tagCelebrities & Fan FictionA Great Meal but a Better Lay

A Great Meal but a Better Lay


Another day and another restaurant, Gail steered the rental convertible Camaro into the parking lot and took a long look at the outside of the restaurant. She picked up her notebook and flicked it to a fresh page. She titled the page "The Wood Stove" and started to take note of the appearance. The place really wasn't much to look at though there was a pleasing sweet scent of burning hickory with maybe a hint of apple and meat that almost made up for the lack of décor. Gail made sure to put the top up on the convertible, she'd had that one time that she'd forgotten to and came back to a soaked interior and a not so fun ride to find a place to vacuum out the interior.

She subtly adjusted her jeans and blouse, locked the door, and made her way onto the porch listening to the boards creak under her feet. It was unknown whether or not the boards reminding her of the Old West were intentional but it had that effect all the same. Kansas City places were like that though, one step in tradition and one in cutting edge future. The city just seemed to blend everything together, even right down to its bar-b-que and honestly that was the way she liked it. It was a relief to just get away from the attitude and snobbery of high priced joints and so she'd come to relish trips like this, just to get away. Of course it was always a bit of a gamble, her bosses tended to not let her know much about the places they were sending her to. It was their way of thinking they would get a more honest review.

Through the door and towards the hostess podium, pausing only to note the benches in the waiting area and that the décor was a bit dated. For a weeknight they seemed fairly busy, the hostess told her roughly a ten minute wait. Gail took the opportunity to head to the ladies room. The first order of business was to look around in the room, taking note of how well it was cleaned, in what sort of condition the equipment was, and so forth. Once done her business she turned to the mirrors and gave herself the once over. This used to be easier, she thought, but now that she'd done that gig as a judge on Top Chef everyone seemed to recognize Gail Simmons the food critic. To that extent she'd learned to tone down everything, from the makeup to the clothing. Not that it was that difficult for her to, it wasn't until working on tv that she'd really gotten into dressing up. Not that she didn't appreciate a nice pair of jeans, taking a moment to look at her rear and smile, every girl should have a pair of jeans that made her ass look good. Hands were washed, the soap had a lavender scent to it, nice touch she thought.

Gail went back to the waiting area and settled in with her notebook, writing down her observations . It was about that time that she finally let herself sink into the atmosphere. The smells coming from the kitchen were a little different, but mouthwatering all the same. The setup and décor more like the outside, fairly plain but very Western right down to the mule deer mount over the stone fireplace. In a way it was fairly relaxing and she didn't mind that the wait took fifteen minutes instead of ten. She was seated at a table near a window and handed the menu. When she looked quizzically at the menu being made of fairly plain paper the hostess explained that the menu tended to change often to reflect what was in season.

Well now that was a bit of a surprise, normally only restaurants that were more expensive tended to do that. As she scanned down the menu she was even more pleased to note that the names of the farms where all the food was sourced were listed. She was still looking over the menu when the waitress came the first time so she asked for a glass of ice water to start and returned her gaze to the paper. This wasn't the typical bar-b-que joint she had expected, the menu showed a specialization in wild game, how interesting. This place was turning into a little gem and so far showing to have been worthwhile the trip.

One dish stood out to her, smoked elk roast with sauce and vegetables of the day. When the waitress appeared with the water she requested that and if the house would suggest a wine to be paired with it. The order placed Gail went back to writing notes down, humming to herself and trying to fit in as perhaps someone working on a project while waiting for dinner. Sure she was perhaps underdressed for that but maybe an aura of someone who worked for a company with laxer rules modeling after Google. Maybe not able to pull it off but thinking about that sort of attitude at least made the job more fun and it didn't hurt.

The waitress arrived with a bottle on a cart, pulled the cart alongside the table and presented Gail with the bottle of wine. Gail looked it over, hmmm an Argentinian Malbec oak cask aged and nodded her head a tiny bit surprised to find something like that here but wine was becoming much more popular. The waitress opened the bottle and poured a little into the wine glass then offered that to Gail who took the required smell, then sip, swished it around in her mouth, and finally as protocol required spit it back into the glass. "That will do nicely, thank you." She watched the waitress fill the glass and mused on wine tasting protocol, spit ha personally she would much rather swallow all good girls swallowed anyways.

