A GOR-y Halloween

byTx Tall Tales©

"Does this girl please her master?" I heard my wife say softly.

"Jesus. That's fucking amazing," I finally managed to speak.

"Belly!" She hissed. Teri threw herself forward onto her stomach, her head turned to the side. Her hands went behind her back and crossed at the wrists, while her legs opened wide.

"Stupid slave," Amanda growled, rising up on her knees, and pulling Teri's hands to her sides, just a few inches from her body. She then smacked her across her tight little ass with the end of her leash.

"Ooh, please Mistress," the pretty brunette whined.

The blow from the leash had pulled the girl's loincloth to the side, exposing more of her rounded cheeks, and the crease of her ass. Clearly, she was wearing nothing under the loincloth. My wife reached over and carefully pulled it back in place.

Amanda stood, and walked to me. "Command her, Master. 'Nadu' for the pleasure position."

"Nadu," I said, hardly recognizing my own lust filled voice.

Teri was good. She slowly, enticingly, folded her legs forward and rose into the open legged kneeling position she'd assumed previously. In her movements she couldn't control the motions of her loincloth, and I was granted a brief glimpse of her pink treasure, and I was enthralled.

"Would Master like to use his slaves now? Take us to his furs and slave rape us?" My wife asked softly, leaning over Teri and caressing her hair. She reached down with the leash end, softly rubbing it across Teri's breast, then giving a soft tap right on the nipple causing the pretty brunette to shiver.

"Shall I help you break this one, Master?" Amanda asked, reaching down and caressing Teri's breast.

My heart nearly exploded, and my cock was as hard as ever I remembered.

Then the girls were standing, clinging to each other, laughing hysterically.

"Oh my God! You were so right," Teri gasped.

"We are SO going to win this thing," Amanda said, raising her hand for a high-five.

"You two are evil," I said, still worked up over their little act.

Amanda stretched her hands over her head, her wrists crossed, and rolled her hips, her whole body an undulating mass of sexual energy. "Master, use your slaves; slake our thirst; fill our holes, fill our need." She was teasing me blatantly. "Dance for him, Teri."

Teri just shook her head, carefully rearranging her outfit.

"This is why they have whips on Gor." I growled. "A few disciplinary strokes and you'd behave." I reached out and took a swipe at my wife's rear, barely connecting as she dodged, rotating her hips out of the line of my fire.

"Yes, we should get you one for your costume. The brave man who beats his defenseless women," Amanda laughed.

"The Warrior who disciplines his slaves," I corrected, "with relish."

Their laughter rang in my ears as I walked back to my closet to change in peace.

That night I was shot down again. What a teasing bitch. I fantasized about Teri, and that little piece of cloth, so easily moved. So easily removed. And still, my bitchy teasing wife snuck into my fantasies.

* * *

At lunch I hit the gym again. I guess in some ways I was as vain as the women. Knowing I'd be wearing something as revealing as a barbarian outfit, I had started hitting the gym hard for the last several weeks, and dieting down. Just 10 lbs, that's all I wanted. Thankfully, my beard had gotten past the itching phase.

I put 40 minutes into the treadmill, then moved to the elliptical for a cool-down. As I started in I looked over and was astounded to see Teri sweating away next to me.

She was plugged into her music player, oblivious to the world. I reached over and gave her a tap on the shoulder. She turned to me, popping off an ear-bud, and gave me a big smile.

"Hi, beautiful, what's got you down here?" It seemed odd to find her here, 10 miles from our neighborhood.

"Couldn't come in the morning, like I normally do, but I didn't want to miss a last chance to workout." She slowed down the pace a bit, and used her towel to wipe down the sweat off of her face and her upper chest.

"I mean here," I explained, gesturing around us. There were plenty of closer gyms to our neighborhood. This one was right next to my office.

"Oh. After Bill left, we dropped the gym membership to save money. My sister put me on her membership for $10 a month. I save ten bucks a week. Except for the gas."

We put in our minutes for a bit before I broke the quiet again. "Would you mind my asking, Teri, what ever happened between you and Bill? I never really knew anything was wrong, and then one day I hear he's moved out."

She seemed to hesitate a moment. "Same old story. Boredom, complacency, taking things for granted. Too much mommy, not enough wife. I was still a bit surprised but probably shouldn't have been. We hadn't been intimate for over six months. Course he left with a bang, suddenly adventurous and amorous for one wild weekend before taking off. I never saw it coming, really, but it seems half of the couples are in similar straits."

