tagSci-Fi & FantasyA Ghost of a Chance

A Ghost of a Chance


Author's Note: This one was written upon the suggestion of my friend, Turtledove. I hope she, and you, find pleasure in it. More to cum!

Katherine Reynolds wiped off the beads of sweat from her forehead, looked around the room and liked what she saw. She was grimy, she needed a bath, but she had finally finished the last bits of restoration of the Edwardian mansion she'd bought nearly a year ago. The pretty redhead looked around her home and reflected on how she'd come to this place.

A year had gone by. She didn't think it possible, which meant it had been two years since her divorce from Brant. She often pondered how two people who had loved each other so much could end in such acrimony?

They had battled at home for two years, the marriage counseling a total failure. They had battled in court for a year, Brant refusing to give up any of his precious inheritance. She'd been a loving, supportive – and very sexual – wife for nearly a decade, she deserved to be compensated, her friend Karrie had told her.

She fought for what she believed in and when she won, she bought the house as a symbol of her victory.

She'd seen the house for the first time a little over 5 years ago, on one of those long drives she adored but Brant despised. It was covered in overgrowth of trees and plants, badly in need of a coat of paint and some care, but there was no mistaking that it had once been a truly spectacular home.

When she got the check, she went to her lawyer's [ who had thought her insane for buying the old place ] and paid the back-taxes on the property, which made it legally hers. The family that had owned it last had abandoned it, leaving no forwarding address.

Katherine hired a crew to clear the brush, had the lawn re-sodded and planted flowers everywhere. Her friend Karrie and her boyfriend / boss Andrew had helped her paint and move furniture around, the house became liveable within six months. She spent as much of her spare time away from her publishing job fixing cupboards, oiling squeaky hinges, dealing with plumbers and electricians as she could stand. Katherine was glad it was all over.

Perhaps now she could get back to having a sex life. She'd had a few dates in the last year, she'd had one steady lover – a "fuckbuddy" - since she and Brant had split up - - but no one got her pussy wet and horny, no one made her wild and want to rip their clothes off.

It was frustrating, to say the least. In the early days of their marriage, Brant bought her the sexiest, silkiest, raunchiest clothing he could find. He liked her in leather bustiers. He liked her in skimpy teddies. He liked her in sexy negligees, minis, bikinis and any other naughty thing he could think of.

Why the hell not?, she laughed inwardly. At 35, she was still a hottie! Her 5'10" frame was still long and lean, she worked out twice a week when she wasn't restoring the house. She'd stopped dying her hair to a Strawberry-blonde and gone back to the flaming red tresses that her other friends said suited her. Her 36-C breasts were still firm and soft to the touch, with coral-pink nipples. She'd returned to dressing in a provocative manner, her secretary teased her that she looked like a woman on the prowl.

She wasn't prowling, she thought as she eased her leggy body into the warm tub. She'd bought one of those huge tubs, two could easily fit into it. When she did find a lover, Kathy knew she'd share it with him – maybe even her? - as soon as she could.

Why not try the pleasures of a woman? Why not a threesome? As far as Kathy was concerned, the world was her sexual oyster. She planned to be kinkier than ever before, to indulge her most wanton of fantasies before she was to old, living a life of regrets.

Katherine eased her fingers deep within her cunt and played with her pussy under the warm water. She felt an odd tingle infuse her being, like she was being watched, but that was ridiculous, there was no one in the house.

Her stunning blue eyes were closed, her long hair was wet and draped across one firm breast. With one delicate hand, she massaged her other breast, pinching the nipple into erection and fondling it. With her other hand, she continued her own erotic ministrations to her hot cunt, plunging one, then two, then three fingers deep into its inner recesses and fucking her pussy.

She groaned, loudly and from somewhere far off in the distance, she seemed to hear an echo. No, it wasn't her own voice. "My mind is playing tricks on me!" she thought and continued to fuck herself harder.

Her practiced digits strummed over her clit, she pulled and tugged at her pussy, she'd always liked it a touch rough. Her wimp of an ex hadn't been able to fuck her as hard the last few times they'd screwed; her fuckbuddy was much, much better.

Arthur seemed so stodgy at work, would his wife and co-workers ever be shocked if they found out he liked to dress up in leather and whip her ass with a Cat o' Nine Tails, then fuck her up the same ass with his big cock while reaming her pussy with a dildo. He also liked her to ride his dick and use her nails on his heated flesh, almost drawing blood.

Arthur's kinks ran deep and his sexual appetites were vast. He was fucking his pretty 19-year old secretary, her passion was hot wax, he told Kathy. The cute little black girl had a "Daddy" fetish and Arthur could fit that role to a `T'.

