tagNonHumanA Half Demon's Diary...!

A Half Demon's Diary...!



[NOTE: I had submitted this same story last time...! but there were few technical problems...! some lines were missing which separated the paragraphs..! i know this made the readers hard to read the story...! & I humbly APOLOGIZE for that...!

My dear readers... I kindly request you to read this story again...! I am sure you will enjoy it...!]




He could see the astonishment in the other's eyes, even though it lasted only for few moments; when it was replaced by a smile.

The other figure who was now smiling serenely stood straight & looked up at him. His narrowed eyes & an extra noble sweet voice greeted him, "My my... it's been a long time, hasn't it Dark?"

Max stood up straight looking in his comrades eyes. He didn't have the same smile as the other figure had, but he had the same low slow voice as the other. "Yes indeed, Black!"

Black talked in his same voice, "I see that your speed has gone up now. I wasn't able to sense you until your hand slapped mine. You always amuse me with your timing Dark."

Max kept looking up at Black. He didn't reply because he knew that there was something else that the other wanted to say.

"Now then," Black said, "hand me that girl over. My master had ordered her to finish her business."

Max gave his first smile now, which he knew would annoy the later even if his plain elegant face didn't show it. When he had arrived here, he saw Black moving across to kill the girl. When Black's slender yet strong hand was about to touch her throat & rip it open as though it was some soft fruit, he had stepped in between them within a blink of an eye, slapping Black's hand & jumping few meters away from him holding the girl safe.

Max gloated, "You know what my answer would be, don't you Black? Then why ask?"

Black looked back. But he smiled instead of giving a loathing look, "Of course. You won't hand her. You always love to protect them, don't you?"

Black straightened himself up, & tidied his long coat. He kept his hand on his chest & bowed humbly, which Max knew for sure wasn't purely humble. In an elegant voice he said, "Dark... you are most welcome to stay at our mansion, as long as you are going to stay in this... time. Now then", he looked up said before leaving with his back towards Max, "I must take my leave & get ready to prepare dinner for my Master."

He was about to vanish beyond the encircling fire, which was still obliviously burning around them, when Max heard the faintest whisper of the Devil's voice, "Make sure she stays well away from my Master... or she pays the consequences!"

Max gave an equal low whispered reply, "Don't worry... that won't be required." Black vanished. He kept staring at the spot where Black had vanished, interestedly.

"Hmmm..." he turned around & said, "pffft... how come I end up making such friend?!"

He walked sat down on his toes, before her, looking at her. "Hmmm... time to leave young lady!" He knew she was going to protest. But before she would retort, he lifted her up in his arms & ran his flash speed steps across the fire, on top of a tower. Before she could realize her surrounding with her eyes wide & clutch him hard so that she won't fall, he jumped from the top of the cathedral's tower to the towers near him & kept on moving forward.

'Hmmm... slim body line & bit bony body & small breasts. Her right side ribs are broken & she is having a serious trauma. God... Why did you let her through all these nonsense?'

He was finally out of the East End of London. The towns were now thinning to the small houses & some cracked brick building of the harbor. He reached the old dusty building which he knew was safe. He entered in it through the window, & let all his weight fall on his right bent knee so that they land safely.

He let her go. Instantly there he caught the left hand of that girl flying through the air. "WHY DIDN'T YOU LET ME KILL HIM YOU BASTARD??!" she shouted with all her might as she could.

He didn't reply, instead waited. "THAT BOY KILLED MY WHOLE FAMILY... HE DESTROYED MY HOME... I WANT REVENGE", she stopped gasping air to breathe. "T...THAT BASTARD MURDERED M...MY... my... my whole..."

She finally let go of herself & begin to weep silently, "I... I just... I am... a...alone. I WANT REVEGE! I want revenge. I want..."' her voice trailed off as she felt a sharp pain in her right side. She fell down on her left side clutching her right side, gasping for air in blinding pain.

Max stood up & went up to her. He sat on his knees. He took out an old crystalline bottle having a shimmering blue gooey substance in it & poured some of it on his hands. He picked up her hand & rubbed the balm over her ribs. She clasped her cold hand over his hand as he touched her painful body. Her teary eyes tightly closed shut in blinding pain started to relax after few time.

The pain had started to reduce now. She could feel his warm hand over her cold body. She looked up blearily at him before falling unconscious. "Why? W...why are you saving me?"

