tagNonHumanA Ghost of a Chance

A Ghost of a Chance


Bonnie and Steven arrived at the mansion around eight o'clock that Saturday evening. The access road was not easy to negotiate, as the driveway had not been used in many years. There were several other vehicles scattered about in front of the old house.

The house had been vacant for many years. The owners were in a local nursing home, well into their final years, and they were the last of their living relatives. They had been blessed with a son while they were in their thirties, and while he was a bright and scholarly child, he was also a very mischievous one. His shenanigans would ultimately prove to be fatal for him, and the story would be one that neither of the owners would ever be willing to share.

That was until Steven decided to do research on the house and the story behind it. He had gone to the local courthouse and sifted through all of the records until he had located the rightful owners of the property. Steven volunteered as a writer for the local school newspaper, and since he was graduating this year, he wanted to go out with the best story ever written.

Once he had the names of the owners, he went to the post office, and after paying a small fee, he was given the forwarding address for the property. All of the mail went to the local nursing home, to a suite located near the rear entrance. There was also another address with the owner's names that was forwarded to the nursing home, but Steven didn't think much about it at the time, figuring that it was probably rental property that helped to pay their expenses.

Steven stopped by the nursing home one day and popped his head in the door and asked if he could inquire about the house where the couple used to live. Neither of them was in good health, and they wanted to finally be able to tell their story to someone, so they chose to tell Steven their tale once he explained that it would be in the local school paper.

It seems that there was an outside stairwell that led up to the servant's quarters which were on the second floor. The couple had employed a small staff to help around the house when their son Richard was first born. The father did not want to have the mother overwhelmed, so he hired a maid and a cook to help take some of the pressures off of the mom, and leave her more time to devote to the son.

Needless to say, Richard grew up very spoiled. His lifestyle was already affluent, and with the constant attention from his mom, and a lot of time spent with his dad on the weekends, he was bound to get into mischief at some point in his life.

The girls all loved Richard. His light tan and boyish face, along with his frame which had a little extra meat, but nothing that would be considered fat. When he turned 16, his dad let him start to date, and it seemed that there was a different girl in his car every weekend, parked on some deserted logging trail that no one ever used anymore.

But then Richard turned 18. There he was, finally, a man. He could do what he wanted, when he wanted, and how he wanted. Or so he thought.

Halloween night Richard had snuck back to the residence with his favorite girl that he liked to "make out" with. This time he was determined to enjoy her in the comfort of a room, preferably on a bed. He knew that mom and dad never used the servants quarters anymore. And with the entrance on the outside of the house, it would be even easier to sneak his girl upstairs and let the party begin in private.

Richard had been able to kiss and get a lot of feels from this girl, but every time he tried to get any further, she always said, "Not here, not now, I want it to be somewhere special."

He knew that she was definitely a virgin, but since she was one of the hottest girls in school, he knew she wouldn't stay one for long, especially now that she had turned 18 also.

So Richard and his girl, Beth, snuck up into the servant's quarters and started to make out. What they didn't realize was that the father had seen the car come up through the driveway as the moonlight bounced off of the windshield as they drove.

The father had waited for them to come in, giving them a few moments of privacy in case they were engaged in anything. When they still had not come inside after 30 minutes, he went outside to the car to tell them to come inside, and to break things up that may be getting heated up too much. Finding the car empty, he saw the shadows against the window glass in the upstairs servant's quarters.

Realizing what was probably going on, the father became enraged that his son would bring a girl back to the house and sneak her in behind his back. Their family was prim and proper, and they would never have done anything like that.

So the father went up the stairs quietly and as he got to the door that opened to the quarters, he could see through the partially closed door two bodies that appeared to be naked, lying on their sides and entwined tightly together.

Recognizing that the girl was from the family of one of his supervisors, and not from a more affluent family, his rage increased even more to the point where he grabbed the door and flung it open so hard that it bounced against the rail of the porch that the steps led up to and swung back almost enough to hit him in the side.

Richard and the girl immediately sat upright and she screamed when she saw the angry man charging towards the bed where they lay.

Richard jumped up and bent down to grab his pants, forgetting to put his underwear on first in his haste, but just as he was inserting his leg into the pants, the father reached where he was standing and the father swung his right arm back and hit Richard in the side of the head.

Dazed and off balance, Richard stumbled for a few steps before he caught his self and then he lunged toward where the father was standing.

The father saw Richard coming and he sidestepped at the last moment so that Richard ran right past him and out onto the balcony. The girl gathered up the sheets and tried to cover herself, but then she realized that Richard may have met his match and she decided to try and stop the fight before things got out of hand.

The father saw her start to get up from the bed with the sheet wrapped around her, but his mind was so full of rage towards Richard, that he turned his attention back towards him.

Richard was still standing on the balcony trying to get his bearings when his dad came outside and once again, with a tirade of words, swung once more at Richards face. Richard was able to duck and miss the blow, but as the father swung once more with his other arm, he landed a punch square into the side of Richards head.

Beth had reached the balcony by then and she started toward where they were fighting in an attempt to get between the men and stop the brawl. Just as the fathers fist connected with Richards head, she dove between them and her face was caught in the action, and thereby she was knocked off balance by the blow.

