tagNonHumanA Ghostly Encounter

A Ghostly Encounter


"100 years ago, Andrew and Patricia Wallace lived up at the old Wallace house up on the hill. This was all farm country back then and there were outlaws and Indians. Anyway, one stormy night an outlaw broke into the house. He raped Patricia before Andrew's eyes. He did this every night for a week before Patricia turned the rape into hot sex. She smiled at her husband as the outlaw fucked her pussy. When Andrew saw red the outlaw shot him, then him and Patricia left the county." 19 year old Sylvia Monroe stopped talking to take a drink of her soda. Her audience entranced by the story they had all heard many times.

19 year old Claudia Wallace, a descendent of the supposed black scarlet, curled closer in her boyfriend Frank's arms as they listened to the old legend. Her butt wiggled over his lap, causing his cock to harden while his hands moved up under her shirt playing with her ample tits. Sylvia and Claudia had rented this two bedroom house not far from the old abandoned Wallace house.

They were having a housewarming party with some of their friends, while a storm raged on outside the window. "Let's go to bed honey." Claudia whispered in Frank's ear. I am so horny." She wiggled her butt against his cock again.

He smiled at her. "In a minute, I want to hear the rest." He focused his attention on Sylvia. Claudia just sighed, leaning back against him as Sylvia finished the old legend.

"Legend says that on a stormy night like tonight, Andrew's ghost will lure unsuspecting women up to the house." At the leer in her boyfriends eyes, she decided to put an add note to the story. "Of course all the girls are over 18; he's a ghost not a pervert." Mitch just smirked and took a drink of his beer.

"Anyway," Sylvia said picking up the thread of her story. "He lures these women to the house. Makes them feel safe and secure then while they sleep, he brings their bodies to life. He teases their tits and pussies until they are ready to scream with need. But he never lets them cum. Even near dawn when he fucks them, they beg to cum before he pushes them over the edge."

Sylvia took another drink of her soda. "As we watches them leave from the window, he smiles. See to him it is his revenge against his bitch wife and the man who took her from him."

Sylvia smiled at her entranced audience. Everyone in the room had heard the legend numerous times but no one ever got tired of hearing it.

"I wonder if they actually see him." Jessica an 18 year old friend of theirs asked.

Sylvia shook her mane of red hair. "No one knows. Some say they can see his outline as he fills them with his ghostly cock. Others say that they don't see anything just feel hands and a mouth touching them."

Sylvia and Claudia could almost be twins. They were both 5' and petite. Sylvia had long red hair while Claudia's was a dark brown. They also both had blue eyes that changed with their mood. They had known each other all their lives, as they had been next door neighbors.

Ever since Sylvia found out that her great, great, great, great, grandparents were in fact Patricia Wallace and the outlaw she had been teasing Claudia about spending a stormy night in the old house. She smiled at her friend as she tried once more. "You know Claudia, it's storming out there. You could always..."

Claudia lifted her head from Frank's chest as she glared at Sylvia. "Oh give me a break Syl. It is just a legend there isn't a bit of truth to it. "

"How do you know?" Sylvia asked with a grin. I mean according to your grandparents."

Claudia sighed. "Grandpa told us that old tale to freak us out. That's it. As far as I know my ancestors were farmer's period."

She turned her face from the group and ran her hands under Frank's shirt as she kissed him hard. "Let's go to bed honey, my pussy needs a good fucking."

Now that the story was over, Frank was more then willing to oblige. "I'm always willing to help a lady in distress." He said as he stood up picking a squealing Claudia up in his arms. He said a quick goodnight to the group then carried her to her room.

Once they were in the room, he kicked the door shut then carried her over to the queen sized bed; he laid her down covering her body with his as he locked his mouth on hers.

Claudia moaned against his mouth as she pressed her body tightly against his. She pulled his body against her letting him feel how hot she was for him. She loved having Frank as her lover. They had been lovers for over a year when he took her cherry the night of her 18th birthday.

Frank wasn't very big, only 7 inches hard but he knew how to drive her body crazy.

She let him lift her nightshirt over her head then closed her eyes moaning as he locked his mouth on her nipple. His tongue moved lovingly over it as he sucked with his lips. "Yes baby. Love me." She moaned.