A little grin to herself at the thought, the traveling took too much of a toll on her sex life that was for sure. Thankfully she and her husband had worked out an arrangement, they were allowed little infidelities on occasion, so long as it was only once or so with the same person to avoid attachment. Never mind she rarely came back often enough to the same area to make regular arrangements with anyone else. To be sure, it wasn't the most perfect solution but it worked for them and so far both were happy with the arrangement. Of course, Gail avoided anything to do with co-workers, which could just lead to a messy situation.

She refilled the glass, hey it wasn't that fancy of a place, and swished the wine around in it. It was strange to think of this as work but it was and in her opinion the best work there was, only rarely was she ever truly disappointed. As she mused on that, the main course arrived and her mind shifted to business. Her napkin was tucked away and the notebook closed as it wouldn't do to make notes while eating. She cut off a piece of one of the slices of elk roast before her, placed it in her mouth, and sighed contentedly as moments like these made all the travel just melt away. Nice smoke flavor, not gamey, the gravy used was a nice complement. She sipped the Malbec and as the flavor hit her tongue the choice suddenly made more sense as it almost made the elk more mellow a flavor. Always nice to be surprised and so she settled down into dinner, happily working her way through it.

When the waitress came to clear away the dinner plate Gail was asked about dessert. Normally she wasn't so keen but it would be nice to splurge tonight and she'd just hit the hotel gym in the morning. Besides she'd spotted a piece of chocolate cake go by her while waiting for dinner and it had really put her in the mood for some cake. The hand that put the dessert plate down wasn't female, she noticed and when she looked up to see the new server there was a slight sigh as she guessed the gig was up...damn. The white chef's jacket read Bruce and under it the title of "Head Chef/Owner" and the man wearing the jacket offered her a smile, warm and almost like he felt bad for catching her.

"Miss Simmons, perhaps you would care for a glass of dessert wine to accompany your cake?" Bruce was holding a small bottle of a Portuguese Tawny Port before her.

She sighed with a slight smile coming to her lips, oh well at least he wasn't being pushy like so many others would be when they figured it out. "Only if you're willing to split the bottle with me," as she gestured towards one of the empty chairs at the table and took a moment to sample the cake, thank the goddess for chocolate. Dark hazel eyes turned to watch him open the bottle, fill two glasses, and settle into a chair across from her, "So what gave me away?"

Bruce put the bottle onto the table, picked up the glass of dessert wine and leaned back into his chair, "Your eyes, they were searching. Well, that and they looked rather familiar." He chuckled a bit at that, "one of the waitresses finally figured out where we'd seen them before. I hope the meal was pleasant?"

She offered a small smile, "I enjoyed it, thank you. It seems well put together but fairly different for out here, how are the locals taking to the change from the same old?"

"Honestly not too bad, had the usual packed house when we started but we seem to have kept a fairly steady beat of regulars and new folks. Most people seem to like having an option besides the run of the mill restaurants. Granted it seems there are more places across the US that are turning towards other types of meat as well so it may be only a matter of time till we're run of the mill as well. Ah, such is life though and I'm enjoying it while I can." A sip of his wine and one leg came up to rest upon the other legs knee. Normally the chefs, management, and owners she met were either tense from worry about their review or they spent the time talking up their place and he did neither, she liked that.

The conversation flowed on and as the dessert wine bottle emptied it was replaced with a bottle of Chivas Regal 18 year. They chatted on just about every topic one could imagine they'd have in common, where the culinary industry was headed, where it had been, and their own hopes for where it would end up. The more Gail talked to Bruce the more she was coming to admire him, intellectually and physically. While more chefs had taken to the idea of hitting the gym it still seemed a lot of people in the restaurant industry didn't take good care of themselves either by gaining weight, not working off the stress, or by working off the stress with tobacco or too much alcohol. From what she could tell Bruce was fairly well trim, perhaps even toned, dark hair cut short and just enough facial hair to give that five o'clock shadow effect but not overgrown. The scotch was sipped, savored almost as if it were meant to compliment the conversation and she noted he only put in a couple of drops of water and didn't do what many felt was a disservice to good scotch and drown it in ice.

