."

"The general? The head of the SS?"

"Yes. Great man."

"If you say so. So you say my boyfriend attacked you in 1941. How old would he be now?"

"I don't know. Sixty something I guess."

"But if you saw Wolfgang now, I mean when he looks human of course, how old would you say he is."

"He's at least sixty," boomed the Colonel.

"So you say, but does he look sixty?"

"No. Of course not. Werewolves don't age, or at least they age much slower than humans."

"You mean they're immortal or something?"

"No. Maybe. I don't know. They're mortal in that we can kill them with silver or cutting off their heads or extracting the wolf gland."

"Wolf gland?"

"It's at the base of the brain. It delivers enzymes that make them wolves."

"You sound interested in the gland."

"Yes. I need it to make me young again and to have no more pain."

"Wow. Could you bottle it?"

"What? I don't think so. It's extremely unstable, or at least our research seems to suggest that."


"Yes. I have a couple labs. We managed to extract these glands from the werewolves we killed during the war and have been experimenting with them."

"Since the war?"

"A little after, but yes."

"But you still look old and crippled."

The Colonel sneered. "Yes. We finally had a breakthrough thanks to my son. He got a were to tell us when the gland is at its most active."

"Another werewolf?"

"A werecat actually."

"Werecats now?"

"They turn into panthers."

"Of course they do. When exactly is this so called were gland active?"

"When they mate, even more so when a human transforms into a were. It happens during the mating."

"So you planned on changing a human into a werewolf or werecat?"



"My...my daughter Maria. She worked with Wolf and I thought she might fall in love. These silly creatures have a romantic streak a mile wide."

"And how did that plan work?"

"She's a cold hearted bitch," he said proudly.

"You wanted to kill me to get your precious cure!" screamed Maria.

"No, my dear.," the Colonel stated within his surprise at her presence. "Hopefully I'd just kill Wolf and extract the enzyme from your new gland. Fortunately your brother took your place, so there's no need."

"My brother?"

"Heinrich. You look like twins. I conceived both of you about the same time, so you're the same age. He's a brilliant chemist and quite a businessman as well."

"And you had him killed?" asked Gretchen.

"Hopefully not," said the Colonel without remorse.

"Jesus," exclaimed Maria. Gretchen and Joseph restrained her.

"Put him to sleep, Karen," Gretchen ordered. "We'll get more information in the morning."

Karen injected him with a familiar sedative.

"Fucking monster," Maria growled.

Gretchen led the seething blonde beauty to a cot and had her lie down. They stared into each other's eyes. Gretchen leaned down and kissed her.

"What..what are you doing?" asked Maria.

"It seems you're part of Wolf's new harem. Nina's going to have a fit."


"His other new wife. She's more jealous than me, but she's gorgeous like you. To tell you the truth I find you incredibly attractive in a sort of scary way, just like Nina." She kissed her again.

"Uhm...I think you're an amazing woman, Gretchen."

"So you don't mind sharing?"

"Do I have a choice?"

"If you wish to mate with Wolf, no."

"Then I don't."

"You're willing to become a werewolf?"

"I think I'd make quite an impressive one," smiled Maria.

"I believe you would," Gretchen smiled back.

"Uhm girls," said Karen, gnawing on a sausage sandwich. "I thought this mating thing is monogamous."

"Yeah," said Joseph. "And I can't imagine being with anyone except Reyna."

"Uhm Joseph," Karen reminded him, "Remember an hour or so ago? Reyna and Sensei fucking each other silly and us watching and masturbating?"

Joseph blushed. "But they're not mated."

"True," Karen acknowledged.

"Maybe it's an alpha thing," Gretchen suggested. "Wolf seemed to accept Nina as a mate once I...seduced her?" She kissed Maria and brushed a hand across Maria's clothed nipples. "We'll discuss it with Wolf tomorrow. He'll let us know what the gods have in mind."

"The gods?" asked Maria.

"Madness isn't it," Gretchen grinned. "Of course becoming a werewolf is pretty fucking insane. But the way Wolf talks about the gods, I have a feeling he's chatted with them a few times."

"I think he is a god," muttered Maria fondly.

"Me too," said Gretchen and they giggled.

"Come lie with me, Gretchen. Let's get to know each other."

"How much do you want to know?" asked Gretchen seductively while gesturing towards her friends.

"You said werewolves live extra long lives. We can just scratch the surface tonight. We have decades to learn more."

"So a little clothes on groping?"

"Unless a deeper itch needs scratching," Maria chuckled.

By the time they slept, Gretchen scratched deep learning Maria's penchant for being restrained and for painful sex play. Gretchen played the gorgeous blonde's lithe, scrumptious model like body like a gorgeous viola, amused at the thought of Nina getting her chance to dominate this seductress and surprised how much she actually got off on it as well. When they finally slept, Joseph and Karen thanked the gods for the quiet enabling them to sleep.


In the morning, Wolf and Nina grinned at the two naked bodies sharing the slim cot, the blanket having fallen to the floor. Nina's grin surprised Wolf since she'd been tense awaiting the meeting of a new and for her uninvited guest in her mate's bed. But seeing the loosened cloth restraints around Maria's ankles and wrists and the redness of her nipples obviously chewed on and last but certainly not least the perfection of her body and face more than pleased her. She couldn't wait her turn with the beautiful slave.

"She looks like fun," Nina told Wolf.

"Will you love her?" asked Wolf.

"I don't think that will be a problem."

"Good," Wolf replied, his sigh releasing his tension.

Gretchen awoke and spied the grin on Nina's face. Grinning herself, she climbed out of bed and hugged her mates. To Wolf, her second hug, she whispered hotly, "You better mate with me first!" and chewed on his ear.

"I want you now," he replied.

"Good. You deserve the frustration!"


Awaking, the Colonel discovered his hands and feet secured to a chair just like he secured many of his victims and a familiar face leering at him centimeters from his eyes. "Katarina?"

"Yes my dear," Kat smiled. She wore her fat/old latex disguise.

"What the fuck are you doing here? Are you a prisoner as well?"

"No my dear," she said and ripped off her disguise.

"You're a..."

"Werecat. An alpha actually just like Wolf." She nodded to someone across the table from her.

"Wolf!" the Colonel exclaimed. He looked daggers at him and then back at Kat. "All this time..."

"I betrayed you, didn't I?" Kat smiled. "It's lucky we weres are so patient and resilient. Well, not lucky for you I guess."

"Bitch," grumbled the Colonel.

"Actually she's the bitch," Kat gestured at Nina, the incredibly beautiful woman sitting beside Wolf.

The Colonel glared at Wolf again. "Bastard."

"Actually I'm the bastard here, father," Heinrich pronounced, "conceived by an Aryan whore in a Nazi government brothel."

"Son, are you on their side too?" asked the Colonel as if Caesar being assassinated by Brutus.

"I'm one of them now, Father. And I'm afraid having me killed for your own obsessive needs put a damper on my affection."

The Colonel glared at Wolf. "Why not let your abominations rip me apart and eat me like they did my subordinates?"

"Kill a Stasi colonel here?" Wolf replied smugly. "That would send the wrong message, don't you think?"

"So what about the bodies? All those agents and government researches ground up as sausage meat?"

"Good question, Colonel," Kat replied slyly. She stood and walked behind the Colonel, leaning down and whispering, "Nightie night," and injecting him yet again with the sedative. She licked at the puncture mark the needle caused and it disappeared.

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