tagToys & MasturbationA Glorious Experience

A Glorious Experience


You've been sent on an exploratory adventure by a lover who has challenged you with a dare. Being the strong, assertive woman you are, the challenge has been accepted, with the proviso that afterwards you, in turn, will have a challenge for him. Knowing men as you do, there is little doubt in your naughty mind that you can meet the challenge, and return tit-for-tat.

As directed, you enter the adult bookstore. The crowd is thin, but there are a few leering perverts in some of the aisles furtively scoping the nasty, glossy magazines and turning away from prying eyes to prevent unwanted intrusions into the nasty perversions that stir within them.

They seem surprised at your entrance, (all but the clerk, who just nods knowingly at one of his favority customers). As you casually stroll between the stacks some of the guys hurriedly replace the magazine's they've been drooling over and retreat, as if ashamed of themselves for looking at what, in most instances, are fairly mainstream 'dirty books' on display. Others seem somewhat less intimidated, but still cautious, and some of them simply close the 'stroke books' they were scoping only moments before your arrival. As you walk down the first aisle you notice, from the still visible cover pages being held close to each man, such titles as "Willing Wives" -- "Oral Delights" -- "Anal Pleasures" -- and other routine come-ons. You turn the first corner, stopping momentarily to examine the end-aisle display of dildos and vibrators. You playfully squeeze a couple of them, and the guys nearest you catch an audible "uh, huh" escaping from your lips. It's one of your sexiest trademark sounds, a naughty acknowledgment of self-satisfaction that lets the lucky listener sense your sassy approval. You know that some of the customers are both thrilled and intimidated by your presense, and you feel a surge of adrenalin as you notice a prominent bulge here and there.

You start down a second aisle, with nastier titles like "Bad Assbanging Sluts" -- "Maid to Serve" -- "Creampie Cuntlappers -- "Forced Suck Off" -- "Gang Bangers" -- "Bukakke Bitches" and "Glory Hole Days." Your own arousal increases with each magazine you examine, and the fact that a couple of men are checking you out surreptitiously over the covers of their own favorite hardcore porno 'zines only adds to the wetness between your legs and the all over tingling you feel. You're drawn to one magazine in particular that features graphic pix of guys with very hard cocks. You've always liked these. You stop and pick out one publication featuring really big cocks, and lots of them. It has several pictures on the cover depicting various scenes, including some with bi-sexual and even some homo-erotic themes. No matter, you just like all those big juicy cocks! Feeling confidant that you will purchase that one, you slowly and patiently tear off the plastic cover, opening it wide to the centerfold page. The men in your aisle (and even a couple the next aisle over) can now clearly see where your immediate interests lie. The thought excites them, and that excites you. One guy lowers his head and looks at you like a disapproving father figure, but you return his look with a smirk. "God, these look good" you murmer just load enough to be heard. He adjusts himself beneath his pants as you saunter casually by, sneaking a sideways glance at the pix he's been eyeballing. You notice more than one shot of big dicks being sucked by a slutty bitch who is surrounded by horny men of all types and varieties. "Mmmmm" you say, and he returns the smile you offer him.

You pluck a realistic looking double-headed dildo from another end rack, and then approach the cashier to make your purchases. He tries hard not to pay too close attention, but when you hand over the cash and say, "Make the change in one dollar bills; I'm going to visit the booths in the back," he can't help suppress a shit-eating grin.

"Be my guest," he responds, as he counts out the change, "Would you like me to hold your purchase items for you?"

"Yeah, you can keep the magazine for me, but I'll take this back with me if you don't mind." You pocket the change and leave him to his randy thoughts.

Entering the dark hallway in the back of the bookstore, you stop to see what raunchy videos are being featured. You pick the nastiest one you can find and then head for it. You push the door open and go inside. You close and lock the door and then remove the double-headed dildo from its wrapping. As your eyes adjust to the light you notice, to your surprise and delight, that the booth is equipped with a glory hold on each side. You think to yourself, "This oughta be good." The film starts, and it is indeed a nasty one. Lots of sucking and group fucking going on. A woman is shown, surrounded by beefy hunks with big boners, and they're being used to pleasure her every orifice. You quickly unbutton the top of your pants and unzip them, licking one end of the dildo until it's nice and wet and warm.

You tease your pussy lips with the bulbous end of it, slipping your pants down halfway over your hips, then insert the toy into your now sopping and hungry pussy. When it's halfway inside your cunt, you stroke it like a real man would, which has the added effect of pumping it in and out of your hungry wet slit.