"I know what you mean." I looked over at the little beauty, and had to wonder where we all went wrong. "What happens to us, Teri?"

"Don't say, 'Us', Jack. You've still got something there," she said intensely. "Your wife still loves you."

"Don't bet on that. If she does she has a strange way of showing it," I told her.

"Bet you got some last night. You both were hotter than hell," she laughed.

"I'll take that bet," I grumbled.

She looked like she was shocked. "Didn't you even try?" she finally asked.

"Tried, and shot down."

"Oh, Jack. I'm sorry," she said, and sounded sincere. "God, if you two can't make it, who can?"

I just pumped the pedals for a while. "Never mind me, I'm just a little grumpy today. I'm sure we'll work things out. Please don't say anything to Amanda."

"Of course not, Jack." A few minutes later she was finishing up. She stopped then reached out and put her hand on my arm. "It was nice talking to you. Thanks for sharing. And don't give up, please."

I smiled for her. "Thanks Teri. Trust me, I'll give it my best. Especially this time of year. It's the only time I'm pretty much assured of getting at least a pop or two. Amanda loves Halloween."

"Don't we all?" She said as she turned away. Looking pretty damn good in retreat.

* * *

Thursday evening, the night before the big party, it was all anyone in our circle of friends was talking about.

I got home from work, and heard the entry alarm again, but was much less irritated about it this time.

My wife strode out to meet me in her outfit, and I noticed some new details, carefully placed tears in the material to expose her flesh, additional hook and loops on the sides to hold it tighter to her body just below her breasts. She had some simple beads on as well. The length looked to be a little bit longer; I guess she had let out the hem.

"I want you to try on your costume, in case we have to adjust it," she told me, after giving me a cursory kiss at the entrance.

A little peck on the cheek. Dressed as she was, I wanted to throw her over the end of the couch, fuck her delicious brains out, and make her scream for me. I wanted to kiss her with the Master's kiss, forcing my tongue deeply in her mouth. I couldn't remember the last time I'd felt her tongue against mine.

She took me to the bedroom and helped me with my outfit. It was very simple, a natural leather wrap around the waist, rough edged on the bottom, reaching a couple inches short of my knees. She insisted I wear it with nothing underneath, like a kilt. The outfit also had fur-topped leggings and leather sandals. A thick leather strap ran diagonally across my body and held a sword at my side. To top if off, I had a headband that reminded me of the Conan outfit. Amanda pulled a tooled leather bag out and attached it to my side, opposite the sword. She finally pulled out a large gaudy necklace, with a heavy chain which she placed over my head.

"Not bad," she observed, making small adjustments in the waist wrap, and marking where the wrap reached around me. She started working her way around me, marking the length of the waist wrap, for alteration.

"Can you put the skirt and straps in the smoker? Darken them and make them a little more authentic. It would be cool to smell the smoke of battle."

"Sure. Do I want to know how much this is costing me?" I asked, adjusting the waist so it didn't pinch.

"Don't be a baby. It's a bargain. Turns out you can buy like a whole deerskin hide for under $200. We've rented more expensive outfits in the past. You must know that the slave outfits hardly cost anything. You should be worried about how much you're going to spend at auction tomorrow."

I looked in the mirror. I wasn't a hard-body, but I kept myself fit. I thought I didn't look half bad. Sometimes, while sweating 40 minutes into my run, I wondered who I did it for. It wasn't like Amanda appreciated it.

"Try on the wig," Amanda said, passing me a clump of hair.

After a little work I had a barbarian wig on, with long braids down the front. I felt like Heidi.

"Forget the wig. What do you think, Teri?" Amanda asked, looking over my shoulder.

Surprised, I turn to see Teri standing in the doorway. She was wearing the same outfit as the day before, with a change to her top. Rather than wrapping around her body, it looped down from her neck, the sheer material spread wide across her smallish breasts. A simple silver chain connected the material between her breasts, and a longer silver chain ran from the outside of each, across her back. White linen, white silk and silver chains. It was perfect and as sexy as hell.

"Masterful," she decided. She smiled for me, then spoke sharply. "Nadu, slave!"

