tagGay MaleA Golden Fuck Ch. 01

A Golden Fuck Ch. 01


I was chillin on my porch smoking a B when my girl, Odessa , and her gay ass friend, Nate, walked up.

"Boo, Nate's bathroom is being worked on, and I was wondering if he could use your shower."

O gave me that pretty ass smile that she knew I couldn't say no to, so I agreed. Nate sashayed his sweet booty ass into my house to take his shower and gave me a nod saying thanks. I guess what made me really hate that nigga was the fact that I wanted to fuck him.

Don't be thinking I'm a fag or no shit like that, because I ain't anybody's bitch. It probably was the way Nate acted that turned me onto him. For some reason, feminine kats were sexy as fuck to me. O had to get to work, so she left Nate in the bathroom.

"Look, I know that you don't like him, but thanks for letting him use your shower. Try not to make him feel anymore uncomfortable than he already feels. I'll have some good shit for you when I get off. Love you, bye."

O gave me one of her signature kisses and headed out the door. Damn, my baby was flawless. After my girl left, I had the sudden urge to piss. The last thing that I wanted to do was go in the bathroom while Nate was in there, but I had to go. I'll be damned if I pissed outside. I went and knocked on my bathroom door. There was no answer, because the shower was running. Nate was already in, so I went in.

"Ay, Nate, I gotta take a piss right quick, and I'll be out of here."

"It's cool, Von. It's your house. Gone ahead."

Damn, that soft voice got my dick hard. While pulling my dick out, I noticed Nate's body through my clear shower curtains. A slim buttery brown body with a fat ass to match. This little nigga had it going on! Trying not to stare, I got back to taking my piss. Nate alarmed me when he turned the shower off and opened the curtain. My eyes got big as they scanned his body, all dripping wet. Dude even had a nice size dick, too.

"Like what you see, Von?"

"W-what, nigga? Get out of here with that fag shit!"

"You ain't gotta front, nigga. I see the way that you look at me. Trying to be disgusted, when all you wanna do is fuck me. You wanna fuck me, don't you, Von?"

I was speechless as Nate dropped to his knees and started playing with my chocolate 11 inch pole. I had totally forgotten that I had to piss, and as Nate was stroking my dick, piss started to come out. What really shocked me was that this nigga opened his mouth and started to drink it!

This shit disgusted me & turned me on at the same time. My dick was still rock hard after I got done pissing, so Nate deep-throated my shit. His head game was better than O's could ever be. I grabbed the sink because this kat had me weak in the knees. I reached over and started playing with his wet ass. My index finger slipped in with no problem. His ass was so warm & tight, damn! It turned me on to know that my dick was being wet up by Nate's mouth after I had just pissed in it.

Nate turned and my dripping wet dick was directly at his hole. I slapped my thick rod up against his fat ass and spit on it for more lubrication. Nate's booty jiggled as I eased my dick inside of him. He wasted no time getting used to the girth of my dick. This nigga just started throwing it back like crazy! Even after being with O for 2 years, it still took her time to get used to me before I wore it out. This kat was a beast!

I started driving my dick in to the hilt. Nate's juicy booty looked so good bouncing back & forth on my dick. His feminine moans cause me to pile drive his ass harder. I grabbed his braids and pulled back, making him arch his back. Damn, this nigga is sexy as fuck!

"Ooh, shit! Von, take this ass. Make it yours, daddy....GODDAMN!!!!!!"

"You like this dick? Huh?"

"Yes, I love that dick, nigga! FUCK ME!!!!"

"Damn, yo, I'm finna nut!"

"Pull out and bust that shit on my face, muthafucker!"

I pulled out and skeeted al over Nate's face. He licked the nut from his lips and sucked my dick until it went limp. After nutting, I had to piss again, so he turned around and let me piss all in the crack of his ass. He was so turned on from me pissing on him, he nutted without touching himself. This kat was nasty as fuck, which had me back on brick again. We moved it to my bedroom for a second fuck...

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