tagNonHumanA Girl's Best Friend

A Girl's Best Friend


Before I went off to college I did a lot of babysitting for family, neighbours and so on – just to earn a bit of cash to keep me in booze once I got to the big city. So imagine, if you will, a trim 18-year-old brunette, not long since lost her virginity, eager to experiment and explore – especially in the privacy of her own bedroom at night. I knew that I was a treat to look at for male neighbours and friends of the family – but they wouldn't dare touch me for fear of incurring the wrath of my father (he was quite a scary guy when angry). But that's not where this little tale is going...

There were four houses on our little cul-de-sac at which I would child-mind. They each had their pros and cons, ranging from what little brats the kids were to how good the pay was or how many channels their cable service promised and whether I could take a friend along. One summer's Friday night I had been asked across to No6 – fairly annoying kids, no boyfriend allowed, best payers. The couple were going to be out late at a big wedding reception, and I was going to coin it in by getting a higher hourly rate for every hour after midnight that I was still at their place. A great deal for me.

I arrived at 7pm as requested, a loose white summer dress and sneakers, hair tied back in a ponytail. Off the parents went looking suitably smart, the kids gave me a headache until I sent them up to bed at 9, and I heard sporadic giggles and shouts from them upstairs for the next couple of hours while I tried to watch some TV. As he always did at No6, Max the pet unicorn lay on the couch next to me as I hopped through the music channels.

Late on, after 11, I was getting tired and went to fix myself a soda. On my way back from the kitchen I tiptoed upstairs to check the brats were really asleep. The state of the rooms suggested they had enjoyed a quiet riot while I was watching TV, but they were all convincingly asleep. I returned to the couch, bare feet up on the coffee table, and flicked the channels some more. Then I saw something that made me stop.

It was a dirty movie. I had seen plenty of porn – even hardcore – before that night, but this particular scene made me stop and draw breath. A guy had been tied to a pillar and the woman was jacking him off, against his will. He wouldn't kiss her, he just spat at her, so she carried on and eventually sank to her knees to suck him off. None of this was shown explicitly, of course, it was mainstream TV, but something about it left me both fascinated and turned on. He had a great body – maybe it was something as base as that!

Next the woman in the movie dragged a chair over in front of the guy, and took her panties off. She used the chair to lean against as she backed on to his cock, him shouting "no" but unable to stop himself entering her. I was mesmerised and found myself rubbing my thighs together in subconscious arousal as they both came to a made-for-TV stereo climax. It was the best sex I had ever seen. Needless to say I carried on watching – in case you were wondering the girl was his ex and it was the night before his wedding, hence the reluctance – and the 'action' came thick and fast.

As one scene built to an obvious romp, I galloped upstairs as quickly as I could to check the kids were definitely asleep. They were. As I re-entered the lounge I lifted my dress and whipped off my panties, returning to my previous position with feet on the table, this time with my legs a little further apart. I needed to get off.

My dress was bunched up around my waist as my fingers slipped between my moist cunt lips and delved inside to seek out some juice for lubrication. On screen a woman was being fucked hard by a labourer, all muscle and sweat, she having her clothes torn off one by one. My wet fingers moved slickly up to my clit, tracing circles and increasing pressure as I watched them fall about the bedroom in their mad passion. I felt really horny, a horniness out of all proportion to the movie no doubt, but that first scene had drawn me into it fully.

Three sex scenes later I still hadn't cum – I would lose momentum when there was dialogue in between the fucking – but I was really wet and close to getting there. I had drawn my feet up on to the couch against the underside of my thighs, legs apart hand between my legs, fingers slipping up and down to spread my juices over my clit and rub harder when the visual stimulation warranted it.

All of a sudden Max got down from the couch and loped over to look at me, beginning to sniff between my legs. "Not now Max!" I growled in disbelief, pushing him away with my right foot. Then a thought flashed into my head. And it wouldn't go away. What would it feel like? Surely it wouldn't hurt to try, would it? No one would ever know...

