tagNonConsent/ReluctanceA "Gift" For New Years Eve

A "Gift" For New Years Eve


Sarah looked around the large pool area feeling lost and very out of place. It was New Years Eve, and the room had been closed off to swimmers and decorated for the holiday party. The lounge area next to the swimming pool was so filled with people getting ready to ring in the new year, that she couldn't even figure out where the girls she had come with were. The atmosphere of the party was typical, she supposed: noisy, crowded, dimly lit, and filled with the ever-present murmur of voices striving to be heard over blaring top-40 music. Not for the first time that evening, she wondered why she had come at all. Several of her co-workers at the nursing home had pestered her until she finally gave in. The party was in a fancy hotel a couple hours from the town they all lived in, and they had rented two rooms together to use as somewhere to change and get a couple of hours of sleep (if possible) before heading back home. Sarah suspected that one reason they had wanted her along was because she didn't drink, which meant that they all could, and she figured that she would most likely have the room to herself when she headed there as soon after midnight as she could manage. The three women she had come with had vanished soon after they had arrived, and there was no telling where any of them were now.

Sarah jumped as she felt a large hand settle on her shoulder. She looked up to see a tall, darkish man of (she guessed) around 30, with short black hair. Even her limited experience with such things was enough to tell her that he was very good-looking and athletic. The fact that he had chosen to come and talk to her made her nervous. The 23 year old nurse was a small girl, a little over 5'2". She had a heart shaped face, long dark blond hair, which fell down almost to her waist, and was kept from slipping into her eyes by a silver colored clip. Her job at the nursing home kept her active, and resulted in a slim body highlighted by full breasts and hips. The deep blue dress she wore had a neckline that was slightly lower than she'd have preferred, but her co-workers had insisted that it was the only dress in her closet that even came close to fitting the atmosphere of the party.

"Hi." he shouted, smiling down at her.

Sarah looked up at him nervously. "Hey," she shouted back trying to sound casual and friendly while yelling above the music.

"So what do you think about the party?" he asked.

She shook her head, "Too loud and too many people. And I haven't been able to find a drink that doesn't have alcohol in it since I got here.

The tall man looked surprised, "You don't drink, or you're doing designated driver duty?"

Sarah smiled back at him for the first time, "Both, actually. I don't drink, and I've got some friends around here somewhere who are expecting me to drive them back home tomorrow morning. We've got rooms here in the hotel, but they said they might not be back before morning. I have no idea what they're planning to do all night."

The man laughed, "I imagine they'll find something. But it sounds like they suckered you good. I've been watching you standing all alone over here. I didn't think you looked as if you cared much for this kind of party."

She grinned back, "Not really, no." Whoever he was, this guy seemed nice enough. At least he was the first person to take the trouble of talking to her since she had arrived. "I'm Sarah, by-the-way." She held out her hand to him.

His large hand engulfed her small one as he shook it, "Nice to meet you, Sarah. I'm James. I'm here with some friends, but like yours, mine seem to have taken off." He seemed to hold onto her hand longer than was absolutely necessary before releasing it.

"Tell you what, why don't I see if I can find something non-alcoholic for you to drink? I think I saw the hotel staff bring out a punch fountain a few minutes ago." He chuckled, "I'll even test it for you to make sure no one's gone and spiked it."

Sarah found herself laughing along with him, "If you don't mind, I'd appreciate that."

James took her arm and helped her make her way through the crush of people and over to the refreshment table. As promised, a large fountain was sending a reddish fruit punch down into a large bowl. He filled a cup with it, and tasted it. He paused thoughtfully, and then filled another cup and handed it to her, "A little too much ginger ale for my taste, I think, but nothing else."

Sarah took the cup and tasted it. She grimaced slightly. He was right; there was a distinct bite to it that she figured must be from the ginger ale. But it was wet and cold, and she was getting very thirsty. She finished the cup he had given her, and filled another.

To her surprise, James stayed with her and kept her talking for nearly an hour, until the large screen TV at one end of the room came to life and showed the revelries in Times Square. He led her to a spot where they could see the screen well, and they watched as the big, lighted ball fell, ushering in the new year. Sarah's face flushed with embarrassment as he took her hand and kissed it, "Happy New Years, Sarah. I hope tonight ends up being at least a little bit fun for you, anyway."