Frank sucked at her breast as he moved his hand down over her naked stomach until he came to the treasure between her legs. She opened her legs to his probing hand as he slid his hand down until he was running his finger teasingly over her clit.

"Frank...baby...don't tease me, I'm so hot." She moaned pressing against his hand as she worked at his jeans. When she had them open, she reached inside gripping his cock. She ran her hand slowly up and down over it, hearing his moans.

Frank's mouth was still busy at her breast while his hand had moved lower until he slid a couple of fingers into her sopping slit. "Oh yes." She cried as he slowly finger fucked her. "Feels so good." She lifted her hips against him while pushing his pants down over his hips to free his hard cock and balls to her hands. She wrapped her hands around him, stroking lightly.

Frank moved to the other breast with his mouth as he continued to slowly bring her body to life. He was moaning like crazy as she ran her hands over his hard cock.

Claudia was panting and mewling noises were coming from her lips. "I need you inside me baby." She begged as she pulled at him trying to pull his body onto hers.

Frank pulled away long enough to quickly strip out of his own clothes, then lowered his body over hers until he was poised at her entrance. He looked down into her passion glazed eyes as he slid smoothly into her. He moaned as he felt her accept him into her body. "Oh I love your pussy sweetheart." He groaned as he moved slowly inside her.

"Mmmmm...Fuck me..." She cried lifting her legs to wrap around his waist as he thrust into her. "I love your cock baby. I love feeling it pounding my hot little pussy."

Frank growled but kept his strokes slow and easy. He loved when she teased him, trying to get him to fuck her hard and fast. "Uh uh sweetheart. We've got all night; your parents can't listen to us. I ain't rushing this."

She put a pout on her lips as she pressed her body against him. "But I'm so horny baby."

Frank dipped his head to hers, kissing her softly. "I know, I can feel it, but like I said, we've got all night."

Frank fucked her with long, slow strokes that were driving her body into overdrive. She was clawing at him while she thrust her pussy wildly against his slow movements. "Frank, baby...I need to cum...Fuck me." She cried.

Frank looked into her passion crazed face. He wanted to make this last but the way she was clawing at his body and her pussy was riding itself over his cock was pushing him closer to orgasm. He finally let out a growl as he lay completely on top of her.

His arms wrapped around her body, his lips locked with hers as he pumped his hips hard and fast. His cock sliced into her.

"Yes...Oh Yes..." She screamed humping aggressively against him as her orgasm rose at a fast pace. "Fuck me."

She wrapped her arms around him, and then shifted her body until she was able to push him over onto his back. She knew Frank hated it when she rode him because he wasn't in control but she was so hot she didn't care.

She pressed her hands into his chest as she slammed her pussy hard and fast over his cock. "Fuck me..." She cried tightening her muscles against him.

Frank was laying beneath her, breathing hard as she rode him for all she was worth. He was praying she came soon because the way she was milking his cock with her body he knew he would be shooting and soon. He reached between her bouncing bodies until he was able to reach her clit. It was hard and throbbing out of its hood.

He dug his nail into her clit as she bounced forcefully on his cock. She suddenly opened her eyes wide, looking down at him as she convulsed in orgasm. "I'm cummminnnnnggg..." She screamed locking her legs on his hips.

He kept his finger dug into her clit as she came hard around him, then he pushed her onto her back again while he pummeled her hard and fast looking for his own release. Claudia let him pound her pussy as she thrust against him. "Cum baby, cum for momma," She murmured as she egged him on.

Frank suddenly cried out as he started shooting deep into her depths. "I'm cumming." He cried filling her with his seed.

Claudia sent a silent scream out of her mouth as her body convulsed once again around him as she felt his cum splash into her. She dug her nails into his back as she clung to him. Finally they collapsed against each other, the mattress dipping beneath their weight.

When Frank got his breath back, he kissed her softly. "I love you baby."

She smiled up into his eyes. "I love you to."

He rolled off of her onto his side. Then pulled her into him until they were spooning, with her back against his chest. His soft cock pressed between her ass-cheeks. He loved this part of her best, when they would just lay and hold each other and talk. They could hear the bedsprings squeaking as Sylvia and Mitch had sex in the next room. Frank just shook his head as he heard Sylvia squeal and Mitch howl.