As her fingers continued to manipulate her pussy, Kathy let out a sigh. She and Arthur had to cool it for a while, there were rumors going on at the publishing house and being the boss' son-in-law, Arthur was on the fast track to a promotion. She liked him very much, so the sex was cooled down for a while. She didn't want him to lose his big opportunity.

Katherine's dedicated fingers continued to move all over her pussy, thinking lewd thoughts she would never have dared last year. She thought about T'Kea, the pretty black secretary, wondering what she looked like when Arthur was fucking her, did she make little yelps and squeals when his big, thick cock invaded her cunt?

Did T'Kea like women? Katherine had thought, from time to time, of asking Arthur if he could convince her to join them. She'd even spared a random thought or two of asking the pretty girl out for coffee, then getting her to come home with her. As her fingers slid in and out of her cunt, she imagined them to be T'Kea's soft tongue, eating her out and making her moan.

Katherine groaned again in lusty delight, and again, she seemed to hear an echo of those moans in the distance. She gave it little thought and continued to pump her fingers in and out of her snatch, feeling an orgasm was imminent.

The water was growing cooler now, Katherine's fingers were moving furiously in her own pussy and she knew she was about to cum.

"Oh! Oh! Oh! OHHHHHH!!!" she yelled out, her delight filling the room.

"You are very beautiful when you cum."

Startled, Katherine turned to the doorway of her bathroom, which was open, as she saw no sense in closing it. A man stood there, beautiful in a way few men are. He was nearly regal in his bearing, hair jet black and short, brushed back. His eyes were also dark and seemed to dance with a devilish glow. He was tall, Kathy estimated at least 6'4". He wore a grey pinstripe suit that was a touch out of fashion, but on him it looked magnificent. He ....

Hold on, was she insane? What was this man doing in her home?

"Who are you? What are you doing here? What the hell were you doing spying on me? Please leave, or I will have to call the police!"

His chuckle was almost eerie, Katherine felt goosebumps arise when he laughed. "My darling girl, my name is Robert Eames. I have always been here. I was not spying on you, in the truest sense of the word."

Katherine made no move to cover herself, he'd seen her already. "What do you mean, Mr. Eames, that you have always been here? Of course you were spying, you saw me in my most intimate moment!"

Again, the elegant stranger laughed. "I have been here for some 85 years, my dear Miss Reynolds. I was born in this house and I died in this house."

Katherine gasped. Unlike many skeptics, she did believe in ghosts. She was afraid, but tried not to show it.

"As for seeing you in your most intimate moments, Miss Reynolds, it was your passions that called me back here. Allow me to elaborate."

She nodded.

"I was a man of ravenous sexual appetites when I was living. My first wife, Belinda, could not keep up with me. I fucked the poor thing morning, noon and night. She ran off and left me alone after a few brief years of marriage. I loved her very much, she was so beautiful, fair and full of grace. A little wildcat, when she got going!" He chuckled again.

"I met my second wife, Teanna, after the war. She was orphaned in the bombings in Japan. She was beautiful, a creature of sensual delights and unbridled passions. Our sex life was magnificent, she kept up with me. She sucked cock with abandon, she loved to be taken anally, she adapted to any new pleasure I should care to introduce to our bedroom."

"Teanna preceded me to the grave by 10 years. I mourn her to this day. For the last 10 years of my life, I had dalliances with many widows, some of their daughters and a few of the servants that worked for me. It was to one of them I bequeathed my home, I had no children, oddly enough. My poor servants could not keep up the house, I am sorry to say."

Katherine looked at him, intently. He was interesting and she found the story fascinating. "But why are you still here?"

He smiled at her, there seemed to be delight in those beautiful eyes. "After my death, I found myself unable to leave this house. I was told by forces I do not understand that as long as my passions remain, I will be bound to this earth. Should a creature of equal passion appear, she will be able to see me, interact with me."

"You said she. Does it have to be a woman?"

Robert nodded. "My gate does not swing in that direction." Katherine laughed.

"You were an old man when you died," Katherine said, still fascinated. "Why don't you appear to be old now?"

"It is part of the curse, part of the blessing, to appear in the form most pleasing. And you do find me pleasing, do you not Miss Reynolds?"

Katherine nodded, adding. "Please, stop calling me Miss Reynolds. You've seen me naked and pleasuring myself. It is Katherine or Kathy, thank you."

"All right, Katherine. It suits you."

"My mother always says that. You said I can interact with you. How so?"

Robert moved towards the tub, holding out his hand. "Take my hand."

She did as he said, gasping. "You're solid!"

He frowned slightly. "Only to you and a few others. In this world, there are precious few that could match my passions."

"And I am one of them>"

He nodded.

"So, what do we do now?"

"If it would please you, I would like to go into that bedroom, have you dress in something provocative and let me fuck your brains out. If it would please you."