The waitress from earlier came over and tapped Bruce on the shoulder then whispered in his ear. He excused himself and that was about when Gail realized that it had gotten rather dark outside. She mused on how quickly time had gone by but a good conversation was to be relished. For a moment she allowed herself to wonder if he ate pussy as well as he talked then banished the thought away. The thought did however spark the idea of perhaps continuing their conversation later. She offered a smile when he returned.

"Well I hate to say it, but we're closing down for the night. I really did enjoy the conversation tonight, thank you it's been a while since I got to really discuss the nitty gritty." He closed up the bottle of scotch and was about to walk away when she pressed a piece of paper in the palm of his hand.

"If you wish to continue the conversation..." Gail smiled at him and followed with a quick wink. She rose up from her seat and made her way towards the door, ensuring that the sway of her hips was accented just enough to entice. Gail made sure to keep it up until she was safely in the rental car then let out a breath of air, hopefully he would follow as she was really feeling the need to get laid tonight.

The bottle of water was put down when there was a knock at the door, bare feet rose up on tip toes to allow her eye to peer through the peephole and a hand dropped to the door knob, "I was beginning to wonder if you weren't going to make it."

Bruce returned the offered smile, "well I did have to close up but there is no way I would have turned down such a lovely offer." When the door closed he slid his arms around her waist as her arms came up and hands clasped around the back of his neck. Lips met hers and tongue slid out to greet hers. He grinned into the kiss as she moaned. For a few moments they held this, then she would break it and he would nod as she let him know it would be tonight and only tonight, but she was his for now and to him that was enough. One hand slid under the back of her shirt and he pulled it free of the jeans, she undid the buttons and shrugged her shoulders to help him relieve her of the blouse. Bruce took a moment to enjoy the sight of her emerald green bra encased breasts, drinking in the cleavage he'd enjoyed eyeing throughout her career as a Top Chef hostess.

Gail couldn't help but blush a little as his eyes were upon her, it was a good feeling to see the lust smoldering in his eyes and know she was the reason for it. Desiring to see it flare even more, fingers undid the clasp of her bra and shoulders rolled forwards to let it drop to the floor. The response was immediate as his head dropped and her right nipple felt warm and wet as it was surrounded by his lips. Both breasts were cupped in his hands and gently lifted as he alternated sucking both nipples. Her arms came to rest upon his shoulders and fingers entwined in his hair. His tongue flicked against her nipples and teeth grazed over them sending shivers up and down her spine. Her fingers grabbed the back of his shirt and pulled it up, then tugged it over his head and threw it to the ground.

He stood back up after his shirt was removed, revealing a slim torso with just a bit of bulk to it. Ripped wasn't the word but it was pleasing enough to the eye. Bruce guided her to lay upon the bed and began to kiss just below her earlobe and down her neck, pausing to press his tongue against the hollow between neck and collarbone, then gentle kisses back down and along those lovely breasts. He spent a little extra time to ensure both were well caressed, then down along her stomach and along her waist where the top of her jeans were. Bruce moved between her legs and leaned in to kiss between her thighs, pressing his lips against her jeans and having his nose filled with the scent of her pussy. He ground his face a little against her jeans teasingly, grinning up to her before undoing the button of her jeans and then the zipper. Fingers curled in the waistband of the jeans and began to tug them off her, finding she was not wearing panties underneath. His eyes greeted the strip of trimmed fluff neat but reminding him that she was all woman.

Bruce threw aside her jeans and laid back down between creamy white thighs, eyes closed for a moment as he breathed in the scent of her. Soft kisses were placed upon the outer folds of her pussy, the skin gently nuzzled. His tongue caressed the outside before slowly beginning to work its way up the middle of her slit, just the tip of the tongue first which was flicked over her clit, but each stroke found the tongue flattening out to spread her. Soon fingers reached the folds and parted them allowing his tongue to broadly stroke over her. When he felt she was wet enough, two fingers slipped into her and lips encircled her clit, tongue flicking over it.

