A Halloween Mishap


"You remember it the way i do? The ghost -- Janice? What she did? Everything?" He shivered. "I just wanna make sure I'm not going crazy, okay?"

"Oh. Yeah." Amber cleared her throat and brushed a strand of wet hair from her eyes. "Yeah...i guess so." She gave a nervous laugh. "So...ghosts aren't just a bedtime story, are they? That was fucking creepy, seriously."

"It was." He agreed. "I wonder who she was. Maybe she was one of the people that died there? The Peacocks?"

Amber gave a quick nod at the suggestion.

They were quiet for a long time, looking at each other without speaking. He thought he could hear her heart beat. A pin dropping would've sounded as loud as a church bell.

"Are we going to talk about...it?" He said after perhaps two minutes of that.

Amber flinched. "I don't want to." She whispered almost inaudibly, sounding like a child who really did not want to go to the dentist.

"We have to."


"Because i don't want this ruining us." Eric growled and stood looking down at her. He saw her eyes widen in alarm and noticed her pull back. "That!" He shouted. "I don't want you to flinch every time i reach for you, okay!"

Amber closed her eyes and took a deep breath. "Do we have to...now?" She asked in the same tone of voice.

"The longer we wait the harder it's going to be!"

His sister swallowed. "Alright."

"Look, Amber. It was a mistake, okay? That's all it was. People make mistakes."

Her hand trembled and she clutched her lower leg with it, curling the fingers. "I just don't want you to hate me, bro." She whispered.

"Why would i hate you?" Eric demanded.

"Because...because i got off on it. Because i got off on it first!" She exclaimed with tears in her eyes. "That's sick, isn't it? It's wrong! You're my brother and i love you! I don't want you looking at me and seeing some freak that belongs on Jerry fucking Springer, okay?" She breathed hard after saying all that.

"Jesus, Kitten! What's with the language?"

She blushed.

"You got off, i got off, everyone would've gotten off. I doubt even a girl's own father could've stopped himself from coming at that point." He soothed her, or tried to.

"It's a physical reaction. Do something enough and you cum. It doesn't make you sick or wrong." he paused. "I mean, what we did was, but not getting off in itself." Eric frowned. It was hard to separate the two.

"Oh." She said. She shifted and her robe fell open a little further without her noticing or pulling it back up.

"So pull yourself together. Ray and Debra won't know what's happened if you start acting like a martian around them, or around me."

Amber gave a weak, forced little laugh but nodded. She looked as though she felt a little better. "So...you don't hate me? Find me disgusting?" She whispered.

"No! Of course not. I don't even regret doing what we did." He added and saw her shocked expression.

"But you're my brother!" She protested.

"And we're not gonna marry or anything like that. Or have kids." He sat down in the chair again, sneaking a peek at her almost-exposed breast.

Amber nodded slowly.

"Look." He continued. "I'm not saying that i would've done it if I'd known from the start. But what's done is done." Eric shrugged and gave his sister a smile, an honest one. "And you're one hell of a lay, Kitten. Whoever guy gets you in the end is gonna be one lucky bastard."

She blushed deeply and fidgeted with the border of her robe. "Thanks" She said at last, giving him a giggle that sounded both nervous and real. "And i can tell you that Maggie -- any girl really -- is lucky too. You're...really good. I mean, I've only had.....it a few times, and only with one other guy. But you're..." Amber trailed off, biting her lower lip and looking up at him through her lashes.

"Try not to use too much teeth next time." He added dryly, sensing that the tone of the conversation had grown lighter.

She laughed out loud at that, then quickly put a hand over her mouth. "Sorry." She grinned. "It...it was my first time. Jesus, i thought i was gonna pass out when you told me to...to do it."

"You were still amazing." He assured her.

"You too." She took a deep breath, shivering. "Jesus, Eric. The first guy i...i did it to...my own brother."

"Did what to?" He asked in mock-confusion.

She glared at him but took it as a challenge. "The first guy who's...who's cock i sucked." Her voice took on a now-familiar, raw quality when she said those words.

It made him harden instantly.

He made himself straighten and stretch casually. "So...are you okay?"

She nodded slowly. "I'm good. Thanks." Amber cleared her throat.

"Glad to hear it. Come on. Let's fix some popcorn and watch a movie. Take our minds off things." He stood.

