tagNovels and NovellasA Ghost of a Chance Ch. 02

A Ghost of a Chance Ch. 02


Sitting on MacKenzie's comfortable couch, legs curled up underneath her, Katherine listened as her dear friend ranted on.

"Oh, come on Kath, you can't REALLY expect me to buy this, can you?"

The attractive redhead sighed. She loved MacKenzie like a sister, they had been friends since Grade One, but sometimes, sometimes, MacKenzie's practicality really bugged her. She brushed a stray red curl from her forehead, now that she was becoming more in touch with her sensuality, she was letting her hair grow longer.

Katherine set down her glass of Chablis, MacKenzie was, as usual, drinking Ginger Ale. She didn't believe in "losing control". Some of their other friends, like Karrie, though MacKenzie was a tight-ass, but she'd seen Mack act silly and laugh from time to time.

"MacKenzie, in all the time I have known you, have you ever known me to make things up or be a liar?"

MacKenzie took another sip of her Ginger Ale. "No, you're almost TOO honest at times, Kath!"

Katherine continued. "Exactly. So why can't you believe I am telling the truth?"

"Umm – because ghosts don't exist?"

Katherine gritted her teeth, but she couldn't blame MacKenzie. Before all of this, the days before her wonderful Robert had come to her and shown her the depths of her own passions, she might have reacted the same way.

Katherine took a long, hard look at her dear friend. She was attired simply in a white blouse and blue jeans, almost no makeup. It was a shame, for MacKenzie was actually very beautiful, with the potential to be stunning. Her long, blonde hair was naturally the color some women payed major dollars to achieve. She was busty, with long, tapered legs that were sleek from her job as a Bike Messenger. Beautiful, liquid-blue eyes completed the package.

Katherine often felt she paled in comparison to Mack, but in the last little while, she had become very happy with her new self. Katherine also wore jeans, but there were silk stockings underneath, she loved the sensual feeling of them on her legs. She was wearing a thong, she'd thrown out all her "practical" panties. Her bra, under her black silk blouse, was lacy and sheer. She pampered her skin with soft oils and was now shaving her pussy bare. There were days when Katherine wandered around in a state of constant arousal, but it didn't trouble her a bit.

"MacKenzie hon, you've got to open up your mind hon, it's a big Universe out there!"

"Pfft. Oh come on Katherine, you can't honestly expect me to believe you had sex with a ghost!"

"Not just a ghost!" Katherine mused with a wry smile. Since her encounter with Robert, she had gone back and given Arthur the fucking of a lifetime. He'd had to skip work the next day, the poor man was that exhausted!

There was more. As Arthur was incapacitated for the day, Katherine had to carry some of the load. His secretary, T'Kea, was more than happy to help. What she DID help with was Katherine's first woman-induced orgasm.

Katherine had taken one look at T'Kea's outfit that day – a tight, cream-colored mini with matching blouse, and heels that had straps that went halfway up those impossibly-long legs – and she wanted her. Katherine threw subtlety to the wind, she walked over to the beautiful black girl, wrapped her arms around her, and kissed her, hard and full on the mouth.

It T'Kea had been shocked by Katherine's approach, she didn't show it. Instead, the sexy 19-year old had cooed contentedly, leading Katherine into Arthur's office and his big leather couch. She closed the door behind her. Sauntering over to Katherine, she embraced her again and began removing Katherine's silk blouse while Katherine shimmied out of her own black mini.

"I have wanted you for MONTHS!" T'Kea purred. "I love the sensuality of women and men as they get older, there's so much I can learn from them. I kept bugging Arthur to ask you to join us."

Katherine smiled, enthralled in the young girl's dark, smouldering eyes. Laughing, she said "I asked Arthur the same thing. Guess he doesn't like to share, huh?"

T'Kea giggled, her long dark hair swirled about. "Arthur's not here."

"No, he isn't, is he?"

They kissed again, tongues connecting, no one rushed, they just enjoyed the intimacy of a lover's kiss. Katherine's heart was racing, this was so nice, so gentle, so different from a man. She was so overjoyed that she was opening up to what life had to offer her.

"T'Kea dear, I'm afraid you'll have to be the teacher this time, dearest."

The black girl's eyes went wide. "You've never been with a woman?" Katherine shook her head.

"My goodness Katherine, you're so sexy and sensual, I'd have thought they'd be knocking your door down. Well, goody for me then, I get to be your first!"

"May I – may I see you naked?"

