A Gift From His Father Ch. 09


Before leaving John pointed to one of the dresses on the rack and asked if she could deliver one to his mother this afternoon. He jotted down the size and the address. She escorted him to the door among the mixed looks of her staff. He told her that he'd have his person stop in later in the day and would call her to see what she thought. She nodded her approval and he kissed her on the cheek and left. Cynthia was smitten. She greeted her employees with energy and enthusiasm they hadn't seen in weeks. She overheard one say to the other that she happy that she finally got a "tune up", knowing that it was her they were talking about.

John called his buddy Mark, he and April grew up together and remained close over the years. But since all this craziness began he hadn't had much of a chance to catch up with him. Mark was a good guy a bit of an egghead, planned to be a CPA like his step dad. John asked if they could meet for lunch, his treat to catch up. Mark agreed having learned of his new wealth was worried that he didn't want to hang out any more. John shrugged it off and said he'd explain at lunch.

Elizabeth had just left Carmen and Maria's room. The training went well; they were very eager to please and very quick learners. It was almost 9PM, and she had spent over eight hours with them. They had ferocious sexual appetites. That was a good thing; they would need that as agents. She sat in her car checking her cell, she saw a text from John, and opening it she found her new assignment. John had another potential agent. She was told to be careful with this one, observe from afar before making contact. She laughed aloud when she read that he had given her the power to lactate mind controlling milk, what an imagination John had. She responded that she accepted the assignment and drove to her apartment where she intended to get a couple of hours of sleep before going out again. The night was young and there was plenty more sexual energy to capture, she knew she would be horny again by then.

Cynthia parked her '97 Toyota Camry in front of the house. She could have parked in the driveway, but her car was old and leaked oil. Even though she didn't expect to be there long she needed to be gregarious and impress John's mother, after all he was investing in her business, and she didn't want to risk a negative review. She carried the gown in a plain cloth garment bag holding from the hook of the hanger while she rang the doorbell.

Mary was in the bathroom preparing to take quick shower, she was wearing her white silk bath robe which hung open revealing her perfect breasts, flat muscular abs, narrow landing strip and diamond studded pierced labia, when she heard the doorbell. Realizing it must be the dress delivery; she rushed to the door and peaked. Standing at the door holding a garment bag was a small blond woman. She unlocked the door and began to open it when she realized she hadn't cinched her robe. With her free had she grabbed a handful of her robe and held it closed. The woman identified herself as being from the boutique and this was the dress her son picked out for her. Mary beckoned in and closed the door. Cynthia stepped into the foyer and was surprised at the elegance of the home. It was in a nice neighborhood, of course, but from what she could see the house was furnished with very fine items tastefully appointed.

"What a lovely home you have, Mrs. Smith." Cynthia said. "Your son asked that I drop this gown off for you. It's pretty fancy, I hope you like it. I've never done this before; bring a customer a dress without her having tried it on first."

Mary smiled and switched hand holding her robe closed to greet the young woman by extending her hand, "Please call me Mary. You'll have to excuse me I was just about to get into the shower." Mary didn't realize that when she changed hands she didn't quite close the robe completely. Her left breast was partially exposed and its long fat nipple looked very appealing to Cynthia.

Cynthia returned the greeting and shrugged off the apology, trying to remain calm, keeping her eyes neutral and asked if she should show her the gown. Mary agreed, but had Cynthia follow her to her bedroom, where she planned to try it on. As she walked down the short hall, Mary tied her robe closed which pulled the slinky material tightly around her ass and the sight of Mary's perfect heart shaped ass wasn't wasted on Cynthia. Entering the room, Mary turned, accepted the dress and laid it on the bed and quickly pulling it from the bag. Holding it up in front of her she was pleased at John's choice, it was perfect. Mary hadn't noticed that now her entire left breast was now outside the robe and Cynthia was beginning to salivate.

"It's gorgeous," she said holding it against her and asking Cynthia what she thought. Cynthia thought it was a good choice, not what she would have imagined a son would pick for his mother, but then again, Mary didn't look like she could be anyone's mother. Her exposed tit was defying gravity. It was obviously natural and Cynthia was becoming obsessed with it and wondering what the rest of Mary looked like under that robe. Snapping herself out of her daydream, Cynthia suggested that she may want to try it on to be safe. Mary agreed and took the dress with her into the bathroom to try it on.

