tagIncest/TabooA Good Kind of Scare

A Good Kind of Scare


Author's Notes: Everyone in this story is of eighteen years or older. This is a completely standalone story that does include topics of incest and related issues.


A leaf danced past my feet and the soft breath of autumn wind crossed my chest. I have always cherished the walk home this time of year. The small week where the wind would whisper and the trees would try their best to be still. It was in these moments I felt time almost freeze. In the slightest chill, stillness and then, I would realize I was only a minute from the front door.

Arriving at the front door of the middle house on the block something grabbed my attention. A pile of leaves crunched to my right. I turn. Nothing. Bringing my attention back to my keys-


An involuntary scream left my lips before I could realize that the dark creature that scared me was in fact my younger brother Theodore. Dressed in what looks like his jacket flipped over his head, he started laughing to himself. Theodore and I have had this ongoing rivalry to see who can scare the other. I can't remember how long ago it was when it all started but it happened often enough, especially around Halloween. Even though we were both eighteen we still loved to dress up, especially to scare one another. To be honest, I should have seen this one coming. I grabbed my backpack and threw it at him before he ran off.

Theodore wasn't like most of the other guys at school. He was, well, thin. Being my younger brother, albeit by a couple minutes. At the age of eighteen his body was slender, like mine. It would be hard for him to be intimidating on his own so he has gotten good at the psychological approach; diverting attention, and surprise.

'Teddy, don't run,' my mother came into the entry as my brother raced past. I set my bag down to see what I crushed throwing it at him. "So it starts." she started, folding an apron. Being a single parent trying to raise two rowdy kids, it must be tough. Yet she looked on without telling us to stop. I think she still wished she could have fun like us. Well, for what it is. Though I doubt anyone would notice. Having the both of us when she was quite young our mother looked like she could be my older sister more than anything. She still had the same brunette hair with soft curls and even though she definitely didn't look over 25.

'I'll get him for that,' I vowed. The throw had cracked my water bottle. I didn't even think you could do that.

"Aren't you two getting a bit old for this?" She said leaning against the kitchen doorframe. She had crossed her arms pinning her apron under her chest. I still can't believe that I haven't developed as much as she has. I mean, I'm getting there but I have to be about two sizes behind her. I guess you could say I was jealous. I had more important things on my mind.

"He deserves it what he has coming." I warned as I started plotting my next move.

"Don't make a mess." Her concern was well placed since our plans have gotten a bit...involved before. One time we set up a whole big plan only to break two bits of glassware.

"I won't." I gathered my things and went to my room.


Dinner smelled wonderful. Spaghetti. We all took our seats at the table; mine closest to the kitchen sink. I made sure to spend the majority of my meal talking about how the spaghetti could be like worms in dirt. I kind of felt bad saying so since the meal was actually quite good but I'm sure mother wouldn't mind for the sake of ambiance. Continuing the theme I made sure to slurp each noodle. Interrupting whatever it was that Teddy was talking about at the time. Teddy mentioned that he was going to spend time at his friend's house down the street and mom made sure he ate everything first. Teddy grabbed his plate and headed to the sink. I grabbed my plate and waited for him to stop at the sink. Lifting the slimiest and longest noodle I made my way for Teddy. Quietly I hovered the strand closer to his neck. A horn went off and I not only dropped the noodle but the plate in my other hand had thrown its contents into the air and then directly on me. The plate crashed to the floor and my mother stood up.

"Okay, what have I said about air horns?" Mom said. I stood in shock as the warm spaghetti ran off my head and over my shirt before landing on the floor. I can't believe he actually did that. He...I...grr. Teddy couldn't keep himself from chuckling. He started to apologize and back out of the room before mom stopped him. "Where do you think you are going?"

"I'm going to go to Steven's house." Teddy clearly didn't think his counter attack all the way through.

"You aren't going anywhere until you clean this up."

"Mom." I shot her a look. How could she still let him go after this?

"He didn't mean for this to happen," Mom said, "right?"

"Sorry Katie." Even though I know he is good-natured it didn't help that he could barely hold in his laughter.

"Go get the broom. It looks as though most of the spa-" She couldn't hold it in anymore and had to turn to cover her grin. I couldn't believe it. Teddy left the kitchen seeing me clearly upset.