"Th... thank you, James. I really appreciate you coming over to talk to me. It made the evening go a lot faster having someone interesting to talk to." She gave him an apologetic look, "Now that I've seen the ball drop, though, I think I'm going to play the party-pooper, and go up to my room and get some sleep. I kinda doubt if I'll see any of the girls I came with before morning."

He nodded in understanding, "No problem. I enjoyed talking with you tonight. I hated to see a pretty girl standing around alone at a New Year's party."

Sarah blushed even deeper, "Thank you," she said quietly, unsure of what else to say.

James shook her hand again, and they said goodnight.

Sarah made her way back to her hotel room, still flustered by his comment about her being a "pretty girl". She never thought of herself that way, and she knew she wasn't pretty in the same way the three girls she had come to the party with, were. She figured he was just being nice, but it still made her self-conscious.

The hotel room was still dark, and as she had expected, no one was back yet. All three of the others had made it clear that they intended to make a night of it, so the empty room came as no surprise. Sarah was feeling a little light-headed as she undressed, relieved to be out of her fancy dress. She stumbled as she made her way to the bathroom and decided to take a shower before going to bed. She stayed in for almost a half an hour, feeling the hot water wash away some of the tension in her shoulders that was a result of the constant pounding of the music at the party. Finally, feeling incredibly drowsy and even more light-headed than she had before, she turned the water off and toweled herself dry. She lowered her flannel nightgown over her head, before moving over to look out of the sliding glass door leading to a small balcony overlooking the pool area while she brushed the snarls out of her long hair. Even with the door closed, she could hear the sound of voices humming beneath the loud music.

As she brushed, the drowsy feeling grew stronger, and she leaned against the glass door for support as she continued to brush her hair. She looked at the fingertips of her free hand, noticing for the first time that they were tingling slightly. Her whole body seemed to be simultaneously exhausted and oversensitive. She continued to brush her hair as she wondered vaguely why she felt the way she did. The drowsiness combined with the rhythm of the brush strokes and the steady noise from below to prevent her from hearing the footsteps approaching her from behind.

Before she knew what was happening Sarah felt a hand grip her waist while another slipped around her hip and between her legs. Leaning against the glass door as she was, there was no chance of anyone seeing what was going on behind her back, but she still felt terribly exposed. The hand between her legs began working her clit through the flannel of her nightgown until it became swollen, while the hand at her waist pulled her body back slightly until she pressed against the body behind her. The hand softly held her in place, and she felt the hardness of a large, aroused cock press against her lower back and ass.

Sarah tried to struggle against the hands holding her in place, but all the strength seemed to have gone out of her limbs. She shook her head slowly, and moaned, "Ohhh, nooo! Wh...who are you. S... stop, please!" She turned her head to look behind her and her eyes grew wide as she recognized the dimly lit figure.

"J...James, what...?"

"Shhhh," she heard, "Not one word." He said softly without missing a beat as he continued fingering her clit. "Happy New Year, Sarah. I thought you could use some company."

Sarah was gasping for breath now, partly from fear at what was happening, but mostly from the sensations James's fingers were causing as they moved up and down along her pussy lips, teasing her clit until it became hard and erect.

"Nnnnaaaah, J... James, nooo, please!" Sarah managed to turn her head to see another man besides the James standing in the room. She realized that this must have been what he was planning all along. He must have gone to find his friend after she left him, and they had followed her to her room and somehow gotten in while she was in the shower.

Sarah could see over the side of the balcony down to the party below. At the same time, she realized that no one down there would be able to see the man assaulting her from behind. She wanted to yell for help, but the thought of all of those people down below knowing that she was being raped in front of them caused the sound to catch in her throat. All she could do was just lean against the sliding door and hope that the man behind her would finish quickly and leave without hurting her.

Sarah shuddered as she heard him speaking softly into her ear...

"I know what you want, Sarah... I know you want to get fucked... Admit it... Tell me you want it."

He continued to murmur in her ear as he pulled her nightgown slowly up around her waist, gradually exposing her pussy to the warm air as he pressed his cock against her bare ass.