Claudia feeling Frank shake his head, ran her hand over his arm. "Why don't you like Mitch honey? He is good for her."

Frank stiffened against her. He didn't like talking about Mitch. The man was an ex-con that Sylvia had met through her brother. True he had only done bank robbery but the point was that Frank was afraid he was going to hurt Sylvia in more ways then one.

He felt Claudia running her hand over his arm. He decided to ignore her question with one of his own. "Why do you let Sylvia needle you about that house?"

This time it was Claudia who stiffened. "I don't let it bother me."

Frank turned her face till she was looking at him. He knew she was lying. "Yes it does and you know it. Every time she tells that legend it drives you up the wall."

Claudia pulled her face away looking towards the partially open window as the rain fell against it. "I just think it is all a bunch of junk. It's a legend. It isn't true." She took his hand which had been resting on her stomach and moved it up to her breast.

Frank squeezed her breast as he kissed her neck. He could feel himself hardening against her. "So prove her wrong baby."

He pushed her onto her stomach, sliding easily into her depths. "Spend tomorrow night up there. The weatherman says the storm is supposed to last all week." He moved slowly inside her while he talked. "Spend the night up there and when nothing happens you can laugh in all our faces."

Claudia thought about it while she pushed her body against him. "What if the legend is true? Will you still love me if I get fucked by a ghost?"

Frank moaned as he started thrusting harder inside her. "Honey, I will love you if you get fucked by 100 ghosts. You're my girl and that will never change."

Frank spent the rest of the night between her spread legs showing her with his mouth, hands, and cock just how much he did love her.

Chapter 2

The next night as the storm raged with no end in sight, Claudia stood outside the door of the old Wallace house. It was just as it had been back in the 1800's.

A small log cabin. She had always thought it was something out of that show 'Little house on the prairie.' There was a small kitchen, a bedroom off the living room/dining room and a loft. There was an outhouse behind the house. The historical society didn't want to change the house so it stayed the way it was. When something broke, it was fixed but not modernized. Which Claudia knew meant no electricity.

Claudia sighed as she unlocked the door then put down her umbrella before stepping into the darkness. She lit a candle she had brought with her to find the lantern that always sat on the table.

While Claudia had stood there looking at the house, the ghost of Andrew Wallace watched her. There was a hungry look in his blue eyes. He hadn't had many visitors over the years since the legend started circulating. He felt his ghostly cock rise in his pants. As she walked into the house though, something about her struck him as familiar. He couldn't see her very well on the porch with the driving rain but when she lit the lantern, tossing her long brown hair over her shoulder, he gasped. She was the spitting image of his bitch wife.

Andrew had no concept of time. As far as he knew, that bitch and her lover had left yesterday. He knew that time had gone by however by the people talking as they went by the house. He was shocked when he found out that over 100 years had passed. His wife and her outlaw lover were probably up in heaven somewhere laughing at him while he was stuck here in this hell.

Even after all this time, Andrew didn't understand why he didn't move on when he died. Why he was bound to this house. This property. He could leave the house, go out to the outhouse or to the edge of the property line but he couldn't leave the property.

He had had fun over the years, scaring away potential buyers. People who wanted to tear down the cabin he had built with his own hands to put up condos or a mall. Whatever that was. But no, he wouldn't let them, he may be dead but this was still his home.

Andrew looked exactly the way he did the day he died. 6' with a medium build. His sandy brown hair brushed over his forehead and sometimes into his amber eyes. Patricia told him once that it was his eyes that first attracted her to him. The only difference from between when he was alive and now, was there was a small hole in his chest where the bullet had pierced his heart. The heartless bastard had killed him then went on fucking Patricia like nothing had happened.

Andrew shook his head of the memories as he watched her image walk through the house. He watched her look at the bed. The bed he had made love to Patricia in so many nights. Her legs wrapped tightly around him as he filled her with his heat.

His cock throbbed in his pants as he watched the young woman move into the kitchen. He pegged her at about 19 or 20. Old enough to have learned the joys of sex but young enough that her body hadn't started to sag yet.

