tagInterracial LoveA Good Man Is So Hard to Find Ch. 02

A Good Man Is So Hard to Find Ch. 02


It was Sunday night and Gia was still reflecting on the events that had taken place that weekend. There she was laying on her bed with a big smile on her face, but so much on her mind. One second, she was doing her job delivering mail to the accounting firm partners and the next minute, she's hooking up with Daniel Petersburg in his office. She couldn't help but recollect the past few days as her and Daniel enjoyed a lovely dinner at the Bistro and spent most of the night talking about their lives, their ambitions and hopes and then hurrying off to the hotel for some much needed "dessert" to quench their sexual appetites for the night.

A few weeks ago, Gia remembered telling her girlfriends how she thought her sex drought would never end, how unlucky in love she was and how there were no decent men left out there. Now, she couldn't stop thinking about the hot and heavy sex she had with Daniel. It was so good that they didn't leave the hotel till the late afternoon of the following day so as to work in a few more sex sessions.

Nevertheless, Daniel's hot looks and powerful position was starting to rub Gia the wrong way. There definitely was a sick awkward feeling in her stomach considering she might have to face him Monday morning if he needed his mail delivered. Dear Lord, would he even talk to her or would he act like what they did never took place? After all, she hadn't gotten any new texts or phone messages on her cell phone. It didn't escape Gia's mind that it's possible Daniel may just be using her for sex. As offensive as that thought may have been, Gia couldn't help but wonder if she should just let him. After all, why should she end this if she actually liked Daniel? She kept thinking about their Bistro date and how he told her about his days growing up as a kid in Ireland, his golden opportunity to study business in the States and how his success as a firm partner was a double edged sword in that he barely had time to have a relationship.

But then again, Gia knew that Daniel was risking quite a lot if he continued to be with her. A firm partner sleeping with a mail room attendant did not look good or sound good no matter how you put it. They could never be together if they worked together, could they?

Gia finally decided that tomorrow morning if she saw Daniel, she was going to just follow his lead and let the chips fall where they may. If he wanted her, he'd let her know. If he was done with her and it was just an office fling then she'd just be a big girl about it and move on. She refused to be the victim this time.

It was Sunday night at Daniel's loft and he couldn't sleep. His hot weekend with Gia was still heavy on his mind. He kept staring at this BlackBerry phone wanting to call her and tell her how much he enjoyed their date and their after date events, but he didn't. It was finally hitting him that he could get in big trouble with his firm if he continued his relationship with Gia. Daniel was sane enough to not want that considering how hard he worked to get at the top of his career with the company. It took him forever for his coworkers to respect him considering he didn't have that All-American background like the rest. However, he didn't want to lose Gia either. Although his mind could not escape the amazing sex they had, he kept thinking about their great conversations during their Bistro date. Daniel remembered seeing the passion and life in her eyes as she confided in him about her dreams to become a successful working professional, her fun college days, her failed romances and her hope to one day find Mr. Right. He loved hearing her talk and could have listened to her for hours if the Bistro's maître d' hadn't told them that they were closing.

Behind Daniel's high position was a story of struggle that he actually was able to tell Gia. He'd never told anyone at his work about it. Daniel came from a very poor family in Ireland. He never knew his father and his mother worked several shifts in a factory trying to save every penny to have Daniel attend the most elite prep school to increase his chances to going off to the States to study. Daniel hated prep school. He was always teased for being poor, but he kept his head in the books knowing that he and his mother had a mutual goal. When he was offered a full scholarship to an Ivy League University in America, his mother soon died in a car accident on her way back from work. After her death, Daniel knew he had to do everything in his power to make her proud of her efforts even if she wasn't alive to see it.

While in college, his lack of being an upper class snob locked him out of several upper crust social events. If Daniel did date, it was with lower class women in his same position. There were a few brief relationships with a few black female classmates but they were more interested in dating black men. This is what started Daniel's efforts to seek out black call girls, but he soon grew tired of it. He wanted to have a real connection with a black woman. But the demands of school and working two jobs rarely allowed him the time or opportunity to find one. He soon landed a big time internship at a Forbes top 100 company. The company was so impressed with him that they agreed to pay for his business school education in exchange for his return as a full-time associate. Within a few short years, Daniel became a partner for that same company.