"Tell me you want me to fuck you, Sarah. I know you want it, don't you? Hmmmm...?"

"No, don't do this!" she protested weakly.

James's knees pressed her legs open wider to allow him easy access to her dampening cunt. Sarah stiffened and whimpered as his cock slid inside her, overcoming the resistance of her virgin tightness and coming to rest against her unclaimed cherry. James paused as he discovered her virginity, and slid his hands from her hips to cup her 36C breasts, rubbing and tweaking her large nipples with this thumbs and fingers.

Sarah's breath was coming in gasps as she struggled feebly against him, "No!" she whimpered again, trying to struggle but finding her limbs to be as weak as her voice. Her body refused to co-operate with her, and she grew more and more aroused as she felt one hand move to finger her clit while the other continued to maul her breasts.

"If you don't want this, then why is your pussy so wet?" he asked. Sarah gasped in shock from the realization that she had become very wet... He continued to stroke her clit very gently and tease it with his finger. "You're really enjoying this aren't you? Hmmm? You like this baby? I know you love it..."

"No..." she murmured, her voice barely a whisper...

"Ohhh yes, Sarah." He moaned in her ear. Sarah panicked when she realized that he was about to drive his rock hard manhood all the way into her virgin pussy. She didn't want this man to claim her virginity, but couldn't seem to do or say anything to stop it. Then it was too late. She felt him pull back, and then thrust forcefully back into her. His long, thick shaft crashed through her virgin barrier; causing her to scream into the hand he had just placed over her mouth to silence her reaction to his deflowering. She felt his hips bang into her as he slammed all the way into her wet pussy.

"Ohhh, Nossa!" Sarah gasped weakly, breathing heavily through her sobs.

She could feel him withdraw, and then the hot hardness of his shaft press against the soft folds between her thighs... Sarah felt his cock pushing against her opening, so swollen that she couldn't imagine that her tight, untried pussy would be able to contain it... She could feel him pressing into her as his hands moved to grasp her narrow waist, holding her down while entering her again, slowly this time... The pain of being violated and forced open for the first time made her head spin, but new sensations were beginning to well up inside her womanhood, too! Her cunt seemed to swell and throb around him as he slid deeper and deeper into her... until she was filled completely, the thick head of his massive cock pressing tightly against her cervix. He drew back and then began to penetrate her with long, powerful strokes.

"Ohhh... Ohhh... Ahhh, noossaa!" she heard herself moan. "Ohhh, please, NO!" She felt the throbbing between her legs begin to build, and an unfamiliar sensation growing somewhere deep inside her belly. A tingling began in her pelvis and radiated out through her flushed body... New, unwanted pulsing sensations of intense pleasure overtook her... Somewhere inside her brain she knew she didn't want this to happen. Didn't want her first orgasm to be with a man who was raping her, but her body was betraying her and she knew her pussy was about to explode with her first ever climax.

"Cum for me baby... You know you want to..." James demanded as he thrust in and out of her drenched cunt.

"Please, P... please." she begged, no longer sure what she was pleading for as he took her to the edge. Each time he rammed his cock into her cunt, Sarah gasped at the feeling of her pussy accepting his hard rod.

James's long, thick manhood finally drove her over the precipice of her first ever orgasm... Wave after increasing wave of unwanted pleasure drove inner contractions as her cunt pulsed around his cock. The intensity of her orgasm caused her back to arched against James's muscular body and her breath came in sharp gasps with each spasm of her pussy. Her hips rocked uncontrollably with each contraction, and the pleasure became so intense that she barely recognized the sound of her own moans before collapsing against the glass door...

Sarah's body went limp as James picked her up and carried her over to one of the beds. He sat her down on the edge of the bed. She wasn't able to stay sitting, and flopped onto her back as James came to stand over her. His muscular frame towered over her, and he still sported a huge hard-on. He spread her legs apart roughly, stepped between them, and positioned his cock at her entrance. Sarah began shaking as he eased it in. She groaned as it stretched her formerly virgin channel again. Although his cock seemed even larger than it had before, he slipped in more easily, thanks to her earlier orgasm.

