tagNonHumanA Good Photo Shoot, Almost Ruined

A Good Photo Shoot, Almost Ruined


It was turning out to be a fine shoot, before the interruption, but even though it scarred me for life, I still got some great footage! Let me explain.

It started when I was called in to shoot erotic photos for Erica. Wow what a body on her! She had a petite little frame that had me thinking unclean thoughts about my niece who was about her age and had the same shape: Both of them turned out to be college sophomores at Upper State and I always hoped they never met, especially after the wild day we had in the studio.

Anyway, Erica had an incredible body, tiny and delectable, but all woman, with round, jutting breasts and slender swaying hips. She had clear porcelain skin with nary a blemish and her head was topped with long curly golden hair that stopped just above her breasts. Erica looked so pure and wholesome, even in the outfit she wore for the shoot, but you could tell she was anything but.

She had on one of those white baby doll kind of things. It had a short middy top that showed off her flat midriff and short frilly pantalets that barely covered her slender white thighs. She wore lacy ankle socks that cupped her delicate feet. Erica had changed quickly, put on just a hint of red lipstick which offset her milky clothing and complexion and jumped on the bed. She was so perfect and petite and just right there. I would have loved to lean her over the bed, and tear off those ridiculous frilly shorts and fill her up, but I am a professional and I had to get off later on the pics. I can’t look at them anymore, but I’ll get to that part.

So there we were, Erica writhing on the bed, throwing her legs in the air, pouting at the camera, reaching underneath her lacy jammies and touching herself here and there, squeezing her breasts and closing her eyes as she sunk her hidden fingers into her undoubtedly sopping snatch. She had a cute cartoon character high voice, too, and as she got more and more into the shoot, I couldn’t help but wish I was that wolf, you know, the one who ogles the chicks and his tongue shoot out like a party favor, followed by his eyes bugging out to dangerous distances. Just like that, and hung with an outrageous cartoon schlong. That would have been great. I have a graphic designer friend who can do wonderful things with my pictures on his computer, but I digress.

So anyway, Erica peels off the shorty shorts and she’s wearing a frilly white panties underneath, deliciously crotch less, I might add. She stands on the bed and I get these incredible shots from lower down, looking up at her while she dances and gyrates. The top comes off and she’s dancing and cupping her breasts, tweaking her nipples and sucking them between her lips. Her other hand lingers between her legs, teasing her muff and me at the same time. She coos incoherently in her cartoon voice while I shoot roll after roll of film.

I had tunnel vision myself as I shot her, thinking dirty, filthy thoughts, and I didn’t really notice the room darken, and the air get thicker. I finally stopped shooting to change film and lenses and realized something was wrong. If I’d known better I might have told Erica to stop what she was doing but she was now in a frenzy, arching her back and frigging herself through her frilly panties while she squealed in her high-pitched throes of personal ecstasy. She didn’t see them come in, but I did. From the safety of some video cases used for live porn shot later.

I hid there and watched as the portal formed, and out came two, well, I don’t know what you’d call them. They certainly weren’t men, but I suppose demons would suffice. Well, they stepped out, massive things with strong bodies rippling with muscles and tatters of clothes covering their awesome physiques. Erica finally became aware of them as they approached her, screaming like a gum-clacking moll in an old gangster flick. I watched as they got closer and then spoke:

“You have summoned us. We accept you as our receptacle. Let the Seeding commence.”

I should have gotten out, just gotten the hell out of there, and to hell with Erica, but I had to watch. I’m a photographer; I’m funny that way. The two giants strode to her, and the one who spoke lifted her off the bed with one hand. It was massive, tipped in wicked looking claws. It one arm with its hand and reached under its loincloth to deliver unto the light of day the most massive penis I had ever seen. It was cruelly fat and its tip quivered a good foot or more away from the thing’s powerful thighs. Erica shook her head no, still shrieking, but it leaned over and began to lap at her pussy with a tongue that looked like a fat mealworm. It wriggled between her lips for a few moments while Erica tried to shrink away from him. In its booming voice it addressed the room:

“She is ready.”

With that, he threw her on the bed, bouncing on her back. Then he grabbed her ankles and spun her around until her golden hair cascaded over the edge of the bed and she was straining to look up into his monstrous crotch. He leveled his massive meat at her face and Erica screamed in protest. It went unheard as the creature dipped his ungodly penis between her lips and then drove it home, bulging her throat grotesquely and widening her eyes in surprise and terror. He didn’t thrust further or withdraw, but simply left his hardness in her throat as she choked and gagged around it, her lips trying to manage the intrusion and her throat working convulsively on him.

I did all I could do. I wasn’t about to interrupt what was going on. I mean how was I supposed to know that she had somehow summoned these things with her sounds and actions? Still, I did my part. I picked up my camera and caught it all on film. And what a time to get started, too, because that’s when the other one got involved.