T'Kea grinned again, and nodded. She found Katherine's gentleness very appealing, very sexy. She was slow to remove the blouse, underneath, she was braless, her breasts tiny and delicate, with dark brown nipples. The cocoa skin shone in the light of the office, Katherine found the girl mesmerizing. She was exquisite, silky looking, her tummy flat and even her navel was cute, with a tiny butterfly piercing. T'Kea wiggled out of the cream mini, Katherine was certain she was wiggling a little more than necessary, but she liked what she was seeing. She felt a flush of warmth suffusing her entire body as T'Kea now stood there, clad only in a cream-colored thong. She went to remove it, but Katherine yelled out "Wait!"

T'Kea froze for a moment, as Katherine stood up. She walked over to the girl, took her face in her hands and kissed her yet again, a sweet, gentle kiss. "Please dearest, let me do that." T'Kea smiled and nodded, Katherine's gentle hands slid down her form, over her breasts, her smooth tummy and ended just above the thong. Katherine inserted two fingers into the thong and pulled them down the girl's long legs, taking in the delicate scent of an aroused pussy for the first time.

"My turn." T'Kea repeated the process on Katherine, but she used her nails to rake across the redhead's silky skin. Katherine felt her nipples stiffen in response, they were rock-hard pegs when T'Kea pressed against her for yet-another passionate kiss.

"Oh, it's – it's so SOFT!" Katherine sighed as T'Kea's small tongue probed her mouth. It was true, it was sweet and tender and the scent of perfume and arousal filled the office as the two women made their way over to the couch.

They moved, almost as one, to a sitting position, side-by-side. Still kissing. Still loving the intimacy, still loving the thrill of their first time, the subtle nuances of T'Kea's slender form against Katherine's more-mature body. Still feeling comfortable together, arousal growing.

"Beautiful, so beautiful" T'Kea murmured as she sucked on of the redhead's hard, pink nipples, then slid her tongue along the freckled flesh between her breasts. Katherine felt the goosebumps rise and shivered, but it was a shiver tinged with erotic delight.

The black girl trailed her finger along her older lover's silky skin, loving the feel of it. She was experienced with girl-on-girl love, but there was something wonderful about Katherine, almost a pure sensuality. She decided not to question it and licked a bit of exposed flesh, seeing the smile in Katherine's blue eyes.

"You – you're the one who is beautiful, I want so much to please you" Katherine sighed as her new lover incited her passions. "Please, tell me what to do."

"Well, you really can't do anything wrong" T'Kea smiled. "Just touch me the way you like to be touched. Kiss. Lick. I love fingernails on my skin, heck, be a bit rough. Anything you do will be fine with me!"

Katherine decided to oblige her and leaned the girl back into a reclining position on the couch. She was so drop-dead sexy, Katherine knew her pussy was soaked. She used her hands to rub T'Kea all over, in small circles, down to her pussy, which she rubbed her palm against. T'Kea was soaked and Katherine knew she had to taste the sweet cunt before her. She rubbed her fingertips against the full pussylips and brought them up to her mouth.

"Oh, fucking God, you taste sweet" Katherine cooed as she licked her fingers clean. She looked down at her playmate, lying there in nothing but those sexy shoes, Katherine wanted to ravage her.

What followed was an unforgettable afternoon of lesbian passion. Katherine was given perfect instructions in how to please a woman and she loved every second of it. Using her hands gently, she played and toyed with T'Kea until the girl became near-insane with lust. "Oh, fuck me good, you gorgeous bitch, eat my cunt!" T'Kea was screaming as Katherine ate and fingerfucked her first pussy.

She thought she herself would go mad when the girl feasted on her own body. T'Kea had a touch like feathers, fluttering all over her skin. Her body felt alive and infused with lust, T'Kea was a tease. When she finally did eat Katherine's pussy, it didn't take long for the sexy redhead to explode in orgasm.

They ended their playtime in a lovely sixty-nine, dark gleaming skin against pale white flesh, erotic, beautiful to look at. Both were exhausted upon completion.

They cuddled together on the couch, Katherine was almost afraid to speak and ruin the moment. T'Kea broke the ice.

"You know, a girl could fall for a woman like you."


T'Kea nodded. "Really. That was the most wonderful girlie-girl session I have ever had. Ever."

Katherine was beaming. "Thank you for teaching me. Can we do it again?"

T'Kea hugged her new lover close. "Can we do it again? Girl, I'm never gonna look at you the same way again. Hell, yes! I have some things I can't wait to try out on you."

They kissed, caressed a bit more and T'Kea went back to work. Nothing much had gotten done in Arthur's absence, but Katherine had no regrets. She was letting her passions rule her life more and more now, with happy results.