"Fuck, your pussy is so tight," he exclaimed as he drove his cock all the way in. "Alright babe, ready for another ride?"

He began pumping into her, each stroke penetrating deeper and deeper into her. He pinned her arms above her head and tried to kiss her. Sarah attempted to move her head away from his advances, but his lips fell on her cheeks and neck, before traveling to cover her mouth and force his tongue inside to caress hers.

As his cock filled her, his own pre-cum displaced some of Sarah's juices, which oozed down her legs, forming a puddle under her buttocks and staining the soft flannel of her nightgown.

Up and down his naked hips rose and fell. He slammed into her, each stroke feeling like a hammer blow to Sarah as he drove his massive cock into her. Tears flowed down her cheeks as she felt the rising tightness inside her, which she now recognized meant she was on the brink of another orgasm.

Before her body reached its climax, she heard her rapist moan, "Oh, I'm gonna cum. baby!" moments before his first jet launched into her. He hadn't lasted long but he seemed to cum for a long time, flooding her womb with more and more of his potent sperm as it erupted from his massive tool. Her pussy leaked the sticky white liquid, enlarging the puddle between her thighs.

The man raised himself to kneel over her, letting go of her arms. Sarah cringed in fear as he looked menacingly at her. Slowly he picked something up from the nightstand. It was a pair of her white cotton panties. An evil smile crossed his face as he wiped his cock clean with the thin material, and then used it to wipe her clean too. When he had finished, he screwed them up into and put them with his cloths.

The second man seemed to want to take more time with her. He climbed between her legs, and stood looking down at her swollen pussy. The lips were stretched now and didn't close completely, allowing a thin trail of cum to leak from between her legs. Her downy blonde pussy hair was matted with the sticky evidence of multiple orgasms. He grabbed her arms and pulled her into a sitting position on the bed.

One of his big hands traveled down her arm, his fingers interlocking with hers. The other hand brushed her long blonde hair to one side. He bent down and his lips closed on her ear, flicking her silver earring, and then sucking in her earlobe. Sarah's over stimulated body shuddered, and she let out a low moan. He pulled her hand up to cup his crotch as he suckled her throat. Her new rapist heard her gasp quietly as her hand rested on the huge bulge. He let it go and she seemed too dazed to move it.

Now he moved his freed hand to the hem of her nightgown, bunched around her hips. Sarah tensed as he edged up under the flannel cloth, touching her bare legs. He could feel the dampness from two previous fuckings. He pushed her legs a little further apart, and then tried to worm his finger in between the swollen folds. His hand brushed across the soft tuft of hair between her legs. But he was at the wrong angle to be able to penetrate her. He stroked her pussy lips and she shivered as he pulled the finger back.

"Feel that?" He whispered in her ear. "Feel that big cock? It's all gonna slide into your virgin cunt, baby."

Sarah's fingers curled involuntarily around the stiff member hidden in his briefs. The hand that had just tried to enter her now moved to her slim waist. The other slipped from her shoulder to cup her large breast. Then it too fell to her waist.

"Take my drawers off, baby," he commanded as he guided her hands to the waistband of his briefs. He made her push them down his hips and off. Sarah gasped again as his massive black rod was released from its confinement. It seemed larger than her first had been. Not so much in length, although its 11 inches was clearly longer than James' had been, but its girth it was enormous.

The man stood, his dark skin shimmering with perspiration in the darkened room, as he held his cock out for her. His other hands still held hers, and he made her reach for it, forcing her slim fingers to attempt to curl around the hard shaft. Her small hands couldn't make it around him. Every rigid vein seemed to stand out on its surface. As he made her stroke it up and down, Sarah could feel how big and round it was, how it throbbed in her hand.

"Babe you can do better than that," he murmured.

With that he took her other hand and wrapped it around his cock as well, then he started to screw her hands around it more vigorously, pulling her closer to him as he did. He groaned as he moved forward, his cock inches from her face. Sarah was forced to lean forward as he drew her in close. He placed a big black hand against the back of her head, pulling it toward his swollen cock-head as she opened her mouth to protest. Before she could say anything, he pressed his cock between her open lips. She could barely open wide enough to take his huge cock.

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