"No Game of Thrones this time." She warned him and laughed. "What, you're not gonna call Maggie? I'm pretty sure she'd like to...see you again." She infused that sentence with all the suggestiveness it deserved.

He shook his head. "I don't want to see Maggie right now." He told her honestly.


"Yeah." He stepped forward to the side of her bed and she didn't flinch back, though her eyes became rounder.

"So...what movie?" She asked, her tone had taken on a quiet quality.

"Not sure." He'd stood this close to his sister plenty of times. With their parents gone however, and what had happened...it was very different now, he realized. Not in a bad way. He was just...aware of her. She smelled of peach, and the way that one strand of hair curled wetly to her forehead made her want to brush it aside.

He reached down and did just that.

She smiled and repeated the gesture. "What's that about, Tiger?"

"Say it again, Kitten." He found himself saying.

"Say what again?"

"What you said earlier."

Amber's blue eyes grew wider. She swallowed hard and whispered. "Su...Suck cock."

It made him inhale sharply.

"Do you like hearing it?" She wanted to know. When he didn't answer but merely looked at her, she shifted on the bed and finally noticed that her left breast was almost bare to his eye. "Sorry!" She quickly mumbled, pulling it closed.

"Again." He demanded.

Her eyes seemed large as saucers. "Suck cock. I like sucking cock." Her voice was breathless and she swallowed, clearing her throat. "Good?"

"Mhmm." He replied, smiling.

They looked at each other. After a minute, Amber spoke.

"You're looking at me differently, Eric."

Her using his first name made his cock throb.

"Only because things have changed a little..." He paused "Amber." He added.

She swallowed hard again.

He could see that her hands were shaking no matter how hard she tried to grip her legs and sheets. The sexual tension in the room was thick enough to be cut with a knife.

"Tiger." She whispered, looking down. "Stop looking at me like that. Please."


She looked up at him, her eyes reminiscent of a deer in the headlights. There also seemed to be a challenge in them. His sister stayed silent.

He reached down and touched her shoulder, brushing the robe aside. The touch was electrifying to him. He could feel her wet skin beneath his fingers. Partially from the shower, he was sure, but there was the warm feel of perspiration too.

Amber's lips had parted, and she looked left and right, only to have herself meeting his eyes again.

Eric reached down, shattering the mental boundaries between them and cupped her left breast in his hand. His thumb found her nipple, stiff to a point. He pinched it.

"Tiger!" She exclaimed, quivering on her bed. She halfheartedly tried to move away. "We can't do that."

"You're not doing anything but laying still. What am i doing?" He didn't let go of her breast, enjoying the feel of it filling his hand.

"You're..." She swallowed "You're fondling your little sister's breasts." Her eyes cleared for a moment. "You're my brother." She reminded him. "We shouldn't be doing this!"

"I told you i didn't regret it, right?" He reminded her breathlessly. "And are you going to tell anyone that you had your brother in your room, fondling both of your beautiful tits?" With that, he leaned down and cupped the second one.

"Eric..." She whispered breathlessly.

With a yank, he pulled her robe down to her belly and exposed her upper body.

"Eric!" Amber exclaimed. Her eyes were large and her hands were lifted towards him, both trembling.

"Say it again." He told her firmly. When she only gaped, he pinched both of her nipples lightly. That got her attention and made her shiver and whimper.

"Sucking cock." She panted as though she had run a mile. "I liked sucking my brother's cock." His sister closed her eyes at the admission, running a trembling hand over her forehead.

"Look up at me, Kitten." He ordered her. He'd unbuttoned his pants when he told her to say it. When she did as she was told, he demanded of her.

"Do you want to suck your brother's cock again?"

Her eyes lowered to his crotch as though drawn by a magnet. She parted her lips and shivered. "Eric...fuck...i"

"Take your brother's cock out and suck it, Kitten." She gave a tremor at the order. "Now!" He added.

Slowly and tenderly, she pushed his pants to the side. She opened the zipper and reached into his briefs.

When she pulled it out, she gave a shiver and looked up at him. Her eyes were fogged, and she licked her lips. "Are you sure, Eric?"

"Say it again." He told her in response.

"No." Amber looked at him for a moment, his throbbing hard cock in her hand, two fingers wrapped delicately around the length as though holding something very fragile. Then, without much of a warning, she turned to him, leaned up and with a wet 'slrrrrp' pushed the length down her wet mouth.

Her teeth didn't scrape against it once.