Max kept rubbing her ribs for half an hour after when she had fallen asleep. He could feel her body's muscles relaxing as time passed by. But her body was still cold. He got up & brought the broken wood of the building to light up a fire. He seeped the dusty floor around it & spread an old tattered cushion over the floor. He picked up the girl & sat down with his legs folded, after he made her lie down on it. He removed his black coat & spread it over her.

Now he could start with all his healing rituals.


She was falling... falling through the darkness... with ugly & gruesome faces floating around her. She was scared. Scared because it all started to get bloody all over. Gunshots... blood smearing across her face... cries! It all started to get dark again. She was falling in total darkness! She tried her best to grope around for something to hold, but could find nothing. She was in tears. But... someone caught her arm... it was warm... she could feel it rubbing her elbow & forearm... "W...who are you?"


She woke up suddenly but found someone pushing her back on the bed with her shoulders."W...who are...? Who...?"

Dream! It was just simple dream.

She looked up & saw the boy holding her arm, bandaging it. Her whole body was bandaged; she could see her legs & her lower abdomen bandaged too. She cold o longer feel the pain she felt earlier in her ribs. She looked around. There were many crystal bottles & jars surrounding her with some sweet fragrant smoke of incense sticks. Also she could see a bucket of hot water sitting a bit away from her, with many pieces of cotton drenched with blood lying around it.

'So... he cleaned my every wound?' She thought. 'Why?'

"B'cuz you would have got infected with harmful bacteria. Your wounds were all soaking in your silly dirt & sweat." The boy said without looking at her as he was tying the bandages busily on her arm. "I saved you... b'cuz you needed another chance to live. Your time to die hadn't come up yet."

He wasn't looking at her as he kept himself busy taking care of her, but, he continued calmly, "And I didn't let you kill him, b'cuz it was impossible for you to do so. Black would have finished you without you realizing that he has already sliced your neck with his bare hands." He paused after finishing patching her. "And b'cuz I didn't wanted you to burn in black flames of revenge."

'Revenge?' she thought. 'Yes revenge.' It all started to come back to her slowly, what had happened.

"Thank you, Mister!"

Max looked up at her with his eyed wide in disbelief. Her last word reminded at him about someone. She wasn't looking at him at that moment thankfully; otherwise she would have got a weird feeling about him staring at her like that. But, his eyes returned back to their normal size, & he smiled at himself; at his recent memory.

He bent down & picked up the mess of cotton he had made while cleaning her wounds. He put them away in a bag & set a flame to it with his magic. He didn't want to bur it ear her nose. His fire let it burn quickly & fully quarantine it. He went away & washed his hands clean.

"Are you hungry?" he asked her while fumbling with a package he had brought while she had fallen asleep. She replied, "No no. I am not... hungry."

He smiled as he heard her stomach grumble. He took out a plate & poured the hot potato stew in it & brought it up to her along with a loaf of bread. "Eat! You need energy to get back to normal", he ordered her calmly.

She stared at him annoyed by his command, but she wasn't in a condition to retort. She tried to move her hand, but she couldn't. "Ouch!"

He sat down & looked at her right arm. He knew for sure that he had healed her enough so that it won't hurt her later. "I can't move my hand," she said.

"Hmmm... don't worry. It's just your muscles giving up on being subjected to too much strength. Your hand will move soon." He said thoughtfully. "Now eat."

She moved her left hand to pick up the spoon.


Max's hand didn't let her touch the spoon. "Not allowed to use left hand to eat girl," Max scolded her, "It's a bad thing to use left hand to eat." He picked up the spoonful of stew & blew it cool. "Sorry. That's what my mum taught me. Now say 'Aaa'."

She was a bit puzzled, but she opened her mouth & took a bite.

It was delicious.

It went for half an hour, until he had finished feeding her & also wiping her lips with his white handkerchief. She didn't know why; she was angry with him for not letting her kill that boy, but at the same time she was obediently listening to every word he said. It was a feeling she couldn't understand. Maybe it was because he had just saved her life. Or maybe it was completely something reason.