"Sorry Katie, it's just.. Here, lets get that off of you before you go anywhere." She reached for my shirt and began to lift it.

"What are you doing?" I pulled away.

"I'm not going to let you... drip on the carpets." She was pushing it. "I'll get you another shirt, don't move." Mom said heading to my bedroom.

"Second drawer." I called out. Teddy got back with the broom and started sweeping. "I hope you are happy." I said. Teddy swept the last of the dish and walked into my vision.

"I am sorry Kate. I didn't know you were...come on, it is funny." He pleaded. I guess he had a point. I was quite a sight though I don't think he would think it to be as funny if he were the one covered in noodles and tomato sauce. "Go easy on me next time?"

"Not a chance." I replied. Mom got back with one of my shirts as Teddy was rushing out the door. She urged him to not stay too late and to slow down before the front door closed again. Getting closer I could see mom grabbed one of my old high school shirts.

"That doesn't even fit anymore." I said. She reached once more for my shirt. Trying not to make any unnecessary movements I lifted my arms. Lifting off my shirt I could feel the clear draft that the house had. "gah, it's cold." My nipples couldn't help but to harden. I'm sure they would have broken through my bra. Putting my stained shirt into a bag mom turned and looked at me. She lingered a moment before she spoke.

"He never used to get the edge on you like that." She handed me my shirt.

"Yeah, well I get him back." I promised.

"How?" she asked. "He isn't as easy to scare anymore." She said. She was right. It has been getting more difficult and I had no idea how to go about my next move. I started to pull my shirt over my head when mom stopped me. "Wait." She looked at my chest. I looked down. A patch of spaghetti had made its way down my shirt and onto my bra.

"Dammit." I said.

"Here, take it off, you don't want to stain this shirt." I would have resisted but my hands were a bit preoccupied tangled in a shirt above my head. My mother reached around and unclasped my bra letting my breasts meet the cold air. If my nipples weren't hard before they were now. Then the door swung back open and Teddy rushed into the hall. His eyes grew wide as he froze in place.

"TEDDY!" I yanked my shirt down over my exposed chest.

"Sorry!" Teddy turned his head away as he grabbed his backpack that he clearly left in the hall.

"What have I told you about running? Slow down and knock." My mother instructed as she led him back out the door. I couldn't believe it. My brother saw me naked...well, topless. Mom re-entered the kitchen. "Well, I bet you that scared him."

My heart still beat fast. It definitely scared me, my heart continued to pound hard. "I bet he wasn't too shocked." Even though my brother wasn't the biggest guy around he still had plenty of girls following him around.

"What do you mean?" my mom asked.

"He has girls around him all the time. I'm sure he has seen some bigger than mine." I confessed. "It isn't like he has never seen any before."

"I'm not sure that's the point. He's your brother." She said. I guess she's right. "Maybe you scare him a bit more." My nipples pressed hard against my old T-shirt. Mom had a hint of excitement in her voice.

"What are you saying?" I asked.

"I could tell that he was hard."

"Mom!" I couldn't believe she said that.

"I'm just saying you can use that against him. He was scared of it." I could see the gears in her head turning.

"What? No, why would I..." I never thought about my brother in a sexual way before but I have to admit. My heart has been pounding the entire time. "He couldn't be attracted to me anyway. I'm barely a b-cup. I mean, you're the one with 36d's." As I said it I wanted to take it back.

"Well, if you are uncomfortable, find another way." She said and left the kitchen.

I couldn't sleep that night. I could only stare at the wall, thinking over the idea of my own brother being attracted to me.

- The next few days I began to keep a close eye on my brother; in the halls, at home, walking down the street. He would keep his distance and was quieter than usual. I don't think I wear too revealing of clothing. Do I? I wear as much as the next girl. Occasionally sporting a cute top and reveal a little more leg.

As the days passed I began to wear less and less. Testing the waters. I would brush past him and linger a little longer. All the while paying full attention to him even when walking a little faster than him on the way home. It was true. I couldn't notice anything out of the ordinary until we were at home. I entered the living room and sat on the couch when he would play video games. The moment I would enter he would straighten up. I wore my old high school T-shirt to bring up the memory of that night. Being an older shirt it did accent the fact I didn't wear a bra that day either. There it was, the distinct bulge. He was hard. He tried to reposition himself but he couldn't hide it. Eventually he got up and headed for the hall.