"Ooohmmff..." Even a mouth filled like that couldn't completely muffle the moan that came from her.

She began sucking eagerly. Her technique had improved markedly from last night. Fingers busy at his balls, she stroked and tickled while her mouth busily sucked and licked his length, the cockhead and the lower shaft.

Her eyes were closed, abandoned into the task and hand and seemingly anxious or afraid to leave it and return to reality at hand.

Saliva trickled down the underside of his cock and out of the corners of her mouth. She would periodically try to pull back and wipe it clean, but he had moved one of his hands to her hair.

Holding her steady and showing her that she should keep going.

It was one of the best blow-jobs he'd ever had, and he had no doubt that who was giving it was a big part of that attraction.

Within minutes, he was groaning. "Amber..." he gasped. "Fuck...you'll make me cum..."

She acknowledged the warning with a loud 'mhmmmmmh' and kept sucking, trying to force herself to take him deeper with mixed results.

"Amber...kitten...FUCK! Oh GOD! I'm cumming!" He cried out, glad that no one was home. She didn't pull back when he began cumming in her mouth, even attempting to swallow. Half of it went down her mouth, the other half of his cum she coughed on, leaving a sight to behold when he finally pulled back his cock.

She was red-eyed, with a mixture of cum and saliva coating her lips and chin, the mingled fluids dripping trails down her chest. Eyes still slits, she whispered "I like sucking my brother's cock.". Again the admission caused her to shiver and look at him, eyes growing larger when she saw his expression.

"What now?" She whispered, slowly wiping her chin with three fingers. From her tone, it was unclear what she meant.

"Take off your robe." He told her in a the deep tone of post-orgasmic bliss.

She slowly removed the garment. Some of her nervousness seemed to have gone. She crossed her legs when she saw him looking straight at her obviously-slick sex.

"You're beautiful" He told her quietly and climbed on her bed. Firmly pushing her legs apart, he leaned down to kiss her cunt.

"Oooaah..." She groaned at the touch of his tongue, gripping pillows in her hand. "Fuck...god...fuck this. I want you to lick me. I want you to...to eat my pussy." She whispered.

"Of course, baby."

She shook her head violently, reaching down and gripping his hair. "Who am i?" She demanded of him...

"Kitten?" It was half a question, but he was pretty sure that was what she wanted to hear.

She smiled and gave a slow nod. "Kitten." She confirmed. "I've always loved that...ah!...name. Ever since...i was little..." One of her hands came to rest on his head and she pushed him closer. "Eat my pussy, big brother." She ordered breathily.

He'd had a lot of practice, though not necessarily with her. Judging by her wetness, she had been sopping for a long time. Amber didn't seem to require complicated techniques. He carefully slid the length of his tongue in and out of her in regular, rhythmic thrusts. Each thrust was rewarded with an inhalation or a moan from her throat. Very soon she was panting loudly and a glance up told him that she was touching the rest of her body as vigorously as his head.

"Oh fuck...Eric...if I'd had any idea...oh god...almost...just a bit more." She panted, writhing below him with one hand squeezing her right breast. Suddenly she stiffened and arched back violently, almost pushing his head away.

"Fuck! Oh my...FUCK!" The rest of her orgasm turned into a wordless wail muffled by her pressing a pillow against her own face. Juice flowed from her cunt and he kissed, licked and cleaned until she fell back against the bed with every muscle in her body slack and seemingly relaxed.

Even after everything that happened, she seemed hesitant when he moved up to kiss her.

"I'm still mes-" she murmured against his lips.

"I don't give a damn." He interrupted her and gave her a deep kiss. "I love you, Kitten."

"Love you too." She whispered breathlessly when he broke the kiss.

They lay still for a while, him atop of her.

"So, i guess we'll be on Jerry Springer together then, won't we." Amber burst out laughing and giggling.

He smiled and pulled her close, stroking her hair. "I don't think we'll be advertising this."

His sister didn't reply. She nuzzled against him, seeming very content and relaxed. They lay like that for a long while before rising.

Finally and without comment, he dressed and waited for her to do the same. It felt odd to him how...natural it felt. Amber didn't seem that nervous anymore. She smiled when he looked at her dress, gave him a saucy grin that seemed almost natural -- apart from the slight question in her eyes -- when she found him checking out her bare ass.

"How about that movie?" He asked her when she'd finished dressing in a pair of tight jeans and a different, low-cut blue top.