Richard had also lost his balance by the last hit from his dad, and as he reached out for something to steady himself, he grabbed a portion of the sheet that was wrapped around Beth.

This caused Beth to further lose her balance, and she tumbled over onto Richard, who then stumbled backwards and while holding onto the sheet still, they both fell over the side where there used to be a wooden railing, but it had been taken down and never replaced after it had started to show signs of rot.

The father quickly ran back down the stairs, but it was to no avail. The couple lay dead, their bodies contorted in unnatural like positions.

The mother came outside just as the father reached the front lawn and gave a blood curdling yell when she saw her son lying bleeding, motionless on the ground.

The father quickly realized how much trouble this could mean for the family, and after discussing their options, they decided to write a "we're gone" note for the family and then dispose of the bodies.

The note was questioned by the authorities, but since Richard had earned a bit of a "wild child" nature, it was decided that they would eventually return when their money ran out and everything would be okay.

The upstairs room was checked, and they agreed that it appeared as though some sexual tryst had occurred, but since both of the kids were 18, no charges could be sought at that time.

Steven had asked for a key to the house so that he could explore the house and see where the event had taken place. The couple agreed and gave him a spare key that they had locked in a drawer in their suite. They asked him to return it when he was finished. That was Friday. Today was Saturday. Halloween. Party time. And what better way to celebrate the holiday than at an old mansion that many said was haunted.

As they walked up to the house, there were several couples in various costumes and stages of dress, some of them working on their sexual exploits before they even made it inside. Steven unlocked the door, and went back to one of the trucks that was parked outside and helped several other guys carry in the large metal cans that would be used to put the beer on ice.

Once all of the party supplies were unloaded, he grabbed Bonnie's hand and led her through the doorway and into the front living room. Several of the girls had brought some candles and holders from their houses, and they set about placing them around the room so that they could be able to navigate around the old furniture, much of which was covered in cloths.

There were a couple of flashlights also on hand, and each couple grabbed one and kept it nearby so that they could navigate more easily to places that were secluded and private.

The party got started in full swing and continued on for several hours. Ghost stories were told, and Halloween jokes were interjected in between. Several cases of beer and several hours later, each couple decided to go in different directions of the house so that they could party with their mate in a more private manner.

Steven wanted to see the room where the event had taken place, so he and Bonnie went up the stairs and entered the room through the hallway door.

The room was rather large in size. Two full size beds were on opposite walls, with a small dresser located near each one. On the other side of the beds from the dresser, there was a night stand with a lamp on each one.

While the furniture downstairs had been covered in protective cloths, the furniture in this room had been left exposed. Dust and cobwebs were everywhere in the room.

Bonnie started to protest, but Steven quickly told her to hush, that he would take care of everything. Steven looked in one of the drawers and located a doily that had turned a yellowish color, but otherwise was still fairly clean from being folded in the drawer.

He wiped down the cobwebs that were near the bed and reached over and pulled down the comforter which lay on top. The sheets and pillows under it were also a dingy color, but otherwise appeared to be clean.

Bonnie pulled on Stevens arm and led him toward the bed, stopping to remove her shirt and pants before she laid down.

Steven followed suit and quickly removed his pants and shirt, leaving only his boxers to cover what was now a growing hardness between his legs. Steven reached toward Bonnie, and gently began to give her kisses on the neck, trailing around to find those soft lips that he had enjoyed many times before. He felt more rather than heard a moan escape from her lips and he let his hand reach for her stomach. Steven slowly let his hand ease down the front of her belly until he could feel the elastic band of her panties. He let his hand continue to slide over the front of them and then he felt a moist, warm spot that told him she was feeling exactly what he was.

With that she released his hand and brought her hand up to him, caressing his chest as she slowly slipped her hand down his chest. As she neared the waistband of his pants, she could feel his manhood, nice and firm underneath his underwear. Bonnie continued to stroke Steven's cock over the fabric, and as she did, she repositioned herself so that he could do the same, and they both felt the sparks begin to fly. She had never been so wet so easily she thought.

As Steven continued to stroke her also, she raised her hips to let him slip her panties down her legs. Steven reached down and removed them, as Bonnie continued to allow him access to first her hips, then her legs, and finally her feet. As Steven started to stroke her breasts Bonnie rose up and removed the bra that she was still wearing. God it felt so good to be touching her in all the right places. It seemed to bring her alive once again, with electricity coursing through her veins.

He leaned over and began to lick and kiss her nipples, and she felt them harden up and ache to be taken in by his mouth. Sensing this, he did just that. Steven took turns with one breast, then the other, sucking and clenching her nipple softly between his teeth, feeling her hands on his head, lightly stroking his hair as he brought out so many feelings inside of her. She longed, no, she ached deeply for him, but she reminded herself that she wanted to take her time and enjoy this night.