"Where are you going?" Mom came into the living room making Teddy sidestep.

"Uh..homework." He rushed back to his room and closed the door. I'm sure even he could tell how obvious of a lie it was. Mom then turned to me and my obvious grin.

'What was that about?' She took off her coat and hung it up.

"Hey, Mom?"

"What's with the grin?" Mom obviously noticed my choice in shirt. I grabbed her by the hand and guided her into the kitchen. My grin seemed to be contagious as pulling her in to tell her a secret brought out the young girl in her.

"I want to scare him." My words definitely couldn't hide my excitement and eagerness.

"Do you have a plan?" she whispered pulling up a chair and sitting.

"Not yet, but I know I want to scare him-" Too anxious to think of a way, I delighted in the fact that now I had a valuable partner in crime.

"Okay, how about this?" her voice got even more hushed and she whispered into my ear. Perfect. There is no way he can top this. As mom sat back up her eyes measured me. "You are going to have to work him up a bit. Not just this kind of stuff." She reached over and gave my nipple a quick flick and it hardened. "You will have to make it convincing."

"That's always the first rule." I grinned. I wasn't going to make it easy for him.

The following week I made sure that he noticed me. I searched through my outfits to find the oldest, tightest ones I could and made them my go to outfits. At home I wouldn't wear a bra and started walking through the hall in my underwear and a T-shirt. Teddy spent more and more time either in his room or asking our mother to stay at a friend's.

One morning I found him in the living room. In my striped underwear I adjusted my T-shirt. I gave my nipples a little rub so they would be more than noticeable through the Pink Floyd 'Wish You Were Here' T. I walked pasted Teddy on the couch and bent down to look at the shelf. I could hear him shift in place, clearly uncomfortable. When I turned back around I could see that Teddy couldn't take his eyes off me. I tried my hardest not to break but instead put on a convincing performance. In my most oblivious voice I asked, "What are you looking at?" Teddy's face flushed as he swallowed.

"Nothing." I started to make my way back with whatever I grabbed...Fraggle Rock Season 2? I almost made it past the couch when Teddy spoke again. "Katie?" I turned, heart racing as he paused. "Uh...That's my shirt." I had no idea. Perfect. I looked down.

"You sure?" I asked. He hesitated.

"Yeah." He said.

"Sorry, I'll get it back to you."

"Don't worry about it. I just noticed it." He covered.

"K," I made sure that I gave him ample pause to make sure it was his shirt that his sister's nipples were perforating. On my way back to my bedroom I slowed my walk pretending to read the back of the DVDs as I swung my clearly visible ass down the hall.

I waited near my door until I heard Teddy tiptoe to the bathroom. I cracked my door to confirm it. I closed my door and flung myself on the bed; my nipples still hard against the small T. Tonight had to be the night.


Once mom got home I told her what I had done. "You did what? Katie-" She acted as giddy as one of my girlfriends. Once I went over all the details we prepared for the night. Dinner was late and quiet. Teddy cleaned his plate, again without trying to draw attention to himself.

"Teddy, you have been awful quiet lately. Is there something going on at school?" Mom teased.

"No." He replied.

"No girl has peeked your interest." She was pushing it.

"He doesn't even go anywhere but his friend's house or his room. Tests are coming up. He's probably tired studying." I said.

"Yeah, I'm..I'm just tired." Teddy said as he excused himself from the table and headed straight for his room.

I looked back at mom and she had a grin a mile wide. I started to wonder who got more out of this little scare tactic.

That night Teddy brushed his teeth. I ran distraction. I went in with a large, loose T leading to my long, exposed legs. I started brushing with him. Mom popped her head in to say goodnight. While I kept leaning in to 'check my teeth' giving Teddy a straight view down my shirt through the mirror, Mom made her move. Instead of going to her room she went straight to Teddy's where she hid in his closet.

Teddy rinsed and made his way into his bedroom. Waiting was the hardest part. Sitting and watching the clock tick by. After a few minutes I couldn't bare it anymore. I made my way down the hall getting more excited with each step. The wood flooring chill sent shivers up my legs. I stopped in front of his door and took a deep breath. I walked through the room leaving the light from the hallway shining through the open door. Silhouetted slightly, there a clear outline of my figure hugging my slight curves and accenting the lack of clothing. As I drew near Teddy turned.