Amanda dropped to the slave pleasure pose, quickly. Teri walked behind her, and I saw that she now had a short riding crop in her hand. She used the instrument to tap the small of my wife's back, urging her to sit taller, and another tap on the inside of a knee to spread the legs wider. As she walked around my wife, I saw two clear welts on Teri's white skin, one across her butt, the other across her back between her shoulders, as well as a couple of more isolated markings. A couple looked like they might bruise.

Content with my wife's position, Teri came to me, placed the whip in my hands, then stepped back and stood beside my wife. She pushed one leg just a few inches forward, tilted her hips and stretched tall, her wrists crossed and held above her head. It caused her top to narrow, exposing tender white flesh that was normally covered by her bathing suit.

Though she was standing still, she still seemed to slowly, teasingly writhe. It was impressive.

"Do your slaves please you, master?" Teri asked.

"Their beauty pleases me greatly. Their teasing does not," I told her, taking on the part I was wearing.

"Yes master. That is why the teasing slave is no longer first slave," Teri told me, reaching out to my kneeling wife.

"Did I say you could break position?" I barked at her, and her eyes popped open wide. She rapidly assumed her previous position.

"Belly," I barked, and she dropped to her stomach, remembering to place her hands correctly. Her head was turned away from me. I approached my wife, stepping close and walked around her. I saw that she, too, had felt the whip already, two reddened welts on her body, matching Teri's, as well as a few of the triangular markings that seems to match the end of the whip I'd been given.

From behind her I reached beneath her legs and rubbed her with the crop. She almost fell, and struggled to keep her position.

"I see you've both felt the sting of the lash already." I leaned over and drew the end of the whip down the center of the brunette's back. "Did you enjoy it, Kajira?"

"No Master," she moaned, her body twisting as I tapped her on the side of her butt. She instinctively pulled away from it. With just the slightest twist of my wrist, it still landed firmer than I had thought it would. "Master will never have cause to whip this obedient girl," she said.

"Speak honestly, slave. Did it hurt much?"

"Horribly, Master. It still stings and throbs now, over an hour later."

I stepped a few feet away into the bathroom and returned with some aloe lotion. I placed some in my hand and gently rubbed it first into her back, and then, slowly across her tight little ass cheeks. My hands slid under the scrap of her loincloth, thoroughly covering her rear. I was meticulous, removing any trace of the lotion from my hands.

"This salve will help, Sweet One. But remember the pain. Imagine how much worse it would be delivered with a man's full strength."

I turned to my wife, who still held her position, after watching me rub my hands over her friend's back. She seemed a little shocked.

I ran the crop over the blonde slave's body, down her sides, across her shoulders, under her chin, circling her breasts. I stood before her, and slid the whip between her legs, pushing against her. I saw her tense up. I pulled back and gave her the softest of slaps against her inner thigh. She cried out.

"Tell me, Kajira, did you enjoy the taste of the lash?" I asked as I moved around her, then traced the welts with the end of the crop.

"No...Master," she admitted, through gritted teeth.

"You wear the clothing of a slave, a slave's collar surrounds your neck, you assume the position of a slave, yet still I feel you do not consider yourself a slave," I told her, my hand running through her hair.

I stepped back to the brunette. "This one knows her place. Don't you, Sweet?"

"Yes Master."

"What are you?"

"La Kajira, Master. I am a Slave."

I ran the whip across the inside of her thigh, then brushed it across her barely covered opening. I noticed another change in the outfit. Yesterday, the cloth between her legs had been wider, bunching up between her legs. Now I could see that she'd trimmed it, so it was pulled smooth against her, less than two inches wide where it covered her. As I rubbed the end of the crop between her legs, I was even able to work the edge under the cloth a bit, making her writhe against it.

She moaned. "Thank you, Master."

"Yes. Kajira. A delicious one at that."

I turned back to my wife, the blonde rebellious slave. She had not let the role take her.

"You have presented yourself to me as a slave. Willingly. You sit here in the pleasure position, yet you hold yourself back. So I ask you, do you truly desire to be my slave?"

Her eyes looked up into mine in defiance, then she dropped them and whispered, "Yes, Dammit!"

I reached out with the crop and switched the side of her ass, drawing a cry from her.

"Answer correctly."

The brunette pleaded for her companion, "Please Master! Don't hurt her; she is yours, truly. We are both yours completely. Don't punish her."