As he watched the woman set the lantern down on the nightstand, look around then shrug as she began to undress he smiled a ghostly smile. Oh yes, he now knew why he had been trapped here all these years.

This was his second chance to get revenge on that bitch that took his life from him. He would pay her back with her descendant. He would have the girl so hot that she would be begging him to make her cum. She would beg harder and longer then any of the others. He would have her as his slave.

He smiled as she moved naked onto the bed. A night he had been waiting for over 100 years had finally arrived and he was going to enjoy every minute of it.

Claudia rested her naked butt against the clean sheets. She knew that someone at the historical society came in once a month to clean up the place for people who wanted to see an authentic 19th century home.

She blew out the lantern then laid there looking at the ceiling in the darkness, she wondered how many times this supposed husband of hers had fucked her ancestor in this very bed. She lay there listening to the silence of the house as the storm raged outside before she sighed. "Well at least I can tell them that nothing happened." She said turning over onto her side and closing her eyes.

Andrew had spent the last two hours watching her sleep. He watched as she moved her body trying to get comfortable in the soft bed.

He had always hated that bed, it was too soft for him but Patricia loved it so they had kept it. Now the girl before him was lying on her back, her legs open. He thought she might be dreaming about sex because she was moaning in her sleep and her pussy was glistening with juices.

Andrew had been in a constant state of arousal since the woman walked into the house. Seeing her spread out now, made his cock harder then it had ever been in life. He slid his ghostly pants down over his body until they fell silently to the floor. His 10 inch cock stood up against his stomach as he floated over the sleeping woman.

He floated down until he was a hairsbreadth above her sleeping body. He looked over her wondering where to begin when his mouth watered as her breasts rose and fell with her deep breaths. Andrew had always been a boob man and this morsel had breasts like her ancestors. He moved down over her until his lips touched her breast.

He ran his ghostly tongue over her flesh and heard her moan. He lifted his eyes to hers, she was still dreaming. He continued to lick at her breast as his hand moved down between her spread legs. His ghostly finger touched her clit making her body jump as another moan left her lips. "She is a hot one." He thought as he moved his mouth to her nipple, sucking gently on it.

"Oh Frank." Claudia moaned in her sleep. She snuggled further down in the bed then softly snored again.

As Andrew continued to slowly bring her body to life with his mouth on her nipple and his finger brushing lightly over her clit, he wondered who Frank was.

Then he decided it didn't matter, tonight she was his. He moved his mouth to her other ample breast as he moved his ghostly hand down to her slit. He teased the bump at the top hearing her panting breaths then let a finger slide inside her.

"Oooohhhh..." Claudia moaned feeling a mouth on her breast and a finger sliding slowly in and out of her pussy. "Frank baby. Yes." She moved her hand to cup his head against her breast but all she felt was air. She opened her eyes wide with shock. It felt like there was a mouth sucking at her nipple but there was no one there.

She lowered her eyes down her naked body, watching her hips pressing up against an invisible hand fingering her pussy.

The invisible finger was moving hard and fast inside her while the feeling of a mouth on her breast increased the pressure. "Oh god. What's happening to me?" She cried even as she felt her orgasm rapidly building.

She cried out as her pussy humped at the fingers in her pussy. She reached her hand down to her pussy. She even slid a finger inside herself. There was nothing there, yet something was fingerfucking her pussy into a frenzy.

"Oh god...No...the stories aren't true." She whimpered as her body hummed with need. She felt a mouth move down over her naked stomach until what felt like lips enclosed her hard clit. "Nooooooooo..." She screamed as the mouth sucked hard at her while her hips continued to hump wildly at the air. "It's not possible." She cried.

Andrew lifted his eyes from her pussy as he watched her thrashing on the bed. He knew she was close to cumming but he wasn't going to let her. His ghostly hand was flying and out of her hole as she cried in pleasure and confusion. He had felt her hand go through his when she pushed a finger into herself but he had ignored it just like he had ignored the others. His lips held her clit tightly as he battered her clit with his ghostly tongue.

"This...isn't...happening." She panted trying to convince herself even as her body flew towards release. "I don't believe in ghosts. Oh god, I'm gonna cum."

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