Cynthia was relieved. Mary was beautiful; if she had tried on the garment in front of her she would have lacked the strength to resist touching her. She looked up and noticed that although Mary was in the bathroom, the mirrors reflected a clear view of her naked body as she examined the dress. It was if she was standing right next to her. Cynthia's pulse quickened. She couldn't believe this was happening to her. She tried to divert her gaze, but she couldn't. She shameless stared as Mary squeezed into the backless evening gown. Cynthia focused on her pierced labia as it disappeared behind the dress. Mary pushed her arms through the sleeves holding her breasts in place. She tugged at the hem and her luscious ass filled the rest of the dress, her exposed back left the viewer breathless.

Satisfied, Mary returned to ask Cynthia's opinion, she already though she looked pretty hot. Cynthia was enamored.

"Oh Mary, you are the sexiest women I have ever seen, with or without the dress." As soon as she heard her words she regretted it. She didn't mean to say that out loud. How could she recover from this, she tried to hide it with a polite smile.

Mary was surprised by the response and now began to take more notice of the petite blond woman. She seemed to be enthralled with her. "Cynthia, are you okay," she asked.

"I am fine, I hope I didn't embarrass you," she said. Hoping she didn't offend instead.

"You didn't embarrass me." She said. "Cynthia, are you gay?"

Cynthia hadn't considered that. She didn't think she was gay, but here she was lusting after this gorgeous woman, the mother of her new business partner, whom she had just had mind blowing sex with this morning, and then there were the dreams.

"I don't know," she said. "I like men; I just had incredible sex with a man this morning."

"Well looks we need to find out," Mary said and approached Cynthia taking her pretty young face in her hands holding it gentle and bending down to passionately kiss her. Cynthia kissed her back releasing all the passion she felt. It was dizzying for her and without thinking she found herself removing her clothes while she watched Mary peal the evening gown off and hang it with care in her closet.

As she watched Mary gracefully moving towards her, the light from the open window reflected off the shiny diamond stud that pierced her labia and captured Cynthia's attention again. It seemed familiar somehow, but she didn't know why. Mary quickly closed the distance between them and gently pushed Cynthia backwards on to the bed and crawled between her legs stopping where they met. Cynthia took a deep breath and held it as Mary began kissing her nether lips softly and then with increasing passion. Finally, Cynthia released her breath and trembled at the pleasure she was receiving. It wasn't long before Mary had Cynthia dripping and using her tongue she lapped her juices. She dug deeper and found that she still had seaman from the earlier encounter with the man she talked about. Mary licked and sucked to get it all out. It tasted like butterscotch, and she laughed to herself knowing that John had been the one. Cynthia had been going out of her mind with pleasure, Mary did know her way around a pussy and she kept Cynthia coming until she couldn't stand it any longer and pushed Mary away so that she could catch her breath.

Panting and sweating Cynthia asked, "Mary are you a lesbian?"

Mary smiled and crawled up Cynthia's torso kissing her navel and licking a nipple when she arrived at her destination. "No, honey, I love men and women both," and pulled the ripe red nipple into her hungry mouth. Mary didn't know how sensitive Cynthia's nipples were and she screamed as she came again.

After Mary had licked and squeezed both nipples until they looked as if they would never lose their erectness and Cynthia was sobbing she had come so much, Mary lovingly cradled her in her arms while stroking her short blonde hair. When Cynthia recovered she was eager to find out if she was able to give as good as she received. She turned her head and began to suckle Mary's breasts; she was amazed at how firm they were and the length of her erect nipples. She felt as if she could spend hours there. Reluctantly she pulled away and slid down past Mary's navel and down to her crotch were her diamond seemed to be giving off a light of its own. That of course was impossible, Cynthia thought and tentatively she began to lick at her first pussy, or was it. It seemed familiar, the folds, the way it secretes the tangy nectar, and the smell. Had she done this before? The sweet nectar was freely flowing unto her tongue and she lapped at it trying to get it all oblivious to the supreme pleasure she was giving Mary, until she heard her screams as she pulled her back up so they could kiss.

"Either you are a fast learner or you are a natural. That was fantastic, lover. I have to get ready for my evening out, but would love it if you would shower with me." Mary asked, knowing that she wouldn't refuse.

They got in the shower and played more while washing here and there, until the hot water began to run low.

Cynthia had completely forgotten about the time, and called the store to make sure things were still running smoothly. It had been a busy afternoon, but her staff had everything under control. They told her some guy had stopped in to see her, said his name was Mark and that John had sent him, he's return around closing time.

She swore silently to herself. She hadn't planned on being away this long, but she didn't regret it. She kissed Mary passionately and asked if she could see her again. Mary agreed and gave her a card with her contact information, a personal card. She gave her a business card and told her that she almost always there. She hugged Mary tightly again and left. She was on a high that she hadn't been on in years. First John and then Mary, she wondered if there were any more of them at home.