After a few minutes of letting him bring her closer and closer to that pleasure that she longed to release, she reached down and lifted his boxers over his manhood so that she could feel his warmth in her hands. As she did that, he also raised his hips and allowed her to remove the underwear from his body. Then she pushed him gently down on his back and she started kissing him passionately while still stroking him tenderly. Then she let her mouth roam down his chest, stopping to enjoy his nipples, before sliding down to what she ached to have in her mouth. Then she slowly found her way down to his manhood, and slowly, she licked him and ran her tongue around the tip before taking him in her mouth. She started an up and down motion slowly taking in a little more each time as she did.

"Wow, what sensations," was all Steven could think of the whole time that he was enjoying everything that she was doing. Bonnie had always been able to bring pleasure to him in the other times, even to the point of taking him completely in her mouth, almost hitting the back of her throat as she did. Steven was a little bit bigger than some of the boys that she had given Fellacio to, and she almost felt an automatic gag reflex hit her, before she relaxed her throat and let him slide the rest of the way in her mouth and partially down her throat. She let her tongue slide up and down as she gently sucked on him. She could feel him getting bigger and bigger as she went, but she wanted to save the best for later, so she backed off, gently and lightly running her tongue up and down his manhood as she did.

Steven sensed what Bonnie was doing, and ever so gently and passionately he rolled her over on her back. This time he started at her feet and gently let his tongue make a trail up to her hips. Then he found her warm moist vaginal lips, and he circled his tongue up and down them both, letting his tongue fall deeper and deeper into her folds until he could feel that spot that he knew would soon bring her to a climax. He took her hardened clitoris into his mouth ever so gently between his teeth and sucked and lightly used his tongue to roll the tip of her clitoris around, while softly gnawing his teeth across the tip of her clit.

It wasn't long until Bonnie started to lift her hips, and she spread her legs wider to allow Steven easier access to her pleasure palace. Steven could feel her body moving and hear her lightly moaning, reassuring him that he was on the right track. He kept up the pussy eating that he was doing, stopping only briefly sometimes to lick inside her folds so that he could enjoy the juices which flowed like a fountain from the depths inside of her.

The rhythm of her hips moving started to increase as he continued to suck and tease her clitoris until he felt her start to shiver and then he felt her tense up from the intense feeling of her climax. Steven stopped what he was doing and started to lick up her juices, which were flowing freely from her vagina.

When it seemed that all of her energy was spent, he left her with a quick couple of licks, and brought himself up to her face to kiss her sweet lips. Her mouth hungered for him, and she savored his mouth, the warm inviting tongue, and the taste which she recognized as her own. Bonnie had remained a virgin up until now. And at the beginning of the night she had decided that this could be the night, especially since she wouldn't lose her cherry in the back seat of a car, but hopefully in a bed, even if it was in a haunted house.

But as the feelings subsided from her climax, and the alcohol started to kick in, she was having trouble staying alert. She could feel herself start to drift off to sleep as Steven rubbed his hands across her tummy and breasts. She moaned something that was barely audible, but not intelligible enough for Steven to understand. When he leaned over to get her to repeat what she had said, Bonnie was sound asleep.

"DAMN! MY FUCKING LUCK!" was all that he could think of as he muttered under his breath. While he had spent his time orally on Bonnie, his cock had started to arise to the occasion and he was now ready for what he had been waiting for. Of all of the teases that he had dated, he had never been able to "go all the way" with a girl, and he was sure that he would finally succeed tonight. He could feel himself getting drowsy also, and he hoped that maybe they would wake up in the middle of the night after sleeping some of the beer off, and finish what they had started. Steven could hear voices coming from somewhere outside of the door, but in his inebriated state, he decided that it was probably from the sexual acts that were occurring in other rooms of the house.

What Steven didn't realize, nor Bonnie for that matter, was that their whole act had been witnessed by two sets of eyes, glued to the action.

Richard and Beth had been reliving their evening together as they watched from the other side of the room. They had been together ever since that night, but because their love was never consummated, they were caught in a permanent state of arousal, needing release. Richard had been able to manipulate his limbs enough to pleasure Beth like the old times in the back seat of the car. And Beth had tried to reciprocate, but the feelings were not the same for either of them. They both wanted to finish what they had started that night.

But they knew that it would be impossible to complete the act with each other.

Richard and Beth watched as the two teenagers dozed off to sleep, and then they slowly flowed over to the bed. Beth hovered over Steven, while Richard hovered over Bonnie.

Steven was still in a semi hard state, not fully aroused, but he wasn't flaccid either. His erection was starting to point more towards his head, than at the ceiling like it had earlier. But Beth knew that it was the closest she could come to the real thing for possibly a very long time.

Since there was no solid form to her state, she was not sure if she would be able to do anything, or feel anything in her lower region. When anyone looked at her outline, they could see what appeared to be the edges of the different body parts, yet there was a hollowness at the same time.

But she remembered what her mission was for the moment, so while she hovered over Steven, she slowly lowered herself onto his still exposed cock and positioned herself where her vagina would have been. Since there wasn't an actual pussy to wrap around his dick, she had to rely on memory of when boys would insert a finger or two into her, usually while she gave them head at the same time.

So she continued to sink her form onto his cock and as she reached his groin, she sat for a moment to see if he would react.

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