Katherine laughed. "It would please me very, very much. Let's go."

The pair walked down the hall to the Master bedroom, the old wood creaking beneath them as they did. When they reached the bedroom door, she asked him "Was this your bedroom?" He nodded.

"Then why don't you carry me in there? You have the honor of being the first – person – I have had sex with in this home."

He picked her up, her arms went around his neck, the sinews in his arms taut and firm. "The honor, darling Katherine, will bring me much joy."

He sat on the bed and watched her don a black lace teddy, followed by garters & stockings, with slingback black pumps. She walked over to the bed, waiting for her spectral lover's appraisal.

"Do I meet with your approval?"

He smiled, an nearly-evil look came over his face, which made him seem even wilder, more sexual. "Katherine, only my beloved wives have ever been as sensual as you. Come, let me pleasure you."

She placed her self on the bed and he went between her legs, moving the teddy aside with his fingers. She'd expected him to be cold, but he wasn't. He was hot, fire ran in his veins as he ate her cunt with precise licks. He was a magnificent lover, skilled in the arts of pleasing a woman.

Robert ate at her pussy like a man starving, feasting and gorging on her cunt juices. While he did so, he used his hands to play her body like a maestro, he was a virtuoso of sex. She screamed, she squealed, her nipples were aflame as he caressed her skin. She had one orgasm, then another, then another and still, she was not satiated. She wanted to fuck him, to be possessed by her lover, to be taken with force and made his woman.

He arose from her thighs, face smiling and loving. "Did I please you?"

She smiled. "Wasn't it evident? Can I please you Robert? I mean --"

He looked at her, happy. "I know what you mean, and yes, you may. Allow me to undress for you."

Ghost or not, Robert made a little show of stripping, looking over his shoulder at her and winking while he removed his suit and shirt. When he was naked before her, Katherine knew she'd never seen such a specimen of manhood.

His body was firm all over, no paunch. His cock must have been 8 or 9 inches, beautiful and thick. It stood partially erect and she couldn't wait to taste it.

"Take me, beloved Katherine. Take your man."

She knelt before him, hungry like never before for the taste of cock. She practically inhaled his dick, thick and veiny, with a beautiful purple head. It danced in her mouth, full and rigid, meaty. She slurped up and down, her hands played with his big balls, Robert's groans filled the bedroom, the bed creaked beneath the couple and she bobbed her head up and down, taking in all of his cock.

"Oh, Katherine, you are wonderful. Suck it baby, take all of my cock, take it down your cocksucking throat!"

The lewd words from this spectacular man heated her pussy even more. She wanted to feel him deep within her, she wanted her ghost-lover to fuck her and make her his.

He sensed her lusts and moved away from her, pulling her head from his cock. "It's time baby" he smiled at her. "It's time to fuck baby, time to feel me pounding my big cock inside your cunt. You want that, don't you baby? You want me to make you my slut, my whore?"

"Godd, yessss!" Katherine yelled. "Please Robert, make my body yours. Take me, command me, make me your slut, your whore! Fuck me, make my body cum like never before!"

Robert moved behind her and without any hesitation, slid his cock deep into her pussy. He moved in and out of her body at a furious pace, fucking her with skill she had never known before. She ached for more, he would move within her and she used her educated pussy to tighten around his beautiful shaft.

"My god girl, where did you learn that little trick?" he grinned at her, as she turned her head back to look at him.

"We girls have come a long way since you were around darling!" she purred as he surged within her. "Now lover, keep fucking me! I want to feel you empty that beautiful cock in my hot cunt, I want to feel all of you!"

Robert frowned, ever-so-slightly. "I can't cum in you darling, not yet. I can cum on you though, or you can take me and taste it. What do you want?"

His cock was still moving within her cunt, Katherine could barely think straight. In a few minutes, she knew her answer.

"I want to taste you Robert. I want my man to shoot his load in my cocksucking mouth, please!"

This seemed to please him, he moved a few more times within her, and pulled out. Quickly, she reached for him, grabbed Robert's cock and Kathy took him in deeply, his hot cum shooting out and sliding down her throat. She accepted it all, greedily.

She licked her lips clean and said "Robert, that was wonderful. The best I have ever known. A girl could get used to this."

He smiled at her, and it was then she could see that light was coming through him, he was becoming transparent. "Oh God Robert darling, no, please don't go!"

He smiled back at her. "My Katherine, don't be afraid. I will be back, but my beautiful lover must rest. I plan to exhaust you for many nights to come."

Katherine smiled, but she didn't feel tired. Or she didn't for a few minutes, as Robert's image faded from view, she fell fast asleep, anticipating the unusual turn of events that had changed her forever.

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