John met Mark at their favorite Subway and had his regular sandwich order waiting for him when he arrived. John stood and the two childhood pals hugged and exchanged pleasantries. John briefly summed up how he had inherited a couple million dollars and how it had made it possible for him to help a few of his buddies with employment in some of his new ventures. He told Mark that since he wanted to become a CPA, practical experience running a business would be invaluable, particularly at his age. He told him about the boutique and Cynthia's need for someone to help her run it. Mark was intrigued. When John told him how busy they were and that expansion may be a good idea, Mark agreed to check it out and let John know what he thought. John and Mark talked about old times and their gang. Mark asked if it was true that he and April had finally gotten together, and John confirmed it. Mark told him that it was about time; April had a crush on him since the second grade. They laughed. John learned that Mark was still unattached, having not found the right girl yet. John made a mental note and too soon it was time him to leave.

Mary was famished after her time with Cynthia and fixed herself a light salad and ate between doing her nails. She would wear her hair up, but knew it would be down but the end of the night. James and Julie would pick her up at 10PM; it was close to 9:30 time to get dressed. She had the perfect shoes to go with the gown. She had just bought a pair of Valentino Couture Bow d'Orsay Pumps in red, with four inch heel. She had been waiting for the right occasion to wear them. She took out the dress and pulled it on. It looked better on her now than earlier. Her large breasts held the top perfectly in place, the dress hugged her ass and the view of her naked back was stunning. Of course she wore nothing underneath, what would be the point. She slipped into her pumps and she was ready to go. Looking at herself in her full length mirror gave her chills. She had to admit, she was gorgeous.

James and Julie were on time, which had given Mary ample opportunity to practice walking and become comfortable in her new shoes. Both were dressed to the nines, James in his Brooks Brothers Madison Saxxon Herringbone suit and Julie in her French Connection 'Ozlem' with scooped back and sequin. James had hired a limo for the evening and climbed into the back seat between his two women.

They arrived at the mansion in the California wine country fashionable late, and were greeted at the door by their host, a handsome man in his late fifties or early sixties and his "Barbie doll" wife. He admonished James for not attending his parties more frequently, but acquiesced if he would continue to bring Mary and Julie along.

The three of them mingling with the other guests who like them were dressed to impress, while they enjoyed the alcohol and hors devours. Mary noticed a few celebrities and sports figures. It was hard to believe this would soon turn into a sex party. They stayed reasonable close together, James greeting old friends while Mary and Julie were getting plenty of attention, everyone was warm and friendly. The people were all beautiful, even the larger people seemed to be only "big boned" not fat. The main event was scheduled to get underway at midnight, and people were now trickling in and out of the changing room. Soon it was their turn. As they entered the room, it reminded Mary of the locker rooms she had seen when she and John watched interviews after the NBA Finals. There were several stalls; each had several nooks and drawers for your belongings and comfortable chairs. The room contained several rows of these, enough to accommodate fifty or more guest. People were expected to change into their short sheer silk robes and sandals. The robes were almost transparent and hid nothing, they were worn when not engaging in sex more for sanitary reasons. When they all had changed they returned to the main hall where everyone was now attired in the tiny robes. It was a one size fits all and Mary's was too small for her to tie closed, her breasts couldn't be contained. She wasn't alone; she saw a sea of tits, pussy, cocks and asses hanging from the robes. But no one seemed to mind. The house was warm and there was excitement in the air as things were about to get started.

Everyone began to gather near to hear their host once again welcome them to his party. He stood on the forth step of the grand staircase and briefly explained the story of the Equinox and the areas of the mansion that were available to them. Furthermore, he emphasized that no one was under any obligation to do anything with anyone whom they weren't comfortable with and that there was zero tolerance for that violation. Once the "housekeeping" announcements were done he pronounced the orgy was to begin.

Mary, Julie and James kissed and agreed to meet back at the bar in three hours, to check in. Many people had disrobed and broken off into pairs and small groups. James, Julie and Mary wandered off in different directions.


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to much

I cannot read this anymore, the story started good, But now it's got really - really Boring, to much sex, page after page of the same crap - the story put to a slow death.. Don't see how anyone couldmore...

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Thank you i completely agree. If they are gonna do nothing but shit on a good story they should just fuck off

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@ done

I seem to catch the typo’s as well as the mistakes in sentence structure, but I figure it out just fine. Maybe you should just stick to crayons and coloring books. Leave the literotica stories for themore...

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Sorry I can't take it any more.i keep having to rearrange sentences in my head to figure out what the hell half of your writing means.the other half of the time I'm trying to figure out what damn wordmore...

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hay good work

still aweome dont listen to anyone but hay ue gramerly next time it works like a charm

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