I reached down and grasped the recalcitrant one by her hair. "What will it be?"

"I am your slave, Master. La Kajira," she whispered, yet her eyes still argued.

"I wonder. Perhaps I should just throw you out. Let you find another Master to protect you, to clothe you, to provide for you. You hardly seem worth the trouble."

"Jack..." she whispered.

"Silence, slave! Do you think I won't beat you, if you deserve it?"

She shook her head. I tilted her head back, grasped her firmly by the hair and thrust my mouth down on hers, my tongue ferociously invading her mouth, pressing hard against her, biting her lip. She moaned into my mouth. I could feel my blood boiling for her. I kissed her for a long time, reaching down and caressing her breast. When I pulled away she looked at me in wonder.

I stepped back and placed the end of riding crop against her cheek. With just a little pressure I turned her face away from her friend, and toward the wall.

I moved away and went to the prostrate partner. I nudged her with my foot. "Bara." The command for submission.

She crossed her ankles, and crossed her wrists behind her back, in preparation for binding. I removed my sword belt, and used it to loop around her wrists. I removed my waist belt, discarding my pouch, and used it around her ankles, binding her, effectively controlling her.

I ran my hand down her body, "Such a pretty little slave. So sweet, so docile." I loosened the rear loincloth with a tug, and pulled it to the side exposing her sweet ass to my view. I flipped the end of the cloth over her bound hands, and then nudged her knees apart. She hastened to open up and obey the unspoken command. "You will be a pleasure to use, Sweet One, but not right now. Still, I enjoy viewing your beauty." I reached between her legs and gave a tug on the material, pulling it a couple of inches away from her skin, then touched her lightly, eliciting a wonderful moan.

I went back to my wife, and stood in front of her. "Pleasure me," I told her.

She glanced over at her friend, who was still facing away from us, nearly nude. Then she looked up at me with a look that I couldn't quite interpret. It was part anger, part lust, part need, part submission.

"Do I need to repeat myself? Or would you prefer I get my pleasure from the first slave, and give you only a beating?"

"No Master, this girl is obedient," she said, reaching up and rubbing the bulge in my leather kilt. She reached her hand under my outfit and I loosened it. The outfit closed at the side, and the material divided there, almost like a slit skirt. I turned the outfit, moving the opening to the front. My slave girl parted the leather and exposed my hardness. Once more she glanced over at her friend who was laying quietly, still facing away from us.

Her hands worked my staff. She looked back and forth between my rampant hard-on and my face, taking in how she was affecting me.

Then she leaned forward and took me in her mouth. I was pleased. She rarely used her mouth on me anymore. Before we were married, I was given a number of delicious blow-jobs. Watching my cock disappear into that beautiful face was an amazing thing. But that was a thing of the past. I don't think I'd had my cock in her mouth for at least four or five years. It was nice to break the drought.

I think she was trying to be quiet and subtle, but I would have none of that.

"Your mouth feels good around my staff, Pretty slave girl." I told her, feeling her stiffen up at the words. I reached for her head, and thrust her back and forth on my rod, for once not caring how she felt, just using her mouth freely. "Suck me, slave girl."

As she grew more active, I reached down for the bottom edge of the leather skirt I was wearing and pulled the two pieces up and tucked them into the waistband, leaving me fully exposed from the front.

I heard a moan from the girl beside us, and I could see she was squirming, perhaps feeling her own need. My wife pulled back a bit, and turned her head, looking over at the girl laying beside us. With a nudge of the riding crop on the back of her head, I directed her attention back to my aching cock.

"Yes Pretty, your mouth is a wonder. I will use it often." I pulled out of the orifice under discussion. "Sula."

She looked up at me, then teasingly stretched out on her back, opening her legs, and spreading her hands wide. "This girl obeys gladly, Master," she said with just a hint of challenge in her voice.

I imagine she thought I would climb on top of her and have my way. Instead I reached down between her legs. "Do not move."

I roughly thrust two fingers inside of her, forcing her to gasp. She pulled away a bit. I extracted my fingers from her and slapped the inside of her thigh firmly, making a loud noise. "Do NOT move," I reminded her. "I will not repeat it again. The next time it is the whip."

"I'm sorry, Master," she gasped as once again I roughly thrust my fingers inside of her.

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