"Katie?" He said. His grogginess masked his disbelief. I stopped about three feet from the bed and stood still. I wanted him to guess with himself if it was a dream or not. I grabbed the front of my shirt and pulled it down to coyly hide my lack of pants. He sat himself up in the bed making sure the covers of his bed stayed over him. He didn't have a shirt on and since he stayed under the covers I couldn't tell if he was wearing much else. I guess I never knew how my brother slept.

"Teddy?" I kept my voice as innocent as could be. "I... wanted to ask you something." I could feel my nipples being rubbed by the shirt as I adjusted it. "Do you think I'm pretty? As pretty as the other girls."

"Katie, I don't, um.." He looked on with astonishment. I moved in and sat next to him on the bed. Once I sat the shirt rode up higher revealing more of my legs.

"That's okay, I've seen you looking at me. I'm sorry I have been a pain lately-"

"No, no. I'm sorry. Katie I think you are beautiful and I'm glad to have you as a sister." Teddy moved a little closer and the sheets slid revealing his bare legs and his erect member. He wasn't wearing any clothes! I just saw my own brother's penis. He adjusted the sheets over himself again. I could barely hold it together; my excitement making itself known as I got wet. When was Mom going to jump out? Wait...did she see him undress? I had no choice but to continue.

"I wanted to give you your shirt back." I lifted the Pink Floyd shirt over my head exposing my bare breasts to my brother. I dropped the shirt onto his lap. His eyes were fixed on my breasts. I couldn't help but blush. He looked at me; and I liked it. Moving closer the sheets began to shift once more. His eyes begged for what his mouth was too stunned to say. "Touch me." I whispered.

"Shouldn't we close the door?" Teddy questioned as his attention darted to the still open door. He started to move and then stopped at the sheets.

"Teddy? Are you naked?" I teased. Of course I knew he was but there was something about saying it aloud.


"Are you hard?"

"Yeah," his voice trembled. I leaned in and gave him a kiss. I had him. Any moment now Mom would jump from the closet and scare him good. We kept going and nothing. Teddy caressed my breast and his hands made me melt. I moved my hand down his chest pushing him back. Our kiss broke and I continued to nibble his ear; my hand caressing lower and lower. His body stiff and breathless he closed his eyes.

"I got you." I whispered under my breath. Teddy reeled.

"Theodore! What are you doing?!" Mom leaped from the closet. Teddy screamed and, scrambling, he fell off the side of his bed.

"Mom! I'm sorry, I didn't- we didn'-" Teddy grabbed any bit of clothing he could find. Once the room calmed Teddy looked at the both of us; mom staring and me still topless.

"Told you I'd get you." I said. Teddy's face contorted.

"That isn't fair. Why would you do that?!" Teddy yelled.

"There, you guys are even. Now get dressed I think that is enough scaring one another for a while. " Mom guided me out of the room. I grabbed the shirt and grinned with my victory.


The next few days didn't go without a bit of teasing. Even Mom instigated him a bit here and there. I noticed that when Teddy would be home Mom would wear some more revealing clothing; tighter sweaters that squeezed her perfect tits. Teddy got even more closed off than before. Sore loser. He would even spend some more evenings at a friend's house. As Halloween drew near I found Mom and I would spend more and more dinners alone. To be honest I missed the scaring. A couple days before Halloween Mom and I found ourselves alone again.

She sat on the couch in her loose sweatshirt that she threw on after Teddy left. The TV was winding down the latest episode of her favorite show. I sat down next to her wearing my sleeping shirt. I would adjust myself more to get comfortable. I looked over and stared at my mother. She let her hair fall in soft curls over her shoulders.

"Hey." I said.

"Yeah?" She replied still watching the flickering screen.

"About the other night." That got her attention. She turned the volume down and shifted to face me.

"What is it Katie?" She said. I couldn't look her in the eyes. What was I going to say? That I had been thinking about it ever since I walked into Teddy's room? That even now I was getting excited thinking about it.

"I..why...um." I fumbled with my words.

"What is it? Have you and Teddy?-"She started.

"No, no.. It's just I had never had a boy look at me like that." I confessed. "let alone Teddy."

"Did it make you uncomfortable?" She asked. I paused and thought it over. I felt like I should say 'no' but that wouldn't be true.

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