"Love to!" She opened the door. "Still a couple of hours left until dinner. I'll make the popcorn, you pick the movie. Something good though, tiger!" She warned before heading downstairs into the kitchen.

Snow White and the Huntsman was a fairly boring movie in his book. Amber seemed to like it though. Perhaps more for the humorous portrayal than anything else -- his sister often giggled at some of the scenes. During the middle of the movie she grabbed the remote and paused it before turning to him on the couch.

"What does this mean, Eric?" She asked, now-familiar uncertainty visible in her expression.


"Us! Do we not date anyone else? Do we date whoever we want, but still do it? Was it a one-time thing? Do i live with you at campus and be your french maid twenty-four-seven from now on? What?" Amber crossed her arms and frowned uncertainly and nervously.

"I'm not...sure" He said slowly, at first overwhelmed by the sudden torrent.

"Well...figure it out!"

"Do you want to date anyone else?" He asked.

She shook her head.

"Do you want me to?"

Amber visibly compressed her lips to a thin line and shook her head firmly.

"Then I'd say that's it, wouldn't you? I won't date anyone, you won't either and we'll do...things whenever we can. Sound good?"

Her eyes widened. "Just like that?"

"Well..." he said slowly. "You know very well we can't marry. I think mom would cut us into stew if she knew."

"But..." She continued expectantly.

"But" he picked up "maybe until we both find something serious?"

She was silent for a long time and then gave a slow nod. "I'd like that." A smile slowly spread on her lips.

Eric reached and took her arm, pulling her close. She seemed surprised for a moment, but then melted into him when he gave her a deep kiss. "So..." he murmured in between. "Are you going to tell Maggie why i have to turn her down...or should i?" Her shyness was diminished and she kissed him back quite eagerly

She giggled against his lips. "That's your job, tiger."

"Mhmmm...i see." He ran a hand under her top and squeezed her breast.

She gave a moan and pressed against him. "You...perv" she gasped. "You just had your sister suck you off." A shudder wracked her when he gently pinched her nipple.

"If I'd known you were that sensitive, I'd have done that years ago." He mumbled, causing her to giggle again.

"The movie..." She moaned after several minutes of heavy making out.

He had already pulled down her top on one side and was fondling her exposed breast with one hand. Eric didn't answer but instead kept kissing her.

"Eric...Tiger. We can't just...not on the couch." She whispered.

"Why not?"

She bit her lower lip, having no answer for the question. "Mom and dad..." she began at last.

"...won't be home for another hour at least." He finished for her, unhooking her bra beneath her top and pulling both garments to her belly. He looked into her eyes. "I want you. I want to fuck you...Kitten."

Amber chewed on her lower lip while offering him a smile. "Alright, alright. Fine." She stood up, quickly pulling down her form-fitting jeans. When her hands went to the panties he stopped her.

"Let me..." he said instead and leaned forward, moving his head in height with her crotch. He kissed

her cunt through the fabric of her panties, tugging at the material with both hands.

"Oh, Eric..." Amber moaned, both of her warm hands coming to rest on his head.

Pushing the fabric aside, he began kissing her sex eagerly. He ran his tongue along the slit, teased the small pearl of her clit with the tip of his tongue and finally drove his tongue inside her.

She gave a loud coo of utter delight.

"Oh...big...fucking...brother." She gasped, then gave a loud whimper and a violent shudder.

When he looked up at her, she was licking her lips.

"You better put your cock inside of me right away if you want to fuck, before i sit on your face." Amber bit her lower lip as though suddenly shy at what she'd said.

Eric unbuttoned his pants and pulled free his half-hard cock. "Kneel." He told her.

His sister slowly snaked down in front of him, shyly looking over his hard cock before giving the shaft two tentative licks.

He moaned loudly.

Amber grinned alluringly, then took the entire length down her wet mouth and sucked without releasing. In no time, he was hard between her lips.

He pulled her free with a 'pop' and lifted her up by her waist. She looked down at his cock, then at him and nodded.

He slowly lowered her, his cockhead probing her entrance. He almost moaned at the feeling alone.

"Push it in..." She demanded between gritted teeth. "Don't make me wait, Tiger. I'm wet already."

Eric complied and pushed her down, penetrating her sex with a hard movement. It was easier than the first time, yet still incredibly tight. He did moan out loud at that, settling her in his lap and putting both hands around her slim, feminine form.

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