She and T'Kea hadn't been together since that afternoon, but ....


"Hmm? What? Oh, sorry MacKenzie."

"Wow, you really zoned out there. You've had a bit too much to drink, I think."

Katherine rolled her eyes, there she went again. "Mack, I've had two glasses of a very mild Chablis. Don't be silly."

Suddenly, from her erotic reverie, Katherine got an inspiration. "MacKenzie, do you have to work in the morning?"

Her friend shook her head. "No, I have a week off. Why?"

"It's early, why not pack a suitcase and come and stay at my place. We can have a girl's night, order in some food, eat cheesecake and talk about what an asshole my ex is!"

MacKenzie laughed. "Yeah, we can agree on that one. He was an idiot for letting you go. Do you know Brant tried to make a pass at me?"

Kathy shook her head, somewhat incredulous. "Mr. No-Sex-Drive? Really?"

MacKenzie laughed again, this was when Katherine thought her friend fun. "Yep. So, was he that bad in the sack? It's a shame, he's nice-enough looking. I might have fucked him if he hadn't been your husband."

Katherine was laughing even harder. "You should've, God knows, you both could have used it! Yes, he was that bad in the sack. Shit, the vibrator companies made a fortune off of me and the battery companies didn't do badly either!"

MacKenzie was laughing along too, barely able to breathe. "Okay, I'll come over. We're having too much fun to stop now. I should tell you about some of my dead fucks, but we'll save that for later."

Katherine's mind was working overtime. If she had her way, it would be much, MUCH later.

As they rode together in MacKenzie's tiny MG, Katherine kept making nervous glances over at her friend.

Telling MacKenzie it was MUCH too hot outside for what she'd had on earlier, Katherine had persuaded her to change into a blue and white-striped halter and blue short-shorts. She had even persuaded MacKenzie to put on some makeup.

"You're a beautiful woman, you should flaunt it a bit more!" Katherine said with determination.

MacKenzie looked yummy now, her soft blue eyes accented with mascara and a light blue eye shadow, the faintest hint of blush on her face. With looks like these, Katherine always thought her friend should be dating more than she did.

The tiny car screeched to a halt in Katherine's driveway, the two got out, Kathy leading the way. She clicked on the lightswitch upon entering, proud to show her friend her new home for the first time.

"Oh my Kathy, you were right, this place is spectacular" MacKenzie gushed.

In the last little while, Katherine had become even more inspired to restore the old place. There was still a fair amount of work to be done, but the parlor was near completion and she had restored and refinished the oak banisters on the stairs leading to her bedroom. Every time she worked, she seemed to feel Robert's presence and approval.

She led MacKenzie into the parlor and let her friend sit on the settee, she sat close. "Some people think I was crazy for buying this place, but I love it. It has charm."

"And a ghost" MacKenzie said dryly.

"Yep" Katherine replied, refusing to argue with her. "You hungry?"


"Still like Italian Sausage on your Pizza?"


Katherine phoned and ordered the Pizza, offering the delivery man another $20 if he would stop by the La Frommage Cheese Shop and bring them a Very Berry Cheesecake. He arrived about 45 minutes later, but wouldn't take the extra twenty.

"Hell lady, if I'd known how hot you two were, I'd have offered to pay YOU!" he said, winking at both of them as he left.

Katherine went to the kitchen and got plates, MacKenzie yelled at her from the parlor. "He was cute, huh?"

"I would have fucked him."

"Oh please, how porno cliché is that, fucking the delivery man?" Katherine howled at that, glad to hear MacKenzie lightening up a little.

They sat together, munching pizza, Katherine even managed to get MacKenzie to drink some of the Chablis she'd brought along. "Seriously Mack, any progress on the love life?"

"Okay Kathy, you know the Sahara Dessert?" Katherine nodded.

"There's more life there than has been in my bedroom this year." Katherine couldn't help but chuckle, but then she got serious.

"Well Mack, you know you could change all that if you just put yourself out there a little bit more."

MacKenzie scrunched up her face, taking another bite of pizza. "What do you mean?"

"Mack, to be honest, you're an absolutely beautiful woman, but you don't dress like it. You're dowdy, sometimes almost frumpy. You wear baggy clothes, you've got great legs, but you never wear skirts. You've got a great face, but you don't accentuate it. It's almost as if you're running away."

MacKenzie looked down at the floor, most of what Katherine was saying was registering. "Hon, I don't want to hurt you. Oh heck, we'll talk about this later. Right now, I'm too warm in these clothes, I'm going upstairs to change."