Along with his position came the luxury of dating tons of women. He remembered being introduced to a new batch of women who were the cream de la crème of the city's rich, successful, intelligent, and sophisticated elite. It's not that Daniel didn't like these type of women. Any one of them could have easily graced of the cover of a fashion magazine. It's just that Daniel thoroughly remembered the days when women like that would not give him the time of day. That's why Daniel liked Gia so much. She was the type of black woman he had always been searching to find. Plus, Gia reminded Daniel of himself. Not only was she an unbelievably gorgeous black woman but she wanted to be a successful professional in her life as well. Daniel wanted to see to it that Gia's dreams were accomplished in some way. He wanted her to stop working her menial job as a mail room attendant and help her achieve a higher paying Entry level position so she could afford to have her own apartment and the independence she so desperately wanted. He knew she deserved it.

Then a horrible thought came to his head. Was Gia using him? Was she a sensual seductress trying to climb the company ladder using her feminine whiles on him? Sadly, Daniel knew he'd fallen victim to it if that was her intention. He had acted too desperately to wine and dine her and eventually bed her without even thinking of what her true intentions had been. What if she didn't even like white men? Or worse, what if she was just a gold digger trying to get a few nice gifts before moving on to her next conquest. All these thoughts prevented him from calling Gia. Even though his mind was going wild with negative thoughts, he still couldn't escape the fact that the sex with Gia was beyond any experience he'd ever had with a woman. Just thinking about it made his cock hard.

-----The next morning-----

Gia dreaded coming to work. She was efficient in completing all of her duties for the day but realized there was a huge stack of new mail that needed to be delivered. She hoped and prayed she wouldn't see what she did not want to see in her mail buggy. She looked through the piles and piles of mail and soon saw a fat stack wrapped in rubber bands labeled: "To: Daniel Petersburg, CPA, CFE" in big black letters. As awkward as Gia thought seeing Daniel would be, she desperately wanted to know where she stood with him. But Gia still felt nervous about the whole thing and she decided to deliver his mail at the end of the day. When the time came, her heart was hammering so hard, she could barely walk straight. She prayed he was in a meeting or left early for the day.

Daniel was trying to pay attention to the boring online meeting he was conducting on his computer with the new hedge fund managers from Tokyo. He wanted to intervene in their disagreement about who to choose for investment advisors but he couldn't help staring at his office door almost every second hoping a certain someone would come by to deliver his mail. He purposely left the door wide open in the hopes that he'd see Gia. As the online meeting came to an end, Daniel sipped the last bit of coffee from his mug and gave up on seeing her. He wasn't against the idea of going downstairs to look for Gia in the mailroom and pretend he was missing some letters from an important client. No, no, no! That would be too obvious and too pathetic. Shit! He hoped she hadn't gotten a hold of her senses and decided to avoid seeing him all together. Get a hold of yourself Daniel! He hated when his mind wandered on things other than work. But then again, this was the first time in a long time Daniel was catching himself daydreaming. His thought went to kissing Gia's full soft lips when all of the sudden...

"Am I interrupting you Mr. Petersburg" said Gia as she held a stack of letters in her hand.

God, she looked good, Daniel thought. She was wearing a tight white tank top which matched her short white jean skirt. He knew she wasn't following the company policy on correct dress code conduct but he didn't give a damn. He could see her hard nipples pinching against her low cut tank top. He licked his lips as he remembered how he had this same woman naked in a hotel room. He remembered tearing off most of her clothes to lick and suck the most sensual parts of that body almost seconds after meeting her last weekend. He wanted her right now, this second. If she was using him for whatever reason, he'd let her do as she pleased as long as she let him have her body. He wanted her body!

"Um, no...you're not bothering me Gia. Why are you called me Mr. Petersburg? You know my name", he smiled as he turned off his computer.

Gia tried not to blush but remembered she wasn't going to fall for his charms today. She wanted to see where he stood with her.

