A "Gift" For New Years Eve


She parted her legs wider as he began to fuck her again, lifting her knees to plant her feet firmly on the bed. His steel rod split her pussy again and again as he entered her. His cock was so big and hard. She could feel it throbbing deep inside as he stroked it in and out of her.

James kissed her mouth roughly before turning his attention to her neck, where he found a spot in the hollow of her throat that nearly brought her to orgasm when he sucked on the sensitive skin there. He moved lower to suckle her tits, again nearly making her cum for him as he took each taut peak into his mouth and lightly nipped at the sensitive tip. He continued to pound her pussy as he ministered to her body's needs.

"Say it, Sarah," he murmured against the warm skin of her breast. "I know you need me to fuck your pussy and knock you up with my cum. Say it!"

Again Sarah heard her mouth whimper, "Y... yes, James. Ohhh...please, y... yes, yes!" she pleaded, "Please fuck me... my p... pussy, please!"

His orgasm came on him more quickly this time. He thrust into her one final time, again piercing her swollen lips and coming to rest deep inside her potentially fertile, virgin womanhood. The pressure of his massive cock inside her deepest place sent her into one last incredible orgasm. She screamed out loud as her pussy clenched tightly around his cock. James couldn't hold it back any longer, and launched his cum into her waiting body.

"Ahhh, Oh shit, Sarah, you're such a good fuck, baby!"

Sarah felt his cock expand deep within her womanhood and then explode with a flood of cum. The steaming hot liquid erupted into her and forced his cock back out of her overfilled cunt. This time he made no attempt to hold it in, letting it leave her well-fucked body. He was still cumming as he left her pussy, and the last of his seed sprayed over her belly and breasts, one stream launching all the way to her face and hair. James moved his hands over her heaving body, spreading the thick liquid over her smooth skin. More cum spilled out of her no-longer-virgin hole and collected on the sheets as he kissed her neck again.

They lay together for a moment before James spoke. "You're a wonderful fuck, Sarah," he said in her ear. His mouth found the sensitive hollow of her throat again, and was rewarded with a sharp intake of breath from her.

He kissed her deeply again before getting off the bed and gathering up his clothing. When he was dressed, he came over to her and gently rubbed her soft mound.

"Happy New Year, Sarah. I'll bet you had a more exciting evening than your friends did, after-all."

Sarah watched in a daze as he left the room, locking the door as he went. The clock on the nightstand showed that it was 2:13 when she stumbled back into the bathroom to clean herself off. She had been fucked for almost two hours, and her co-workers had still not come back from partying. One thing was sure. She no longer wondered what they could find to do for all that time.

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