Katherine climbed the stairs to her bedroom, feeling a little sad about hurting MacKenzie's feelings, but she knew her friend needed to hear it. Now it was time to put more of her plan into action.

"Robert? Darling, can you hear me?"

Seemingly from afar, she heard a quiet "Yessssss"

"Robert, the woman downstairs is my oldest friend, MacKenzie. I love her very dearly and want her to be happy. Would you be willing to help me in a plan I have to bring her out of her shell?"

Again, the voice said "Yessssss". Katherine outlined her plan, all of it. She knew that if she concentrated enough, with Robert's assistance, the aura of sensuality in the house would increase. Hopefully, it would affect MacKenzie as well.

She changed into her new black Teddy, keeping on the stockings she'd worn earlier, but adding stilettos and dabbing a touch of perfume over herself. She went back downstairs, to the parlor, seeing MacKenzie sitting there, brooding.

MacKenzie turned at the sound of her voice, her eyes went big as saucers. "Wow" she said to Kathy. "You look incredible, like a whole new woman."

Katherine sat beside her on the settee and smiled, placing her hand upon MacKenzie's. "Thank You. I AM a whole new woman. You could be too, if you wanted to be."

"So you've said, but I --- "

Katherine stopped MacKenzie in her tracks by kissing her, full on the lips, her hands holding MacKenzie's arms and stopping her from resisting. The blonde was still squirming, trying to pull away, but Katherine sensed Robert's presence, urging her on. She let the kiss linger for a few more minutes, then moved away. MacKenzie's eyes were glaring at her.

"Kathy! My God, what were you thinking? What are you, some kind of lesbian?"

"No Mack, I'm not a lesbian. But I know now that I'm bi."

"Jesus Christ, this is sick. What happened to you?"

"I opened up, Mack. It isn't sick. Making love or having sex is wonderful, sensual, it feels so good. You're someone I love and treasure, I find you sexy and desirable and I want you to see that in yourself."

"Forget it Kathy. It's NOT going to happen."

Katherine sighed. "Okay, I guess we'll do it the hard way." She concentrated hard on Robert, hoping for his aid and support. Katherine leaned in to MacKenzie again and held her arms while pressing herself hard against the other woman. She could almost feel Robert's presence, his energy melding with her own, giving her strength to stop MacKenzie from fighting her. It seemed to be working, she could see that for a reason she couldn't fathom, MacKenzie lacked the strength to fight back. She whimpered a bit and tears streamed down her face, but Kathy continued to stroke her face, to plant soft kisses on her neck, face and lips. She felt herself being guided to where to touch MacKenzie, she could see her friend's eyes close as she caressed her soft body.

"No please Kathy, I'm begging you, no, I don't want ... " the other woman tried to valiantly resist. Katherine knew nothing would come of it, Robert's presence in the house enfused it with sexual heat. MacKenzie was struggling a little less now.

"Give in Mack, please darling, let yourself go. I know there's a vibrant, wild, horny, fuckable woman there, if you just set her free!"

MacKenzie's eyes were closed shut, she could feel Katherine's soft hands touching her face, stroking her with the gentlest of caresses.

Katherine could hear Robert in her head, sense his guiding presence with her in the room. "It's all right Katherine, keep going, she's going to let go, you're doing the right thing, my beloved Katherine." Robert's presence had a steadying influence on her, she kept touching MacKenzie, kissing her, telling her in a hushed voice how truly lovely, how desirable, she truly was.

MacKenzie could feel the walls crumbling. Would it be so terrible? She knew she loved Katherine, would it be so wrong to physically express that love? She was lonely, she had no passion, she --- yes, dammit, YES!!

"YESSSS!!" she screamed out in release. "All right, dammit, Kathy, you win. I'm so fucking horny, I can't stand it. Show me darling, please, I want it!"

Katherine thought her heart would burst from joy. She was going to show pleasure to her dearest friend, to open up a new world of possibilities to Mack. Her life had changed so much in such a short time and now she was going to let MacKenzie into her world. She took her girlfriend's hand and brought her to her feet.

"I think we should take this upstairs, baby" Katherine said, kissing the sweet blonde again. "I've got a huge bed up there, I think we'll fit."

MacKenzie nodded. "Okay. I'm so nervous." Katherine shushed her with a kiss and pressed MacKenzie's hand to her exposed chest. "Don't be. I love you. I know you love me. This is just an extension of our love. Come on."

Katherine could feel Robert's tacit approval, urging her on. She could sense MacKenzie's eyes watching her round little butt going up the stairs, so she put a little extra sway into it.

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