You hear the door to the stall next door opening and then closing again. You lean down for a quick peek at the glory hole, just in time to see a man unzip his pants and pull out his already hard dick. You get even more turned on knowing that you will soon be able to see him jacking off so close to you in the darkness of that forbidding place. You lean back and keep stroking your new cock in and out of your pussy, watching all the hard boners surrounding the cock-hungry slut on the video screen. You decide to just enjoy the flick, thinking that you'll wait a few more minutes until the guy next door starts really jacking off in earnest before you take another peek at him. Instead, you see his eye trying to peek at you through the glory hole. You resist the impulse to cover yourself, and instead move towards the opening so he can get a close-up look while you keep on stroking your new cock. He hasn't had time to adjust to the dim light before you present him with a tight view. He sees you jerking off within inches of his face. The idea that you are jerking your dick like that, so brazenly and so lewdly right in front of him, is a real turn. By now your panties would have been soaking wet if you hadn't pulled them down halfway off your ass.

He presents his lips to the glory hole and whispers, "Let me suck your cock."

A shiver runs through your body as you think about it. He's sure to discern, despite the realistic aspects of the dildo, that it's not a real cock. What then? But the idea of some guy sucking cock right in front of you... sucking on your cock... is too naughty to resist. You come up with a slightly crazy idea that just might work. You lean close to the glory hole again and say, "Okay, but first shove your cock through the hole and let me jack it off for you." He doesn't hesitate, and his bulging hot cock soon presents itself for your inspection.

You position yourself to get a good close look at it, while it sticks out through the hole. You run your fingers up and down the shaft and watch it twitch with each touch. "Stroke it" says the voice through the plywood partition. "Please... make me cum and then I'll suck you off." You close your fingers around the hot, pulsating pole and pump it, using the dildo to fuck yourself with your other hand.

The video screen shows a woman lying back on a mattress, surrounded by sweaty men, all of them jerking on their cocks and closing in to give her a cum bath while she finger fucks herself for them. The whole scene is making you dizzy with pent up horniness. Within moments the real cock in your hand starts spurting a white spunky rope of jizz across the booth, seen in the reflected light of the video screen. What doesn't arc across the booth soaks your hand. You milk the bone dry and then bring your cum covered fingers to your mouth, licking just a bit off as the real cock withdraws back through the hole. Lots of cum still coats your fingers. You insert them through the opening and, as you expected, wet lips begin licking your fingertips. Before the man can finish the job you pull your fingers back through the hole and use the rest of his cum to paint your cock. "That ought to tempt him" you think. Turning to face the glory hole, you slide just the tip of your cum covered dick through the aperture to the other side. "Suck on this" you moan. "Suck my cock." He goes down on his knees in the darkness. You feel the slight pressure from his lips wrapping around your tool and, when is head starts bobbing up and down on it, that same pressure shoves the other end of the double headed dildo into your cunt again. You grab the middle of the shaft and start fucking his mouth with it, urging him on to greater effort. "Oh, Yeah! Suck that cock. Suck it, you cocksucker. Suck my big dick. Lick the cum off it." Undoubtedly the man has come to realize that the cock is made of rubber, but the sheer nastiness of sucking on it through the glory hole and licking the cum off has him hard again in no time. It also has you very turned on, and you start jacking off with greater urgency, fucking his face and your cunt at the same time, getting so close.... so, so close..... You fist that dick faster and faster, like an errant schoolboy. The man's mouth makes wet slurpy sounds on the dildo that increase your arousal, and then your body begins convulsing. Your thighs squeeze together like a vise around the dong. You cum so hard, almost shrieking from the intensity of it.

You slide the cock out of your pussy and pull the other end back through the glory hole. You remain panting for a moment, as the sound of the door opening and closing again on the other side informs you that the stranger has removed himself in a hurry after the anonymous encounter. "Did he ever realize that he wasn't sucking on a real cock?" you wonder. "Probably, but who knows?" It was plenty real enough for me. "Next best thing to getting a real blow job" you say to yourself.

You get your things together and pick up the glossy magazine you left with the clerk. As you are leaving the clerk intones, "Come back again soon." You think to yourself, "I surely will."

Arriving home, your lover asks if you picked up the two items he sent you for.

You reply, "Of course."

He inquires further, "You were gone a little longer than expected. How was your trip?"

You answer with a knowing smile, "It was glorious, really. Just glorious."

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