"Because that's your name and I don't want people thinking why I'm on a first name basis with you in such a short amount of time of working here."

"Gia, please don't worry about what other people think. Worry about what I think and how I've been waiting for you to come to my office so I could see what color bra you're wearing today"

"Daniel!! Shut up! People will hear you!" Gia almost screamed then quickly lowered her voice. But she couldn't help but smile at his naughty comment towards her. She knew he was being inappropriate but she was almost grateful his affection for her hadn't diminished over the weekend.

"And you're not going to see a peak of that bra. You didn't even call me this weekend Mr. Aloof!" Gia said as she attempted reprimand him, but knew she was failing miserably.

"Actually, I had a lot on my mind Sunday night. I was thinking about us and how things should proceed considering how fast things have been going." Daniel said to her in a very serious tone he often used when discussing very important business with clients.

Gia looked around the office hall ways to make sure no one could hear their conversation.

"Are you saying you want to take it slow?" Gia asked. She heard that one before. Her heart was pounding so fast. Either they were going to go slow or not go at all. She knew where this was going.

"No, it's not that. It's just that I'm torn because I like you but our work place positions make it very difficult for us" Daniel said in complete honesty and a frown as he fumbled through some paperwork.

"Oh, I see" said Gia. She was preparing herself for the worst as she looked at Daniel's plants so he wouldn't see the disappointment in her eyes.

"So I spoke with Human Resources and they said it would be alright for you to start a new Entry level position as my personal secretary starting tomorrow" Daniel said with a big smile on his face. He loved the fact that he had made her squirm a little.

Gia's mouth dropped. She totally forgot about how Daniel said he would make efforts to help her find a better paying job in the company. In fact, she had hoped to talk him out of it considering how suspicious the change in her position would look in such a short amount of time to her fellow coworkers. She knew people would talk. And this time, they would be right because it wasn't that she looked like she slept her way to the top. She actually did without even trying. She didn't want people to think she was that type of girl! Even though, the evidence stating that she definitely was that girl.

"Daniel, I can't! Thank you so much but I can't!" she said.

"Actually, you can. You're just saying you can't Gia. You were the one telling me that you want to be a successful professional one day. Now is your chance to make it come true. Our relationship has nothing to do with this. I just want to see you succeed."

As much as Gia wanted to tell Daniel no, she realized "no" wasn't a word she used too often with him. He was dressed to kill in his grey three piece suit which matched his light eyes which were looking up at her with lust.


"But...nothing! Why don't you come over here so I can kiss my new secretary?" Daniel smirked.

He loved how being playful with Gia came so easily for him. Normally he was concerned about how to talk to a woman and would often double think his actions and speech but not with Gia. She made him feel comfortable. The way she looked at him, with so much desire only fueled his passion for her. He wanted to relive the first time he met her again.

Gia immediately closed the office door and practically ran to Daniel's desk. She straddled him and sat on his lap while facing him and kissed him passionately and hard. He reciprocated by running his hands through her hair and on her back, then put his hands under her skirt to feel her round shapely ass constricted with a dental floss like thong. He then went on to kiss her neck slowly and teased her while playing with her thong.

"Oooooooooooooo....Daniel, I've been thinking about this since we left the hotel all weekend"

"I know, so have I. That's why I'm giving it to you right now. To make up for lost time", he whispered in her ear as he kissed and nibbled on more of her neck. He took a quick peak inside her shirt and started to feel his erection getting harder inside his suit.

"Oh Gia! Is that a hot pink see through bra! You don't know what you're doing to me, do you?" as he grabbed Gia's shirt and quickly took it off to reveal her 36DD chest staring at him in her Victoria Secret bra. She was an erotic sight to behold. He could not help himself as he pulled down the material of one of her bra cups to reveal her large dark areola with her hard nipple staring at him begging to be sucked. He obeyed by sucking on Gia's tit nice and loudly. She moaned loudly.

"Oh fuck Daniel. Do you know how much I missed you doing this to me" as she felt her pussy get wet so quickly from his sucking.