She turned left. He was sitting near the window, with his back against her. He was eating what was left in the package he had brought. He stood up & went to wash the dishes. The candles around him were glowing happily, showing his whole profile. He was tall; maybe six feet or an inch more. Neither thin, nor chubby; he was built lean. His skin seemed to be a bit darker than hers; tanned or natural maybe. He had short hairs, turned to his left. And, he surely had a broad back. 'Is it soft or hard?' she thought, & blushed a bit at it. He turned back & came back to her with a blanket.

"Lie down on your back," he said.

She lied down. He bet down helping her rest her head on the ragged but soft pillow, & spread the blanket over her. "Sleep now!"

"What is your name?" the girl asked.

"Is it necessary?" he asked.

"Well it is; because I want to know the name of person who undressed me nude & then bandaged me!" she snapped back, with her eyebrow rose. She kept looking up at him in same expectant way.

Max turned away as he blushed & answered back after some time, "U...um it's Max. And what is yours?"

The girl smiled & closed her eyes saying, "I don't have any name. I was an orphan, picked up by them; the Circus." She turned her back towards him & said before falling asleep. "Good night!"

Max kept looking at her with some mixed feelings he could describe with only two words about her: pain & sorry.


It was morning; the first gentle rays of sun were falling upon Max's face in the dark room. he had slept late last night after the girl had fallen asleep, because he had wanted to make sure she had fallen asleep, so that she wouldn't escape (which was impossible due to his magical medicines) & trying looking for any more danger from Black. Because only the he would have got to sleep without any fear of problems, as his sleep was like a monsters sleep; that wouldn't wake up even if he is poked, slapped or stabbed. His time travel had left him powerless.

The chirping of birds was slowly breaking his sleep. He tried to open his eyes, sleepily without any luck. Slowly & after a long struggle he managed to open a small crack. He was looking out of window at the vast sky blurrily. But, something felt odd here. For some reasons unknown, his stomach was feeling heavy. 'It must be the blanket,' he thought sleepily. But again he could feel something pointed above his stomach, over his chest, poking him gently. He opened his eyed a bit more & closed them again after getting a glimpse of a something blonde.

But, soon it dawned upon him what it was & he opened his eyes wide fully awake.

She was sleeping over him with her arms around his back. Her chin was resting on his chest, her breasts were on his waist; but the thing that made him more nervous was that, her lower body lying on his sensitive area. The hem of her dress had slid up in her sleep, exposing her bare smooth-skinned thighs; & the angle from which he was looking; he could also see her bare hips. It happened again; his cock was standing hard again as it had been last night. He could feel her calm breathing on his waist & groin. The silent expanding of her lungs could be felt on his cock, which was making it harder than it was.

'What the heck? How did she get in... this position? Why she hugging him? And most of all why is she sleeping half on my dick?'

Thoughts ran crazily in his mind. He didn't know what to do. But, he surely did not want to be found like this. He tried to push her away, without waking her up. But things went opposite to what he had wanted.

Her head stirred dizzily. He could see her eyes slowly opening up. Max was trying not to panic now. She had finally opened her eyes & was surveying her surroundings, with her chin still resting on his waist. It took few moments for her to realize her surroundings. And with a slow dawn seeping in her sane mind, she kept looking up at him horrified; her eyes almost popping out. They kept looking at each other for a long while, unable to guess a single thing to do. Max had to do something quick. He was still in the state of shock but was trying hard to think of something to say to avoid any misunderstandings. Finally, gathering some courage, he tried to head this situation to a funny end; he waved his right hand nervously & said in the same voice.



"AAAAAAAAAARGHHHHHHHHH," she screamed with all her might, until Max shut her mouth close with his hand. He looked at her. She had slammed her pillow hard in his face, on his nose on his "Y..yo!"

He looked at her incredulously, & let go of her mouth after she had calmed down. She was blushing red, but there was certain anger on her face.

"What did you do with me, after I fell asleep you moron?" she demanded angrily, covering her breasts (which were already covered in thick bandages) & turning her back towards him. She was red in face.

"Me? Are you crazy? It was you who was on my... over me when I woke up. What did YOU do when I fell asleep, you idiot?" Max countered back.

"Are you nuts? Why would I want to sleep on your... your... I mean over you? Why-?" her voice trailed off when she remembered what had happened last night. She had woken up in between her sleep, when she felt cold. The fire which was alive at night was dead to ashes now. She was sleepy & wanted some warm thing to prevent herself from London's harsh winter. She had sleepily crawled in the dark, attempting to find something warm; and had fallen asleep inside a blanket with something warmer under it. Now she realized that "something" was Max.