I slid slowly to the edge of the couch, legs wide apart, feet planted on the floor. "Oh Max," I whispered with a smile. He came back, and peered up at my pussy. My heart was pounding as his cold nose brushed my thigh on its way up there. There was a quick sniff and then immediately one, two, three rapid licks right on my hole. Wow. His tongue was rough, sort of dry, but it felt wonderful. I slightly changed my position as he went back for more and got his tongue lapping over my clit momentarily. I gasped with the sensation for a few seconds then he returned to my wet hole in search of the source of all that sweet juice. I opened my legs as wide as I could to help the tongue delve inside me and I bit my lip as I felt his rubbery tongue enter me, twirling around just inside my passage, soaking up my wetness. But I needed him to lick higher.

Every now and then when he pulled back to lick his chops I would reach down with my fingers to spread the wetness higher up, and used my fingers to expose my clit more when Max's tongue did flit up there. I was shaking, my heart beating at a million miles an hour, my mouth dry. This was very naughty. I wanted to cum but Max was only teasing me – unintentionally of course. I would have to cheat.

I scampered into the kitchen - with the beast hot on my heels, amusingly – and rummaged for something sweet. A jar of honey came tumbling out of the cupboard and into my shaking hand. We ran back to the lounge, this time closing the door behind us. I pulled the dress off over my head and sat back on the couch in just my white bra, unscrewed the top off the honey pot and opened wide. Max went straight back up there, a sniff then one, two, three loud licks of my hole. I dipped my finger in the honey and offered it to him, to check that he liked it. He cleaned it all off in seconds then sat looking at me, licking his chops as though waiting for another treat. "Good boy," I smiled.

I put two fingers in the jar and plastered the honey on them all down my lips, pausing only to make sure my clit was completely covered. I drew my hand away and edged my crotch a bit further forward – closer to Max. He sniffed then his tongue got to work, starting at my hole out of habit but going right up and cleaning up my clit. I was beside myself with sexually-charged energy as his tongue dragged over my engorged clit, slightly bucking my hips against the motion, my finger returning to the honey before he had eaten it all. As he redirected his hungry mouth further down to my exposed hole I smeared a larger dollop of honey over me – this time solely on the clit. He darted immediately back up there, lapping faster, soaking my pussy hair, licking honey from it and making me groan when his tongue occasionally caught me just right, straight up my slit, south to north, right over my clit. It was making my knees shake.

I was getting close and needed some sustained attention on my clit. I held the honey jar at my waist in my left hand and simply transferred wads of the stuff to my clit with my right hand every time Max had cleaned up. While he licked my sticky fingers held my lips apart for his tongue, giving my clit the abuse it needed. As soon as he stopped licking up there my fingers scooped out more honey and slapped it between my legs. His feverish rubbery tongue had me in a frenzy and minutes later I was cumming suddenly, loudly. My legs closed instinctively and made him jump away, licking his chops once more. He watched as I finished myself off with honey-coated fingers. My panting subsided and I sat there in a messy heap, fingers still on my pussy, left hand still holding the honey jar. Max returned, not having understood the significance of my shout, and prised my legs apart. A loud sniff then one, two, three licks of my fingers. I let him lick the remaining honey from my hand and from my pussy as I sat quietly in my afterglow.

Eventually Max dozed off beside me as we returned to music TV, and I got up and slipped my dress back on, needing to run upstairs for a pee. It was 1am and the kids were sound asleep thankfully. As I was washing my hands I heard a cab pull up outside and voices. They were back. I checked my hair in the mirror quickly and my fingers for honey. Shit! The honey! I ran downstairs as fast as I could and danced into the lounge just as they were walking up the drive. I grabbed the honey jar and the lid and raced back into the kitchen. The door opened.

"Hi!" she shouted, drunk. "Were you not asleep?"

"Um..." Think fast Trix! "I was watching TV..." I looked down at the half-full honey jar in my hand. "I was just going to make some toast – I was hungry."

She smiled and leaned against the fridge, obviously not caring what I had to say. She was not even going to remember it in the morning anyhow.

"Tom can you pay this poor girl? It's gone 1am!" Her husband had staggered into the lounge and collapsed on the couch, and I followed her through. He was sat right where I had been entertaining their pet, channel hopping much as I had. He grunted and tossed his wallet to her, and she passed the money to me as I put my sneakers back on. "Thanks again love, it's much appreciated."

"Any time," I smiled, and said my goodbyes before collecting my stuff and leaving the house. Phew, I thought as I wandered across the street back home, what a night. It had been an amazing experience which I was to try again. That night, though, something was not right. Something was missing... Shit! My panties!

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