Gail groaned when his fingers slid into her and she wrapped her legs around his ribcage hooking them together at the ankle. Her breathing was coming faster as his fingers plunged in and out, she could feel the pressure building up within her. Her thighs gripped the side of his head involuntarily as her body shuddered with orgasm, back arched for a few moments as the waves went through her body. Eventually she relaxed back into the bed, her breathing slowing and eyes opened to look down at him. "Pants...off....now," she hoarsely whispered while her hand reached over towards the nightstand, opened the drawer and dug out a condom.

When Gail returned her gaze to Bruce her eyes went wide at the sight before her, he was easily one of the largest cocks she'd ever personally seen and it made her pussy feel like it was Niagara Falls. He was easily over nine inches long and had to be at least an inch and a half thick if not two. Gail was no size queen but it was just gorgeous and she couldn't wait to have it in her. The condom was placed to the head and she rolled it over the shaft, feeling each bulging vein as it was encased within the latex. Once he was sheathed she scrambled to the middle of the bed and got on elbows and knees, ass up in the air, shivering with anticipation.

Bruce pressed the head of his cock against the folds of her pussy, one hand wrapped around the shaft and the other coming to grip her waist lightly. He could feel her shivering, her excitement making his cock feel harder. On occasion he met a girl who would be wary of the size but it was rare that he actually met a woman who was more than willing to have him inside her. He had to push a bit to get the head into her and a loud groan came from his throat as he felt her slick walls envelope his dick. Inch by inch he slowly worked his way into her, his other hand coming to join the first on her waist by about halfway in. When the base of his shaft was inside of Gail he halted and just savored the feeling, balls deep in this woman who he'd only dreamed of being able to fuck before.

At her behest Bruce began to rock his hips, just slowly at first to work into a rhythm but rapidly picking up speed. The feeling of his balls slapping against her was divine and by the sheets being balled up in Gail's fists and the stream of moans coming from her lips it was obvious she was enjoying it as well. He felt her vaginal muscles grip down hard on his shaft as she launched into her first orgasm. Thrusts began to come harder at that as he pounded hard into Gail. Fingers found their way up her back and filled themselves with her hair as Bruce mercilessly pounded her tight snatch.

Gail seemed to be in a never ending wave of orgasms, as if one ended the next began as her pussy was stretched for the first time in what had been too long a time. She almost couldn't believe his stamina and now understood what the term fucktoy felt like not that she was disappointed. One more vicious thrust and she felt him begin to cum, almost disappointed in it ending. Once he released her though she fell like a rag doll to the bed, gasping for breath but grinning at the well fucked feeling. Once he joined her on the bed she curled up against him feeling that monster resting against her thigh.

They laid there speechless for quite some time, just enjoying the afterglow. If the evening had ended there Bruce would have been happy but it seemed Gail had other plans in mind. She grabbed him by the wrist, muttering something about a back scrubbing not that he really heard her as distracted by her breasts as he was. She led him to the bathroom which seemed huge for a few moments, then he realized the reason why was a large Jacuzzi tub along one wall. Gail had already started the water filling and beckoned him to join her in the tub. He stepped in, wincing a moment at how hot she had it and eased himself to sit down on the opposite side of her.

As the water rose she could feel it sting her stretched muscles before beginning to soothe them. She spread her legs wide, letting thighs rest against opposing sides of the tub realizing it was a rather lewd display and that she was actually enjoying it. The night was so far turning out much better than she could have even hoped and now she knew what was going to be next, a very sore jaw but it would be so worth it. Gail moved over towards his end of the tub and lay down along her right side with her head resting upon his thigh. Fingers traced lightly along his cock which lay semi limp upon his other thigh. Very delicately she guided it towards her mouth and opened her jaw as wide as it would go and wrapped her lips around the head.

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