I hadn’t really gotten a good look at it, but now my full attention was on it. While the first one was mercilessly feeding Erica, the second one advanced on the bed. He did not have the incredible musculature of the first, but he did have long thick arms that ended in spouts that looked like huge fire hoses. It knelt on the bed and laid the tips of its arms against her flushed labia and underneath her spasming hips, pressing against her tight hole beneath. I watched in wonder, firing off shots with shaking hands as he pushed against her and then fluidly sunk its arms into her pussy and ass, effectively pinning her to the bed. Erica screamed in pain, her voice muffled by the demonic cock in her throat. Her neck was throbbing, not to her heartbeat or to her frenetic swallowing but to the internal rhythm that thrummed within the leader’s horrific member.

Meanwhile, the other one was pounding away at her weakly struggling hips, right, left, pussy, pucker. He had a look of wild glee on his twisted face as he hammered his arms into her plunging his limbs into her holes in the wildest fist (forearm) fucking I had ever witnessed. It was terrible, but I couldn’t pull myself away. I knew the money shot was coming and I waited, hastily reloading my camera as I anticipated their unholy orgasms.

The leader sighed deep in his throat, a sound like a freight train running off a cliff escaping his throat. He arched his back mightily, driving himself another inch or two into Erica. Tears fell from her eyes as her throat bulged and bulged and then her eyes squeezed shut, the inevitable wave rushing through her body.

My shutter was constantly moving as a dribble of dark ichor escaped her lips, her face still a rictus of concentration and depthless horror as she struggled to breathe. Then the torrent came, black rivers poured from her mouth like glue erupting from the tip of a bottle. It coated her face, rolling down onto her neck and staining the bed beneath them. Her chest heaved up and down as its tar like cum spurted from her lips, and ran over her body. It made her hair a tangled mat of inky darkness and slipped in rivulets between her breasts and down her sides. Still she struggled to swallow him down as it laughed mightily, its passions sated.

The other one slowed its pounding. Even from where I was, Erica’s pussy lips looked raw and worn and I could only imagine what her ass looked like. I shuddered to myself and snapped another shot. The second monster stiffened its body and stopped. Erica also tensed, suspecting that her second assailant was ready to relieve himself. Its arms started to flex and rumble, as if they were hoses and water was rushing through them to quench some unseen fire. Erica moaned and screamed in terror, arching her hips trying to get away from it, but it was not to be. The wavering in its arms ended at her crotch as it pumped her full of his own juice, as foul and black an ichor as the first one was. It began to leak quickly from her pussy and between her legs and then, even as if filled her grotesquely with its plunging arms, the goo began to spray across her thighs, coating the bed beneath her and jetting in every direction. Her innocently colored panties were stained black with its evil cream and in moments, her belly and chest were also covered in rivers of dark cum, dripping onto the bed beneath.

All of a sudden it was silent and I sat there, watching her immobile form covered in the juices of their transgression. I broke the silence with a click from my camera. The beasts ignored me as they came away from her, pulling their respective bits from her orifices. They were still long and looked quite strong despire obviously being spent, coated all the way up in their dark goo. The leader looked at her while the other re-entered the miasma of energy that formed their gate.

“The Seed is laid.” With that he too went through the gate and they and their transport disappeared with a hush of whisper which sounded much to much to me as – “shhhhhh.”

Believe me when I say I’ve told no one. Well, no one but you. Okay, I’ve told a lot of people then. Hey, wouldn’t you?

Well, it was so quiet after they left and Erica was completely out of it. I ventured over to her carefully for signs of life. She was breathing, but definitely unconscious. I looked around, finding myself entirely alone with her. Finally. I set down my camera and crawled on the bed. What a mess! It was covered in their black cum as was Erica, her pussy and pucker leaking out great rivulets of their seed. I thought about filling her myself but was daunted by what I saw.

Her pussy was gaping wide, much to big for me, and I can say with some modesty that I’m a pretty big fella. Her ass was equally stretched. Besides, I didn’t think I wanted to really touch that stuff. I thought about her mouth too, but it was also coated and still loosing blobs of their ichorous load. Beside, she might come to and bite my dick off. So I settled for wrapping her tiny little hands around my straining member and with my help she managed to jerk me off, spraying my load into the spreading pools of darkness on and around her. I took a pic of my cum on theirs, for my portfolio and then skedaddled. The police wouldn’t have believed me anyway.

A final note on Erica: She’s living in Vegas now and has a son. She gets treated really well by everyone and gets just about anything she wants with the merest request. I wonder why. Huh. Funny. Oh yeah, and me. I got some of that stuff on my dingus. I still have a rash. Well, that and the pictures.

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