She turned her face around blushing more. "Umm, you... you are a pervert!" she mumbled.

"Huh? And what gives you liberty to say that? I did nothing wrong to you," Max said truthfully.

"Maybe," she replied, "But then why was your... thing... hard when I was over you?" She looked back at him now, with her face still blushed & her right eyebrow rose.

Max looked away now, blushing this time. "I... It had happened naturally. It's not my fault that nature made us like that," Max answered.

"A...anyway, you can remove your bandages now; your wounds must have been healed," he continued.

"You are a creep," she snapped.

"I meant you can remove that in other room idiot," Max roared back. For some reason, this was really going out funny, although it wasn't how he had planned it.

She gave a distinguished "Humph" & walked away into other room locking the door shut. Max gave a sigh & went to put the water to boil for her bath. He blushed again, thinking about how she would look in her bath. Her nude body; small breasts, slender arms, a small trenched navel, her thin but round ass, small amount of pubic hair... He shook his head hard trying to shake away his perverted thoughts & continued his work.

She came out after some time, wearing a fluffy towel around her body. His back was towards her, but at her noise he pointed his finger to the door to the right & said, "There's the bathroom. Go & take a bath."

She went in without a question & slammed the door locked, after saying, "Don't peep pervert Max!"

She turned back after she had locked the door & saw a bath tub, with water filled in it. She could see some steam rising up from it, meaning the water to be hot. She let her towel fall down & put her fingers in the water. It was hot, but not as hot to burn her skin. 'Hmmm, he is perfect in his work,' she thought blindly. She settled herself in the tub, feeling comfortable in the hot water; the cold was killing her fragile body.

She rubbed her body with the soap thinking of the things happened in past days. The mass murders, almost getting her killed, getting saved by a total stranger, then again getting taken care of by him. She looked at her body in the water. Her wounds were nowhere visible. Her body was plain as it never had been before. She rubbed her body with her hands, removing off more of the sir. 'So Max is some kind of a wizard,' she thought. He did this all for saving me. He... she blushed... rubbed my entire body with his magic to heal my wounds.

Her hand found her womanhood, while washing her body with the soap. 'His big hands... rubbed my whole body... he carried me... in his broad arms'; she was lost in his thoughts, not knowing that her fingers had already started rubbing her weak spots. She remembered the feeling of her chin resting on his firm but warm & relaxed-soft chest, his perfect waist which she had felt on her breasts when she had woken up in the morning.

And then she remembered how his, hot hardened cock had felt against her stomach. She rubbed herself more & more until finally relaxing herself. She finished her bath & stepped out of the bath tub, then rubbed herself dry with the towel hanging on the wooden peg. She came out, & found him with his back still at her. 'Pfft! Why is he such a gentleman?' she thought.

There were some packages lying on the bed. She wondered what they were when suddenly she found Max's voice answering her unasked questions, "These are few dresses, which a kind old woman gave to me, when I asked her for few clothes for you. You can wear them... until we go shopping to buy new clothes."

She smiled at his words. 'Truly a gentleman!' she thought admiringly.

"Ok, don't turn while I change," she said. She quickly changed into the nearest dress to her & looked up at him. "I am done," she informed him as she sat down on the bed. Surprisingly, the whole room had been cleaned up; not only from their last night's mess, but also all the dust & spider webs which she was sure she had see last night.

Max turned around. He was holding a cup on a saucer in his left hand; his right hand was stirring a spoon in it. He came near her & kept the hot tea in her hand, going in the bathroom.

"Drink it. And... don't peep!" he said before closing the door shut, with less violence.

She kept holding the warm cup in her both hands, staring at it blindly. She was having a difficult time, with her mind lost in hundreds of thoughts. She didn't understand why... why she was smiling, when her other fellow orphans were killed last night; why she was feeling warm, when she was supposed to be feeling sad; why she was feeling so content, when she should have been looking for a revenge. Deep down, she knew that taking revenge was impossible after seeing Black. Yet, he wasn't able to kill her, thanks to Max... Max. She smiled as she thought of him again. What was happening to her? Did she have feelings welling up for him inside her? NO! She shook her head; this can't be. To clear her mind, she took a small sip of the tea.

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