Daniel was in a sexual trance as he ripped her bra off to reveal both naked large tits with very erect nipples staring at him. He quickly got to work on both of them. He was licking her harder and sucking her nipples louder than ever to show her how much he wanted her body. He had hoped to have a civilized conversation about how he wanted to get to know her even better, but that damn bra. If she hadn't have worn it, maybe he would have stood a chance.

"Oh Daniel, do you think this is a good idea?" Gia moaned as she took one last chance to stop everything and try and exercise proper work place conduct.

Daniel's answer was to pick up Gia and sit her on his desk. He pressed her cleavage together with both his hands and sucked on both her nipples at the same time. He couldn't get enough of her massive knockers. Then like an animal in heat, he pulled off her skirt and pushed the side of her thong reveal that wet cunt he'd been thinking about all Sunday night. He bent down to get a nice long whiff of her essence and immediately lost control and plunged his tongue to suck on her sweet nectar. She always tasted too fucking sweet! He spread her pussy lips to taste more of her. He realized right then that he was obsessed with her taste.

Gia moaned even louder as Daniel attended to her wet drenched sex. She spread her legs to make more room for his tongue. She loved looking down to see his face buried in her cunt as she grabbed the back of his head to get him deeper inside. In a sick and twisted way, Gia got off knowing that this powerful man couldn't get enough of her body. She loved watching him suck her off like a thirsty man in the desert desperately searching for water in her love jewels. Had Daniel not been so gifted in this department, Gia would have put an end to this entire situation. But she could do no such thing because Daniel knew her ultimate weakness. He knew exactly how to worship her pussy.

In a matter of seconds convulsions of orgasms were flowing through Gia's body as she fucked Daniel's face even harder. She wanted each orgasm to last as long as humanly possible so she continued to fuck his face. She kept looking down at him with lust in her eyes saying,

"Oh yea baby, eat that black pussy. You love the taste of black pussy don't you? Yea, get some more of that pussy juice with that nasty tongue of yours!"

Each whisper drove Daniel crazy as his face was practically covered in her juices. He opened his pant zipper to reveal his long thick cock. He needed get some release for himself because his arousal level was way too high. He couldn't take it. He rubbed and jerked on his cock faster and faster as he kept attending to Gia's fat swollen twat. He proceeded to smack her large ass cheeks matching the loud noises of her moans. This woman was going to be the death of him, he thought as he slurped on her clit and brought her to a nice long full body orgasm. Gia pressed his face as close into her cunt as possible with one hand as she screamed one loud grunted moan while her hips shook and trembled.

"Turn over" Daniel demanded.

A fully satisfied Gia turned over for Daniel to get a breathtaking view of what looked like two dark brown globes pressed together. Daniel knew at that moment, he had to have her ass. He pulled her thong down to her thighs. He didn't waste any time trying to figure out how to get her dental floss like thong off her huge shapely ass. He massaged her ass with both hands and kissed each cheek several times. He felt his dick dripping in pre-cum as he started to kiss closer to her crack. He took a long lick between her ass crack.

"Oooooooooooooooooooooooo....Daniel. More!", moaned Gia.

With Gia's blessing, he opened her cheeks and sucked inside her ass. He smacked her ass hard as he got deeper inside enjoying her taste from the other side. He licked deeper and deeper until he found her small puckering ass hole. He left saliva marks on her little puckered ass hole and began to suck on it, driving Gia crazy.

"Oh shit Daniel! Keep doing that to me! Ohhhhhhhhhh yea!!!"

Daniel couldn't take it anymore. He stuck out his tongue and slurped on Gia's asshole, licking it like a dog. He spread her asscheeks farther and farther apart smelling her ass and licking its salty deliciousness. He heard Gia's moans get louder and louder until he forced his tongue inside her asshole tasting her. God, it was almost as good as going down on her but this time...it was more primal. He loved being between her ass and seeing her backdoor. He decided to get even nastier put his entire mouth on her asshole and suck on it even louder creating the loudest sucking noises. He wrapped his hands around both her ass cheeks and squeezed them hard. First he squeezed and then he smacked as he continued this erotic pattern and slurped her delicious ass.

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